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Midnight Conversations | Logyn

Loki couldn’t sleep, as usual. He lay on his back, looking up at the ceiling as he attempted to calm his thoughts. After a short while, he gave up, accepting that it would be another night with so little sleep. 

He sighed, after a moment, and he looked to his wife by his side. She was sleeping peacefully, as he wish he could. He was glad, though, if one of them were sleeping, it was her. She needed it.

His eyes trailed down to the gentle swell of her stomach under the blankets. Their baby. It would only be a little while now, and they would have a little baby with them. A little one to give him a reason to be awake in the night.

He smiled slightly as he moved down in the bed, moving the blankets down as well as he did so. He stopped when his face rested against Sigyn’s stomach, smiling slightly as he moved his hand to lay gently on the bump. 

“Hello, little ones,” he began quietly. “I do hope you’re doing well. Your mother is working very hard to carry you. I hope you appreciate her as you grow older. We love you very much, and we always will, and we are very much looking forward to meeting you.”