first post of 2012 is snow white

“Mononoke Hime” 2012 by me , Marurenai
Here’s San and her family, not caring for the cold, enjoying the first unexpected snow of the season.
In the actual movie there isn’t any snow but the White Wolves of Mononoke Hime always inspired me a snowy landscape, so at last I’ve tried to make it.

Ashitaka is in my following post:

stringofyourkite-deactivated201  asked:

Ok so as far as i knew fuckboy started with the whole skeleton war meme thing and stayed so could you tell me what it was before or make a post about it? or what it still is that isn't a sex craving and uncaring pushy boy?

It was “fuck nigga” long before it was “fuckboy.” First usage of fuckboy on the internet was an UrbanDictionary definition in 2004 (as “fuck boy”), with the correct definition of a dude who ain’t shit. The term “fuck nigga” first made its way to white ears in 2012 with the movie Snow On Tha Bluff and the songs All Gold Everything and Don’t Like. The few white people on KTT and /r/hiphopheads that aren’t comfortable saying nigga started saying “fuckboy” and (cringe) “fuccboi” instead, bringing that variation back into the mix. It hit tumblr in 2013 or early 2014 in some text posts, then the skeleton meme came along in mid-2014. After that, a post went around claiming it was a slur against trans men (which, no, it’s not, and no, it never was). Later still, white feminists somehow became convinced they had invented the term as a male counterpart to “slut,” which no, they didn’t, and no, it’s not.

Basically, it’s a term that’s been around for more than a decade that white feminists have somehow decided they invented a year ago to mean something it has never meant.