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another wishlist item for if/when FitzSimmons becomes canon:

if they end up hiding it for a while (as many of us suspect/expect), I want May to be the one who finds out first. she passes by the lab during a quiet, intimate moment, or she notices the way their hands linger near each other as they haven’t since before Hydra. the camera just holds on her for a moment and she smiles before continuing on her way.

then, of course, we have the benefit of the rest of the team later being shocked while May’s just like “yeah, I’ve known for six months. you’re all the worst spies ever.”

Ok, listen. I’m a 20 year old American woman. I’m dating a 21 year old American man. I also know many 20-something American guys. Never have I ever heard any of them utter the words “give it a go”. Give it a try, yes. Give it a go, no. As I suspected since quotes started being published from family and friends, the players in this drama are being compensated for having their names and pictures used. Somebody in the UK is making up the quotes and putting whatever words they want in their mouths. Hence this little slip up with the Brit speak.

Briana’s first post baby bombshell photo op. This ho stroll was brought to you by Adidas, proud sponsor of Louis Tomlinson.

What a coinky dink. No really, these stunt coordinators think of everything. Because obviously, Louis has a promo deal with Adidas.

He wears it:

His friends/entourage wears it:

Now alleged baby mama is wearing it. Too convenient. Another little detail that points to intentional stuntin’ and staged fakery.

And first XFactor UK winner, Steve Brookstein, called all this out quite nicely:


A fandom post.

So in my first and last fandom, before SPN, a friend pretended to be a gay man in a relationship with another gay man for almost 10 years, many of us suspected that he was actually only one gay man, but when he died last year we found out that he was a 63 year old woman, who many of us had deep relationships over the years. Who had duped us all and left behind hundreds of hurt and fandom leery people

In that same fandom, a woman went to Africa, and hired herself an African priest in in order to make her and the fandom a real Mojo, in order to make sure that Brian and Justin stayed together either in season 4 or 5, proof for this can be found on Fandom Wank on Journal Fen, I actually tried to find it just so you could see the picture but I couldn’t.

After that you would think that I was prepared for the worst and the nuttiest, but that was until this week, and seeing an actor torn down to his skin because he dared to share a photo, and another fan decided to write a fan fiction report on the same actors sexuality, going as far as bringing his father into it, so that Jensen had something in common with Dean….. Because as you know there is no Jensen without Dean.

I seriously am baffled by what happened with Jensen this week. I am saddened by the hate that I saw, I am saddened by the lines that there crossed and I am sad that so many of us had to take up arms and protect him and try to teach people how to be people. 

I am further frustrated by how entitled some in this fandom are. I seriously think that there are people that believe that Supernatural is a reality show and not a hour episodic horror/action tv show that is done by actors. 

I can’t believe how some in this fandom feel they own Jensen Ackles. He doesn’t belong to anyone but himself, and shouldn’t have to curtail his life for anyone other than him. He is only accountable to himself and his family. Not people that watch him on basic cable. 

This is a very long winded post about being grateful to the people I follow, seeing how many lovely sensible people came to Jensen’s defense and just seeing how many people actually care for the man, and get that Jensen is allowed to be Jensen.

We Can Damn Sure Try

I couldn’t find the quote and it may be Mother Teresa, and it may not, but long ago I heard something to the effect of “You can’t always like everyone, but you can always love them.”  While this is a most wonderful concept, it does seem to make some assumptions regarding the state of our emotional and/or spiritual health.  Maybe some of us aren’t quite ready for post graduate work just yet, and maybe we can’t love everyone, at least not yet, but we can damn sure try, and even failing that, we can at the very least treat them kindly.  I believe we can do this, and for those of us who for reasons unknown seem to have problems treating ourselves with this well deserved basic level of human understanding, perhaps we should start first with us.  I suspect loving them would be much easier in many cases.  Love yourself much?  I hope so, in fact I pray you do.  You deserve it, and perhaps paradoxically, it will actually benefit everyone else.  It’s a definite win win.