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original blingee caption: ThE bOiz iN aLL TiMe LoW r SoO kEwL n CuTe! <3333

For the first time in a billion years I L O V E the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest without any kind of doubt but I’m scared shitless that tumblr will just label it as racist and appropriative (lyrics are all in Italian and people on this god forsaken website tend to Never Do Their Reaserch Before They Open Their Piehole) when it’s THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT

The title literally means “The Westerner’s Karma” and it parodizes westerners thinking themselves knowledgeable, masters even, of Asian cultures/philosophies/traditions because they once took a yoga class or the googled “buddhism” and became overnight experts. While when you actually look at them up close they just look like “naked dancing monkeys” making fool out of themselves.

i need Adrien to have a Tikki plushie

S2E8 - Ending Review

Okay, so I know after Camp Camp Season 2 Episode 8 everyone is freaking out over Max and Mr.Honeynuts, cause it’s his comfort stuffed animal and Gwen bullies him with (newsflash, he’s 10 he’s bound to have a stuffed animal, and he deserved what Gwen did) - which I feel is shitty cause nobody really is noticing how big of an episode it is for Gwen and David’s development. 

So, let me break down my favorite scene.

And that is this one. 

It is so damn important. 

Why’s that? It’s because it finally shows Gwen’s breaking point- the moment she realizes she’s never going to leave Camp Campbell and that her life has reached a rock-bottom. It’s the realization that a grown woman became a 10 year old’s bitch to get him a teddy bear to save her from losing a shitty job she doesn’t even want, which was all in vain cause David still found out.

But how does David approach it? Well, if this same situation had happened in season 1, I can give you a rough idea. He would appalled that Gwen would want to leave, not understanding her distaste for the camp and even being offended by it personally. Or, if it had been during episode 6, he probably wouldn’t even bat an eye because it’s one less counselor for competition. He was obsessed with being the best. More of this flaw was exploited masterfully by my garbage friend @ciphernetics which you can read here.

But no. What does he do? He builds her up. David sits there and floods her with compliments, explaining in great detail all she’s done for the camp, how she’s handled situations, how she’s dealt with others, etc. David does something selfless- which is putting her before him. I’ve never seen him do this before. He’s usually quite literally shoving her out of the picture, or waving her off as not important. Even in “Better Than You” he breaks out into song over how much more qualified he is than Daniel in an attempt to scare him away so he can remain the best counselor- and that’s pretty dick-ish, given that he was completely unaware of the circumstances of him being batshit insane.

(The look David is giving her is so pure)

But he values her help. David obviously looks up to her and appreciates everything she does, even if it comes off to Gwen in a threatening way that makes her afraid of quitting or letting him know that she’s searching for a different job. But he reassures her, dispels her anxiety even if it’s for a brief moment, and he focuses on making sure she’s comfortable.

And you know what Gwen does for once? She feels confident in herself for once. In her abilities as a counselor and for her qualification for another job. All this time she spent at Camp Campbell, she’s gotten shit for her degrees and wasted time attempting to help only to be called “the fucking worst”. That’s awful for anyone to endure, and I’m not surprised she lost it when she did. Being constantly underappreciated and overlooked wears down the psyche, especially when she’s shown to give a shit every once and a while. Although she’s absent-minded, she does show care where it needs to be shown. Even though it’s played as a joke that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the camp as shown when it reveals she was completely unaware of the Woodscouts invading- she was visibly concerned by it afterwards. She can’t help that she tunes things out- I would too if I was getting bombarded with insults 24/7. Gwen is the only one that tends to David when he’s hurt, and she rushes to check on the campers whenever something happens. David’s far from perfect, and if he didn’t spend most of the first season shutting her out, she could’ve easily been a better counselor than him.

(Look at this child with her newly instilled confidence in herself)

So, how does she approach things after David’s pep-talk. She get’s up and tries again. Even though her entire character was written out to be the polar opposite of David- not giving a shit and bailing if things get too hard, she actually goes out and tries again.

Even though she failed at the very end of the episode, I really hope that this scene allows Gwen to open up a bit more. In every episode she only has a few lines, most of which are quickly made fun of or shut down by other campers/David or just provided to be pessimistic.

I think Gwen will eventually learn to love Camp Campbell, not for the reasons David does, but for her own personal ones that she’d probably never admit to. I mean, let’s put it in perspective. During every single job interview she had in the episode nobody remembered her name. At least at Camp Campbell they know who she is and value her presence. Gwen would be guaranteed to be 10x more miserable at a place that treats her even worse than Camp Campbell does- plus I don’t think she has a choice in staying or not. 

I’d love to see her and David working more as a team, and both being big roles in the show, not just having the spotlight on David all the time. Hopefully now that David is becoming more self-less and Gwen is being brought up rather than down, they’ll click better. But, I do say that this was some masterfully written character development on both ends.

[Bonus things I thought were cute]

Gwen… I know Max completely deserved it… But weren’t you the one defending Jermy Fartz to try and stop the campers from bullying him?

I’m speechless… SHE LEBRON’D HIM. 

She was so focused on what David had to say she shoved Max away so he couldn’t interrupt him. This display is the most we’ve ever seen Gwen care about what David had to say- even after 20 episodes.

Gwen is also picking up some bad David tendencies (pushing, making fun of campers, etc) and it’s adorable.


3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him

life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.

thank you bryankonietzko for making my dreams a reality again - you and Mike, as always, rock

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Hi, I created some fanart for the first time!!! It’s pixelart of a hex-totem!

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Derek finds Will on a beach in Maine, just as the sun is beginning to set, and when he gets out of his car, he’s struck once again with how fucking beautiful Will looks.

The orange glow the sunset is casting makes his hair look almost gold, matching the dark yellow of the flannel he was wearing (and with a jolt, Derek realizes that the flannel is his, one he hadn’t seen in ages, just a little big on Will).

Will’s sweats are rolled up to his knees, sand flecked up his shins and covering his feet, and he looks more loose and at home than Derek has seen him in a long while, and he’s almost sure if he could see Will’s face, there would be a small smile on his face as he looks out on the water.

But then again, Derek can never be sure of what Will’s thinking, even after all these years.

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Derry, The Hellhole We Call Home // Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 1036

Summary- You’ve had enough of everything and breakdown, and Bill comforts you.

Warnings; I’m gonna stop putting ‘Swears’ as a warning because let’s face it, almost every scene in the movie have a swear word.

A/n; Working on a part 2 for ‘Guilt’, but wanted to post this before I forgot!

Requested; Yes!

req; Can you do a reader insert with Bill Denbrough where they are neighbors and good friends and he has a crush on her but one night he sees the porch light on and she’s out there sitting on her porch like freaking out because she has a little sibling and she doesn’t want to lose them. And then Bill comes over and just sits with her and cheers her up can you make it super fluffy. Thanks!


You hated this town. Derry, Maine. You were born and raised. Still, you absolutely loathed it. That was before all the disappearances started. Your best friend was one of the first missing; Betty Ripsom. Now, you wanted nothing more than to pack your bags, grab your little sister and run, far, far away from the hellhole you called home.

Ever since your neighbour, Georgie Denbrough, went missing, you couldn’t help but fear the worst for your sister. She meant everything to you; sure, you two fought, most siblings did, but you knew you’d give your life up for her in a heartbeat. After your dad passed, your mom had shut you both out, and you were left to take care of her. You took the job seriously.

Tonight, however, was different. You’d faced a near-death experience with IT. You didn’t know much about what was going on in town, but you’d got a warning a few days ago from one of your very few friends, who happens to also be Georgie’s brother. He told you to “W-Watch o-out for t-the c-clown.” At the time, it made absolutely no sense to you, but now, you understood.

You tucked your sister into bed, kissing her forehead gently and wishing her a good night’s sleep. You shut off the light, leaving on her lamp and closing the door behind her. Sighing, you leaned back against the door. The air felt heavy, so you decided to go outside, get some fresh air. You knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep, anyways.

Stepping outside, you turned on the porchlight, and closed the door to your house. You sat on the little hanging swing on the porch, leaning back. Everything slowly sunk in, the fact that you almost died earlier, that your sister could die at any given moment, that you were stuck in this town, everything felt like too much, and next thing you knew, you were crying.

Bill, who was in his room, laying awake, saw the light of his neighbour’s porch light illuminate his room through the open window. He looked at the clock, it wasn’t that late, but it wasn’t any time for anyone to be awake. Especially in that household; Bill knew Y/N’s family, her mother never left the house, and her sister should be asleep.

He stood up, peering out the window. He saw your shaking frame, sitting back against the swing. He could see tears running down your face, and instantly thought of the worse. He ran out of his bedroom, down the stairs and out the door. In his pajamas. He didn’t care at the moment. He kept running until he got to your porch, where you looked up, startled.

“Bill?” You sniffled, confused. “What are you doing here?” “I-I-I saw your l-light on. It’s late, y-y-you k-know.” He said, looking down, now embarrassed. “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep.” You said, wiping your tears. You hated crying in front of people; hence why you were outside. “I’m sorry if I woke you up.” “N-no. I-It’s o-okay, I was al-already aw-wake.” He said, smiling reassuringly.

You looked down, hiding your face behind your hair. Bill hesitated, before reaching forward and tucking the loose strand behind your ear. You looked up at him, slightly confused. “A-Are y-you okay?” He asked, quietly. You wanted to say no, tell him to go home, to sleep, but you needed someone. Bill was your friend, you could trust him. Taking a deep breath, you looked away.

“I’m just sick of this town! First my mom shuts me out, my best friend goes missing, we have a fucking demon clown trying to feed off of our fears and kill us all, Georgie’s gone, no one safe, Bowers is mean as ever, nothing is okay!” You said, angrily. You had to refrain yourself from yelling, but you had hot tears trailing down your cheeks. You saw Bill’s shocked face, your mood shifted, and you sighed.

“I’m scared, Billie.” You whispered, your voice barely audible. “I’m scared for me, you, our friends, this entire town, and..” You hesitated, remembering Georgie, and not wanting to upset Bill. “Your sister.” Bill finished, sadly. You nodded, the tears beginning to make their way down your cheeks once again. Bill sighed, gently pulling you into a hug. You sobbed into his shoulder, muffling the noise into his pajama shirt.

“Shh. I-It’s okay, Y-Y/N.” He said, soothingly. “I-I’m scared t-too, we all a-are.” He said, pulling back to look you in the eye. “I won’t let it get you or your sister. I know what it’s like to lose your sibling, and I’m not letting you go through that. I promise.” He said, and you were surprised that he didn’t stutter. You nodded. Bill was the one person you could always rely on.

With a sudden rush of courage, which you had no idea from where it came, you leaned forward, pressing your lips to his. He froze, shocked, but melted into it and kissed you back. You pulled away, looking at up at his eyes through your eyelashes. “Thanks, Billie. I really appreciate it.” You said, smiling.  “A-Anytime, Y/N.” Bill stuttered, cheeks flushed. You both giggled, and you looked at your watch.

“We should probably both get home and get some sleep.” You said, frowning slightly. “Y-yeah. I-It’ll be okay, Y-Y/N.” He said, grabbing your hand and giving it a quick squeeze. You smiled at him, squeezing his hand back. “Goodnight, Bill.” You said, standing up and walking to the door, opening it, and turning to face him once inside. “Goodnight, Y/N.” He said, waving and walking back to his house.

Smiling like an idiot, you flicked off the porch light, and closed the door, leaning against it. You never really thought of Bill Denbrough like that, but wow, that kiss felt good. You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face as you ascended the stairs to your room. As you laid in bed, you couldn’t help but feel much better about your shitty town, because now, you didn’t feel as alone. Bill was there for you, and for once you fell asleep, feeling safe, in the hellhole everyone knew as Derry, Maine.

  • Griffin: Well I planned for The Stolen Century to be maybe two episodes and it looks like it's going to take a few more, but I plan to get back to the main story as quickly as possible.
  • Also Griffin: And now the fun beach party filler episode! :):):)

i got a stuffed raccoon and named him ben 

what animal should i get to name sammy