first song on mtv


“Everything’s changed.”-Stiles

  1. a wolf at the door is every ugly gutted feeling you ever had at 3 am when everything is shameful and small and you’re not equipped to handle any of it;  his dull defeated frantic voice, the beleaguered slogging rhythm, the increasing distress of “don’t you fucker dance you fucker don’t you dare don’t you dare”, the abject buzzing misery of this song.
  2. the slow deliberate outraged build of sit down stand up that raises the hairs on the back of your neck and makes you feel dangerous and watchful and ready and angry, the way this song just kind of floats up out of the deep to sink its teeth into your calf muscle, “walk into the jaws of hell, walk into the jaws of hell anytime.” “sit down stand up, we can wipe you out, we can wipe you out anytime.” like this is a calm song this is a song about calm ready present anger and how good it’s gonna feel to finally use it.
  3. where i end and you begin, hail to the thief is a monster album, it’s an album about monsters, but the drums rattling out that rushed breezy beat with thom’s breezy regretful vocals, and how this song just, sets itself apart, sets itself above the listener, but just then just utterly dissolves at the end into that deadly serious voice intoning over and over and over again “i will eat you alive i will eat you alive i will eat you alive”
  4. there there is, me, that’s the me song, that’s what i’m aiming to walk into the wilderness to when all of this gets to be too much to handle. why is it so beautiful, why is it so swinging and cocky and assured and blisteringly lonely, why is this a thing?? i don’t
  5. weird fishes is as far as you can get from the emotional spectrum of hail to the thief, it is such a warm warm loving cheerful song, it is layers and layers of tree rings, it just gets deeper and lovelier and more wonderful the longer it goes, it is a kaleidoscope of faithfulness and joy.
  6. reckoner is the most beautiful perfect ship in a bottle fabrege egg in existence, there is nothing wrong with it, it is a pure wonderful sincere gift to you personally, the angels wish they could sound this unaffectedly sweet and knowing and good. And i know you’re in for a world of hurt if you every try to translate radiohead lyrics into simple human english but to me, this song is wrapped around the idea that there is nothing so awful that could ever happen to cancel out this tenderness, that tenderness can result and should result from awfulness, that no ground is too barren for what this song has to give to you.
  7. jigsaw falling into place is perfect in its form and build and construction, this is a well built brick shithouse of a song.
  8. videotape is a wound bestowed upon the world by thom yorke that will never heal and never go away and frankly i don’t think any of us should forgive him for it. (the debilitating loving softness of “No matter what happens next, I shouldn’t be afraid, because today has been the greatest day I’ve ever seen.”)
  9. codex is thom yorke laying his hand very gently on your shoulder (if you allow it) and telling you that you can let go (if you want to) and that you can float for as long as you need to in dark waters that hold you as closely as any mother to her breast.
  10. give up the ghost is just something where you’re going to have to read the lyrics for and then sit as you are comforted and made whole again by the fact that there can be love stories like this, and that thom thinks the world can work like this and you should join him in thinking that because honestly it’s going to save you both.

apparently “Rapture” by Blondie was the first rap video to be featured on MTV and was the first song with rap in it to “top the charts”. A song by a white band. And in the beginning it’s all just black background dancers while Debbie schmoozes with white guys in the front.

I love the song itself and Basquiat’s in the video too plus the rest of the video features some famous black dancer (instead of Debbie) but yeah idk just the fact that whites gave this white band so much attention just for having one song with a rap section meanwhile rap had existed as a genre for AT LEAST 10 years prior to that