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Now that awards days are finished, it has been announced that my class of 22 seniors, the scholars I have been working with all year towards getting ready for and into college (who are in our AVID program students from rougher home lives / backgrounds / who the administration and other teachers don’t expect to graduate without a lot of guidance and assistance) have all been accepted to a 4 year university and, collectively, have been offered over 1.6 million dollars in scholarships and grants.

I could not possible be more proud of my kids!!! We lost one along the way this year, but at least we ended it on a high note.

“Dear K.,

Congratulations to your successful application to do a study exchange at our institution. We are happily looking forward to welcoming you to [University] next semester!”

…. well :)


Becca Longo is believed to be first woman to ever get a college football scholarship

  • A high school senior in Arizona just became the first female football scholarship recipient at an NCAA DII school or higher, per ESPN.
  • Becca Longo has signed a letter of intent with Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, according to CNN, after sending out her highlights reel to various colleges and adding Timm Rosenbach, the head football coach at Adams State, on Twitter. 
  • That caught his eye, and got him to watch her tape.
  • “If she’s able to compete at a level we think she’s able to compete at, we should afford her that opportunity to do that,” Rosenbach told CNN.
  • According to ESPN, roughly a dozen women have played college football, but Longo is the first known scholarship recipient. Read more (4/17/17 1:50 PM)

Imagine calling Woozi (and the rest of Seventeen) whenever you start getting nervous because you know their voices and sweet words can help you calm down.

So I think I’m rlly gonna make the switch from nursing to BME

Scholarships: We’d like you to tell us about your leadership skills, or how art has impacted your life and how you’ve used art to interact with your community, or how being gay has attracted negative attention and how you used your leadership skills to overcome it all!

Me: I don’t leave the house unless I need to bUT i did draw my gay alien oc for the millionth time which I guess is me using art to express my out-of-this-world admiration for others of my gender. 

since i have a bit of spare time i thought id just talk a bit about my Shitty College Au®

  • zarya’s in her first year and on scholarship with a bond to the russian army; basically they sponsor her education/lodging etc and once she graduates, she’ll serve for at least 5 years or so. she probably intends to serve for way longer anyway.
  • idk what she’d major in? but she definitely has russian literature as an elective module. she loves russian literature
  • she lives alone in an apartment near campus.
  • she and mako dated for like… a few months before they both realised it was a mistake…? i mean. when ur a buff russian beauty + the only girl on the wrestling team + have bright pink hair, youre bound to attract everyone’s attention even though you never intended to. but mako never paid much attention to her and their arm wrestle ended in a draw AND he’s bigger than her! unlike most boys! woah! 
  • long story short, she found herself craving for his hard-to-win attention and kinda mistook her admiration for him as infatuation lol shrugs
  • mako and jamie were childhood friends. mako was that fat kid that got bullied and cried 50% of the time while jamie was that kid that could do anything a boy could dream of: whistle, handstands, cool soccer tricks, etc etc; jamie always protected mako back then.
  • over time mako just got tired of feeling sorry for himself and by the time he was in highschool he’d numbed most of his feelings and doesnt care about anyone’s remarks anymore.
  • jamie misses the more expressive mako while mako hates how jamie still tries to stand up for him when people make fun of him, mako doesnt want any pity and hates his childhood self. they fight about this issue a lot
  • they’re both first year majors in mechanical engineering, mako took a gap year (partly to wait for jamie to graduate so they can enrol together and further ensure jamie doesnt fuck around).
  • both of them share a room in a hostel on campus.
  • jamie’s (foster?) parents are grateful that mako’s around to keep their son in check. he’s not the best example but he’s got his shit together more than jamie does, so it’s still something

Got a call from my mom today after work 🙄 Last time I spoke to her I was 17, finishing junior year kicked out over a NIGGA living with us at the time working to LIVE at 17. I was angry and bitter about being blamed for sexual abuse that happened when I was 9.

Now I live in an apartment by myself, lavishly, finishing the first year of scholarship to an Ivy League school. Oh and I strip. 18 and a half.

We live and we learn. You can’t control nobody else’s hustle only yours 💗 stay strong I love y'all

*holds your hand and looks into your eyes* … Will you… *drops to one knee* … be on my alliance?

“Namjoon-ah, this is Kim Seokjin,” the professor introduced. “You both won first place for the scholarship award and will work on the same research. Get to know each other well.” And he left.

Namjoon pushed the glasses further up the bridge of his nose, getting up from his office chair. He stared in disbelief because wow. What a coincidence. Except it wasn’t.

“Did you know?” Namjoon asked, not quite sure what face to make.

“I did,” Seokjin smiled. “The professor told me that someone else won first place for the scholarship I received. Naturally, I was curious.”

“Yeah, of course,” Namjoon nodded, completely convinced. “That makes sense. I would be too if I’d known. But I didn’t, so. Anyway.” He shuffled in his place.

“May I sit down?” Seokjin asked, trying to stifle a chuckle.

“Y-yeah, yeah. Have a seat. Or two. However many chairs you need. It’s just us two here so take em all.” What the hell am I saying, he thought, mentally slapping himself.

Seokjin openly chuckled this time, taking a seat next to Namjoon. Even though there’s, like, seven other chairs in the room.

A few minutes of silence passed when Namjoon finally turned to Seokjin. “So, when we met. At the ball. Did you already know?”


"Did you purposely look for me? To take out your competition?”

Seokjin giggled adorably behind his hand. “We’re no longer competing, Namjoon. We’re a team now. Unless you don’t want to work with me?” He teased.

"No no no. I will work on you any day. I mean work WITH you. Any day. Christ.”

The man smiled in sympathy. God he’s so nice. “I guess we can start by getting to know each other really well. As instructed.”

"Sure, yeah.” Namjoon extended his right hand. “It’s a little late now, but I’m Kim Namjoon, Biochemistry major. Full time student, part-time musician.”

Seokjin took his hand. Namjoon didn’t realize a man’s hands can be so soft but there’s always exceptions. "Same field. Full time student. I help the professor out when he’s short-staffed.“

Namjoon nodded. "Okay, this is good. We’re off to a good start, I think.”

“It’s getting late, so we might as well find a place to eat and pick up our conversation along the way.”

“My treat,” Namjoon blurted. He got up, picked up Seokjin’s coat from the back of the chair and opened the door for him. Seokjin ducked his head and mumbled a shy “Thanks” and Namjoon felt as if he just won the actual award he never applied for.

Good News:

I am almost done with high school (less than a month left!!)

My therapist is considering wrapping up my sessions and having me try to function on my own.

I got my first $300 scholarship for college.

I was accepted to Minnesota State University Moorhead!!! I will be majoring in film production.

Im almost done writing my first song for my musical adaptation.

In less than a week I’ll take the AP Lit test!!! (feeling confident but very nervous)

I broke off communication with my ex.

I love Mike Faist so fucking much. (THIS WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD NEWS)

My wisdom teeth are officially out.

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Don’t get me started on Severus – too late

         Severus’s father was some mid-level manager type for the East India Company, sent to oversee trade on the Indian side where he picked up a Native Wife. His fortunes took a dramatic turn for the worst as he found himself out of favour with his superiors and not long after being recalled to England, he was out of a job. His resentment bubbled against his wife and then his son, and he spent most of what money he did make on alcohol. Severus, however, rose well above expectations guided by the image of his father, proving to be a remarkable scholar, to the point where he earned a scholarship first at (Eton or Harrow) and then (Cambridge or Oxford). He also found a lasting friendship in the daughter of the local Squire who faithfully wrote him all his long years away at school. It was at school that he fell in with the burgeoning Knights of Walpurgis, attracted by their elegance, power, wealth, and connections as much as he disdained the booze, drugs, and whores their meetings were often wrapped in. 

okay so i’m in love with every single one of y’all’s blue/ronan friendship hcs, but also, consider this: blue/adam friendship, here we go

  • basically once the awkwardness of almost-dating-then-sorta-breaking-up passes, they start to remember all the cool stuff they’d seen in each other beyond physical attraction
  • they like to hang out and sometimes watch trash tv and be super judgmental about everything (bc lbr they’re both super judgmental)
  • once adam has a better grip on his issues with money and pride, they actually start going shopping for clothes together at thrift stores??? 
  • (the whole thing started as a joke because adam, despite being as ~gangsta as a cup of yogurt, has a really good memory for words/lyrics, and blue challenged him to rap the entirety of macklemore’s “thrift shop”, which he successfully did)
  • SO ANYWAY they go shopping for clothes and blue convinces adam to spice up his clothing style a little, whereas adam convinces blue to actually get stuff because yes, you look good in it, even if blue protests she hates how she looks in everything ew mainstream clothing this needs more feathers
  • noah sometimes comes along too even though he’s one of the preppiest preps to ever prep. he just likes sequins a lot okay
  • speaking of noah: blue, adam and noah sometimes have secret dance parties. like whenever they wanna listen to something that isn’t ronan’s obnoxious electronica or gansey’s playlist of timeless classics
  • they’re super silly and terrible at dancing but they love to karaoke a lot. LOOK I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY ISSUE IS I JUST LIKE THE IDEA OF THESE KIDS SINGING OKAY. this probably has to do with the fact that:
  • when they’re alone together without any posh boys around, both adam and blue unwittingly stop trying to control their pronunciation and in fact, in fact, they feed off each other’s henrietta accent in a self-reinforcing loop of southern inflection goodness
  • did i mention how sassy they are. like. all the goddamn time
  • blue’s the first person that adam actually comes out as bi to, because she’s noticed his ~thing~ with ronan and is confused about what happened between them?? so she lowkey asks and he lowkey tells her that yeah, he still likes girls, he meant everything he said to her, but he just. is really into guys too. and blue is really cool and accepting about it nice nice
  • also: adam was the one blue went to when her first scholarship application was rejected, and she was in tears of rage about how she was never gonna leave henrietta, never gonna see the world. adam of course being the practical lil nugget he is, instead of outright comforting her, gives her a pep talk and works with her on her next applications (she eventually gets a rly good scholarship)
  • remember when blue thought “this was a boy she could have a conversation with”? yep, basically that. they talk. so. much.
  • also, no matter how many arguments they have between the two of them (and they have plenty, see the point above about conversation) they will inevitably back each other up when they get incensed over gansey or ronan doing sth too aglionby-esque. like that time with the but designer clothes really are better argument. gansey’s kind of scared to ever bring it up again. ronan’s lowkey a little scared too
  • bike rides together in the summer henrietta sunset with cicadas singing all around them
  • “have you ever had a crush on gansey” “for the love of– stop that” “but have you though” “why, are you worried about competition?” “oh my gosh adam shut up”
  • blue and adam being really good friends that is all  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧