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Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

In the 16th century you could easily spot Spaniards because they were often wearing black, contrasting with most of the Europeans wearing colorful outfits. The characteristic features of their costumes were sobriety and elegance. Religion probably had a strong influence too.

Maji Kyun Hoshi Fes Live - 2017/05/13 - Day 1 Report

*Do NOT repost*

I can’t do a full report because I’m too busy, sorry! ><,
But here are the most of the things that happened (it’s still long lol)

  • They all wore their character uniforms!
  • Shoutan did his hair like this for Monet!
  • Seeing Umechan in the uniform made me think that him and Teika really look alike XD
  • They showed the main parts of each character’s episode in the anime before their solos started
  • They never sang their second solo songs, or the coupling OP and ED songs.
  • Umechan sang 2 songs since he’s the only one with an insert song
  • Umechan was still a little awkward when performing XD
  • Onoyuu was so cute and cheerful! He came close, waving to us a lot!
  • Shoutan was at my side most of the time ^^
  • They had all the kirakira effects shown on the screen a lot
  • They all danced during their solos, apart from Umechan since his songs are ballads
  • I was super close to the stage so I could see that they had TVs on the stage which actually showed the next set list, corners and even the lyrics of the songs!
  • The casts all got along together so well and they seemed really close

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‪Thank you very much (*☻-☻*)‬


‪Today is‬
‪『Magic-kyun! First Live Hoshi No Mori Summer Festa 2017』last day!!‬
‪It really has became a good memory to be able to spend it with everyone! Thank you very much!‬
‪I’m grateful for the wonderful letters, presents and flowers!‬

Had a lot of fun at renfest, two people realized who I was and most people just really dug the huge hat. I’ll probs take Taako to Denver comic con hopefully i can get the ears and hat to behave together tho /o/

Idk how to size stuff for tumblr so im just leaving this as is lol


【星フェス】9/20発売BD&DVD「Magic-kyun! First Live星ノ森サマーフェスタ2017」スリーブデザイン公開!表裏で楽しめまじゅ♪更に法人特典絵柄も発表!詳細は