first scholarship

Apple Fritters

summary: after moving to Queens to fulfill your scholarship at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, your first day starts out with a bang. Literally. Colliding with Peter Parker on your first day of school while trying to catch the subway, you both kindle a friendship that feels like it could spark something more. 

word count: 1.5k

pairings: peter parker x reader

warnings: none, just a bunch of fluff. plus some mention of apple fritters. 

a/n: this is my mcu fanfiction debut! i had been thinking a lot about what to start off with, so why not start off with something simple and clean and cute. hopefully it’s as good as i think it is. If it gets some positive feedback, maybe I’ll turn it into a series. who knows? 

One of the many reasons you had fallen in love with Queens were the sounds. You were completely content wandering the streets, just listening to life move around you. While most would be put off by the constant honking and shouting, it was almost therapeutic to you. Your favorite time to be out within the city was early in the morning and late at night; both felt like each of the different times were when the city came alive.

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The Tiger’s Labmate (M)

~A Namjoon Birthday Fic~

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: University AU, fluff, angst and smut

Warnings: Public sex (I don’t know why I keep writing these with Namjoon XD ), unprotected sex, inappropriate laboratory conduct

Word count: 8,456 words

A/N: As always, I have @mylovejhs to thank for beta-ing this fic for me <3

You are perched on the tall laboratory stool at one of the tables, trying to look unaffected. However, it is difficult to maintain a cool facade when the girls in your class make a show for their sympathy for you as they pass by to take their own seats, smiling with pity, patting your back in consolation and saying words of encouragement in tones that are just chirpy enough to tell you that they’re actually enjoying your misery. It isn’t surprising though; you knew this would happen after the grouping for this course’s lab came out and you are again paired with one of the guys.

Just then the man himself saunters into the room, quickly spotting you and heading over. Your gaze moves higher and higher as he approaches, finally having to tilt your head up when he stands next to your table. “I guess we’re lab partners this semester,” he points out the obvious with a dimpled smile.

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Imagine calling Woozi (and the rest of Seventeen) whenever you start getting nervous because you know their voices and sweet words can help you calm down.

i wish i could be happy about october and everything that’s going on but i’m just so tired i just want to sleep for the rest of the month

sorasaurs  asked:

I have two questions if that's ok. My first question is how did you get photoshop cc? And my second question is how did you get into SCAD? I really want to go but I have financial issues? Do you have any advice? You're art is so amazing.

Hey, there! Great questions.

Well, the first one is pretty simple. I use Photoshop CC via the monthly plan on It’s an instant download kinda deal, so you can sign up for the plan, install it, and start drawing in a matter of minutes. 

As far as SCAD expenses go, yes, it is a very pricy school, but here’s what I did.

I actually went to a local community college first, and did my first two years for just a few thousand dollars. That already saves a ton of money, but if you chose this route, do A LOT of search of what courses will properly transfer to SCAD. (I had a few that didn’t, but that was due to my own carelessness.)

While you’re at this community college, you’ll have two extra years to build up a nice GPA and portfolio. See, with SCAD, it’s all about the scholarships; they break it up into two sections. The first is the academic scholarship, the second is the artist scholarship. These helped me a lot. I essentially got a half-ride, and since I’d completed my first two years else where, I basically got a 4-year BFA degree from SCAD for a fourth of the full price. 

I hope that was helpful! Take care!

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Hi everyone, my name is Hope, and I didn’t want to resort to this…but unfortunately I have bills due and my income has halted to a complete stop. I just started college, and although I was on my first semester on a scholarship, it does not cover my $300 worth of books which I can only use for this semester. I also have a $160 car insurance due every month that I am already behind, by $100, on and at risk of losing my car, which is my only means of transportation. I can’t even fill up my $32 gas tank due to the $1.50 raise in gas. I already burned through what little savings I was able to keep from previously working pay check to pay check. My source of income stopped because my work laptop broke - which is the only way I can work for that company, and it costs $300 to replace. I have been applying left and right for any place that has openings in my area and none have offered me a position despite my efforts. I am continuing my efforts but unfortunately bills do not wait. So please please please, I appreciate anything you can offer and I will even write commissions for what you have to offer. I know it isn’t my right to ask for money and I am so sorry if this annoys you or inconveniences you but I am riddled with stress and anxiety and being able to put gas in my car would really help put some weight off my shoulders. My PayPal is - I appreciate everyone so much and even just some boosting by reblogging can really aid me in my time of need. Thank you so much and I am so sorry once again for any sort of inconvenience.

since i have a bit of spare time i thought id just talk a bit about my Shitty College Au®

  • zarya’s in her first year and on scholarship with a bond to the russian army; basically they sponsor her education/lodging etc and once she graduates, she’ll serve for at least 5 years or so. she probably intends to serve for way longer anyway.
  • idk what she’d major in? but she definitely has russian literature as an elective module. she loves russian literature
  • she lives alone in an apartment near campus.
  • she and mako dated for like… a few months before they both realised it was a mistake…? i mean. when ur a buff russian beauty + the only girl on the wrestling team + have bright pink hair, youre bound to attract everyone’s attention even though you never intended to. but mako never paid much attention to her and their arm wrestle ended in a draw AND he’s bigger than her! unlike most boys! woah! 
  • long story short, she found herself craving for his hard-to-win attention and kinda mistook her admiration for him as infatuation lol shrugs
  • mako and jamie were childhood friends. mako was that fat kid that got bullied and cried 50% of the time while jamie was that kid that could do anything a boy could dream of: whistle, handstands, cool soccer tricks, etc etc; jamie always protected mako back then.
  • over time mako just got tired of feeling sorry for himself and by the time he was in highschool he’d numbed most of his feelings and doesnt care about anyone’s remarks anymore.
  • jamie misses the more expressive mako while mako hates how jamie still tries to stand up for him when people make fun of him, mako doesnt want any pity and hates his childhood self. they fight about this issue a lot
  • they’re both first year majors in mechanical engineering, mako took a gap year (partly to wait for jamie to graduate so they can enrol together and further ensure jamie doesnt fuck around).
  • both of them share a room in a hostel on campus.
  • jamie’s (foster?) parents are grateful that mako’s around to keep their son in check. he’s not the best example but he’s got his shit together more than jamie does, so it’s still something

anonymous asked:

Could you explain how college payments work? Like grants, scholarships, loans, ect. All I know is loans are bad and scholarships are good.


For most colleges and universities in the US, scholarships are funds given to you by the school, a company, a special interest group, or any place really, that you don’t have to pay back. Sometimes this will be enough to cover just tuition, sometimes it’ll be enough to cover tuition and living expenses. Scholarships are usually offered on merit or need based systems. Merit based means that they grant them based on your academic/extracurricular performance. They don’t care how much your parents make. Need based means that they award them to you based on how much they think you can pay based on what your parents make. Most colleges offer both!

A grant is just a general term for money that is given by the government or federal service, as far as I’m aware. An example would be the FAFSA, or money given by the government to students. Often, this includes money you don’t have to pay back (i.e. the grant itself), work study, and loans that you do have to pay back.

A loan is money that you can take out from the bank or the government that you have to pay back. This can be either through FAFSA, as mentioned, or from a bank. You will have to pay interest on these funds starting from when you graduate. I wouldn’t say that loans are bad. Millions of students rely on them to pay for college. But, the fact that you have to pay it back means that you are accumulating debt, and debt can grow over time as interest accumulates.

Definitely apply for both! Scholarships first, then loans if you need. See if there’s anyone at your school, like a college advisor, who can help!

Also check out this recent ask about scholarships!– Mimi

*holds your hand and looks into your eyes* … Will you… *drops to one knee* … be on my alliance?


                                    ❝ I am not your DAMN senpai .❞

— Biography

Prodigy students. Many people could think these individuals are jewels impossible to find, but for someone that grew surrounded by intellectuals like Inku, is easy to say otherwise.

A talented emerging artist and a remarkable sports girl, the brunette appeared never to be enough for her parents.— And could she blame them? Absolutely no. They were paying the best private school for their little girl to be the first in everything, acquire scholarships and, how adults always said, ‘Become someone important’ by these improper goals.

What they didn’t consider were the desires of the young one. She was, in fact, proud of what she could do effortlessly, although the path her progenitors were opening for her to follow wasn’t the one she desired to run. The art she desired to explore was way different from her parent’s expectations, and the sports she desired to practice didn’t belong to any discipline that could be rewarded with medals.

Words lacked meaning when dedicated to her family, however. The young woman had to find out how to tell them about her strong desire for a normal school life, one that allowed her to pick what she wanted to be when growing instead of one that forced her to explode the strokes of her brushes.

Low grades, misbehavior, absolutely zero respect. These should be enough signals for mommy and daddy to understand what she wanted to do from now on. She spoke, and they heard ( after being expulsed, for sure ); Were they disappointed? Yes, but she could finally be the first of the class by enjoying the subjects instead of competing with other students during the whole year.

— Trivia

• Last year of school / 19 years old. Young, but not so young.

• She adores art & sports, how expected. Although she’s horrible at any other subject that requires to think in general. Tutorship is an obligation if she doesn’t want to be expulsed, again.

• The only reason for her to be the best at competitions is because she provides the highest numbers for the school records ( and this means they can’t expulse her either, despite her horrible grades she tries to improve ).

• Skipping classes is her hobby. :^)

• Even if her horrible behavior was based off her desire for trying something new, she’s still far from being the exemplary student. She wants to enjoy what couldn’t in early years, even if this means a quota of rebellion.

• Teachers are the only ones that know her real name, but for the rest, she answers to the name of Inku.— Her desired artist name.
14. in the dark

Genre: Cheater!AU + Smut.

Content: Kim Namjoon + Min Yoongi. Liar liar pants on fire. Who knew Harvard students could be so dumb?

Word Count: 3,362

God, keep touching me like that.”

A throaty mewl escaped your lips as Yoongi pushed you towards a wobbly storage cabinet, leaving yet another dent in its scratched surface as his hands traveled to your thighs, wrapping them around his waist.

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I'm starting a studyblr as a college student with depression.

No yeah. Essentially that’s it. I have depression and anxiety. I’m not and was never the type to talk about it, but that’s kind of why I really want to start something like this— for people that strive to be better, but the things in their head sometimes get in the way.

I guess I should give you guys some background on myself. I grew up never having to actually study or focus on assignments, because I just naturally understood them. Now, this is not to say that I am smart, my intent is never to brag. But I was just the type of kid that never needed to study. It wasn’t until I got into my late years high school did I start to realize that I did not understand everything that I probably should. This is actually right around the time that I got clinically diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and a whole cocktail of other things I don’t want to bog anyone else down with. My mental state became so bad because I just didn’t understand what was going on with myself. I skipped school and classes— even when I went to classes I was having panic attacks and blanking out when someone asked me something. I did all of it for nothing, even though I so wanted to be better at school— some part of my brain just didn’t want to cooperate. I was at a barely passing grade in all of my classes (except I failed geometry three times) and I was just about to approach my senior year without enough credits.

Fast forward because frankly, I’m too lazy to explain everything. I got on a good regimen for me, I accomplished so much within just my senior year— a fine arts scholarship, first place art competition for my transit and train designs, first place in a foreign exchange art competition (I only did the art to market for the event, nothing more), and passing all my classes with A’s. I was so proud of myself, having just realized I could do it. But this in itself was not my only reason for writing to you today. My true reason is my grandmother. Lola (grandmother in Filipino) died on my birthday, but before she departed, she told me she believed in me, and wanted me to get a good degree in school (this was big considering no one else in my family has gone to college) she left me with thousands and thousands of dollars in addition to thousands and thousands more just to put me through school. (Theoretically, I could be living it up in the dorms in a nice ass college with that much money, but I’m cheap.)

I’m the youngest out of my family by at least 8 years, everyone kind of expects something of me as a last hope, I expect so much of myself, and Lola does as well. But I’m afraid. I’m afraid I might fall back into the unassuming pit of depression and the bear traps of anxiety I’ve been weaving my way through for so long. I’m afraid of tripping up and making a mistake or wasting money on a class I’ll just fail anyway. But I can’t allow myself to.
I’m trying, so hard, to put depression and anxiety in the f-cking face and living my life to the fullest and accomplishing the most that I can. I get distracted with the fears, but I’m learning to cope. And I know there are others like me, in school I saw them writing poetry on the bathroom stalls in spray paint. The creative and smart ones that just can’t sit in class, the ones that sat and did nothing in class because they were just like me. Anxiety isn’t always hyperventilating and crying, it’s a choking feeling of fear— and I just want to reach out and tell them I understand.

So yes, to sum it all up, that’s why I’m doing this. To not only track my progress and keep me accountable for Lola’s sake. But to reach out and maybe help those like me. Even if I help one person— that’s enough. My life is measured by how many people I affect. That’s enough for me. It’ll always be enough.

I’m sorry that this got so long and emotional— but academics are more than just academics to me anymore. And I hope I can show you guys this through what I am going to start posting on this blog.

I grew inspired by the many study bloggers here: @elkstudies @yukkuri-studies @studyign @gloomstudy @kay-law @studyquill @studywithmariana @lawandcoffee @studywithinspo @birdkostudies


Even if you guys don’t read this, have a great day and an awesome study sesh.