first sock!


Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes of the 107th

Ballpoint pen sketch with very minor Photoshop enhancements.

Phew! I did it!! This has taken me weeks to get finished, and I nearly ripped it up and started again about a dozen times. I’m so glad i didn’t.

I have the biggest crush on 40′s Bucky, with his gorgeous hair, and that blue jacket, and I think I’ve done him justice. I’m seriously thrilled with the final piece.

I’ve included a snapshot of the stages of building up the drawing, too. Please reblog, thank you.

they say grief is a well.
deep with creeping water that
seeps first into your socks. it climbs
like ivy, making an abandoned
building out of your bones.

i can see it. the well, i mean,
the grief and the water and the
creeping. i can see it.


i think grief is more like a storm.
clouds that hug the horizon, caress
the sky with fingers that leave bruises
the colour of the skin under your eyes
when you haven’t slept for a week.

lightning bolts that illuminate
the shapes in the dark for just long enough
that you get to see remnants of a normal life,
picnic blankets not abandoned to rain,
beaches covered with sand and not hail,
but the light never lasts.

and thunder. thunder that drowns out
the sound of laughter. thunder that only knows
how to emphasise the gaps of quiet
in between each earth shaking sigh.

they say that grief is a well,
it collects in your chest and fills and spills over
as the walls wage war with the water. i can see it. i can.
but my grief is more like a storm where lightning likes
to strike the same place a thousand times each day.

l.s. | ON GRIEF © 2016

Happy 8th Year Anniversary to Pokémon Platinum in the United States!

(March 22, 2009 – March 22, 2017)

bucky writing to his ma during the war and rambling about steve in his letters, answering her arsenal of questions about the two of them like “nah he can keep himself warm now,” “yes we could use more socks” “I’m fine, yes I’m getting enough rest” and “you should see steve, he’s massive.”

also getting steve to do a quick sketch to send so she’ll know they’re ok and together bc of the odds of that were slim and everything bucky is saying sounds so outrageous (tho he makes sure to hold back the grimy stuff like almost dying with steve on purpose)


Am I goth yet lmao

Spring cleaning in my house usually involves me running up and down stairs bringing things from the bedroom to the basement. Willow, being the shadow dog that she is, usually follows me.

Yesterday, after the 15th time of following me, Willow finally gave up following me downstairs and collapsed on her bed - regardless of who was on it:

They both dislike “cleaning day”

This vanilla sock is practically knitting itself! The gorgeous self-striping yarn is #sutherlandsock by @caledoniadyeworks I really liked having the option to add a mini skein for toes and heels. Because I’m a little bit sad, I started tagging my sock projects on Ravelry this morning (every now and again, my internal administrator breaks free and categorises stuff). It’s 16 months since I cast on my first pair of socks. I have completed 37 pairs and have 2 pairs on the go. The first 5 pairs were cuff down, using the excellent tutorials by @winwickmum Since I started knitting toe-up socks I have used the #fishlipskissheel 15 times, and #sockmaticianstoeups by @sockmatician 15 times. 29 pairs were vanilla socks, but I’m starting to experiment more with patterned socks. I have knitted 24 pairs for me, 6 for Jamie, 5 for Himself, and 2 pairs as gifts. On average, I complete a pair of socks every 2 weeks. I don’t know if I should be impressed 👏👏👏 or horrified 😱😱😱 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #operationsockdrawer

prompt: first date

so woodie appears to be barefoot in his guest of honor skin?? is it just that his formal set doesn’t come with shoes and his underpants base doesn’t have little black knee sockies and the people taking screenshots for the wiki didn’t equip shoes because they don’t strictly go with the set?

too late i’ve already decided he doesn’t wear shoes when he dresses up