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d.o., sehun and kai as boyfriend? thx a lot <3

jongin would be jealous/possesive and a cutiepie at the same time lol have you seen how protective he is over kyungsoo like damn boy it’s not like they’re stealing him away from you.

anyway, back to the business. he loves cuddling and i can assure you that he’s good at it; cuddling with jongin would be so sweet, he actually likes a lot this type of affection even though he might end blushing a bit especially at the first stages of the relationship. he’d have these little details that might have not any material value but instead a sentimental one, like leaving notes around the house to lift your mood up because he knows how hard you’re working, taking you to a double date with both of his dogs, making you breakfast from time to time (but this would be super unusual lol), ordering chicken and then make a movie night so like this you can switch off a bit from routine… this kind of things only jongin does.

when you’re sleeping after a cuddling session with him he’d pass a finger from every feature of yours, then he’d stop at your cheek, draw a heart and then kiss your it.  omg he’s the type of boyfriend who admires his girlfriend on the inside, like she’s some kind of treasure which he doesn’t want to share.

jongin would be a super attentive boyfriend, caring, sweet and funny. don’t get fooled, the beast we see on stage isn’t the same person as jongin, in fact, kai and jongin aren’t. he needs someone who can take care of his pure heart (not mind lmao he’s quite naughty).


Oh man, this is one of my favorites, Sehun is romantic, though i don’t think that he would be the perfect example of boyfriend material. I see Sehun frecuently putting his hands on your waist, nuzzling his nose against your neck and that kind of stuff. I think he is more into showing physical affection; of course he would let you know that he loves you, but he is the type of person that thinks more than says. also, his sparkling and that sincere smile whenever you’re around would tell that he’s in love with you. He isn’t very experienced in love so this might cause some awkward situations. For example, he said that under the moonlight he would say this to her: ”I don’t think I can be without you. I love you, till I die” which is deep yet so awkward.

Sehun cares a lot for the people he loves and so admires them. There would be fluff, smut and funny moments due to his horrible taste in humour. Sehun is loyal, caring, honest and owns a pure heart so that makes him not only a good lover but a good person


kyungsoo would be a pretty normal boyfriend. i don’t want to crush your dreams but he’s not boyfriend material and he’s not very romantic; even though he isn’t romantic, i believe he is a charmer with words and a sweet boyfriend ((not cheesy)). one of the best things about being with him is that he’s a child laid-back lady. meaning? he’s not possesive so whenever you’re out with your friends he wouldn’t be worried or jealous at all (especially if you’re going out with boys)

he’s a great cooker so he would be the one preparing nice dates at home and this kind of stuff, you wouldn’t have to worry about cooking. also, he would help you whenever you’re cleaning, not wanting you to you be the one taking care of these kind of tasks

kyungsoo is often addressed as exo’s mom so he would be very caring towards you, sometimes, you’ll wonder if he’s your mom or your boyfriend

On May 3rd & 4th, Kamen Rider Drive held its first stage event at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa.

The event included a special show with lights, sounds, and special effects. This Drive stage show is a completely original story and features action-packed battles. An unexpected character makes an appearance as well.

The other half of the event was a talk show featuring most of the main cast including newcomer Kisuke Iida (Mitsuhide Nira). “Drive Night” was on May 3rd with the Special Unit cast. “Roidmude Night” was on May 4th with the Roidmude Executives’ cast members.

Kamen Rider Drive Special Events: The Special Circumstances Case Investigation File’s Case.1 “Why Was New Takanawa’s Golden Week So Hot?” DVD will go on sale September 9th, 2015. Amazon has it listed for pre-order.

BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung to Hold First Solo Debut Stage on “M!Countdown” + Teasers

BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung to Hold First Solo Debut Stage on “M!Countdown” + Teasers

It has been reported that BEAST member Jang Hyunseung will be holding his first-ever solo debut stage through Mnet’s weekly music program “M!Countdown.”

According to a broadcast official on May 3, Hyunseung is set to take on his solo stage on the upcoming May 7 broadcast of “M!Countdown,” one day ahead of the official release of his solo mini album, “My,” on May 8.

It is also said that Hyunseung…

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okay but what if the introduction of Style played as she sings the first verse, then the stage curtain or whatever drops as she sings the chorus and we see her


((So I drew a rough sketch of an idea for a phobia and the dreamscaper they become. The phobia is Islophobia which is the fear of being alone. The boss takes on the form of a wisp like entity that during the first stage tricks the player with the lanturn its holding and then attacks them from behind. The second stage represents how people feel when alone that they are being watched as well as stalked by something in the dark. In the second stage the lanturn in the chest is the weakpoint. The dreamscaper is named Wisp and their role is to try and help those who have lost hope and faith in themselves and try and stop them from rash decisions.))


Initial D start of first stage HD audio remake.

Possibly the best thing ever lmao