first singular one

destielonfire  asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say that while I think your "translation meta" (if I can call it that) is sound, I also think that observant viewers were meant to interpret the first one as singular (due to the repetition & deliberate reaction shots). HOWEVER I still don't think that makes it canon because destiel deserves more than some really blatant subtext. So I'm with you in saying that it isn't canon yet. Because many casual viewers will not have picked up on it. They're still playing it safe!

Hi! I actually agree with all that - after reading @studio82a‘s brilliant interview with Davy Perez, I’m even more convinced there was a lot of mindfuckery at work with that episode. Because apparently Davy wrote that I love you as both plural and platonic, and he actually makes a good point about how linguistically constipated men are, how they find it difficult to get out those ordinary I love yous to each other (like, Davy was talking about how he routinely says these words to his parents but not his brothers, because that’s something you don’t do), and how it takes a very dire situation, like a severe illness, to express one’s feelings at all. So I like his explanation of why he wrote the scene that way, and I think it makes sense, and I’d probably do - well, not anything, but - something to get my hands on the original script, which was even more emotional and heart-rending (poor Cas). But at the same time, it’s true that eight years of powerful subtext and the way the scene was filmed pointed to a completely different interpretation of that conversation, so who even knows.

I only hope they’re actually going somewhere with this, and yeah - wherever they’re going, they need to be much clearer about it.