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Since it's Valentines day tomorrow, how about what the chocobros would do with/for their s/o. Could be SFW or NSFW

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you all like it! I’m gonna make a full story out of all of these soon! I DID THIS IN BETWEEN CLASSES AND IN SHORT STUDY BREAKS. I WAS DYING. THIRST IS SUPER REAL.


  • He’ll take you to the carnival and even win you a bunch of prizes!!! (After A LOT of tries)
  • Dinner consist of cotton candy and a bunch of carnival food (Yeah, that’s right, Prompto loves his carnival food)
  • He’s going ti keep taking candid pictures of you like one moment you’re both laughing at something someone said laughing and the next thing you know you hear a ‘snap’ and he has his camera pointed at you.
  • “What was that for?”
  • “Nothing. You just look so… beautiful.” You don’t know who’s redder when he finishes saying this, you or him.
  • He’ll bring you home but he’ll want to get off the bus early so he can have more time with you.
  • Once he drops you off at your place, he’ll give you a kiss on the forehead then leave in the slowest pace known to mankind.
  • You watch him walk away from the doorway and when you call his name, his head snaps in your direction.
  • “Wanna stay the night?”
  • You’ve never seen him run so fast in your entire life, he practically knocks the door out of its hinges.


  • He’ll take you camping on a cliff overlooking Insomnia (Yep, THAT cliff)
  • He kidnaps you from work by saying “Official Crown Business” and it works. Mainly because no one wants to contest the claims of an Amicitia (Or it could be because everyone’s scared terrified of Gladio)
  • He blindfolds you the entire way going there and mind you, IT’S A PRETTY LONG DRIVE.
  • “Gladio, the inner part of my thigh is not the wheel. Hands off.”
  • “Great, can I take my blindfold off?”
  • “No.” 
  • OHHH BOY. That’s gonna happen quite a few times and by the time you get to the cliff, you’re gonna have a lot of bruises.
  • When you (finally) get there, he asks you to wait in the car and to promise not to take the blindfold off.
  • A few minutes later he helps you out of the car and asks you to take the blindfold off
  • A tent’s pitched up in the middle, blankets and pillows are sprawled near the edge of the cliff, and CANDLES. EVERYWHERE.
  • Who knew he could be such a romantic????
  • “Wait. I’m in the woods in my office clothes, you couldn’t have let me change first?”
  • “Don’t bother. You won’t need any clothes tonight.” He winks and SIX IT TAKES ALL YOUR WILLPOWER TO NOT LOSE ALL YOUR CLOTHES RIGHT THEN AND THERE.


  • He’ll cook a nice dinner for the two of you and he even gives you a bouquet of your favourite flowers.
  • He managed to “borrow” a projector from the Citadel so you guys can watch movies on the wall.
  • Don’t worry, before the night ends he’s gonna have you up against that wall moaning his name.
  • Best. Meal. Ever.
  • You guys watch the movie on his couch and the cuddling begins.
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t take you out tonight” boom your heart shatters because you hear the pain in his voice and you know that he would’ve wanted a more romantic evening but work has got him swamped.
  • “Iggy, this is perfect.”
  • *beep beep*
  • “Royal duties?”
  • “Actually, it’s King’s Knight.” …… Iggy plays King’s Knight??????
  • “Do you want to play a game?”
  • “Get ready to have your ass handed to you, Ignis Scientia.”
  • You guys play all night long and neither of you have had this much fun in so long, you both needed this break away from work. You both needed this time to be with each other.
  • “Hey what are we having for dessert? You never served it.”
  • “Oh wanna hear about dessert? It’s you.” He gets a can of whipped cream from the fridge and a bowl of melted chocolate from the microwave.


  • He doesn’t really believe in Valentine’s day but he buys into it for you.
  • He has an elaborate night planned for the both of you and he even picks you up from your place in his car. (Which is amazing because he doesn’t really drive)
  • You’re both dressed formally for a night at the fanciest places in Insomnia.
  • Dinner at the best restaurant in Insomnia? Opera? Drinks at the rooftop of the Citadel? A dream come true for any girl.
  • “Hey Prince Noctis, how about you let me show you around Insomnia plebs style?”
  • He looks at you incredulously but then he says “Why not?” and just like that you guys ditch the fancy night.
  • You and him end up having dinner in a rundown diner in your formalwear. (Your gown now doubled as a mop)
  • Who needs the opera for entertainment when you can skip stones at the lake?
  • The view from the top of the Citadel is breathtaking? Okay, let’s go for a walk in the park. Wait! Let me take off my heels!
  • “No, Noct, get off that bench—I will not dance with you on top of that bench!”
  • You end up dancing with him on top of the bench. Barefoot.
  • “We look like idiots”
  • “I don’t care” you see him smile, a genuine smile, and it’s absolutely priceless.
  • Either of you don’t want the night to end but it’s getting late and you’re both plastered with sweat and mud so he drives you home.
  • When the goodnight kisses and I love yous have been said, you say one more thing…
  • “Stay the night?”
  • And he says yes.
  • P.S. King Regis doesn’t even ask where Noct is because he knows that you guys are probably together MAKING HEIRS. WAT???? (He was right)
His First Fucking Word

“And then he was like, ‘Oh fuck’.” Luke snorted out while all of us doubled in laughter except for Michael who was giving Luke a death glare.

Michael was cradling our six month old boy, trying his best to make him fall asleep.

“Please be fucking quiet.” Mikey whispered.

“Hey! Watch your fucking languages! There’s a baby!” Ashton exclaimed.

“What the fuck? You just said fuck!” Claum defended.

“Stop saying fuck!” Mikey said.

The argument went along for a few minutes while I tried shutting them up.

Moments later, we heard a loud giggle, causing to whip our heads around to look at me and Michael’s son.

“Fwuck.” He giggled again.

Me and Michael exchanged glances before realizing what he said and shouted, “HIS FIRST WORD!”

The boys cheered loudly while jumping around quickly taking turns of cradling the baby and saying praises.

“And his first word was fuck!” Calum yelled.

“Because of fucking me!” Luke added.

“Because of fucking us!” Ashton exclaimed.

“FUCKING YES!” Michael cheered.

“Why do we keep saying fuck in every sentence we fucking say?” I asked.

“Because it’s fucking cool!” Calum cheered once again.

“This is a fucking weird family.” Luke said.

“We’re a fucking weird family.” Michael concluded which caused us to nod our heads eagerly in agreement.

Best Laid Plans

Summary: History professor Dean Winchester had his life all planned out – until a brilliant, beautiful doctor walked into his office.

Part Six: Bad Dates, Bad Decisions
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2000.
Warnings: None, I think.


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Broken glass.

Fluff for all of you!!

Imagine going to a pool with Cas in the middle of the night.

Request:  Could you do a CasxReader where he doesn’t have his powers so he sleeps and stuff. Basically you two share a motel room and the brothers share one. You and Cas are at the pool at night & u swim while he sits in a pool chair. U step on glass so he carries you bridal to the room & helps you get it out & you kiss and it’s really cute and fluffy and if you want to smut it up at the end by all means be my guest

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: a bit of blood, fluff

Length: 1668 Words

Originally posted by strengthcas


“Okay, I definitely have to crash somewhere like right now”, you stated as you entered yet another town.
Dean turned his head around, giving you an annoyed look: “The bunker is only like two hours away. It´s unnecessary to stop now.”
You were already sitting in the back of the Impala for six hours.
At first it had been incredibly hot due to the fact that it was the middle of July, and then you had gotten so tired that you had fallen asleep several times.
You´ve seriously had enough of this:
“I don´t care if it´s two hours or two minutes. Either we all take a motel like right now, or you just let me out here and I take one, frankly I don´t care.”
You looked over at Cas, who was sitting next to you, waiting for him to agree.
Not completely used to his new status as a human, he looked even more tired than you.
“Dean, I think (Y/N) is right. It´s really uncomfortable back here and I would like to get some sleep sooner or later”, the former angel said and you could see Dean roll his eyes.
Sam, who had been listening silently, shrugged: “If they are so tired, let´s get a motel. It doesn´t matter if we arrive back home tomorrow anyways, does it?”

Twenty minutes later a fat woman who looked rather bored, placed a set of keys in your hands and wished you a good night.
You had no idea how you had gotten Dean to stop in the end, but right now you were simply glad that the ride was over.

The guys were standing by the door, waiting for you to return and you waved the keys at them: “Here you go, I booked two rooms, who wants to share?”
Usually you got your own room, but now that Cas needed to crash somewhere too, it seemed silly to get three rooms for only four people.
Dean was the first one to take the keys: “Since I figure the two of you want to go to sleep immediately, I´ll bunk with Sam and maybe hit a bar or something. After all it´s only ten pm.”
You shrugged: “That´s fine with me, Cas?”
He nodded and you started walking: “Great, now I´ll finally get some rest.”

It turned out that getting rest wasn´t as easy as you thought.
An hour later, you were laying beneath cas in the big bed, waiting for the overdue sleep to take you over, but it just wouldn´t come.
You turned around several times, searching for the coldest spot in the bed, but it was hot as hell everywhere you went.
Even though you had gotten rid of the blanket completely, it felt like 90 degrees in the room and the broken air conditioning wasn´t helping.
Finally you sat up, sighing, quickly looking over at Cas, not sure if he actually managed to sleep or not, because his eyes were closed but his chest was rising and falling irregularly.

“Are you awake?”, you whispered and he immediately opened his eyes: “Yes, I am, are you?”
You squinted your eyes at him: “Are you being serious?”
When he just frowned, you sighed and got off the bed: “I need to get out of here, it´s way to hot. At the front desk it said that they have a pool here, maybe we should go there to cool down.
At first you thought about changing out of your small shorts and your sports bra, but then again you didn´t care who saw you and you hadn´t brought a bikini anyways so what did it matter.

Cas got out of the bed but didn´t look convinced: “That does seem a little bit unsafe to me.”
You chuckled and opened the door: “Why? It´s a motel pool, it´s probably the safest place on earth.”
He tilted his head: “I highly doubt that.”
“Wow, you really haven´t changed one bit aside from being tired”, you said and rolled your eyes.
When he still remained standing, you sighed and walked over to him, grabbing his arm and just pulling you with him.

The pool was still lit but just with those strange lamps that glow underwater and the whole scene was rather dark but kinda nice.
It was so warm and while you pulled Cas behind you and walked towards the water, you felt free and young, it was amazing.
“Common, let´s get in there”, you said and let go of him to turn around and look at him.
He was wearing sweatpants he had obviously taken from Dean somewhere during the trip and a white t-shirt that hugged his abs.
He looked hot, you realized, he looked like a man girl´s would want to be with.
It wasn´t the first time you had thought about him that way, and you knew it wouldn´t be the last time.
Usually you would turn those feelings down immediately, but right now, you were feeling high on the lack of sleep and the heat of the moment.
“I´m not going in there”, he said determinedly and smiled, which you found really sweet.
But before you did something stupid like kissing him or something, you shrugged: “You´re missing out.”
Then you turned around and jumped into the pool.
The water was cool but not too cool, just enough to get your body temperature down.
“It´s so nice in here”, you whisper-shouted to Cas who was now sitting in a pool chair, smiling at you.
Your hair was floating around your body and you enjoyed the silence while you gazed up into the night sky.

After a while you got bored though and decided to jump in at the deep end again.
Cas watched you while you got out of the water and you gave him a smile before you stepped on the tiles that surrounded the pool, when suddenly a sharp pain shot trough your foot.
“Ow”, you made and sank to the ground, looking at your right foot that had blood floating out of a wound.
There was a piece of glass from a broken bottle or whatever, sticking out of it and it hurt really bad.
Cas was by your side in a second: “(Y/N), what happened? Are you alright?”
You tried your best to keep the tears that involuntarily shot to your eyes, from rushing down your face: “I stepped into some glass, it´s still in there.”
He took a quick look at your foot and then completely surprised you by picking you up bridal style.
“I´m wet”, you protested but he just shook his head: “You´re also hurt.”
It was really sweet of him to take care of you like that and you enjoyed being this close to him, even though your foot hurt like hell.
When you reached your motel room, he opened the door with one hand and then carried you into the bathroom before putting you down on the side of the bathtub:
“I should get Sam and Dean.”
You looked up at him: “No, please don´t. I don´t want any drama. Can you just help me get it out and we forget it?”
Cas hesitated, but then he knelt down to get a better look at your wound and made a grimace at you: “This is going to hurt.”
You shrugged: “I´ve had worse.” A small smile appeared in his eyes: “Yeah, I guess you did.”
And then he quickly pulled out the big shard before stopping the bleeding with a towel, then tearing it apart and using it to make some kind of pressure bandage.
“There goes our deposit”, you joked and he actually laughed too.
“So, all done. I don´t think it´s really bad”, he said and got up.
You were actually starting to feel a little cold in your wet clothes and shuddered a bit before trying to stand up, which you couldn´t do because it still hurt too much.
You frowned: “Could you… I mean if you don´t mind, could you get me some fresh clothes and then carry me back to bed.”
He nodded: “Of course”, he said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
He left and quickly returned with a fresh pair of sweatpants and a black shirt of his: “I don´t know what you want to wear so I guess that´ll do.”
You nodded: “Thanks Cas.”
He waited outside while you got out of the wet clothes and back into the new ones, which felt really great.
“You can come in again”, you called and he opened the door again while you already reached out your arms, eager to get back in his arms.

When he put you down on the bed, you missed his touch immediately, but luckily he got into bed with you within seconds.
You were so cooled down by now, that you even reached for the big blanket and he pulled it over both of you.
Your heart was racing because you were still really close to him and even though you were probably not any closer to him as before the pool, being under one blanket made it somehow more intimate.
“Thank you”, you whispered again and looked into his blue eyes, which were only inches away from you.
“For you anytime”, he gave back and for a moment you thought about all the different things that could mean.
You also thought about kissing him again.
And you would have done it.
If he hadn´t done it first.
Suddenly his lips were on yours and you shuffled closer to him so you could kiss him back better.
It was cute, exciting and nice.
When it was over, the two of you smiled: “I really enjoyed that”, he said and your smile turned into a grin: “So did I.”
And even though it was already 2 am and you had been extremely tired once, you stayed up all night, kissing, talking, and being happy to be with Cas.