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[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s Daesung Tops Charts With New Japanese Mini Album

BIGBANG member Daesung’s mini album “D-Day” has rose through the ranks of various charts!

After Daesung unveiled “D-Day” on March 28, the mini album immediately climbed to first place of Japan’s iTunes album chart.

Furthermore, it snagged the top spot in the realtime single and album charts of major music streaming services Mu-mo and Mora. The album is also attracting global interest, with “#DDay” reaching the top trends on Twitter.

The release of the mini album commemorates the beginning of Daesung’s first solo concert tour, which will kick off after the album’s offline release on April 12.

With a total of seven songs, “D-Day” showcases the more mature side of Daesung. He directly participated in the album’s production, together with the prestigious lineup of Motohiro Hata, Yoshiki Mizuno of Ikimono-gakari, and Ayaka, as well as Seiji Kameda as the sound producer, raising the expectations of fans higher than ever.

Meanwhile, Daesung’s tour will kick off at the Metlife Dome on April 15 and 16, followed by the Kyocera Dome on April 22 and 23. He is set to treat his Japanese fans to a total of four concerts in two cities, for a total audience exceeding 200,000.

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Where’s My Sweater - Kihyun Scenario

ANON REQUESTED:  hellooo, not sure if you take scenario requests but if you do, could you do a fluffy one for monsta x kihyun where he asks you if you’ve seen his jumper but he finds you wearing it? if you dont take requests for these its totally fine! :) love you blog either way its adorbs <3 love you! x

So I do not take scenario request officially, but I saw this and couldn’t help writing it. The main reason I don’t is because it takes me a long ass time to write, hence why this came out so late. I hope you enjoy! (Also I wrote sweater just cause that’s what I was comfortable writing it as, it was weird to me writing jumper lol)

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1154

Wearing Kihyun’s clothes always brought you a sense of comfort, especially during times like this. His schedule recently had been jammed packed, even more so than before as his group Monsta X had to fulfill promotion duties of their recent mini-album. In those promotions included their first ever solo concert, one that took your precious Kihyun time away from you.

The clothes themselves, however, made you feel closer to him in this time apart. You understood how much Monsta X needed Kihyun and how much he needed them. This was his dream and this was his passion, and when you’re as good as Kihyun, you have to push him towards this goal. He needed your support and you were happy to give him it. Today was no different.

When you returned home from a night out with some friends, you were disappointed that your other half still had not returned from practice. Maybe today, I’d be able to see him, you thought but with the empty, dark home in front of you, you knew it was a lie.  Exhausted, both mentally and physically, you make your way towards your shared bedroom. It was slightly messy, drawers left open and old scrapings of paper were scattered across the room; nothing surprising from a pair of busy adults.

A scent steered your attention towards a set of drawers, one that belonged to Kihyun. The scent brought back memories of love and happiness. Inside laid one of Kihyun’s sweaters, one that was a favorite to you both. Its fibers holding on to his scent as if it was afraid of flying off without it. It somehow, throughout the years, had held on to its soft touch feeling as if no one had laid a finger on it.

You fall on to the bed with the sweater pressed against your nose. No matter how much you missed him, you knew that Kihyun would be back to you in no time. His future was more important than you, and you weren’t going to get in the way of that. Nothing could beat the feeling of Kihyun around you, but his sweater was going to have to do the trick tonight.

You quickly got stripped down into nothing but your undergarments and slipped the sweater over your head. It wasn’t like Kihyun was the tallest in the world, but the sweater still fell comfortably on your body. Despite the lack of extra room, you couldn’t help but feel engulfed by him. You brought the collar up over your nose and laid down on your side of the bed. Some people need scents like lavender or vanilla to relax, all you needed was Kihyun’s. It reminded you of all the times you spent together, laughing, crying, laughing till you started crying, everything. It reminded you of mutual love, a feeling that everyone experiences in their lifetime, but one you were lucky enough to have at a young age. This gave you all the comfort you needed.  

Your brain gets lost in his scent and it starts to shut down for the night. With one last whiff, your eyes shut and sleep consumes you. Before you know it, that darkness is broken by a shift in the bed. When you turn around, your face is met with two warm hands as you stare at your smiling angel.

“You have no idea how long I have been searching for that sweater,” he says. Your eyes scan his half naked body, looking like he had the same idea as you did. He earned a small, low chuckle from you, still groggy from your slumber, “I couldn’t help myself.”

“It might as well be yours, you look a hundred times better in it than I do,” his eyes shutting with his words. He pulls you closer to him, allowing you to rest your face on his chest and wrap your arms around his waist.

“What would I do if it became mine? What would help me through these late nights? What would help me feel so close to you?” your words become closer to whispers as you finish your thoughts. Although you like to feel strong, you know that this lifestyle is hard. Living in a relationship like this could wreck anyone, anything that reminded you of him helped you through it.

His arms became stronger as his grip around you tightened and one hand moved to your hair. It’s like he knows what buttons to press and what strings to pull in order to make you relax, “Maybe I should keep it then. I know it may be hard and I may not be here all of the time, but I hope you know I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. You could have been with someone who would stick around all the time and be able to go to sleep with you and eat with you but somehow you chose me. That makes me the luckiest man in the world.”

“I hope you know I will never leave you. If I honestly wanted someone who did all those things, don’t you think I would have left already? Kihyun, it’s you who gives me all the love I need, no matter how much we actually see each other. You are insanely talented, you’d be stupid not to pursue it,” you glance up to see a small blush growing on his cheeks and his smile grow three times as wide. No matter how many times you do it, Kihyun can still not get over your compliments. “I love you, Kihyun.”

“I love you, too,” he replied pressing a kiss slowly and softly to your forehead. “Now give me back my sweater, it’s cold.”

“Way to ruin the moment dude,” you giggled. “What will I wear then? Just get a new one.”

“But I’m already in bed. You already have slept, go get yourself one,” he whined. You sigh, sometimes you question why you love this dork but you do as he says and take off his sweater. “Plus I get to see you in those cute underwear of yours.”

“KIHYUN!” You squeal as you jump out of bed and rush towards his side of the dresser to find another piece of his clothing. You grabbed the first thing you saw and quickly put it on. You weren’t gonna let Kihyun have the satisfaction for too long.

“What?! I barely get to see you at times like this, let me enjoy it while I can.” You slipped back into bed with smaller hoodie draped over your body.

“You’re lucky I love you,” you said returning to his arms. Your eyes instantly close as his breathing and yours start to slow down and synchronize. Before you fall into a deep sleep, you hear a few words come out of his mouth.

“I really did luck out, didn’t I?”

It was that night in which you got the best sleep you had in a long time.

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Again, I hope you enjoy. Maybe soon I’ll open scenario requests. ALSO I’D LIKE TO SAY FUCK YOU TO KIHYUN WRECKING MY BIAS LIST LIKE THIS. I HATE THIS ERA.


Tao with the staff of SPY dance studio

SPY舞蹈工作室: Tao’s first solo mini concert finished successfully yesterday! [applause] Luckily SPY participated and met this handsome sunshine boy of many talents! Zitao has been persevering with illness these few days. Seeing him put everything into this concert was truly touching! [thumbs up] From now on SPY will join his big team of fans [shy] 

Are you serious SM???

So after the news of Z.TAO’s lawsuit Sm picked up their “We will take actions against illegal activities” slogan. I decided to make a rough list about the companies ect. they “take legal actions against”. Feel free to add if you know more:


- Givenchy
- Vogue
- Adidas
-  KBS
- Arirang
-  MBC
- iFeng
- Kaila Pictures
- Huayi Brothers
- Beijing Ruyi XinXin Film Investment
- Yuehua Entertainment
-  Bingo Movie Development/Village roadshow Pictures/Chinavision Media Group/Huayi Brothers/China Film Group


- Puma
- Sandra Ng (production)
- Legendary East Le Vision Pictures/Atlas Entertainment/China Film Group
- Universal Pictures


- Versace
- Kenzo
- Almighty Team
- Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite Television
- Jiangsu TV
- Hunan TV
- CCTV ( tree cases )
- Golden Network Asia (Jackie Chan’s new action-comedy)
- 150823 Beijing First Solo Mini Charity Concerts, which by SM’s standards is illegal too

Well all I can say: Are you serious SM???