first real picture of us


first selfie on this blog??? 😱

OK so here’s how to use xkit real easy w/ pictures 

First open a new tap and search for “The new xkit”

Open the link that takes you to the chrome webstore

ok then just follow the instructions to add xkit as an extension

Once you’ve done that open up tumblr and xkit will begin loading. A lil popup will show up and just press “Refresh page and begin using xkit.”

then you’ll see a little popup on the xkit icon, click it and cancel the tutorial.and then click it again to bring the xkit box back up. then on the bottom bar, click the “Get Extensions” tab

Now you see a list of all possible extensions to add so just scroll down on that list and look for these things: 1. editable reblogs

once you find it just click the green install button. be sure you haven’t installed the “edible reblogs” extension which is different from editable reblogs, and not at all what you want. 

Also I recommend getting Classic Notifications, Classic Search and Tag Viewer

Once you’ve installed those or whatever you like, go back to the bottom bar and click the “My xkit” tab, this will let you customize your extensions

Click on whatever extension you want to customize, note that some extensions come pre-loaded. use the mini scroll bar to scroll through customization options and check/uncheck the boxes of whatever you like. Be aware that some extensions do not have any customizable options. Most of the ones i’ve suggested do not but that is because they are quite simple, singular function extensions that don’t need it. Once you’ve customized to your liking, hit the update button. You technically shouldn’t need to do that, but i like to, just to make sure. 

Now say you’re unhappy with an extension or you accidentally installed edible reblogs instead of editable reblogs, and you want to uninstall one. simply click on that extension, still in the “My xkit” tab and click the uninstall button

That’ll get rid of it. Finally just click anywhere outside of the xkit box to close it and your done. One last thing you’ll probably notice that blue popup notifcation on your screen in the bottom left. to get rid of it forever simply click on it, it will bring the xkit page back open, and click on the news letter to open it. then just close out of it again

Now you’re using xkit and everything is much easier!


More beast than boy, that one, puffed up with pride and bloodlust…


“The Many Moods of Kurdt Kobain” from Kurt’s journals. And now the stories of these pictures : the first man was reknowned in real US freak shows and played his character of human skeleton in Freaks and was Peter Robinson. The second one was french and was in freak shows as a leaving mummie, Dominique Castagna died of self injuring gunshot wound. Finally the two last are the same man, a reknowned american skeleton man from Lima, Ohio, Percy Pape. Then the freak show poster where Percy Pape was…and the drawing of Jack Skellington, because I am sure that Tim Burton get his inspiration from Percy Pape.
I am dreaming of Kurt meeting Tim Burton…because I feel that he would have love “The Melancholy death of the Oyster boy and other stories”.

Ok, so I’m always quite sad/disappointed that Marilyn’s last movie Something’s Got To Give (1962) was never finished. Because her role in the movie was different from the dumb blonde, ingenue roles she played before, here she was a wife and mother. It was also the first time she used her real voice for a picture and not her breathy Marilyn one and she was stunning. She had just lost some weight, and so was at the lowest weight in her adult life, thirty six years old and radiant. I can only imagine what kind of career was still in front of her. 

Luckily there’s the documentary Marilyn Monroe-The final days, which is on youtube too. The documentary is pretty good since it’s rather objective and sticks mostly to facts. The last 36 min of it (starting at 1h 16) are a reconstruction of the unfinished movie and really worth watching!