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My Highly (un) Scientific Analysis Into the Mind of Lucas Friar

…or “Look, Mom & Dad, what I do with the science degree you paid for!”

Alright, so lets look at the facts as we know them.

First off, The Players:

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Lucas Friar:

  • Values friendship.
  • Respects but disagrees with his father.
  • Loves his Mom.
  • Has a temper and anger issues he’s working on.
  • Likes to be well thought off by his classmates.
  • wasn’t a model student back in Texas.
  • Is the athlete-scholar in his new school.
  • Was held back a year due to discipline problems (most likely)
  • Wanted to Start over in New York, but still stays in touch with friends in Texas (or did through most of season 1).

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Maya Hart:

  • Broken family.
  • Mom’s a bit cooky.
  • Sees the Mathews as her family.
  •  Would do anything for Riley (and Farkle)
  • Rebellious streak
  • Artist.
  • Smart but doesn’t do well at school.
  • Voted class Criminal.

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Riley Mathews

  • Loyal and loving.
  • Naive as a result of such a good heart.
  • Loves Maya
  • Likes Lucas
  • Cares what others think of her, sometimes too much.
  • A bit insecure.
  • Good at school.
  • All around good girl.
  • Classmates respect her.

My Theory: 

Lucas keeps doing the head over heart thing with Maya and Riley. His head tells him Riley is the perfect girl for him because she’s a complete ray of sunshine and he knows he got some darkness in him, even though he’s working on it. His heart (and subconscious) draw him to Maya though.

Basically: With Riley his actions are conscious, planed out. With Maya his actions are subconscious, by reflex, they just happen.  

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1. I think he likes both as people. And he’s happy to be friends with both of them but:

a) He noticed Maya first in the subway. He smiled at Maya.

b) Maya went and talked to him and he smiled at her.

c) Maya pushed Riley into his lap, but he hadn’t really noticed her until that point.

d) When Maya sets off the fire alarm in the first episode, the convo Lucas has with Riley? He basically asks Riley why she’s not doing better by Maya.

e) Sloppy Joe!

2. He likes Riley, he says it often, but he’s always trying to get Maya’s attention.

a) Their game. He puts thought into it.

b) He lets Maya call him names and banters with her.

c) In Girl meets 1961, Lucas was only concerned about Maya knowing his grandpa was a country singer, he didn’t care what other thoughts.

d) “Isn’t this what you wanted Maya?”

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3. He touches Maya often, with Riley is always awkward.

a) Maya owns Lucas’s desk.

b) He picks her up in Flaws, and she jumps on him.

c) Riley and Lucas feel so awkward holding hands.

4. With Riley, Lucas always tries so hard.

a) White Horse

b) Mr. Perfect Rep - which he feels he gotta keep up all the time.

c) “We are like a summer rain”

d) In Secret of LIfe, Riley basically tells him “Don’t tell me your secret, if it makes you different than the idea I got of you in my head.”

e) When he lists all the things she did for Riley (like the white horse and asking her dad’s permission to go on a date) he asks “Who does that?” Implying it didn’t’ come natural to him to do all those things, he did them because he felt she wanted them, not because it was his go to response.

5. But with Maya, Lucas just reacts… goes by instinct.

a) It all started in Maya’s mother. He knows that what Farkle is gonna say it’s going to hurt Maya and tries to stop him, he’s moving way before anyone reacts.

b) in Yearbook, he’s the only one who wants Maya back, even if his way of expressing himself wasn’t great.

c) He knows when Maya is going to mock him and just takes it.

d) Even though he was arguing with Billy in flaws, his hands still go to steady Maya automatically whens he jumps on his back.

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6. Though Lucas works great as a friend with Riley, as a couple they are bland.

a) Just go look at First Date

7. Maya and Lucas actually bring the best of each other, by letting the other blow off steam.

a) Maya wasn’t mad that Lucas called her short stack, and Lucas lets her call him whatever she wants.

b) Lucas stops Maya from fighting Farkle’s bully, and then she returns the favor.

c) Maya accepts Lucas’ temper, doesn’t want him to hide it (she kind of digs it)

d) in Rules, Lucas chose Mayaviille, because he gets bored when he’s too goody-goody, like Riley would like.

e) Maya treats him the same whether he’s being ‘bad’ or 'good’. His opinion of him doesn’t change.

f) RIley only likes Lucas when he’s Mr. Perfect Lucas.

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8. Lucas calls Riley “pretty” but calls Maya a “Beauty”

a) Again, he likes both but he sees Riley as something “safe” She’s pretty and nice and loyal and would do anything for her friends.

b) Maya keeps him on his toes. Keeps him in awe.

c) Riley can make him smile when she’s being silly.

d) Maya makes him smile when she walks into the room. She doesn’t even have to try, half the time she’s not even talking to him, and he’s smiling.

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9. For what Zay says in Creativity, Lucas talks about Farkle and Maya the most. And the way Zay says it? “And the pretty brunette” makes it sound like an after thought, like Zay felt he had to say something about Riley.

In Conclusion: 

Lucas is either in a similar position to Riley - figuring out their bond is strong but more as good friends / Bro and sis than as bf/gf - or he’s kinda afraid to tell Maya what he feels because he figures she doesn’t feel that way since she has been pushing him to Riley all along.

Sadly, it’s also my theory that a) Maya doesn’t want to see her feelings for Lucas because she figures it would hurt Riley, especially if they are reciprocated and, b) that no one is going to pick her over Riley, since Maya is broke and Riley isn’t, and good things don’t usually happen to her (Maya).


lazy mika, impudent maknae jihwan, and ramen! ::

mika: ❝ chopsticks!! ❞ (asking jihwan to get it for him)
jihwan: *gestures to the box*
mika: ❝ chopsticks!!! ❞ (again)
jihwan: *gestures to the box again* 
coordi: (to jihwan) ❝ look for them inside the box!! ❞ 
mika: *speechless*
jihwan: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (laughter)