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happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

EXODUS (+Repackage) in one POST



when it reaches Baekhyun’s high note



Baekhyun’s high notes and kai’s moaning in the background:












EXO K - The first time you’re sleeping in the same bed.


Suho: “~ Uh! And then we can watch that movie, and also that while we cuddle!”

(Y/N): “But Suho..”

Suho: “What is it Jagiya?”

(Y/N): “I had something else in mind..”

*After an hour into the movie he finally realized what you meant*

Suho: “Could you please pause the movie for like an hour, or the entire night?”


(Y/N): “You can’t sleep in my bed Sehun”

Sehun: “But jagiya..” *Trying his aegyo*

(Y/N): Okay! But nothing’s going to happen!”

Sehun: *Whispers* “Yeah right”

(Y/N): “What?”

Sehun: “Oh nothing”


D.O: “So becase you forgot your keys, you have to sleep in my house, in my bed, wih me?”

(Y/N): “Of course not if that would make you uncomfortable, i could just sleep on the cou..”

*You didn’t get to say anything else before you were on his bed, cuddled in his arms*

D.O: “Sorry Jagiya, i just really wanted to cuddle with you” 


Kai: “I can’t resist you anymore (y/n)”

*No respons*

Kai: “Jagiya?”

(Y/N): *Snorts*

Kai: “What am i gonna do with you?”


Baekhyun: “Why is that you had to split your bed into two just beacuse i wanted to sleep over?”

(Y/N): “Baek, what if something happened..”

Baekhyun: “Would that really be so terrible.. i mean we..”

*He didn’t get to end his sentence before you had jumped under the blanket with him*


(Y/N): “Chanyeol, look away”

Chanyeol: “Why? wooow”

(Y/N): “I told you not to look”

Chanyeol: “Jagiya, you’re beautiful, especially beacuse you’re wearing my t-shirt”

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{Imagine} First date with Tao

Hi!~ I would like to ask if you can do a scenario of Tao having his first date with a girl, and maybe that the girl hasn’t had her first kiss… OMG I don’t know haha I leave it in your hands >\\< I love your blog And I’m sorry if my english is bad

When you shiver, he places his coat over your shoulders in the sweet, gentlemanly way that he is. With a mixture of shy smiles and conversations about everything and nothing all at the same time, you can feel yourself falling more and more in love every second. His eyes glisten under the light, representing the feelings that he shares for you too - so real, so loving. He takes you back to feeling like a high schooler with a crush as your cheeks become full of rosy redness that he can’t help but notice and smile at. Sweet chuckles escapes his lips at her lack of kissing experience before he brings his own down to hers and gives her the first of many to some. 

“Did it hurt?”

“When I fell from heaven?”

“No, when you fell for me?” 

Exo’s reaction to your first kiss

I know that there are only 9 members left because Luhan, Kris and Tao have left, but deep down, we all miss them, so I will always include them in “Exo reactions” (:


Chanyeol: *leans in slowly and whispers before kissing you softly* you’re breath taking, Y/N..

How you kiss:

Sehun: *maintains eye contact with you until his face is 2 inches away from yours*

How you kiss:

Kai: “Y/N, you’re so cute. Let me just kiss you already”

How you kiss:

Baekyhun: “My lips need yours” *immediately kisses you with passion*

How you kiss:

D.O: “Aigo, close your eyes!” *slowly leans in after your pretty eyes are shut*

How you kiss:

Suho: “You know I can’t kiss you unless you stop laughing, right?”

How you kiss:


Chen: “you have something on your lips, here let me get it off”

How you kiss:

Lay: “Your eyes are so beautiful..they’re hypnotizing”

How you kiss:

Kris: “Hey beibei, come here”

How you kiss:

Luhan: *cannot resist the temptation to kiss you*

How you kiss:

Tao: “Have I told you how irresistible your lips are?”

How you kiss:

Xiumin: “how about you kiss me first, babe?”

How you kiss:


Hot Debut: Exo’s First Unit

Cost of Freedom (18/52)

Summary: In which Kaito learns what they need to do next. And Aoko comes to a decision. Prison ! AU

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

Twenty months ago:

“This case isn’t something you can work on long term, you know. You can’t do it, silver bullets only have a short range.”

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EXO Reaction to you wanting to have your first time with them

I know you asked for an scenario, but making it ot12 would be way to long so I’ll do a reaction more detailed :3 I really hope this is what you were asking <3 Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: You both talked about it, but he expressed his concern. He was scared of hurting you in some way and he didn’t want you to remember it as something painful. You told him it would be alright and that it was important to you and you wanted it to be him because he was the one you loved. After that he agreed and wouldn’t stop smiling just by hearing those beautiful words. Since it was special, he thought of doing something cute for you so the night would be the best of the many nights you’ll spend together.

Kris: he wouldn’t stop thinking about it for days. He may avoid you a little but he is worried that he would hurt and scare you somehow. He loved you and he knew how important this was, but he kinda had the feeling that you wouldn’t like it and leave him. You told him there was nothing to worry about since you already made your mind. After some thought he would say yes and give you the best night you could remember.

Sehun: He would be very excited, after all he had wanted it for some time. Even if that’s what he wanted he would be worried. He knows it’s your first time and going a little bit rough on you wouldn’t be wise. After he gave it some thought, he decided to make it as sweet as possible and let you go to the stars with him.

Tao: There’s no way he would be worried because you are under his care. He feels so touched that you trust him and you want to spend your first night with him. He won’t disappoint you either. He knows a few tricks that will make you melt right away, but he would be always careful.

Kai: He wouldn’t be pretty sure what to do. You say it’s what you want and he shouldn’t be scared of doing something wrong, but he is not sure. He goes to his friends and ask everybody’s advice. He doesn’t want to mess this night up.

Xiumin: He won’t say no to you, he just can’t. But he would be worried AF because you are so delicate and you are his girl and he doesn’t want to cause you any pain. He knows talking about sex is a serious matter and so he agrees only with the condition that he will lead everything, so you won’t hurt yourself in the process.

Baekhyun: He agreed to it without even thinking about it. Now he is worried because he doesn’t know if it wil hurt you. He thinks a lot about your happiness and he is so scared to ruin that. He would be more nervous than you that day, but definitely do everything in his power to make you feel loved and unique.

Luhan: He would be shy about it. Nervous until the last moement of the night. But he won’t say no. He wants to share that special moment with you  and give you everything you deserve and more. He’d be gentle and sweet, he wouldn’t rush things and he would check on you all the time.

Chen: He would be happy and worried at the same time. It means a lot to him that you want that night to be with him but it also worries him a little that he could hurt you somehow. He loves you and he would do anything for you but he know he can be a little bit rough and that’s what makes him worry so much.

Kyungsoo: He would try to convince himself that there’s nothing to worry about. This is what you want and also what he want. But it’s so important for you two that he can’t stop thinking what would happen if something goes wrong.

Lay: He knows how to be sweet and careful so he won’t need to worry. Yet he would check on you all the time to see if you are alright and he hasn’t hurt you. He would remind you all the time how much he loves you and make you feel that you are the only girl in his world.

Suho: He gives you “the talk” first. He lets his father side control him a little and wants you to feel secure. He wants you to know what making love is and reassure you that he will take care of you. After all you are the girl of his eyes.

Chanyeol - Hidden Feelings

A/N: My first ever scenario… I’m embarrassed.

masterlist // get to know me

     They look so happy together. Your first and only love, Chanyeol and your archnemesis cuddled beside each other by the other side of the room as all of EXO, you, and — watched a scary movie.

     You’ve never seen him so happy even with you and you were his bestfriend. You knew that it was your fault you never took a step in telling him your feelings for him before he found her. You’ve accepted that, but the way he looked at her in his arms and the way he tucked her hair behind her ears made you want to be her. It was supposed to be you. It could have been you, but you were to afraid to take initiative in telling him that you love him and that you’ve always loved him. You looked down at the rugged floor. Tears silently fell down your cheeks for him. Little did you know that every single night he did the same thing too.

     The more you looked at them or even avoided to look at Chanyeol and *** made you want to cry and confess to him. As the credits started to roll, you stood up to leave before you start crying, but someone grabbed your arm.

     Kai looked at you, “___, don’t leave yet! Let’s play a game.”

     “Yeah, ___. Let’s play Truth or Dare!” Baekhyun said.

     Everyone agreed in unison, giving you no choice, but to stay for the game. You sat back down on the sofa beside Kai and Kyungsoo. You looked to your side to see if Chanyeol and *** stayed to play. You immediately regret your decision as you saw Chanyeol kiss her forehead. You bit the inside of your cheek to keep you from screaming and crying.

     “Let’s start with Kai,” Baekhyun said, “Truth or dare?”

     “Dare.” Kai confidently said.

     “I dare you to kiss ___.”

     Your eyes shot to Baekhyun and you started to glare at him.

     “Why me?! Could you pick someone else, please Baekhyun?” You begged.

     “Sorry, ___. I already said the dare.” Baekhyun snickered.

     You nervously looked at Kai beside you who shared the same expression. Before you coukd tell him to do it quick, he placed his lips on yours. You were taken aback on how soft his lips were, but before you could embarass yourself by kissing him back, he pulled away from the kiss. You stared at the floor once again out of embarrassment. Hollers and laughs filled the room as they took in your state after the kiss. Your eyes looked back up and you were surprised. Chanyeol was looking at you with his eyebrows furrowed. His eyes contained a fire that burned behind its mask. Why was he staring at you like that?

     After the long game of Truth or Dare that ended with Sehun and DO playing out the Titanic’s “Paint me like one of your french girls” scene, you walked towards the door after saying good bye to everyone. Before you could push the door open, you were dragged to a near room.

     “WHAT TH- oh, what is it, Chanyeol?”

     Chanyeol’s expression was hard, his eyes trained on your lips, his fingers still wrapped around your arm. Your heart pounded on your chest as he took a step closer. He was so close that he could just lean in and kiss you. You nervously looked down as you couldn’t stand seeing him this close.

     “Do you know how hurt I was seeing you kiss Kai? Do you know how much pain I have gone through by not being able to kiss or touch you everyday because of that fake ***?”

     You couldn’t say anything. How could he say he was hurt and pained when you watched them from the sideline while they hugged and kissed in front of you.

     “What do you mean you got hurt? Do you even know how much I have suffered just from seeing you look at her or even talk to her? Do you know how it feels like not being able to tell a person who you love so much how you feel and suffer from that, Chanyeol?!” You screamed at him.

     “Yes, I have.” He said as he crashed his lips on yours, fiercely and needingly kissing you with so much passion. Your arms held on his neck, pulling him closer to you. You kissed him back with the same passion he kissed you with. His hands gripped your waist as he pulled away.

     “I’ve loved you ever since the day I met you. *** is just paid to be my fake girlfriend for publicity. Whenever I see her or kiss her or hug her, I think of you, the person my heart throbbed for since the beginning. You… I love you.”

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Ok but imagine death note drama!L burning all his shirts except one and Watari doesn't know and so he has the opportunity to stay shirtless in front of Light the whole day without anyone suspecting anything. Bonus: he just puts on Light's jacket but doesn't close it, and the jacket is a little bit bigger than him so it slides down his shoulders now and then


bowdowntothequeers you need to read this Eva look at the golden anon i’m receiving

Watari would be horrified, all this time he spent ironing them tho

imagine collabing with exo and struggling to learn the dance
  • Chen: *fixes ur leg position then goes right back to his position*
  • *lights up the room with his smile*
  • Soo: *helpfully criticizes you but laughs at u whenever u mess up*
  • Sehun: *watches you with a scary intense look but nods with a huge smile in approval*
  • *is also like Soo and laughs when u mess up*
  • Baek: *always asks if you're okay and help you out w/ unintentional innuendos*
  • "You need to spread your legs wider."
  • "Pop out your chest."
  • "Spread and sit. Spread and sit."
  • Xiumin: *dances perf and smiles and laughs at u*
  • *is super supportive*
  • "You have to flex. Goodness, you're pretty fit!"
  • Jongin: *watches you from the back and helps you even tho he's crippled mY POOR BABY*
  • Suho: *focused on getting his moves right first but is the one u go to for help and he always goes through the steps with you slowly*
  • Chanyeol: *would laugh like a maniac when you'd mess up*
  • *messes up with you*
  • Yixing: *would dance all amazing and beautiful and help you with a smile and his dimple would distract u so much it causes u to mess up*
  • Exo: *excessively compliments u and claps dramatically every time u get a move right*
A first date with Baekhyun (EXO) would be like...

Requested by anon:  What would Baek do in his first date? ^^


Originally posted by wooyoung

  • he would offer to take you out on a date but wouldn’t tell you where you were going.
  • would make it a road trip as well and like 2 hours away 
  •  would occasionally look at you and smile bc wow he got you to finally go on a date with him
  • would make you guys a reservation at some really expensive restaurant and youre just like
  • “Baekhyun you didn’t have to”
  • “Yes I did”
  • After the restaurant he grabbed your hand and walked along the path near it and made you stand on the stone wall
  • you almost fell and he caught you and was like “so i see you fell for me” while smirking
  • and youre just like “that was literally the cheesiest thing you could’ve said”
  • He eventually takes you to some secluded beach with the prettiest view of the sunset
  • And boom he brings out a picnic basket filled with your favourite desserts
  • and you guys watch the sunset and feed each other food and drink champagne
  • when the sun finally sets you guys sit outside and watch the stars gleam and twinkle
  • he sees you shiver so he puts his jacket over you
  • “arent you cold?”
  • “not with you beside me”
  • literally this guy is just givin me the sweetest date vibes omg

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