first season was totally about her believing

Flying Present (CG DariNatsu Christmas date doujin!)

Happy Birthday, Tada Riina!

Mega-adorable couple fluff! l-look it’s Riina’s birthday and this is a doujin about presents and spending one of the most precious days of the year with Nat! i know it’s totally the wrong season to release this in, shut up.

[Siwasiwa (Bou Siwa)] Flying Present (THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)

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also believe it or not, this doujin was edited by, of all people, my mum. it’s her first ever scanlation job!! look on and be amazed!!

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You told us about Tristeva, tell us what do you think about Yumalia now

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Alright, for the record, Tristeva was a special case. I don’t have near as much to rant about here, but I will give you what I’ve got. So, this ship. I’m not crazy about it. I totally understand why people are, and if they end up being canon together, I’m sure I will still adore it, but here’s how this goes.

I’ve already explained that I don’t like Amalia for the most part. I tried to like her in the first season. I wanted her to be my favorite, especially since my name is Amelia. But when she wasn’t fighting for their lives, she was being a generally terrible person, and I couldn’t believe this group had to put up with that. That said, in the OVA, she seriously developed as a character and a person. Like, wow. Talk about the huge burdens she took on her shoulders for everyone. Talk about her having to choose between her friends and her kingdom. It was heartbreaking to watch, and I loved every moment.

That said, I don’t know what Yugo saw in her up until now. I honestly feel like he might have just thought she was really pretty when he was younger (I mean hi she barely wore clothes at all) But Yugo is a smart and perceptive kid. I’m willing to take the argument that maybe he saw something in her that I couldn’t. Maybe he saw the potential in her that finally came out in the OVA. I like that idea a lot.

Other than that, the physical age difference is awkward, and I don’t see a way of it working out, but again. If it does, as long as Amalia keeps this change in attitude, I will be so happy for them. Outside of it working out though, I love seeing this ship be teased at for the meaning it holds for Yugo’s character and adding to the things that he’s experienced and learned.

And that’s pretty much all my thoughts on Yumalia.

((Also: “I’ve always wanted to save a princess” okay Yugo rip my heart out again please))

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I still can't believe how beautifully Isak's story molded into the seasons, I love Sana and her story but if S4 was about Even it would so much more make sense and correlation. I just feel like first three seasons are so connected and the last season is totally different.

It was really hard to write S4 I feel, it had to conclude so many stories that Sana’s sometimes seemed sidelined, but yeah, I get what you mean ! There won’t be a day when I don’t wish we had more seasons and Even would have had S4 (because yes, it would have progressed so smoothly from s3?) and then would come Sana, Vilde, Jonas, Magnus etc.

This is a little weird for me to write because before you gave out this prompt, I never really thought about how much this person impacted me. Last year at the beginning of my freshman year in college, I met my two roommates for the year. While Helli was amazing, Vernesha -my other roommate - has impacted my life in ways I could not contemplate. At first, she was quiet and instropective while I was - am - a loud, bubbly person. We didn’t really mesh well but we certainly did not hate each other even in the least bit. I was binge watching Supernatural then and was at the season 4 marker I believe when she started listening in on the episodes. We never really talked so it took her a little bit to ask what it was and what it was about but she eventually did and I got very excited because, well, I am a total fangirl and raved to her about Supernatural for at least a couple of hours. She then started watching it on her own and from that point on the strongest friendship I made during my college years was forged (currently a junior). At first, Supernatural was the only thing we talked about but we would talk for hours about it but gradually she opened up and I found myself opening up beyond the ruse of my loud persona. My persona and my happy go lucky attitude was a front because I believed that if I pretended I was strong and happy then to an extent, I actually would be happy. And it does work but to a point. I never told anyone about my past and my overwhelming fears but I did to her, throughout these two years and oddly she knew exactly how to respond. First, she found out about my sexual assault back in freshman year of high school and read the signs that I hated to talk about how vulnerable it made me feel when I did talk about it (which was very, very rare) and she read that it had shaped me into becoming the callous person that comes out whenever I feel like there is any sort of attack against me. She listened to me tell people that I didn’t care about them - despite the fact that I did - and watched me cut off people completely because I was afraid. Which brings me to my next point, she also learned about the death of my best friend back in junior year of high school exactly 6 months after the death of my cousin, both of which have molded me into a person that hates attachments and connection and would rather have a 1000 acquaintances than 1 best friend. Because it hurt so much when you lose these people and so whenever I cut off or hurt people or convinced people that I didn’t care about them, she would listen and later that night we would talk and I would cry and she would listen and she would cry because she lost her mother to cancer when she was in 6th grade and I would listen. I would listen to her story; a story involving her deceased mother, abusive stepparent and stepbrothers, her constant worry over financials because she didn’t have anyone - never had anyone to stand beside her. And so I did. I did everything I could to help her just as she did for me. When she worked early mornings and studied all day for her scholarships, I would try and provide some comic relief and a quiet environment for her to work. Whenever she needed to rant of get something off her chest, I listened. It may not seem like much but it is the world to us. During the second semester of my freshman year of college, my family experienced severe financial struggles and suddenly I was thrust into a world I didn’t understand but she held my hand through the entire journey. Now I have a job and security, I never had a job before because I never needed to but she helped me secure the job and understand how the working world worked. Sometimes talking to her about it saved me from marching into the financial aid office and screaming my lungs off, possibly getting expelled in the process. She never is one to come out and be sappy about anything and she knew I didn’t want that. Every time I had a problem and I was clearly complaining without formulating a useful plan she would say and I quote, “Ree, get off that excuse wagon and start making a plan. You can get through this just like you got through everything else. Let’s go.” Even if I tried my hardest to cut her off like I did so many other people, I can’t. She is my best friend and I love her. I guess the love I have for her is stronger than the fear I have of losing her.
Now I don’t really know if in the instructions when it says on Tumblr, it meant posting the nomination on it or nominating someone that has an account on tumblr. She doesn’t but either way I felt like her story should be out there in the world and that I needed to write this. To recognize her impact on my life and to realize how grateful I am for her.
Attached is a picture of us on our pretend christmas day since we don’t have much of a christmas with our respective families.
And so, I nominate Vernesha Lawrence


So this was such an unexpected amazing night! My friend and I went to go watch “Below Her Mouth” at TIFF, and it was beyond amazing. Such a real, well written, and heartfelt film (everyone has to go see it if you haven’t yet!!!) Natalie and Erika were phenomenal, I can’t even begin to describe how well the portrayed their characters and how they brought the story to life. Incredible.

After the film, I met Natalie and Erika and they were super nice :) I talked to Natalie and told her that I loved her as Willa and she was like “oh my god yes, Wynonna Earp!” She was so genuinely happy to be recognized for that character it was so cute. I asked her if she were coming back for season 2 and she says she doesn’t know yet, but it’s a show about revenants and demons so you never know! And I was like “Yeah you could totally come back as a revenant! Emily got you ;)” LOL.

Then after my friend and I were just hanging around and I saw Dom!!! At first I didn’t believe it was her but omg it was. She watched the film as well and was talking with Natalie, so I waited after they were finished talking. Then Dom saw me and was like “Omg Shirley, hey!” And she came and hugged me and we just hung out and talked for a bit. We also talked about the film and Dom was joking around saying how Willa said she didn’t know (Waverly) was a gay in the barn scene and now she (Natalie) is playing a gay character in Below Her Mouth LOL. It was really cool because we were just chatting about stuff like friends :)

A great night turned into an amazing night. And I’m blessed to have met all three Earp sisters LOL

Ps. Can we please appreciate how great Dom looks with her braid?! And she was wearing heels, hence the height difference LOL

12x06 - Episode Review and Analysis

I know I am late to the game here, I have no doubt a lot of the below has been covered but here are my thoughts on the episode anyway. Tried out a different structure this time because there was so much going on I didn’t wanna miss anything out. 

Anyway, review and meta under the cut. This got very long.

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Why was Hannah a very interesting character and not a threat for Destiel?

Some people in the fandom complained a lot about Hannah’s role in season 10. Every time she got close to Castiel, a lot of us yelled, “Stay away from him”. Many said that Hannah was the character the writers used to shove a “no homo” down our throats. I disagree. I think Hannah’s role in the few episodes she was in was very interesting and the parallels with Castiel make her character worth some meta.

Episode 1: BLACK

In 10x01, it was very well established that Hannah saw Heaven’s mission as the most important thing for an angel. She wanted to get the angels who stayed on Earth back to Heaven whether they wanted to return or not. Period. That’s why she asked Castiel for help. She was a very good example of season 4 Castiel. At that time, Cas was detached; the only thing he cared about was the mission Heaven had given to him and he didn’t question it. Of course, little by little he started to understand humanity, but the very first episodes of season 4 showed a Castiel similar to the Hannah we saw by the river in the season premiere. Just pay attention to some of the things she said in that episode: “All of us serve to Heaven’s commands”; “You are an angel, once and forever”; “What wisdom is to be gained from humans?” She really seemed like a hammer in that episode.

In the season premiere, we also started to see the relationship between Hannah and Castiel. She asked Cas if he was feeling well, and he lied straight to her face (“Like a million dollars”). What was her answer? “That’s not true.” Castiel continued saying he was fine and Hannah continued making it obvious that she didn’t believe for a minute what he was saying. Castiel explained that their mission was more important than his needs and that he was not willing to sacrifice the life of another angel to save himself.  Does, by any chance, this remind you of the conversation between Dean and Cas we’ve seen in the promo for 10x09? Castiel asks Dean how he is, and Dean lies to his face. Castiel insists, makes it obvious that he can’t be fooled, and gets the truth out of Dean. Besides, the fact that Dean would rather be killed than allow himself to be “that thing” (a demon) again is similar to Castiel letting himself die to avoid becoming an angel-killing monster for their grace. So far, that’s a very obvious Hannah/Cas and Castiel/Dean parallel.

At the end of 10x01, the conversation between Hannah and Cas gave us Cas talking about “human things” such as “art, hope, love, dreams”. Things that Cas understood, but Hannah didn’t. In that moment, somehow Castiel became Hannah’s mentor of all things human (just as Dean became Cas’ mentor or role-model).


In 10x02, we saw Hannah healing Cas, standing too close to Cas, sharing innocent touches with Cas, staring/looking at Cas with heart eyes, choosing to help Cas instead of going back to Heaven, worrying about Cas, watching Cas sleep, willing to do anything to save Cas even if it goes against Heaven (letting Metatron out). We just have to substitute the name “Cas” for “Dean” in every sentence, and we will have what Cas has been doing for a little more than 6 seasons. Mr. Andrew Dabb had ONE episode to show us everything Cas has been doing for Dean, using Hannah’s character, and I think he did a pretty good job. Dabb even used the trope, “other people notice it” because the woman from the auto repair told Hannah, “Great guy you have there”. How many characters have given us comparable phrases about Dean and Cas? Uriel (“He likes you”), Balthazar (“The one with the dirty trench coat, who’s in love with you”), Meg (“He was your boyfriend first”), just from the top of my head.  Just by subtext alone we started to get a romantic vibe between Hannah and Castiel. But guess what? The subtext between them was not an accident! It was a deliberate copy and paste of the subtext we’ve seen between Dean Winchester and Castiel for many years now. Are we imagining things? I think Dabb was trying to tell us that we’re not. He was telling the audience, “Look! This right here is how you show one character developing feelings for another. Did I convince you in just one episode that Hannah is having feelings for Cas? Great! How about you pay attention to what Cas has been feeling for Dean now?” The fact that they’re both males doesn’t change the fact that the subtext is the same. In fact, in case we were not sure about the parallel, Castiel himself compared his and Hannah’s situation with his and Dean’s situation. How? When Hannah was about to make a deal with Metatron, what did Cas tell her? “I’ve made deals born of desperation, and they always end in blood and tears. Always.” When did Cas make a deal born of desperation? Ahhhh right! When he made a deal with Crowley! Who was Cas trying to protect at the time? I’ll quote Castiel in 6x20, “I’m doing this for you, Dean, I’m doing this because of you.”


In 10x03, we got Hannah staring at Cas when he was driving and not looking. Seriously? Can this get any more similar to Dean and Cas? And for the second time she asked Cas how he is holding up. Castiel answered with a “fine”, and once again we got Hannah’s “you say you’re fine, but you don’t look fine” speech. Castiel explained to her that humans say they’re fine to avoid talking about something they can do nothing about. If we’re paying attention, we will see that we’ve gotten the same conversation three times in season 10. The first two between Hannah and Cas and the third one between Cas and Dean (the one we’ll see in the mid-season finale). Are we supposed to believe that this is a coincidence? I totally think it’s NOT.

In this episode, we started to get some things in text about Hannah that we haven’t gotten in text about Castiel. For example, she told Cas, “I worry about you”, which was very clear to the audience even before she said it (due to subtext). Cas has never said something like that to Dean, but if we’re to trust the parallels (and the subtext), we can agree that Cas worries about Dean a lot. In fact, in this very same episode, we were shown (rather than told) how concerned he was about Dean and the whole ‘he’s a demon’ issue. And even after Dean was human again, Cas seemed concerned about him when he told Dean to “take some time before [he got] back to work, allow [himself] to heal”.

We also got a scene between Cas and Hannah where he told her that he needed total focus, that the mission was everything. He explained to her that he’s been around humans long enough to see how easily distractions occur. What kind of distractions? “Emotions, feelings”, which are “dangerous temptations”. But what kind of feelings was Cas talking about? Friendship? Familial love? Romantic love? He didn’t say it, so this was left as subtext until 10x07 came, and Hannah herself textually explained what feelings they were talking about. In all honesty, most people thought they were talking about some kind of romantic love, and the scene gave the idea that Cas was kindly turning her down. But they never textually said that, did they? Why did we get a romantic vibe, then? Because of the subtext! The same subtext that has been copied and pasted from the one we get between Dean and Cas. Hmmmm… interesting!


In 10x07, we got Hannah getting naked in front of Castiel and taking a shower she didn’t need. Why? She explained it later on in the episode. “Being on Earth, working with you, I felt things. Human things. Passions. Hungers. To shower, the water on my skin, to get closer to you. But all of that was nothing compared to what I felt when I saw him. Her husband. His anger and his grief, and Caroline was inside me, screaming out for him, for her life back. These feelings, they aren’t from me, for us; they belong to her.”

Hannah kissed Cas to give her vessel’s husband a reason to let her go and move on, but even though she had been trying to get closer to Cas, when she actually kissed him, it didn’t feel right. The look she gave Cas suggests that was the moment when she realized her feelings for Cas were nothing compared to her vessel’s (Caroline) feelings for her husband. That’s when she decided to “let go” of the mission because it was time to “put [the humans] first”. And that was the end of Hannah’s story arc. She began like season 4 Castiel and look where she ended! Great character development for just being four episodes. Imagine all the “human things, passions, hungers” that Hannah felt in just the little time she was on Earth with her mentor. Are we expected to believe that Cas hasn’t felt any kind of “human things” in all the years he’s been on Earth near his mentor (Dean)? Hannah mentioned passions and hungers, whereas Castiel (in 10x01) mentioned hope, love, and dreams. Considering that Hannah recognized the love Caroline felt for her husband, it’s not surprising that love was totally out of the equation when she acknowledged the feelings she was having for Cas.


If the Hannah from 10x01 was like season 4 Castiel, the Hannah from 10x02 was like seasons 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Castiel. The question now is, what can we say about the other two episodes? I believe the Hannah from 10x03 is like the-first-half-of-season-10 Castiel. Cas worries about Dean in a very obvious way and has identified his feelings but hasn’t voiced them out loud. They’re just distractions… dangerous temptations. Hannah realized what Cas’ priorities were and decided to just continue with the mission. So did Cas. He knows Dean needs to heal and get rid of the Mark of Cain, whereas in his case, he has already accepted his fate: death.

What about the Hannah from 10x07? I think she’s like the-second-half-of-season-10 Castiel. Hannah was able to give a name to her feelings and to realize that her vessel felt love for her husband. She could sense the man’s grief and the human inside her screaming out for the love of her life. She didn’t want to hurt her vessel’s husband, and in the end, she understood Caroline and her husband needed each other, so Hannah, the angel, had to let go. Therefore, I think Castiel will somehow be able to give a name to the feelings he has. Every time he senses the grief of the person he cares about the most, the human inside him will scream out. The only difference is that his vessel, Jimmy Novak, is not there anymore. It’s going to be established that Cas’ body is his and only his. His human vessel is long gone. So the part of Castiel that craves for “hope, love, dreams” is Cas himself, and this part will scream out at some point that it’s time to let go of the mission. It’s time to put the humans first. Anyway, Castiel has been in love with humanity for a long time, hasn’t he? Isn’t it logical for him to end up letting go of everything in order to put that one human, who’s always been his priority, first? Besides, isn’t it fascinating that in 10x09 the one piece of advice Cas receives from Dean is “to let go”?

The question for Castiel is still the same. Once he said he wants to live, “But as what, Castiel? As an angel? Or a man?” Will the angel side of him step aside so that the human side of him can stay with his beloved person? And if we still don’t know who that beloved person for Cas is, we just need to remember Metatron’s words in 9x23. “So Gadreel bites the dust, and the angel tablet, arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe is in pieces, and for what again? Oh, that’s right. To save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of Heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right?”

Is it just me or the second half of season 10 seems very exciting? 


So as many of you know the How I Met Your Mother finale was this week. In this finale they decided to kill my OTP. That did not make me very happy, but in light of that I have created my own ending in my head where Barney and Robin lived as most would say “Happily Ever After”. They have showed us time and time again why these two are absolutely perfect for each other and I will share when I fell in love them them. 

In the episode Sandcastles in the Sand from season three is when I realized that Barney did care about Robin. He always until this point seemed indifferent to Robin. Towards the end of this episode after Robin was just broken up with he just holds her as she cried on him and gives her a beautiful Barney speech. 

“I have watched your first Robin Sparkles video 1,000 times, and it’s not because I’m proud of you as a friend. It’s because you were totally, totally lame back then. But now, come on, Pa-cow! You’re the most awesome person I have ever know.”

And he truly believes every word he said to her. Of course later that night they shared a remarkable evening of watching her next Robin Sparkles video Sandcastles in the Sand which leads to them sleeping together. As I look back this is one reason I disliked the finale so much. They started the idea of Barney and Robin together all the way back in season three. (Don’t mess with my OTP people.)

After they dated for a few episodes in season 5 with it not working out, I still believed in them. They are literally perfect for each other. In season 7 Robin asks Barney, “Why do you even like me?" and he responds, with something that some would say is lame, but what I think is so profound for Barney, "I guess… ‘cause you’re almost as messed up as I am." 

People might think that this sounds rude but she knows it’s true. They are both terrible at relationships and truly want the same things. 

After Barney starts to go after Nora, Robin beings to notice how much she loves and wants to be with Barney and the second photo that I posted was one of the most painful scenes I watched, waiting for them to finally get back together. Barney and Robin dance at Ted’s friend Punchy’s wedding. Even though Barney is going after another girl, we know that deep down he still cares about Robin and loves her, but is assuming that the only reason that they can’t be together is because they already didn’t work out. Up until this point Robin’s feelings have fluctuated so much. Their dance was perfect and ended with so much heat until interrupted by a phone call from Nora. Barney asks for help talking to her and Robin speaks from the heart, what she really feels even though Barney is repeating what she says to Nora. 

”I know we didn’t work out the first time. And I know it doesn’t make any sense. But I can’t shake the feeling that we belong together. Is there any part of you that wants to try again?“

It is secure in our minds. Robin truly loves Barney and wants to be with him. The writers made us fall in love with them. Because they truly are perfect for each other. 

Even though they split them up in the finale, they will and always will be my OTP. They worked so much better than Robin and Ted and the beautiful character development that Barney went through was some of the best (until it was all shattered in the finale). 

He wants to make her happy. Constantly. He even VOWS to never lie to her, ever. Lying is what he does, and he changes for her. Just for her. 

Everything about Barney and Robin is perfect and always will be. Even though 'canon’ splits them up after 3 years of marriage, they are happily married in my head :)

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do you think clarkes whole "i was being weak, its worth the risk" broke bellamys hear a little? And do you think he thinks she still feels this way? Do you think bellamy even know or thinks clarke cares about him? Yeah she trusts him, she's told him she's needed him but always made it about something else other then just needing HIM for him. What do you think bellamy thinks clarke thinks of him? Does he think she thinks they are just leaders? friends? allies? what

Originally posted by brave-clarke

Yes I think it broke his heart a little. He was totally committed to their partnership and I think she was the first person that he really felt a real connection to outside of his family, and it made him think she did not feel the same for him.

I think it might have been the root of his belief that Clarke doesn’t love him. Well, that’s my headcanon. That he loves her, but doesn’t believe she could ever feel that way about him.

I think season 3B is kind of her way of trying to show him that she does love him. I mean, she’s still scared of it, but she does love him and needs him and she is trying to make him understand that she cares, that he matters, that she won’t take the risk of losing him, that she needs him, that she trusts him, that she is all in. 

When she told him that she didn’t trust Roan, but instead, “I trust…you.” I think that was important to him. I think that was the first time in a long time that he got how important to her he is.

Yeah, I’m sure Damon saw a future with Elena from the very beginning when his first word to her was “Katherine?!” I totally believe it. Also I bet he saw a future with her when he killed her brother. As well as when he said he’d kill Elena to get Katherine back. He was probably thinking about their future together when last season he said that he didn’t one together as well. Right?

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Ty for this meta! I was up till the morning & then started crying while reading it. Totally worth it. Anw, as you said, many of us, including me,had thought about this scenario. But now I really believe it. Actually the whole explanation fits with what i know from my studies at scriptwriting. Do think Emma will wake up at the end of 5b? Is she ready for that? Or maybe it depends on how many seasons the show will have?

Thanks for your message! I spent the first two days working on this crying myself to sleep over Emma not wanting to let go of her fairy tale parents. That was the worst of it for me. It’s interesting to put yourself in that headspace, actually.

Assuming that we’re right, it feels to me like we’re really invited into Emma’s experience. Henry’s trying to give Emma clues that she’s in a dream world, I think and we are getting more and more clues. We are supposed to start considering this very idea. And like Emma, we’re supposed to reject it until we can’t anymore. Or that’s the impression I’ve been getting.

A lot of the dialogue in 5A only makes sense as Emma interacting with the reality. Like her consciousness shifted and she’s slightly more aware of the dream - within the dream itself. Essentially, we had a lot of dialogue during 5A that didn’t seem to apply to the situation at hand. Now, in the first layer, the explanation came in what… episode 8 or 10? Emma was trying to alienate everyone, so she just said a bunch of confusing random stuff. While it explains away all the dialogue, I think we can agree that’s not how a misleading story is generally written. They mostly erased 8 episodes worth of content. The scenes were acted out in a way that conveyed something. The words were specific. You got the feeling they applied to some invisible situation. 

So to answer your question, I think Emma seems to be waking up and if we’re supposed to start guessing it, then they can’t hold off for too long with the reveal… So I think she may be waking up during 5B.

They have been giving us hints, like this one:

Is there any meaning behind Emma’s house number 710?
KITSIS: Yes. By the way, the meaning behind it is it’s the Grateful Dead House on Haight Ashbury, which is really for me and Josh Dallas. The rest of our fans don’t care about the Grateful Dead. Every once in a while, we’ll stick in an Easter egg just for us, so I don’t want our fans to start combing through what 710 means. If they’re interested, I would say start with “American Beauty” and then get some bootlegs.

Emma is dying, Killian needs Emma’s heart… the house he chooses for them is the “Grateful Dead” house. Pretty symbolic and a big clue.

If they can bring Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) back, is there a chance they can bring anyone else back?
HOROWITZ: Who said they can bring back Hook?
KITSIS: He may die there. To be honest, he’s already dead.
HOROWITZ: He may die harder.
KITSIS: He may rot there.

Which, again, if we are right, the real Killian already died in the real world and he only remains in Emma’s subconscious in the Underworld.

So, they’re pretty coy about it, they may want us to start wondering, which they wouldn’t do if they weren’t waking her up… Because of the liver transplant, she can get physically healthy again, so it’s the psychological aspect that’s keeping her in the coma dream. Not wanting to let go of her parents and her new life and family. So I guess that’s what we’ll see now…

Waking up doesn’t mean that the dreams will end. Everyone who was under a sleeping curse went back to the “burning room” after waking up from it. So she may wake up, but she won’t stop visiting the dream and the fairy tales. Everything can just continue.

I think we can all agree that the majority of this season of Hart of Dixie has not been the greatest. The complete lack of Zade. But the final Zoe and Wade scene in “Stuck” made me realize that there was an actual reason(s) behind that… and a wonderful payoff coming. 

Wade was always seen as the bad boy, the screw up. But last season, Wade talked about wanting his own bar. Zoe supported that. She believed in him before he even believed in himself, before anyone else believed in him. She had total faith in him and he’s never had someone like that and it scared him. That’s why he cheated pushed her away. But look where he is now. He owns his own bar! His bar is getting franchised. And who is the first person he tells? ZOE.(and look how proud of him she was!) He finally believes in himself the way she always believed in him. He’s not the playboy screw-up that he, and so many others, saw him as. He is the man that she deserves and he knows that now and he knows he’s ready for it this time.

Zoe has spent the entire season with the “perfect” guy. The type of guy she always pictured her life with. The safe choice. And Maybe she really did love him, but it still didn’t work out. He walked away, out of her life, and she let him. But now… now she is faced with the possibility of Wade walking out of her life. Wade, the guy who she was surprised by… the bad-boy bartender who broke her heart -turned- responsible business owner that she never got over… He’s not as easy to let go of. She realized that she’s not ready for a life without Wade in it. And from the looks of the previews, she’s not going to just let him walk away without fighting for him.

They both had their heart broken. She had some lessons to learn and he had some growing up to do. They are both finally in a place where they are ready for a relationship with each other!!! 

Oh you sneaky Hart of Dixie writers. You took a serious risk this season keeping Zade so far apart and I hated you for. But I see now that there was a method to all that madness. I can not wait for the payoff in the season finale (appropriately titled Second Chance) WHEN SHE TELLS HIM SHE LOVES HIM and to see it play out next season!