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OTRA Detroit

So I literally never write concert reports just because they’re time consuming and I’m lazy..but Detroit was an experience I want to remember every single detail of. Sorry this is disgustingly long.

I managed to score seats in Section D Row 2. I’ve had good seats before like in catwalk sections in rows 19 and 10 about 6/7 seats away from the catwalk…but I have NEVER experienced anything like this. It was completely overwhelming to be right in front of them and it mostly feels like a dream. Shyla and I were already on the verge of passing out just from seeing how close we were to the stage…but when they came out, we LOST IT.

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Seems more to me he wanted to keep the flag (or read the message), but knew he couldn't just pick it up and read it on stage. So he kicked it over to Preston. If he didn't want it, I'd figure he'd ignore it or kick it off the stage. Doesn't seem a negative reaction to me at all.

Yep, he knows that and we all do too. I would never expect him to do something he couldn’t do. I’m surprised he didn’t just ignore it. I thought he was just kicking it off the stage at first too, until I saw Preston pick it up. He looked thoughtful but not malicious, which you can see in his body language.

  • Taylor:here is my wildest dreams music video!
  • fandom:*floored...dies*
  • Taylor:imma let you finish dying but first imma go on stage with Nikki
  • fandom:*has funeral*
  • Taylor:imma let you finish ur funeral but first imma dance with squad
  • fandom:*gets buried*
  • Taylor:imma let you finish getting buried but first imma say imma let you finish in my speech for Kanye
  • fandom:*there is no fandom.*

Initial D start of first stage HD audio remake.

Possibly the best thing ever lmao

How did I feel with almost all of EXO’s attention on me? uHM A LITTLE CRAZY

a visual to the Kai-Bear-incident that I wrote about in my EXO’luXion experience