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Imagine calling Woozi (and the rest of Seventeen) whenever you start getting nervous because you know their voices and sweet words can help you calm down.

Why Video Gamers Deserve Scholarships

Universities, such as Robert Morris University and UC Irvine, now consider video gamers to be varsity athletes, part of a new eSports movement. This has, as you might have expected, received quite a bit of backlash, but I think it’s completely valid. Sure, I might be biased (I spend most of my free time playing League of Legends), but hear me out. Let’s start with a simple question: what is a sport? A sport is something that requires a skill or physical prowess and often has a competitive nature to it. Many professional gamers train for 10-15 hours a day, to improve their skills and to advance their understanding of the game (!!), and the process for developing skills is nearly identical for a gamer as it is for a traditional athlete. If you are one of the best in the world at something, you should be rewarded. If you train and work extensively at something, you should be rewarded. All things considered, why should colleges then not offer scholarships for people who are eSport athletes?

Many colleges are starting to ratify the legitimacy of eSports and offer extensive scholarships for people they deem qualified to play on their college team. Additionally, many top colleges have eSports clubs in which members compete on a competitive level against opposing schools, even if they don’t offer scholarships. League of Legends currently has one of the largest competitive scenes for eSports and has paved the way for creating opportunities for people talented at this game. UC Irvine recently became the first public school to give out scholarships for League. This decision has been extensively supported by Riot Games (the owners of the game) to the point the they even funded an Internet cafe on campus with computers installed, allegedly providing the optimal experience for gamers. Finally, gamers are starting to be recognized as computer athletes, and I hope that more universities will realize this in the future. 



My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King (Audiobook Review)

5/5 stars

Official Synopsis:

The life story of Coretta Scott King—wife of Martin Luther King Jr., founder of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and singular twentieth-century American civil rights activist—as told fully for the first time

Born in 1927 to daringly enterprising black parents in the Deep South, Coretta Scott had always felt called to a special purpose. One of the first black scholarship students recruited to Antioch College, a committed pacifist, and a civil rights activist, she was an avowed feminist—a graduate student determined to pursue her own career—when she met Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister insistent that his wife stay home with the children. But in love and devoted to shared Christian beliefs and racial justice goals, she married King, and events promptly thrust her into a maelstrom of history throughout which she was a strategic partner, a standard bearer, a marcher, a negotiator, and a crucial fundraiser in support of world-changing achievements.

As a widow and single mother of four, while butting heads with the all-male African American leadership of the times, she championed gay rights and AIDS awareness, founded the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, lobbied for fifteen years to help pass a bill establishing the US national holiday in honor of her slain husband, and was a powerful international presence, serving as a UN ambassador and playing a key role in Nelson Mandela’s election.

Coretta’s is a love story, a family saga, and the memoir of an independent-minded black woman in twentieth-century America, a brave leader who stood committed, proud, forgiving, nonviolent, and hopeful in the face of terrorism and violent hatred every single day of her life.

My thoughts:

My Life, My Love, My Legacy is the most powerful and moving audio book that I have ever listened to. I have spent the last few hours trying to collect my thoughts enough to write this review but instead all I have done is think about how important it is that we continue the work that she and her husband were so passionate about. 

I cannot adequately put into words how deeply I connected to this book. Hearing about the life of Coretta and MLK is something so special. I have always imagined both of them as larger than life icons. People so powerful that they didnt seem real. That changed while listening to this book. Hearing things that made them relatable brought them to life for me. There were times while listening to this that I would become teary eyed over the smallest things. Coretta was a real person, with real dreams who did amazing things. Her legacy is something that will be remembered for a very long time. Not only her because of the work she helped her husband complete, but also because of the things she believed in and fought for after his death. I am so filled with awe for CSK. This is a book that I wont soon forget. If you have the chance to read this book, please do!

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when you have this conversation with your friends
  • Person 1: Discretionary income is so weird lol I can buy myself [thing] if I want
  • Person 2: I know, right?! The lack of chronic money stress is mind-blowing
  • Person 3: I'm still trying to persuade myself to buy fruit
  • Person 4: RIGHT?! I hate bananas but I keep buying them because they're only 50 cents
Three Tries, Five Words

I can’t begin to return the favor that @john-laurens and @ciceroprofacto have done, but hope this makes a small dent in my debt to their scholarship.

The first time could have been an accident. In the small, crowded room they shared that week with Meade and Tilghman, Hamilton hardly had enough space to turn around, let alone find a private corner. Given the situation, he must have thought that facing his best friend and bedfellow while undressing the most modest option. But it wasn’t strictly necessary to remove his shirt in order to take off his breeches, then nakedly stretch and shimmy like a horse relieved of its saddle, before Laurens had time to politely close his eyes or turn his face away. Nor was Hamilton’s amusement necessary when he caught the direction of Laurens’ gaze. And least necessary of all, Hamilton put his shirt back on before climbing into bed. Laurens blew out the candle and rolled back to back, grateful for the position and darkness that concealed his enjoyment of an image he thought he had not been meant to see.

Now, he wonders, “Why did Hamilton take the shirt off in the first place?”

The second time he chalked up to drunkenness. The lads had invested in a barrel of beer and drank it over the course of one endless night that a few of them didn’t even remember. Not too far into the binge, Hamilton and Meade almost simultaneously threw down their cards and announced they had to take a piss. As if by the power of suggestion, Laurens realized a minute after the door closed behind them that he also needed to relieve himself. Outside, he heard Meade laughing uproariously and in the gibbous moonlight saw Hamilton stumble as Meade smacked his shoulder.

“That’s piss in the snow, not an H!”

Laurens approached from behind and saw the word "HOWE” scrawled in neat yellow script in the snow on Meade’s side. On Hamilton’s side, he saw a squiggly line.

“John! Meade says I can’t write an H, which, of course is ridiculous because…” he teetered so hard to one side that Laurens rushed to prop him up. He put both hands on Laurens’ shoulders, looked resolutely into his eyes and said, as he lowered one arm, “You write with a better hand than I.”

He placed his cock in Laurens’ hand. Laurens did not draw it away fast enough to escape Meade’s raised eyebrow.

Now, he remembers that the next day, they groggily wrote Washington’s letters. The sound of the quill scratching the paper mocked their hangovers. Hamilton returned with a fresh sheaf of paper, looked over his shoulder and winked, “You write with a very fine hand.”

The third time seemed natural. They lodged in a farmhouse and all fancied the pretty oldest daughter. But the army had been marching for days and even the aides de camp smelled like soldiers. She had hauled out a large washtub and personally boiled enough water to fill it. Laurens found this out when he walked in on Hamilton, sprawled so that his legs and arms fell out of the basin. He didn’t flinch when Laurens saw him.

“Ah, my dear Laurens! It is most unfortunate that this tub lacks room for more than one filthy revolutionary,” he said, spreading his legs even further, as if to make more room for his friend.

All Laurens saw was the flesh between Hamilton’s legs floating heavily and freely in the water.

Now, he realizes that last part is all he vividly remembers of the whole event.

Laurens reads the passage in Hamilton’s letter for the fifth time:

“In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I never spared you of pictures.”

And finally understands what Hamilton has been trying to tell him. He dips his quill in the ink, and writes passionately.

since i have a bit of spare time i thought id just talk a bit about my Shitty College Au®

  • zarya’s in her first year and on scholarship with a bond to the russian army; basically they sponsor her education/lodging etc and once she graduates, she’ll serve for at least 5 years or so. she probably intends to serve for way longer anyway.
  • idk what she’d major in? but she definitely has russian literature as an elective module. she loves russian literature
  • she lives alone in an apartment near campus.
  • she and mako dated for like… a few months before they both realised it was a mistake…? i mean. when ur a buff russian beauty + the only girl on the wrestling team + have bright pink hair, youre bound to attract everyone’s attention even though you never intended to. but mako never paid much attention to her and their arm wrestle ended in a draw AND he’s bigger than her! unlike most boys! woah! 
  • long story short, she found herself craving for his hard-to-win attention and kinda mistook her admiration for him as infatuation lol shrugs
  • mako and jamie were childhood friends. mako was that fat kid that got bullied and cried 50% of the time while jamie was that kid that could do anything a boy could dream of: whistle, handstands, cool soccer tricks, etc etc; jamie always protected mako back then.
  • over time mako just got tired of feeling sorry for himself and by the time he was in highschool he’d numbed most of his feelings and doesnt care about anyone’s remarks anymore.
  • jamie misses the more expressive mako while mako hates how jamie still tries to stand up for him when people make fun of him, mako doesnt want any pity and hates his childhood self. they fight about this issue a lot
  • they’re both first year majors in mechanical engineering, mako took a gap year (partly to wait for jamie to graduate so they can enrol together and further ensure jamie doesnt fuck around).
  • both of them share a room in a hostel on campus.
  • jamie’s (foster?) parents are grateful that mako’s around to keep their son in check. he’s not the best example but he’s got his shit together more than jamie does, so it’s still something

02.20.2017 //

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate headaches? No? Well I do. I have a minor one, but it affects my concentration way too much. It might also have to do with the fact that today I am stu(dying) for physics and Calc. However looking at the positive side, I made my Calc notebook pretty and I redid my first page. Today is also fairly warm (65)! And I received my first scholarship this weekend. So not all was bad :-)

*holds your hand and looks into your eyes* … Will you… *drops to one knee* … be on my alliance?


The first of our students to benefit from the James McAvoy Scholarships made this video to say “Thank you.”

Great Job James, you can be proud. That is awsome.

The Signs' First Jobs
  • Aries: either an arcade or game store or like a gym or athletic center. someplace with a lot of energy.
  • Taurus: food. but like not a waiter bc they have to be able to eat the food. maybe like a retail store where they sneak snacks the whole time.
  • Gemini: most definitely somewhere that keeps them busy at all times. they're probably your waiter. all talk and no play bc they have 84 more tables to serve tonight.
  • Cancer: probably working with kids or for like a family business. someplace comforting and safe. they're first job is probably through family connections.
  • Leo: honestly they might not have their first job until out of college. they're probably that one kid that always complains about not having money but never looks for a job.
  • Virgo: definitely somewhere that helps them in another way other than making money. like maybe their first job has scholarship opportunities or a huge employee discount or both. either way they have a great first job, although they might not think so.
  • Libra: probably a hair-care or makeup store. they like to work somewhere they would shop. they might be a retail worker but only for the first dibs on that cute new dress.
  • Scorpio: probably somewhere low-key that almost no one even knows exists or shops. like a bike store or a leather shop or something weird.
  • Sagittarius: tbh they can really work anywhere bc they have so many skill sets they don't even know they have. they may be a waiter or a retail worker. wherever they work tho, they make it seem effortless.
  • Capricorn: one word: internship. they don't have time for a first job. they're too busy working to succeed at everything that they don't need a first job in order to get the one they truly want.
  • Aquarius: probably someplace cool like a music store, or a quirky vegan restaurant. they definitely have an envious job.
  • Pisces: they're probably very shy or hesitant in interviews so they probably don't have the first job they were hoping for. something like retail or a chain restaurant.
To all my lovely high school seniors

● Please don’t procrastinate your college essays. Try to have a final copy at least two weeks before your application is due.

● Please start looking into scholarships now and check if your school offers any. I was given a $2000 scholarship and didn’t even know about our school’s scholarships. I almost didn’t apply!

● Don’t get discouraged with not winning scholarships at first. Imagine everyone in your school applying for the scholarship, now imagine that number multiplied by 10, all for one scholarship.

● Apply to your backup school and have at least two. I only applied to three schools and got admitted into all of them but ended up going to the school that I almost didn’t apply to. Also apply to that school that you really want to go to, go with your gut. I still regret not applying to this one school that I could had probably gotten into easily.

● Please try to get acquainted with your guidance counselors, it will help so much.

● Try to designate 2-3 teachers and non familial adults to help you with recommendations. Most applications will want a teacher and a community member.

● Don’t do anything stupid that’ll cost you graduation, you’ve come so far.

● Have fun and enjoy your last year of high school, it’s a moment in life that’s going to be hard to forget.

HOV fact of the day:

Ever wonder why Jay Z chose to form the Shawn Carter Foundation? Well, it was a small event that changed his life that helped him understand the importance of providing quality education to underprivileged youth. His sixth-grade teacher Renee Rosenblum-Lowden, who taught him at I.S. 318 in Brooklyn, once told a shy Shawn Carter “You know what, you’re kind of smart.” And he believed her, replying “I’m smart, right?” In an interview with People magazine in 1999 Miss Lowden said of Jay, “He was a very dear kid. There is so much more to him than a person who sings about bitches and hoes. Gee, I hope I’m not killing his image!”

In an interview with Forbes magazine in 2010 Jay explained further how his teacher’s simple statement changed his outlook: “She sparked that idea in my mind. So that’s why my first thing is a scholarship fund, because there are a ton of very intelligent kids coming out of these urban areas who can make it all the way if given the opportunity.”