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Warning: Death of a character

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In the bunker there is a room that no one is allowed into. It was a room that had not been used for a couple years, the door had been locked and now sat full of books and photos. It was a boring day with no hunts when Mary Winchester had stumbled upon the room, she was instantly curious about he room every other room was open except this one. And it looked like it hadn’t been open in years. That night at dinner she decided to bring it up.

“What’s in room 183 it’s the only door locked out of every room in the bunker?” She asked

It was an innocent question at least she thought but she could see Dean stiffen up when she said the room number. Sam looked over at Dean, but Dean just stared at his plate.“Don’t go near that room, its not important.” Dean swiftly stood up and left the room. Mary looked at Sam questioning Deans rudeness. “Like Dean said its not important.” She couldn’t stop thinking about that room what was in it that they both brushed her off about it.

That night she walked to the room, being a hunter meant she knew how to pick locks expertly. She felt bad for not listening to Dean but she had to find out was in the room. She felt the door unlock she stood

up and opened the door. Out of all the things this was the last thing she expected, the room had dark blue walls and bookshelves on the far wall, a bed right in the middle with lights above it, and on one of the walls was a board with pictures hanging on it. It looked like a teen girls room, she walked over to the board on it she saw picture of a girl at different ages. But what surprised her most was that Dean was in most of the pictures with the girl. Pictures of the girl at around age five with a younger looking Dean eating pie, a ten year old riding a bike with Dean holding the back of it, another one with her holding up a first place trophy, Dean sleeping on the couch with her on his chest, the girl in pajamas eating breakfast with Sam, the girl without her front teeth, Dean in a suit with the girl in a dress, and another one with her in the drivers seat of the car. In all of the pictures she saw a much happier Dean every smile of his looked real, she had only known Dean for about two weeks as she got to know her oldest son she saw that most of his smiles and laugh never seemed real, but in the picture they seemed real all of them did. Mary closed the door to the room as she left she couldn’t get the pictures out of her head, who was the girl.

The next day she couldn’t stop thinking about the girl in the photos, she didn’t want to say anything to Dean though she knew he would get mad at her for going in the room. Mary headed to Sams room, she knocked lightly on the door. “come in” Mary walked into room, Sam was sitting on his bed on his laptop. He looked up Sam could tell that something was bugging Mary. “is everything okay Mom?” “yeah Sam everything’s okay I just wanted to come talk to you,” Mary daid walking over to Sam’s bed. “I know that both you and Dean told me to stay out of room 183,” Sam cut her off “but you went in it last night didn’t you.” “yes I did and I was wondering who’s room was that?” Sam sighed shitting his laptop he took a breath before starting. “ that room belongs to (y/n) Winchester, Deans daughter.” “Daughter, Dean has a daughter.” Even though the pictures pointed to the girl being Deans daughter she never thought that Dean would be one to have a daughter. “Had, Dean had a daughter she’s gone.” Mary could see tears in Sams eyes, “what happened to her.”

“One night we woke up to her screaming, Dean pretty much broke the door down, we both thought it was a monster we expected it to be, but it wasn’t when we got in the room she was holding her chest and screaming. We took her to the hospital turn out she had a defect in her heart, the doctors didn’t notice when she was born and it didn’t start hurting her till then. The doctors told us she had a couple months to live, she spent most of those in the hospital, Dean spent every moment by her side, he tried to make a deal with any demon that would show up but none of them take his sole because they like to watch us Winchesters suffer and they knew Dean couldn’t live without his daughter. She died five months later, even though it wasn’t his fault he blamed himself because he couldn’t make a deal to save her.” Sam had tears coming down his face so did Mary. “For months Dean was depressed, she was only sixteen he didn’t know what to do after her death. That was two years ago, he’s still recovering.” Mary couldn’t stop the tears she wished she could go back and change everything make it so Sam and Deans life could have been better that they wouldn’t have had to deal with monsters. And so she could have met her granddaughter.

Mary walked into the kitchen to go get something to eat, she saw Dean sitting looking at pictures. “ I heard you talking to Sam.” Mary looked guilty. “im so sorry Dean I disrespected you by going in the room im so sorry.” Dean cut her off, “it’s okay I understand you were curious, and it makes it so I don’t have to explain to you later on down the road about her.” “Dean I wished I could have met her.”

“I think you would have liked her, she was my light in every dark moment. It should have been me I had already lived, she, she never got to see the world like she wanted to more then anything. She was always taking pictures, or asking Sam to take pictures.” He said lifting up the picture he was holding. “ it was annoying at some times but im glad she did because I have them now to remember her.” Mary was struggling seeing Dean like this. “Dean, tell me more about what she was like.” Dean told her stories about (y/n) eventually Sam came into the kitchen as well to listen to the stories about her to.

You were sitting listening to the stories about you. Your Dad didn’t know you were sitting watching him and listening to his stories, you looked over at Cas “thank you Castiel for letting me see him and listen to him.” Castiel nodded. “your welcome (y/n). But im afraid I have to take you back to heaven now.” You stood up walking to Cas’s out stretched hand, when you turned around and walked over to your Dad, and kissed him on the cheek. “bye Dad.” You whispered In his ear.

Dean looked around he could have sworn. “Dean you okay.” Dean looked at his brother and then his mother “no I’m not, but I think I will be soon.”

I’m within a few weeks of the two year mark for HRT, but it’s been about two years now since my first major family appearance as the real me: Thanksgiving, 2013. That said, here’s a look back over the past two years in transition… So many changes, each bringing more happiness, more peace of mind, more confidence. It’s been a hell of a couple of years! Thank you to all of my followers for the amazing feedback and all the great questions (that includes all of you anons out there) and for coming along for this crazy ride! <3 Kaydee

Jily AU Headcanon: If Lily and James had lived to raise Harry, his first real word would have been “Don’t” from all the times his parents would try to swear him to secrecy: Two year old Harry watching as his mother’s sweet tooth takes hold and she nicks all of the sweets James has hidden away in his secret hiding place, and as she vanishes the wrappers she kisses his forehead, “Don’t tell your dad about this.” Three year old Harry screaming in agony, and James is at his wits end because Lily’s gone out for the night so he takes him for a ride on his actual broom, but afterword whispers to his son, “Don’t tell your mum about that, mate.” And shortly after that Sirius is baby sitting and he accidentally singes off Harry’s eyebrows while shooting sparks out of his wand or he finishes telling Remus a ridiculously dirty joke and Harry joins in in laughing even though he doesn’t understand it so Sirius scoops him up quickly and swears him to secrecy, “Don’t tell your mum and dad about this, Harry, or Uncle Padfoot is going to be put in the dog house.” Like that kid wouldn’t have stood a chance.