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This is just…no. Not acceptable. Look at him. This is a vampire, this is not the beautiful and glorious Huang Zitao we all know and love. 

This is from the same damn press conference and you can tell they still edited his skin, but they just didn’t go clorox bleach crazy on it like the one above. Don’t forget that his makeup artists cake his face up with light ass foundation and concealer that does not match his skin tone.

THIS is his natural skin tone. No lightening, no extra over the top foundation and concealer bullshit, just HIM. Now just compare this pic to the ones above. You see the difference, I see the difference, EVERYONE sees the difference. Don’t fool yourselves into believing that Tao is a Chinese vampire who happened to rise from the dead to become a rapper.

tbh im kinda annoyed at the whole taylor swift/apple thing she did nothing that Jay Z didn’t already do and he got called money hungry and attention seeking so miss me with the ‘changed the industry’ narrative