first president


The use of a bomb like this is monstrous.

It is used without the authorization of congress, much less the people of the U.S.A.

It is done while an investigation of possible criminal action by Donald Trump, his campaign and his administration is taking place.

We must pay attention.

one of my school’s a capella group won the national championships last saturday and i just saw them perform at my school and i am SHOOK 

I loved my previous life, I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. I actually, this is more work than my previous life. I thought it would be easier. I do miss my old life. This – I like work. But this is actually more work.
—  President Donald Trump, who is seemingly stunned that being President of the United States is more difficult than hosting a reality show and selling the branding rights to his name, in an interview with Reuters reflecting on the first 100 days of his Presidency, April 27, 2017.

Beyond the obvious beauty and grace of our First Lady, one must consider the historic importance of this photo. Our history books sweep under the rug the fact that the White House was built by African American slaves. For the next 150 years the majority of the serving staff of the so called “people’s house” were African American. In 1901 Booker T. Washington was the first African American to be received there as a guest by Theodore Roosevelt, to the horror of Washington society. They are all at last vindicated in our first African American first family. Note…It is my humble opinion that no matter what family should occupy the White House after January 2017, and the following generations for that matter, they will never equal the style, debonair, and class as that of the Obamas.