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okay so like idk if this has been pointed out before and if it has ignore this but in ‘The Blade of Mamora’ while shiro and keith are down in the base and the others are waiting in the castle we hear that the red lion starts attacking the base and shiro says this

(and we’ve also seen red save keith in the past in near death situations)

it hasnt been explicitly stated in this scene, but everyone on the castle knows that red would only attack the base if keith was in danger. 

everyone is like oh Shit

hunk is freaking out too bc he knows it means the red paladin is in danger


yall i wish i had a recording of the way he said ‘allura’ because his voice is so soft and full of worry and like do u all see the concern on lance’s face??

im d e a d lance is so worried about keith, he cares about keith a lot?? even if they argue and are “rivals” theyre space ranger partners first and foremost

look AT THE BOY worrying abt his boyf dont worry bby he’ll be alright

anyway i love lance showing concern for keith it makes my day

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So like...why do you think Trini was willing to let Kimberly take a drink from her water bottle. Don't they like barely know each other and Trini is letting a practical stranger drink from her bottle?

If Kimberly came up to me and asked to drink some water from my bottle I wouldn’t say no either lol

I absolutely LOVE the new Power Rangers movie and I ended up scribbling down a pic of myself as a ranger 😉💜 I think my favourite characters are Trini and Billy (I can’t believe how well they portrayed someone on the spectrum!) 🌸

It’s Okay

Hey guys! I’ve got my first ever Power Rangers fanfic here. I saw the movie on Thursday and I just really really loved it. I also started shipping Billy x Jason from the moment Jason slapped the shit out of that bully. So, here’s my fic for them. I hope you guys like it!

All mistakes are my own

Jason’s been to a lot of football practices. Like, a lot. But none of them have made him as tired and as sore as training to be a Power Ranger has. Every step he takes, makes some muscle somewhere hurt. But it’s a good hurt, this is the happiest Jason’s been in a long time. He finally feels like for once he’s doing something right. After all nothing beats training to be a superhero and then going for pizza with his friends.

They’ve been getting closer and closer, the five of them. They’re all different, extremely different and at first it wasn’t clear if they actually could get along. But now, Jason can’t think of anything better than hanging out with the other four.

Sadly, tonight’s not a pizza night. Kimberly had to be home for a family dinner. Zach needed to check on his mom and Trini, well she hadn’t said why she was leaving but she left all the same. Which leaves Jason and Billy for the rest of the evening.

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So was the power rangers movie good?

technically? it’s not going to be up for an oscar any time soon (not that the oscars mean much) but for a superhero movie in the age of the mcu and dceu? and for a remake of a 1990s children’s television show? yes

it’s an origin story about one of the most diverse groups of superheroes you’ll see outside of the pages of a comic book and you’ll find yourself rooting for each and every member of the team. the film doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s beyond refreshing. i was laughing and crying and didn’t even realize that i had been in the theater for almost two hours and that’s coming from someone who couldn’t sit through rogue one without being distracted. it’s not perfect and there’s room for improvement in the very probable sequel but as someone who grew up with the original series i’m really excited to see where this one goes
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Billy and Zack play video games and have a sleepover. Kimberly owes them pizza.