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Falcon 9 first stage from May JCSAT mission was test fired, full duration, at our Texas rocket development facility today.


Recovered Falcon 9 completes full-duration engine firing for the first time.

Less than two months after flying into space and safely landing on the droneship, the JCSAT-14 Falcon 9 first stage successfully completed a full-duration engine firing yesterday, July 28, at SpaceX’s test facility in McGregor, Texas. This marks the first time a recovered rocket’s engines have been reignighted

Securely fastened to its test stand, F9-024 fired its nine Merlin 1D engines for over two minutes and 27 seconds, the full-duration the first stage fires in flight.

Attached to the top of the vehicle was a test rig designed to simulate dynamic pressures encountered in flight. The rig exerts the same force on the top of the vehicle that it would encounter by the atmosphere while ascending. 

F9-024 took the most damage of any of the five stages SpaceX has recovered. As such, the company is using it as a technological benchmark vehicle, showing engineers what the limits of the vehicles are in order to maximize the lifespan of the boosters.

The JCSAT-14 first stage will not be the first Falcon 9 to be reflown; that distinction will go to F9-023, the first stage from April’s CRS-8 mission. Hans Koenigsmann, Vice President of flight reliability for SpaceX, mentioned at the CRS-9 launch that the booster is likely to be reflown on a mission in fourth quarter 2016. 


Help Steph Pay for A New Car Battery & License Plates !!

Right, so life sucks and I’m overworked and underpaid. And better yet, not only do I have to pay for the tags for my car, but my battery has decided to give out as well. I’ve managed to start it in the mornings after trying for five minutes, but I don’t know how much longer I can manage that!

Anyway, I’ve got no money to pay for a battery or plates, so here’s where this nice little post comes in. I plan on selling beaded magnets to help pay for this stuff! Prices & Varieties to follow!


  • Starters-Kanto-Kalos: $7
  • Starter & Customized Trainer: $15
  • First Stage Pokemon & Customized Trainer: $15
  • Legendary Bird or Dog: $10; All Three: $25
  • Mew: $5; Mewtwo: $7
  • Eeveelutions: $9; Three: $24
  • All Others: Visit my Facebook page!


  • Rookie Digimon (Augumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Biyomon, Gatomon, Patamon, Veemon): $8
  • Rookie Digimon & Digivice: $12

Overwatch-Including those pictured, as well as Tracer & Pharah

  • One: $8
  • Two: $14

Custom WoW Toons

  • One: $9
  • Two: $15

Sailor Moon-All Sailors Available

  • One: $9
  • Two: $15

If you’re interested, please email me at I take Paypal upfront, and will begin working on your order once the payment has been sent. I will require your address to send the package. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! =)

For custom WoW toons & Pokemon trainers, I will require an image reference of your WoW toon and for a Trainer, gender, hair color, hair style, & eye color!

Please Visit my Facebook Page for more images & varieties!

KHUx - 07/29-30 announcements

brace yourselves kids we got a whole lotta shit to get thru today!!

two new limited avatar boards have opened up!

  • they’ll be available from 07/29 0.00 JST to 08/08 23.59 JST
  • they both cost 3000 jewels each
  • along with the outfits, you’ll also get the skills Ability 1, Lux & Attack Up M and Guard Up L, along with Mickey & Broom Servant medals, Broom Servant medals, Magic Mirror medals, mysterious stones and some other goodies!

A new draw box has opened up!

  • it will be available from 07/29 0.00 JST to 08/05 23.59 JST
  • spend 900 jewels to get 3 medals that will all give 7% bonus in the current high score event!
  • all three will come at the 6-star rarity with their abilities upgraded to the first stage

I’ll have the list of available medals under a cut at the end of this post.

To celebrate summer vacation, an all-you-can-play campaign has begun!

  • it will last from 07/29 0.00 JST to 08/11 23.59 JST
  • during this time, all main quests, dailies, events and raid bosses will cost 0 AP
  • the EXP value of medals used in synthesis is doubled and the munny cost is halved
  • the minimum on guilt bonus ranges has been raised to 15%, 30%, 70% and 90% for each tier from their normal values

A new high score event has begun!

  • it will last from 07/29 0.00 JST to 08/04 23.59 JST
  • you can get these new Little Mermaid medals along with mysterious stones and magic mirror medals as prizes!
  • craft your decks to get a high score bonus %, and try your best to defeat hard enemies in the event quest!
  • you’ll get prizes as you reach certain score benchmarks, as well as prizes based on your final ranking at the end of the event

And it wouldn’t be summer without watermelon!

  • this event will last from 07/29 0.00 JST to 08/04 23.59 JST
  • defeat the watermelon enemies in the three event quests to get event coins!
  • these event coins can be traded in for the heart-shaped glasses (M) or the flower crown (L), along with magic mirror medals and some other goodies
  • there’ll be random bonus times throughout the day, where the chance enemy appearance in the quests is doubled!

And finally, a weekend raid boss event has begun!

  • it will last from 07/30 0.00 JST to 07/31 23.59 JST
  • team up with your party members to defeat the raid boss Vain Spider!
  • defeat three fierce eggs in the event quest to summon the Vain Spider
  • it has 50,000,000 (fifty million) HP, and you’ll have 12 hours to defeat it once summoned
  • you’ll get raid coins for defeating the Vain Spider that can be used on the raid boards to get Broom Servant medals and some other cool stuff!
  • there will be two bonus hours each day at 12.00 and 22.00 JST
  • during bonus hour, you’ll only need to defeat two fierce eggs to summon the raid boss, and rewarded lux will be doubled

jfc lmao that was…a lot of shit…i want to promise that event quests will be up soon but i’m actually about to leave for vacation in like half an hour and i’m not done packing just yet, i am So Sorry (i also can’t guarantee any of the boards sorry!!!)

anyway as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask me, and have fun playing!

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