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|och så förblev det

Reyes pauses, head tilting towards Jesse. “What are you doing?” He questions.

“Hmm?” Mccree’s head lifts from his shoulder. “Whaddya mean?”

They hold gazes a quiet minute before Reyes’ breaks hold lest he lose himself in the brown of Jesse’s sharp eyes.

“Forget it, kid.” He dismisses and Mccree’s lip twitch upwards. He nuzzles in close, rearranging himself while Gabriel continues sorting through the paperwork. The soft touch of Jesse’s palm on his head a constant presence, his thumb lazily caressing his little hairs.

They stay close, Mccree’s soft hums filling the air alongside the sound of paper. Whispering closely together, voices soft and hushed even if they remain alone. Quiet, content.

And when Jesse leaves Gabriel sits blankly a long moment, staring at the white expanse of the papers, a hand on his cooling side, feeling humid under his sweater and already missing Jesse.

Missing the soft content-sounding sighs, the wandering of his hands, everywhere and nowhere, soft enough to imagine. Jesse’s deep drawl, his breathless little laugh, his smile- Jesse’s–, Jesse. Misses his warmth. His company, him