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Luke: Who’s Cecelia, Ocean?

Ocean: Why should I know? It’s me who should ask you who’s Cecelia and do you love her?? With whom did you spend all these nights when you’re “working”?

Luke: With a dude named Harry, that is about to publish his first article about grilled cheese overdose. You know I have some experience with that, and it’s pretty unique because the disease itself is pretty unique so I’m consulting.

Ocean: Are you telling me Harry isn’t gorgeous young woman with raven hair and big tits?

Luke: Well… Harry is quite a big guy, so he has tits, but you know I only interested in guys with great hair and Harry’s bald. Not my cuppa.

Ben and Ice Cream - A love for the ages

A lovely closet Skeptic sent me proof that not only Ben was scoffing down ice cream at leafy Hampstead yesterday, but also that Seb had seen a picture of him scoffing down said ice-cream and knew that he wasn’t scoffing down said ice-cream with his wife.

Let’s take this from the start, shall we?

At 01:44 in the morning, the Fail publishes this article, and the closet Skeptic who shall remain anonymous catches a glimpse of it on  The first article published on the Fail during the night includes a pic of Ben scoffing down ice-cream.  Because… ice-cream:

The write up is the same as the one that the Fail kept on the later ammended article, although Seb or an eagle eyed editor on the Fail must have realised the above picture shows Ben in the company of a brunette man with man hands, that’s wearing men’s clothes, who’s not wearing Weirdo’s engagement and wedding ring, and who’s taller than Ben.

So they take down the pic at 8:48 in the morning:

and replace it with a picture of Ben in Sherlock garb, but keep the write-up from Seb the same:

Because … as we’ve already established… Seb is a believer (LINK).

By the way, we know that Seb had seen the pic that would accompany the article, because he mentioned Ben’s baseball cap and sunglasses, as well as the blue shirt.  The fact that he also mentioned black jeans tells me the pic might be a full body one.

I’d just like to know why the Fail paid for the rights to a papped pic but chose to forego using it in favour of using one of Ben dressed as Sherlock.  Was it because they’re pushing a certain narrative?  If so, who dictates what the narrative Seb is pushing will be?

A great big THANK YOU to the wonderful closet Skeptic who had the forethought to screencap from!


Headcanon: William published his first article in The Lone Gunmen’s paper at 6 years old, after he called them very angry because his teacher have said “This is not your dad’s work, Will”. The essay was called “The inmortal liver-eating monster my dad killed”, Mulder was so proud of him when he read it the night before; but this time the boy didn’t show it to Scully because she was very embarrased after said teacher called her a month ago to talk about his son’s homework titled “My mom is an alien and so am I”

Who are you (Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 1)

I am so excited to share all these stories with you, after such a long wait. I will post a new Sherlolly story every day this week. “First Meeting” is today’s theme. 
Summary: Sherlock Holmes was living a quiet life as a science major at his university until Molly Hooper appeared at his lab one day.


“Who are you?” Sherlock Holmes stood in the middle of his lab, where he’d just found a young woman sitting in his spot.

“Molly Hooper,” she introduced herself, “I just transferred here. Who are you?”

“Sherlock Holmes. Well, Molly, you are sitting in my spot. This is my lab.”

“It didn’t say it was occupied online.” Molly looked down.

“Everyone knows it’s my lab, so they don’t make a reservation.”

She shrugged. “It’s a fully equipped lab, Sherlock. We can work here together.”

Sherlock looked angry. “I am going to call my supervisor.”

“Go ahead.” Molly turned around and walked over to the microscope. Sherlock knew he’d lost this fight, so he went to another part of the lab, pouting. His supervisor stopped by later that morning, just before class started.

“Sherlock, I see you have met Molly Hooper! Isn’t she charming?” He asked, “Molly transferred here from Harvard, she’s their most promising medical student.”

Molly smiled. “Thank you sir, but you are giving me too much credit.”

“Your supervisor at Harvard told me so. They were really sorry to let you go. Go, take your spot. You will be Sherlock’s lab partner for now on.”

Sherlock looked like his day couldn’t get any worse. “She’s going to be my lab partner?”

“Yes, yes,” The professor turned around, “Today will be fun.”

Sherlock doubted it. Their fellow students couldn’t believe that Sherlock was actually working with another person, but ten minutes into the seminar, Molly and Sherlock had started fighting. Molly was used to how things were going at Harvard, and Sherlock didn’t appreciate that very much. 

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I recently had my first article published in a professional journal. The editor of another journal liked it so much he sent me an email to ask if I would submit an article to his publication as well. ☺️



You published babe, you.

I knew you would do great things!!!! 

Hell fucking yeah you did. 




Here’s a personal heroine of ours and one of the bravest women ever: Dolores Ibárruri “La Pasionaria” (1895-1989).

Dolores was born in Gallarta in 1895 in a traditional family of miners so she knew since she was a child how hard the mine workers’ life was. She was raised as a devoted Catholic and wanted to be a teacher, but had to drop her studies out due to the financial problems of her family. Who would pay for my travels, books, food, tuition? (…) I was prepared to serve as a maid or to marry and become a miner’s wife, the long history of my family.”, she wrote.

In 1916 she married a mining union socialist leader, Julián Ruiz, and she became interested in marxism. So much, in fact, that she began to question her traditional and Catholic education. Along with her husband, she began to fight for the rights of miners and workers in general and helped to found the Spanish Communist Party.

She educated herself in politics and in 1918 she started writing some articles in several working class publications. Since her first article was published during the Holy Week, she adopted the nickname “Pasionaria” (literally “passionflower”) refering to the Passion of Christ. The inflammatory tone of her writings and speechs led her to jail several times but, during the II Spanish Republic, she was elected MP (1936).

However, it was during the Spanish Civil War when La Pasionaria would become a myth for the “red” faction. Her harangues to the Republican army and voluntaries were always inspiring and let some unforgettable quotes such as “It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward”. The phrase she pronounced during the Madrid siege, “They shall not pass!”, became the motto of the Republic defenders.

When the war finished, she took up exile in the USSR and became the president of the then banned Spanish Communist Party. By the way, one of her sons, Rubén, died as a lieutenant of the Red Army in the Battle of Stalingrad.

She returned to Spain after Franco’s death and was again elected MP in the first election after the dictatorship. Dolores died in Madrid in 1989 and was proclaimed Perpetual Honorary President of the Spanish Communist Party.

Pic below: statue of La Pasionaria in Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks for remembering her, Scots!

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Noam Chomsky: Seeing Donald Trump win reminded me of listening to Hitler’s rallies as a boy

Linguist also says he believes a ‘militant labour movement’ could unseat the magnate in 2020

Noam Chomsky has spoken of how watching the results come in on the night of Donald Trump’s US election victory dredged up memories of his feelings after listening to Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies as a boy.

The linguist was speaking during the 20th anniversary party for online news channel Democracy Now. He told audience members that spending November 8 in Barcelona had a “special personal resonance” because his first published article was about the city’s fall to dictator Francisco Franco’s forces during the Spanish Civil War.

He had written about “the apparently inexorable spread of fascism over Europe and maybe the whole world”, he said.

He added: “I’m old enough to have been able to listen to Hitler’s speeches, the Nuremberg rallies, not understanding the words, but the tone and the reaction of the crowd was enough to leave indelible memories.

"And watching those results come in did arouse some pretty unpleasant memories, along with what is happening in Europe now, which, in many ways, is pretty frightening, as well.”

Mr Chomsky also said he believed Donald Trump supporters could be enticed to vote Democrat again if the Bernie Sanders movement offered a real program for “hope and change”.

On the same evening  Vice President Joe Biden said he might run for president in 2020, Mr Chomsky told the audience that reigniting a “militant labour movement” could swing the next election.

He said American workers have been beaten down for decades with weakened labour unions and stagnant wage growth since neo-liberal policies were instituted in 1979. President Obama’s supporters in 2008 and 2012 were voting for his slogan of “hope and change”, but were disappointed.

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I truly hope in the end DM has the gut's to nail her ass with all this BS , feeding them with fake love stories, pap walks merchandising, all the time screaming for privacy. This bitch needs to go down .

Oh anon they are waiting like vultures to get her. That’s one reason DM publishes all these BS articles trying hard to piss off Harry so he can publicly end it. DM where the first ones to publish the article about her brother getting arrested by the police and lately they have changed their tune in tha snarky articles which they have punished.

Have a great day anon.


George McJunkin was a remarkable man whose discovery re-wrote the books on early man in North America.  His intellectual curiosity and determination continue to inspire a new generation of archaeologists.  

George McJunkin was born a slave near Midway, Texas in 1851.  George was freed at the age of 14 after the Civil War ended.  Although he was fluent in Spanish, experienced with horses, and used to helping his father in his blacksmith shop, he never had the opportunity to learn to read.  He left home to join a cattle drive, ended up in northeastern New Mexico, and never returned to Texas.  Along the way he stopped to help a man dig a well.  He earned a handful of quarters, the first money he had ever been paid for his work.  He used it to buy the first footwear he had ever worn– a used pair of cowboy boots.  

His skills increased with each new job he took on, and eventually word got around that he was one of the best horse breakers and cowboys in New Mexico.  He traded lessons in breaking horses for lessons in reading, and soon began reading anything he could get his hands on.  He had always been curious about the natural world around him, and was particularly interested in science.

George McJunkin was the foreman of the Crowfoot Ranch when the great flood of 1908 hit Folsom.  At least 15 people were killed in the flood, including the telephone operator, who died at her switchboard trying to warn people of the flood.  After the flood, George was out riding, assessing the damage and saw something eroding out some 13 feet below the ground surface.  He recognized them as bison bones, but they were much larger than modern bison, and were partially mineralized.  George realized that the find was significant and tried to get an expert to look at his discovery, but it did not happen until after his death in 1922.  Eventually scientists did study the Folsom Site, and it rocked the scientific world.  Previously it had been thought that no humans inhabited North America much before the birth of Christ, and this discovery made scientific history, establishing a human presence some 7,000 years earlier.

In 1926, archaeologists studied the site, and the first scientific article was published in 1927 in the Natural History Magazine.  Eventually George was given credit for his find.  His hunger for knowledge and his persistence eventually earned George McJunkin a place in history, but he didn’t live to see it.

For those who would like to learn more, The Life and Legend of George McJunkin by Franklin Folsom is an inspiring book geared to older children or young teens, but it is an enjoyable read for adults too.

Story by Brenda Wilkinson, Archaeologist. Photos by Historic Photo, Photo courtesy Georgia and Bill Lockridge, former owners of the Crowfoot Ranch.

You & I Chapter Three

Chapter Three

“Bee, I feel really underdressed.” Chris said. They had just left their hotel and were now on their way to meet Billie’s father and his wife for brunch.

He was surprised that Billie was dressed to the nines in a dark blue wiggle dress and heels, while he chose to wear his favorite dark blue cardigan, a t-shirt, and jeans. She swore that he looked fine, and even said that she loved that sweater on him. But he knew that she was lying because she always made fun of him for wearing it, and said that it made him look like an old man.

“But I thought this was just a simple brunch. Yet here you are all dolled up.”

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i submitted a personal essay of mine to a flurry of places starting a year ago and it got rejected dozens of times, enough times that when i opened up an email a few minutes ago from one of the places I’d submitted to, one of my favorite websites, i was naturally braced to read a rejection, something like “Thank you for the submission, but due to the volume of ….” and i was expecting those words with such certainty that i stumbled over what it truly said a few times until I was absolutely certain I was reading “Thank you for the submission. We’d love to publish your essay.”

It’s time for a time-tested Trilobite Tuesday. It was all the way back in 1698 that Rev. Edward Lhwyd of England published the first article that referenced trilobites. Back then, nobody really understood what these strange creatures in stone were, nor could they fathom the antiquity of these ancient arthropods. The trilobite cited, and drawn, in Lhywd’s work was an Ordovician age Ogygiocarella, a genus found throughout England, which he described as “the skeleton of some flat fish.” Here is an actual Ogygiocarella on the left, along with Lhywd’s 300-year-old drawing. 

Click here for much more Trilobite Tuesday. 

I can see the future, too.

Barry was there when Iris got her job offer. 

Barry was there to see her first official question as a reporter during a press conference. 

Barry will be there when she gets her first article published. 

Barry will be there when she gets on the front page. 

Barry will be there when she wins her own Pulitzer. 

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I see that you've been doing a lot of polls lately on this blog. Did you finally get a job at BuzzFeed??? (well deserved tbh)

omg yeah i got hired like last week gurl u late on this news??? thanks boo i got my first article published :’)

its even trending!!!!

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The last time Lottie posted the middle finger, TMZ published the first article about the custody battle. I'm ready, TMZ!

It would be lovely if they ended it today, but we’ll see if we get anything.