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trying to work through an art block. as you can see, i’m pretty fixated on keith after s3, esp. that sword-throwin bit haha (i rly want to successfully execute the dynamic shot,,, so it’s practice, practice, practice for me,,,)

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true

why baby gays shouldn’t watch the l word

Hello I have seen a lot of people take interest in The L Word because of the reboot and I am here to tell you *not* to watch it under any circumstances if you’re a baby gay / looking for good wlw representation.

  • The L Word’s non-white representation is basically a joke. Actually that’s putting it nicely. It does have some black characters - Bette and Kit are main characters, Tasha joins in later seasons - and it also spends about five minutes on a storyline on Bette’s mixed race heritage in the first season. 

    But the show also cast Sarah Shahi (who isn’t Latina) as Carmen (who is Mexican) and Janina Gavankar (who also isn’t Latina) as Papi (who is Latina.) Brown women aren’t interchangeable @miss Ilene Chaiken.

  • It’s got biphobia out the wazoo. Alice (another main character) is bisexual but her friends spend way too much time making jokes about her picking a side? In general, her bisexuality is just treated like a joke. If you’re bi, stick caution tape all over The L Word and walk the other way.

  • It’s also incredibly transphobic. The entire Max storyline is so horrid and so offensive I’m lost for words. Like, The L Word aired at a time before being transphobic would have caused a huge firestorm (2008/9 seems like forever ago) but even then it was atrocious for its time. There’s nothing good to say about Max’s coming out storyline, really.

  • Bury Your Gays. As a show with a majority bi / lesbian cast of characters, if The L Word was going to kill anyone then it was always likely to be a bisexual or lesbian character (not that there aren’t a few ugly straight dudes who could have got the chop, mind you.)

    Anyway, I won’t spoil it if you don’t know and for some god forsaken reason you still plan to watch the show after reading this, but it kills off two of its gays. Heartbreaking circumstances that are likely to affect you, especially if you’re a baby gay.

So there you go. Yes The L Word has more bi and lesbian women than any other show! Sometimes it’s extremely funny! it also isn’t afraid to let a lesbian touch a tiddy (all these other shows are Shooketh)!

I watched it when I was first coming out because there was literally nothing else to watch (Emily hadn’t even come out on Pretty Little Liars.) But now there are other, better things you can watch that are much less likely to fuck you up, okay.

Please hmu if you’re a baby gay looking for better rep or if you have better suggestions. I’m sure that we’ve all watched enough shitty wlw content to figure out what’s decent between us. 


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”

i just learned that gay heathers is a thing so of course i had to draw jd

A bit older Tadashi, yes? Piercings, tattoo’s and longer hair? Yes!

- So, au where Tsukishima is a photographer (or study to become one) and Yamaguchi is an art student? And Tsukishima wants him to be his model and Tadashi says no because he’s insecure about his looks and his freckles, but they starts to hang out after that and after a while Tadashi say okay to being Kei’s model.- 


 @billyjay936 said:                                                                                           I wanted to ask! How did you get the speech bubbles to be all wobbly like that. I like how it gives off the effect of talking

(click for caption!!)

I usually do a pattern for these and take out frames that make it look awkward I use up to 5-6 frames in 0.15 - 0.20 sec speed

i did this in a rush so sorry if the animation is a bit spazzy ;v;


Last month I did a bunch of pieces with Genji taking a bunch of selfies… in sweaters ‘cause I think I just needed to get a daily digital draw done, but didn’t know what to draw/didn’t wanna put too much effort into anything. Uhh I dunno what happened and I forgot to finish the Zen one, but I finally got around to it today, so… heeere they are as a full photoset.

a sky paint study from when marnie was there, my favourite film ♥

click for better quality!