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Chicago seems to be in the midst of another musical renaissance these days as young, raw talent such as Chance The Rapper and NONAME are breaking into the music scene with an unwavering force. Part of the new school Chicago pack comes rapper, Saba, who quickly caught our eyes (and ears) this past spring while dominating the House Of Vans stage at SXSW. This young tenacious ball of talent has some major chops to work with, not to mention a contagious amount of energy that fires up the crowd like no other, so you can imagine how excited we were to catch up with him before he took the House Of Vans Brooklyn stage. We’re talking about everything from his humble beginnings mumbling unintelligible lyrics into old cassette tapes, to his first car that inspired an entire album. Get to know Saba after the jump..

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dreamknightjaebummie  asked:

I want to get into BTS, but don't know how? Like I know who Jimin and Namjoon is but the rest I'm like what?????? And the only song I know is Blood Sweat and Tears. I need your help!

oh, damn. OKAY. *rubs hands together*

Let me start member by member, yes? Oldest to youngest.

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Kim Seokjin, stage name Jin. ‘92 line, vocal. The mom of the group, basically because he can cook. LOL but also is just so loveable. Mood maker, always positive and loves to be that cringe-y, borderline embarrassing person who LOVES everyone SO MUCH. Always giving kisses and hearts. Always making dad jokes. Was discovered on a college campus by Big Hit, simply because he was so attractive. Fun fact: turned down a scout from SM because he thought it was a joke.

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Min Yoongi, stage name Suga. ‘93 line, rapper. Ugh, not to get emotional but Yoongi’s background. From Daegu, his parents didn’t support his dream of becoming a rapper. Went through a lot of hardship to get to Big Hit, was part of the underground rap scene previously (along with Namjoon.) Produces many of their songs. He works A LOT (think: tremendous work ethic) and stays up super late because of this, infamous for sleeping anywhere and any place he can. His mix tape Agust D is lit af, that’s just fact. Although he seems serious and is very driven, he’s actually incredibly silly and adorable. Min Marshmallow.

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Kim Namjoon, stage name Rap Monster or rapmon. ‘94 line, rapper, leader of BTS. Incredibly intelligent. So smart, his IQ his second year of high school was 148. Always learning and adapting to everything around him, taught himself English and is now basically fluent. Is really the glue that holds BTS together. He shoulders a lot of their problems as a band but also has struggled with personal issues which he’s been fairly open about in his raps. Him and Seokjin are shall we say, not the lead dancers - but HE PUTS HIS SOUL INTO IT, OKAY.

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Jung Hoseok, stage name J-Hope. ‘94 line, rapper, lead dancer. Was part of a street dance crew before BTS, won awards for his dancing. Is the sunshine, mood maker of the group but also dependable and strong. Is THE MOST EXTRA. CAN PULL OFF GIRL GROUP DANCES LIKE NO OTHER. ALTHOUGH, when he puts on a ball cap and dances… like GTFO.

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Park Jimin, stage name Jimin. ‘95 line, vocal, lead dancer. Was a contemporary dancer in a performing arts school in Seoul before being found by Big Hit. Is outgoing but more soft spoken than some of the other personalities. Is often called mochi by fans because he’s freaking adorable - but then holy hell, when he flips the switch. Park Jimin can sit tf down because his body rolls are out of control. (also his voice is that of an angel, try and tell me otherwise). He’s also just very kind and thoughtful to his members, gets shipped with everyone.

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Kim Taehyung, stage name V. ‘95 line, vocal. I love his voice. Just …. love it. Also from Daegu, like Yoongi. Taehyung seriously marches to his own drum. Oftentimes called eccentric and charming by the other members, Namjoon says he’s enviable because everyone likes him after meeting him. Taehyung and Jimin are really close friends. Taehyung has the ability to go from adorable and precious to fucking sinful at the drop of the hat. Dead. Also an ~actor~! Was in the drama, Hwarang: The Beginning, in 2016, along with SHINee’s Minho.

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Jeon Jungkook, stage name Jungkook. ‘97 line, vocal, dancer. The devil. Honestly - how to describe? The golden maknae, so called because he’s freaking good at everything. Sports, singing, dancing, games. You name it, Jungkook’s got it. He’s also incredibly humble and down to earth, never boasting about himself. Was so intimidated by the rest of BTS that he barely spoke during debut. After finally coming out of his shell, he’s a damn meme. Always doing random dances or faces - runs when girls appear. 


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Top 10 Bias Tag

I was tagged to do this by the lovely @jae-bummer. Thank you so much for having me do this, it was such a joy (I’m being sarcastic, it was hell to pick a top ten and it took me six hours, but I still love you and your blog so it’s fine XD), and I also cheated, so enjoy ^.^ (I also had been working on this post and was at number 8, and then it closed on me so I’m very annoyed and upset because I had put so much heart into it, ahhhh T-T)

1.) Key of SHINee:

This man is the person I compare everyone to. He’s incredibly confident, has an amazing voice (singing, speaking, rapping, it kills me any way it’s used), and inspires me to love myself. He doesn’t take BS from anyone, and calls everyone out on their shit. He’s also incredibly sassy and self aware, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a fan of someone so amazing. (Let it be said that all the members of SHINee could be on this list, but I don’t want to take up five spots XD)

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2.) Vernon of Seventeen:

This boy, good lord. He’s only older than me by a few months, but somehow seems like he has years on me. He’s so mature but still enjoys laughing with the other members and having fun. His voice is to die for (as are his looks), and he’s managed to capture me in  a spell. He’s so passionate about music and I wish I could have the lyrical talent he does my writing only applies to stories and a few poems now and again unfortunately. (Also shout out to the bias wreckers S.Coups, Hoshi, and Jun for coming right behind my dear Hansol). 

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3.) Rap Monster of BTS:

I loved Rap Monster since I got into BTS (I watched their debut videos in Dec. 2013, but really got into them in 2014/beginning of 2015), and think he’s one of the smartest men I will ever encounter in the course of my life. Not only is he intelligently smart (his super high IQ) but also people/musically smart. He knows how to convey emotions and make people listen to his music. I don’t understand how people can call him ugly because he really isn’t, like he’s super handsome. I couldn’t have been more blessed to choose such a bias, like I cried when he sang/rapped “Reflection” live, it just hit me so hard. Also his voice is super smooth, so it just washes over you. Rap Mon is also super adorable and clumsy, like, God was giving him all these gifts and was like “I have to even it out, but let me make it so he’s still lovable and adorable”, and it just totally fits him. 

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4.) I.M. of Monsta X:

This boy T-T I love his voice (talking or rapping), it’s so nice. He is also so sweet and calm and just a nice presence to have when you need a smile. His dedication to the other members is amazing, and I always feel like a proud mom/sister. He also is hilarious never fails to make me laugh because he’s so extra? I.M.’s english always makes me happy because he does so well with it, and despite not being a traditional maknae, he is really cute and sweet. I’ll fight anyone who tries to put him down because he’s a squishy little muffin that needs protection.

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5.) Jackson of Got7:

Jackson is a combination I would have never been able to make myself. Confident, excitable, and always cheering on his friends, he’s the perfect example of one of the best people on the planet. I live for the times when Jackson gets together with other idols just to cheer them on and support their efforts and the friendship they share (Jackson Amber moments, Jackson teasing Eric but also promoting Eric’s album, going with Day6 to interviews when they first debuted because he knew they’d be nervous and quiet, messing with Rap Mon). He also is the biggest family guy ever, and it warms my heart to see someone in the public eye who adores his parents and family as much as Jackson does. I’m jelly of whoever he marries because he will treat them so right.

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6.) Amber of f(x):

This girl, right here, is someone who is just such a good person inside and out, I could right a term paper on her (a twelve page paper). The amount of love and soul she puts into every project is evident, and she inspires me to put in 110%, and find my own passions. Amber is so genuine in what she does, and he love she shows to her friends and family (looking at you Jackie :P) reminds me to love those around me as well. I wouldn’t be so far on my own journey of self love if it wasn’t for hearing her talk about her own struggles, sharing her journey, and her thoughts time and time again telling people to love who they are (her words defending Sulli on Hello Counselor also really helped me). I wish I could thank her for everything she’s done for me in the past years of me being her fan. Shoutout to the best llama in the world <3

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7.) Anyone from BTOB:

Okay, I cheated. But it’s fine, because BTOB is just so funny that it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Each members has amazing things about them and never fail to make me smile and be grateful for their music and their smiles. It’s like a constant comedy show. (I am particle to Peniel though cause he’s just so cute ^.^)

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8.) Heechul of Super Junior:

I love Super Junior, but the real reason why Heechul makes this list is not because of his status of being a great member of Super Junior, but because HE’S FREAKIN HILARIOUS! My real bias of Super Junior is Donghae, but Heechul is such a gossip and funny guy. He throws shade at everyone, and doesn’t hesitate to mess with people. I appreciate him, and his humor so much it’s not funny :3

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9.) N of VIXX:

Okay so N was my original bias of VIXX, and then I floated around the other members, but I go right back to him. He’s so talented, and puts so much effort into everything, his singing, HIS DANCING. This man has more talent in a finger than I do in my entire body. And he’s an amazing leader, who always tries to do right by his members (even when they tease him for it, MAMA N WHERE YOU AT?!). I couldn’t be more proud of what he does and what he strives to do. 

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10.) Suho of Exo:

Ahhhh. One of my first biases, he’s managed to stay in my heart for so long, even as I stop loving Exo as much as I did (he legit is my phone background). He’s also incredibly smart like Rap Mon (are you guys sensing a pattern, sexy brains attract me XD), and is also the biggest dork to ever walk the Earth. He’s like an embarrassing dad, always making us cringe and say “No no babe, don’t do that”, but we still love him. I couldn’t ask for a better bias, one who is sweet to every person he meets, and cares endlessly for fans. Thank you Suho for being such a bright light for me <3

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Alright, those are my top ten! I actually have a lot more, but it gets hard for me to pick a bias when I really love a group (ex. SHINee, BTOB, BAP, BTS etc.), but this is what I could come up with. And now I shall tag…….these lovely folks!

@joy-bangtan @textmybias @shineethinks @sevenpabosandabunchoffans @thetextingbangtan @aegyo-shinee @taetastic @kpop-texts and anyone else who wishes to do this! I know some of you guys tagged are one group biased, but I know you guys could possibly just fill this list with that one group :P 

BTS Appreciation Post pt. 1

In honor of Love Yourself: Her doing so well and breaking records left and right, I decided to dedicate a few posts to BTS and talk about why the music they create is so amazing and literally why every song they’ve ever made means so much to this fandom. If you’re a new ARMY and have just discovered BTS, here’s an introduction to every song the boys have made and why they’re so important :)

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BTS as Lyrics from “Views” by Drake

Note: Drake is a Canadian rapper and “Views” is his most recent album :)


“And I know who gon take the fall with me/They right here on call with me/They all with me.”

Jin (Seokjin)

“If I was you, I wouldn’t like me either.”

Suga (Yoongi)

“The only thing I did to get here was put the work in.” 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

“You don’t worry ‘bout fittin’ in when you custom made.”

Jhope (Hoseok)

“If I ever loved you I’ll always love you, that’s how I was raised.”


“I’m lookin’ at they first week numbers like what are those/I mean you boys not even coming close”

V (Taehyung)

“I made a decision last night that I would die for it/Just to show em what it’s like to be alive for it.”


Nobody likes us except for us

yaaahhh this was so fun to make…has me feeling things

Hard To Get (Namjoon x Reader) Part Xll

You had been dating Namjoon for at least a year now, with BTS’ debut coming closer you were still unsure of how to break up with him. If you did it face to face it would kill you to be the cause for him hurting and if you just left without any explanations then he would question If you ever felt the same way about him. Love isn’t only about being by the persons side 24/7, it’s also about knowing what to do to protect that person and when to do it. Namjoon had been out all day with his members, so you decided to take this time to write him a letter that you would later drop at his house. 

The letter said: Pabo, I’m so glad that everything worked out the way you wanted. You have so much to be proud for and no one is happier for you than I … Which is why I have to leave, I would just get in the way, I would become a distraction to you. I wrote this because I’m to much of a wimp to actually say this directly to you. Just know that I’m doing this for you. After you read this don’t call me, knock at my door or go looking for me because I won’t answer and if you do you’ll end up hurting even more. Thank you for always being by my side, thank you for being perfect, thank you for being the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. Most importantly please stay happy, as you’re happiness and well-being is the only thing that keeps me going. Maybe we’ll meet in another lifetime but for now it’s goodbye.

Tears were pattered all over the paper, you had to get yourself together though. Breaking up with someone who actually made you happy tore you to pieces, your heart ached so much from the thought of him seeing this letter. You were thinking that if you were going to leave him then you had to get rid of everything he had given you. You started with the song’s that he’d written for you which so far were ‘Expensive Girl’ and 'Something’ then you took off the necklace he had brought you and inserted it in the envelope.  

You knocked on his door, his mother welcomed you in “If you’re looking for Namjoon, he’s out with some friends” she said amicably “Yeah, he already told me. Actually I just came to see if I forgot something.” You made your way upstairs to go into his room, you were surprised out how clean it was. You put the letter in the middle of his bed and saw a picture of you and him together on his night stand, this only made you feel worse so you quickly went down “Never mind, I didn’t find it” you said rubbing your eyes “Oh well I’ll tell him you came by” that nearly made your heart stop “No. Please don’t, he can’t know. If he asks just tell him I left for good” she seemed really upset “You’re leaving him?” You tried so hard to hold back your tears “Yes. I have to. In order for him to succeed I have to go and let him live his dream. I can’t stand in the way of that … I won’t” his mother’s eyes widened “Wow. I-I’m speechless. You love him that much that you would leave him for his sake. He’s going to hurt but one day he will realise why you did it.” She gave you a huge hug, she had never hugged you before “I’m sorry” you cried on her shoulder “Don’t apologise you’re doing the right thing. Leave before he gets back” she stroked your hair “Goodbye _____.” On the whole way home you couldn’t stop crying, even when you arrived home you were still crying but no tears were coming out anymore. 

*You have 1 new message* 

Namjoon: Jagiya, I’ve finished with the guys I’ll be on my way home now 

Y/N: Just read the letter 

 Namjoon: What letter? 

Y/N: You won’t be able to miss it. Promise me you’ll read it 

 Namjoon: I promise.

Several hours later you heard your phone ringing. He called. He called even though you told him not to and just as mentioned you didn’t answer, you couldn’t. Everyone in your house was already asleep meaning no one from the I inside would see any lights in sight. The doorbell rings a couple of times “______!!! ________!!!” He shouted, his voice was breaking and sounded like he was in agony. No one answered the door so hopefully he would have given up. You see pebbles flying to your window, you remained seated on your bed. Looking at him would just make you feel extremely guilty and heartbroken. It went on for 2 hours and then he left

- - -

[2 years later] You were in your favourite cafe shop with a couple of your friends from work. You worked as a sales associate in a small boutique. “Oh my god, girls. You have to check out this hot boy band they’re really talented” one of your drunken friends said getting out her phone “They only debuted last year but they’re really good. Look! Look!” She elbowed you. Your heart skipped a beat as you saw BTS, you don’t know why it surprised you to see them because they were always on the television, then seeing Namjoon’s face just made you spit out your coffee “Control your hormones girl. I know he’s hot but come one, chill” she patted your back “What did you say was there band name?” Another one of your friend spoke “Bangtanson … Sun … San … Si.” She slurred “Bangtansonyeondan” your last friend corrected her “Hey, _____ who’s your bias?” You looked at them helplessly, what on earth were they talking about? “I don’t know what that means” you blushed looking down at your feet “The person you like the most in a band. For example, my bias in BTS is V. Who’s yours?” The other girl intervened “Suga is my bias. He’s so hot. And I love the way he raps in his Daegu dialect. I think I’m in love with him” your drunk friend shouted “Rapmonster is mine!!! We’re a match made in heaven!!! I’ll let him be the father to my babies” you smiled “I don’t have a bias. I don’t even listen to them” you lied. Your drunk friend put an earphone in your ear and made you listen to Rapmonster’s pre-debut. You recognised 'Expensive Girl’ and 'Something’ but there were other songs he wrote that you’ve never heard of such as 'Trouble’ and 'Where U At" you didn’t know if all of them were directed towards you and you honestly hoped they weren’t “Did he say who he wrote this about?” She nodded “He keeps going on - in interviews - about how he used to be in a relationship with a girl and then she scarified their relationship to let him become an idol” you felt your cheeks getting hot “Is he okay?” She looked at you blankly “He seems fine. I think he’s moved on. Anyways, do you want to listen to their recent album?” This wasn’t her asking you for your opinion because before you knew it she played it to you. The album was called 'Dark & Wild’ at the bottom you saw it said 'Warning! Love hurts, it causes anger, jealousy, obsession, why don’t u love me back?’ The first song on the album was rapped by Rap Monster and written by Suga the title was 'What Am I To You?’ And it took you right back to the memories when you and Namjoon used to date, on your first ever date when you went round his house, he claimed that you were playing hard to get and he asked you “What am I to you?” Remembering things from your relationship always made you want to cry, you couldn’t take it anymore. You had to leave.

On your way home you bumped into someone causing you to fall “Aish, I’m very sorry” you said not looking at the person “______” you recognised the voice “Alyie?” She smiled at you “How have you been? Can you believe how famous BTS are becoming? We need to go meet them at a fan meeting. Have you spoken to Rap Monster?” She bombarded you with questions “Uh … Where to start? I’m okay. Umm I’m happy for the boys. What else? Have I spoken to Rap Monster? Nope. Will I go to their fan meeting? No” she frowned “You haven’t spoken since the break up?” You looked down at your feet “I can’t do it. If I ever look at him in person I’ll turn into a water fountain” she puts her hands on your shoulders “Well he keeps in touch. He asks me how you’re doing almost everyday … Even after all those years he still cares” your eyes glimmered “Everyday?” She nodded “Here, call him. You’re not leaving until you do” she handed you her phone and dialled his number “Hello?” Just hearing his low voice made you panic “Is anyone there?” You weren’t answering so Alyie hit you on the arm “Okay okay okay I get it I’ll talk to him” you tried saying discreetly forgetting he could hear you “Wait. Is this who I think it is?” You sighed allowing yourself some strength to say “Namjoon” his voice got louder “______?! What? How have you been?” You sighed once more, you were not all right at all but he didn’t need to know that “I’m fine, what about you? How are you? How are the guys doing?” He answered you immediately without taking a breath “I’m not even going to lie but I’ve been trying to cope with everything because I still can’t seem to get my head around the fact that you gave up on us so easily. As for the guys they’re doing amazing and we work extra hard” he paused “Why did you wait two years?” You didn’t know “I-I’m. The thing is. Well … I have no idea” he chuckled slightly “I needed to hear from you again. At least once. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you." 

Alyie started to look really excited for some reason "One last thing.” He said “What?” You looked at Alyie really worryingly, why was she jumping around so much? “Turn around” he said. You hung up and turned around. You couldn’t believe he was there “When did you even? What? Why are you? Who did this? Is this a dream?” Alyie giggled “oops” your eyes widened “I needed to see you one more time” he said approaching you “no no no no no” you mumbled under your breath, he smiled at you “Every time we had a fan meet and greet, I was hoping to see you there. Not once in 2 years have I seen you there. I started questioning whether we felt the same way about each other. But now I know for sure” you raised an eyebrow “How do you know if I feel the same way?” He smirked “I’m not just some stranger you met a second ago. I know you so well that I can see it in your eyes” you fluttered your eyelashes making him laugh “I’m sorry I can’t take this anymore. Should we go back from where we left off?” You admitted that the break up was killing you as well “No, you were the one who suggested that we should move forward. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do” you’ve never been more confused in your life but then, it made sense when he got down on to one knee “Get up! Get up! Right now” you whispered “Aniyo … I’m taking the next step.” He got out a box with a ring so beautiful that it blinded your eyes “Oh my god” you inaudibly say “Will you marry me?” He proposed. Was it too early? Ah, fuck it. How could you refuse? “Yah! Pabo. What kind of question is that? Of course I’ll marry you” you had used up all your tears from before meaning no tears were falling, he put the ring of your finger “Seriously?!” He seemed surprised “Yes yes yes and yes” you said jumping into his arms to passionately kiss him, your lips trembled a little at first but then you felt him smile into the kiss. He broke from the kiss “I knew you couldn’t resist me” he winked. Maybe you were wrong all those years ago. It turned out that after all you were destined for a forever after and you were glad that you got to spend the rest of your life with Namjoon. 

 -admin blxnktae

I have no idea even where to start or what to say… I believe the first time I heard Eminem was on renegade by Jay-Z. Mike and I had The Blueprint on cassette we would pass it back and forth for months on end. Then i started seeing Eminem on mtv and vh1 and related to him because i loved hip hop like him and we both were white. The first Eminem album i ever owned was an edited version of the Marshall Mathers LP, I remember begging for weeks for my parents to buy me this album and I did the same when The Eminem Show came out. I have owned numerous copies of every Eminem album. Steven Drenner and I used to drive around literally all day, Smoking ciggs and pot and jamming Eminem together in my oldest daughters moms car while she was at work. I would consider Eminem one of the most influential musicaians in my life. I dont think id be half the dad i am today without Eminem. He always spoke so highly of his daughter and you could just tell he would literally do anything to get her waht she wanted and needed. The violence and sexualness and the drug talk in his lyrics are what originally hooked me. but the things that stuck the most were how to be a dad and that im not alone when life kicks me in the nuts. Then I began to hear stories within his songs. Beneath the sex drugs and violence you could feel that hes going threw the struggles he rapped about, and that no matter how rich we perceived him the money cant stop life from fucking you. He felt the same way we did and that blew my mind. To me Eminem was and still is my favorite rapper of all time. He is also arguably the best to ever do the damn thing. A lyrical Giant and an Amazing musical talent over all. Thankyou Em for not making me feel alone when life has me down and out, and mostly thankyou for inspiring me from a young age to be the best dad i possibly could be for my daughters!!!!!


 Drake Talks Beyoncé, ‘Trophies’ And Next Album In VIBE Interview Outtakes

Recently, Drake covered Vibe magazine’s Winter issue. More often than not, there is much more that is talked about in these interviews than pages there are to print. So today, Vibe decides to let go of the outtakes from their Cover Story. Incase you missed it, you can read Drake’s full VIBE Cover Story here. Hit the jump to take a look at the outtakes from the interview.

It’s nearly 1 a.m. on a chilly November night and Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena is dead. Two hours ago, the Bobcats’ stomping grounds was bustling as Drake’s Would You Like A Tour? concert sent thousands home reciting their favorite Nothing Was The Sametracks. But now, it’s just you and Toronto’s greatest rapper tucked away in a Drakified team locker room for the encore presentation: A first-listen of Drizzy’s new collaboration with Beyoncé, “Mine,” which he finished recording last night.He’ll allude to the the track a few times before finally pressing play on a song that’s definitely not Bey. From the two seconds that slip, it sounds like Jet Life artist MaryGold, who makes a quick cameo at the end of his “Worst Behavior” video. Fingertips suddenly sweaty, you brace yourself as he reassesses his cluttered MacBook Pro desktop. And then it hits. Slow and somber, the opening stanza erupts from dancing piano keys to nimble percussion. He’ll narrate as the instrumental blooms. “Sampha’s on this, too,” he informs. When you mention that her lyrics have that signature Drake transparency he chuckles and offers a modest thanks.“I had fun with it. I always wanted to write for her,” says the singing rapper, careful to embargo the then-untitled track from Bey’s hush-hush fifth solo LP. “She never really sings that minimal… We’ll see where that goes.”

Drake has been chatting for quite a bit longer than the scant 40 minutes allotted by his management for this cover story, but he doesn’t seem to be in a rush. There’s none of the “Get the fuck up out my dressing room confusing me with questions” bitterness that he expresses on “HYFR.” He wants to deconstruct his new album as thoroughly as possible, while his security, managers, father and OVO fam members shoot the shit outside. He smiles big and often, punctuating and tenderizing his more confident or abrasive statements. We’ll go on some tangents, but after an hour-and-a-half interview there’s a bit more goodness than there are pages to print. From whether he’d ever record a concept LP to Mase’s resurgence to NWTS‘s follow-up, here’s the best of what was left on the cutting room floor. —John Kennedy

VIBE: You start the song “Furthest Thing” with the line, “Somewhere between psychotic and iconic.” What does that place feel like?
Drake: It’s just forever hanging in the balance of knowing in the far-off distance there’s this vision of being as legendary as Hov, Pac, Bob Marley—who knows what the possibilities are? I’m not sure what I mean to this generation; I won’t understand until the story plays out. But there is that vision of the legacy. There’s also so many opportunities to plummet and not reach that. I keep pushing forward, but sometimes I glance back like, Damn, that shit’s crazy back there. Look at all those guys back there. That shit’s scary. That shit can drive you crazy. That’s what that line means to me. There are two directions you can go. It’s up to you.

VIBE:That song is one of a few where the beat evolves as you listen. That’s always been a musical theme for you, but it’s a bit more conspicuous here than in your prior works.
Drake:I gotta give the credit to 40. He wouldn’t just let a beat sit. I would leave the studio and by the time I came back the next day, he’d be like “I added some shit.” Even this Beyoncé record that we did (“Mine”). It’s kinda like ever-evolving, but I felt like we were working on an album and sitting on it for so long. We played [songs] for people and I started hearing that formula on other people’s stuff, too. That’s nothing to coin, to say we started that. But I think 40 does it the best out of everybody. He’s just been so amazing at making a piece grow or shrink, but it was all credit due to him for that. He was the mastermind behind the music.

You experiment with different flows on this one, too. Was that a conscious thing?
I remember asking people early on what can I do this time to make a memorable project. I want it to feel like a discovery. So Far Gone was a discovery of an artist. It will never feel like that, but I want to make it feel like you’re listening to somebody new. My biggest thing this time was working with my vocal coach just really finding a tone, a different tone. When I did “Wu-Tang Forever,” I’d play it and people would be like, “Damn, who you got featured on that shit?” All three voices are me. But I was varying my voice a lot. “Trophies” is another record where I started toying with the rap, the cadences. It was a very conscious decision to start toying with the voices and making it like melody, but not too much melody. Even on “Own It,” you get that “niggas talk more” part that becomes a chant, like, OK, if I’m a guy and I wasn’t into the high-pitched singing, I’m back on board.

You emulate Mase’s flow on the last verse of “Worst Behavior.” He’s been having a big influence in 2013: Jay swipes a line of his on Magna Carta … Holy Grail and Pusha mimics his voice on his album, too.
Yeah, it is interesting now that you say it like that. He’s just fucking incredible. Maybe it’s the right time to start referencing Mase. I feel like it’s always cool when rappers reach back to something you may have forgotten. But Mase is one of those guys; he just never stopped being cool. Even at OVO Fest, he just came out and started hitting that stride and it was like, Man, this guy hasn’t lost a step. He’s one of those guys who will be forever cool to me.

Have you started thinking about the follow-up to Nothing Was The Same yet?
Yeah. Last night was the first night I recorded—I finished up this record with Beyoncé. That was really dope. For her [LP]. As far as another album goes, I was gonna ask you, ’cause you seem pretty in touch with what I’ve had going on. What’s next? I like to ask people what they think is next. Maybe it’s a concept album. Maybe it’s a mixtape. I don’t always know exactly where I’m going. I remember reading that article where ’Ye was like, I have my next three albums mapped out, they’re called this, this, and this. He almost got there but then things changed. I always admired that, like “Man, what a commitment and you made them all dope.”

I’m still looking for Good Ass Job.
I think it’s gonna come. Or maybe he just grew out of that title. That happens to me, too. But yeah, I don’t ever have it mapped out. I didn’t know after Take Care would be Nothing Was The Same. It just happened. I’m not sure where I’m going to next. I don’t have a title either.

It seems like the tide is shifting back to more lyrical days. The Rap Olympics, so to speak. Between Eminem’s “Rap God,” J. Cole’s success and much of the stuff Lupe has dropped this year.
Is it working?

On a commercial level, I’m not sure. With Eminem getting into it—one of the biggest rappers in the world—that gives it some legs.
Yeah, we always need change and thriving in rap. I don’t know if rap’s going to turn some corner into super-lyrical everything. It’s crazy to be on an arena tour right now, my first one ever, and really see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be so convinced about someone else coming out on your set and killing some shit you’ve been listening to for the last however many weeks. For example: “Pound Cake” isn’t the record of the night. It’s still gonna be “Headlines” or “Crew Love” or “All Me.” People love to sing. That’s what I never forget. People fucking love to sing. If you get your melodies and flows together you will be out of here. I fuck with rap and hip-hop—I do “Tuscan Leather” on my album with no hook. I even say it. Sure it may be dope on Rap Radar and shit, but it’s not the world. It’s a very small piece of a population. When I’m at ALIFE Backyard performing, it’s different records that work there than at Barclays Center. I’m part of both worlds. A lot of guys that perform at Barclays Center don’t go to the ALIFE Backyard to perform. I go to both so I get to see what works on, like, some tryin’ to be the biggest artist in the world and what works for being the biggest artist on the blogs, you know? Can you do both?

Can you?
I think so. I’m never gonna be the number one guy on the blogs but at the same time, you can’t ever say I don’t rap. You can’t say my bars aren’t up there with the best of them unless it’s just not your brand of music. In that case, it’s okay because I had artists I would never fuck with either before I ever made music. Everyone’s not gonna love you. I feel like majority when it comes down to it, it’s tough for people to be like, “Nah, Drake can’t rap.” [Laughs] With that being said, yeah all the lyrical shit is dope. It’s just people keep challenging me about what’s real rap. Is it the shit you know all the words to or the shit that sounds fast and complex? I don’t have the answer. At the same time, I know I can do a couple things. [Laughs]

Have you ever thought about doing a concept album?
I feel like the music that I write is utilized in life. It would be tough for me to go in conceptual storytelling. The last great concept album was [Kendrick Lamar’s] good kid m.A.A.d city—still obviously true to his life but very conceptual. Very specific stories that need to be told. I always say hats off to that album, that album’s incredible, what an undertaking. For me, I would never want to be restricted to that. But it depends on what you’d call a concept album. Would you call [Jay Z’s] American Gangster a concept album? If it is, then yeah, I guess. All he did was just make crack songs. I feel like I just made a concept album about a kid from Toronto that’s on. I’m not good at telling fictional stories, so I would never be able to do that. There are rappers that are good at telling stories about people that aren’t themselves. There are people that have vast imaginations to go and make up a story just to achieve a point. I draw off life experiences.

Have you ever tried telling things from your imagination or other points of view?
Everytime it just comes out as shit that’s going on in my life. I think the next album I do is gonna be different. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily return to family stuff and stuff that I feel I really summed up well on Nothing Was The Same. The problem is I don’t participate too much in social media, so my music is always the update that you’re looking for in my life. Twitter is not my outlet to get my message out there. My outlet is the music so my music always ends up becoming my life. I don’t know how to stop that.

It’s also important to live life in order to have content for your project. Is that why you take your time between putting out albums?
Yeah, and that was kinda like the learning process. 20-whatever years to make So Far Gone, then one year to make Thank Me Later. I was like, I don’t know, let me get a bunch of features and make some good music. I went back home and wrote Take Care, got influenced by the city but I was in a dark place. I don’t know if I was coming back home with the best energy in the world. I was coming off a record where I loved that album with all my heart but I knew I wanted to do better. I was just getting more money than I had ever seen. I was like in this indulgent state of mind. It was a weird time for me. Now, this album is probably the most aware of self that I’ve ever been. I did this album all over the place but for the first time have no strife. I’m here. I’m gonna own this now.

listening to the DxDxD album for the first time
  • dxdxd : such a feel good jam thank you boys
  • wishful thinking : omg all the rapping !!
  • wanted : is this 321 pt 2
  • boys will be boys : a true hit this is where i die
  • view jp : *sings korean lyrics*
  • your number : STILL !! SUCH ! A ! MASTERPIECE !1! ! !1 1!!
  • good good feeling : MOSHI MOSHI BOKU DESU I WANT TO CALL
  • photograph : c u t e
  • sweet surprise : ohmygohsh.. i'm.... finally LIVING
  • sing your song : *skips* lol
  • moon drop : the most beautiful song ever i'm gonna cry...
  • love : .... i'm ugly crying *tokyo dome 150314/15*
JAY Z appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Before heading over to perform at his TiDAL X: 10/20 charity concert, Jay Z visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the BAM Opera House to give his first talkshow interview in nearly two years. Coming out to rapturous applause from his hometown audience, Hov said he was nervous he was going to fall down the stairs as he descended to the stage - and had even had a nightmare about it occurring. Ha!

Firstly, the two discussed things Hov misses about the pre-gentrified Brooklyn, with Hov showcasing his quick wit in joking that he misses the heroin users by the old train station as they were “good for business!”

Hov’s favorite pizza joint in Brooklyn is Lucali’s, a place he and Beyoncé visit regularly. He shook his head at the fact she prefers hers with extra sauce and jalapeño, saying “She’s from Houston, first of all. And they don’t have pizza there. So that explains everything!”

When asked if he thought as a 14-year old Shawn Carter he would reach this level of success, he replied: “Absolutely not. My goal was to have a gold album, and I even thought that was too crazy.” Hov also discussed his first live performance, where he forgot the words to the song he was performing. After fumbling he turned around, handed the microphone to Dame Dash, and tried to get him to close out the song. “It was the worst show ever!” he exclaimed.

Kimmel wanted to discuss Jay Z’s foray into sports management with Roc Nation Sports. Hov is clearly loving his new role and the challenges it brings, saying: “It’s incredible. It’s so great. And all these years athletes have got a bad rap because of how they handle their finances. No one ever talks about the agent, but about the dumb athlete. It’s the agents responsibility to take care of these kids. Someone needs to advise them.”

When questioned how TiDAL differs from the other music streaming services, Hov replied: “It’s just better. It has better sound, better everything. They want people to believe that you don’t actually care about sound quality. But artists spend months in the studio crafting the sound they want people to hear.”

Jay Z then gave everyone in the studio audience a free ticket to the TiDAL X: 10/20 event, and walked from the Opera House through Brooklyn to the Barclays Center to perform.