first pretty dress in years


Mr. Austria was sometimes forgetful around Christmas time. Miss Hungary usually reminds him though! Poor little Italy was just confused his first few years.

Normally, he would be given very pretty dresses though!

Whenever I go on business trips, I like to buy little gifts for my kid. Usually it’s something small, like a plushie from the airport or some regional candy and stuff. A coupla years ago when we started the process to adopt hypothetical Busy-Lazy kid No. 2, I started buying stuff for her, too. I’m assuming that we’re having a girl next, but if we end up with a boy, he’s gonna be wearing some pretty dresses from Italy for the first year of his life, so whatevs.

Since it’s Friday and kinda slow at werk, I decided to tackle cleaning my home office a bit. Surprisingly, I seem to have accumulated a lot of shizz for hypothetical Buzy-Lazy kid No. 2, partly cuz I’m a hoarder, but mostly cuz what’s so wrong with hoarding, amirite?

I guess it’ll be a while before hypothetical Busy-Lazy kid No. 2 finally makes her grand appearance, so I decided to pack up all of the random baby gifts I’ve purchase through the years that were just taking up space in my home office, and put the box in deep storage for now. It’s not as sad as it sounds.