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Okay but can we take a moment to talk about how truly traumatic Leorio’s past really is? Like, I know we all talk about how terrible the other three’s childhoods are:

Killua living with a physically and emotionally abusive family, Gon with his father abandoning him, Kurapika’s clan being killed.

But I think we tend to forget that Leorio had just as much of a tragic background as the others. He watched his friend die. Right before his very eyes. 

And then that hard reality sets on him; he could have survived if they had money for medicine. It was an entirely curable sickness. But all he could do was watch as his friend collapsed. And let’s just think for a moment; Leorio lived in such an impoverished area, there were probably bound to be other people he knew who suffered from the same sickness or a different illness that could have been saved from that miraculous money antidote. 

So Leorio could have seen far more death in the course of his childhood that we may not even know about.

This becomes even more of a pressing issue for Leorio, especially concerning Gon. Because seeing Gon just laying there, practically charred skin and bone wrapped up in medical tape, physically and emotionally kills Leorio. Not just because it’s Gon and he feels so connected and attached to Gon, but because it brings back those memories. Of when he couldn’t do anything but watch someone die. And he thinks “Not again. I will not stand by and watch someone die again. I will find some way to heal Gon. I will invest every single piece of fame, fortune and time to bring Gon back.”

And when Gon enters  through that door in the middle of the election, Leorio is so happy; so overwhelmed to see Gon alive and well. He’s so, so ecstatic that for once, 

someone was finally saved.

This Day in 1D History - June 22


  • Liam posts his very first tweet!!!


  • baby babes in LA <33


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Raleigh, USA 


  • Harry enjoys a day out in Stoke Newington 


  • Liam and Richard Ayoade discuss the serious issues for UNICEF 
  • Anne updates her Twitter icon :)) 
  • Liam attends a charity event for children with cancer at Windsor Races 


  • Liam gets ready to hit the gym! (via Insta)
  • Louis goes grunge (ish lol) in LA 
  • out ‘n’ about in London :))

So, after the controversy last night YNB felt the need to clear up that she is still shipping Caryl romantically, and she included this tweet:

This isn’t the first time she’s made this claim:

So i thought I’d do some research…

The first time YNB mentions the Carol and Daryl love is 18 Feb 2013:

This is AFTER her pivotal appearance on Talking Dead with CM Punk where she said the “Nine Lives” exchange was their way of saying I love you - which may be what she thinks of as her starting the ship.

That Talking Dead appearance was 25 Nov 2012.

However, let’s see if the fandom existed before that…

The Walking Fans tweeted about Caryl on 21 Nov 2012:

The USS Caryl started tweeting on 18 May 2012.

The FIRST mention of Caryl (in this context) on twitter was 28 Nov 2011 :

The first tumblr post using the Caryl tag was on 13 Nov 2011:

And the FIRST Caryl “romantic” fanfic was posted on the same day - 13 Nov 2011 by @thereadersmuse​ :

So, if we’re going to be REAL about it; if we’re going to give SOMEONE credit for starting the Caryl ship, that honour goes to @thereadersmuse​ not YNB.

My two most popular posts on this site are “friendship ended with therapy now venting online is my best friend” which I made this fall when my therapist was being lesbophobic and a very cringy “send me your kink and I’ll rate it :D” post I made as a traumatized teenager that got hundreds of thousands of notes and made tons of adults message me about their kinks

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say, I've been a huge fan of yours since 2011 when you were first posting FFXIII fanart on DA and watching your style develop has been such an amazing thing to see over 5 years.

…5 years? It’s been 5 years already? Wooooow, I feel old D:

But duuuuude, you’ve endured all my stupid posts for sooo long. I’m surprised you haven’t unfollowed the shit out of me yet. Thank you for sticking around ;u;

Here, have a throwback photo to one of my first FFXIII Flight art to celebrate our 5 years or so of fangirling!

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Last movie watched: Wonder Woman
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When did I create my blog: Current one in 2013 but shit, first URL was like in 2011 lol.
What do I post about: Girls.
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1. Nicknames: Rai, Lion
2. Gender: Non-binary of some flavour
3. Star sign: Leo
4. Height: 5′4″
5. Time: 3.42 am. 
6. Birthday: soonish
7. Favorite bands: LOTS. I always go back to Hollywood Undead tbh, but listening to a lot of Blink 182 lately? Also love Cellar Darling, In This Moment, Linkin Park, old stuff from A Day To Remember, new stuff from Bring Me The Horizon.
8. Favorite Solo artist: Ruth B
9. Song stuck in my head: Wretches and Kings - Linkin Park (Q.Q)
10. Last Movie watched: Wonder Woman 
11. Last show watched: “Ore Monogatari!!” which was extremely adorable, very recommend
12. When did I create my blog: May 2011. Here’s the first post, it’s super cringe
13. What do I post: So much. Many meme, some life stuff, cats.
14. Last thing I googled: “zucchini noodles stir fry” or “5e airships”
15. Do you have other blogs: So many. Like 15 sideblogs on this account alone. Here are some: @gladeveined @rai-lionhart @dungeonsandlions @rai-cooks @wall-scrawls @felidar @outofcontextjake @lion-quotes @voicesinthewire  @rhubarbretailer100 
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23. Instruments: I used to play trumpet, very long time ago
24. What am I wearing: jeans and a tank top
25. How many blankets I sleep with: Generally just one, depends on the temperature. Never none. My favourite kind is a heavy cotton blanket.
26. Dream job: Something in web design probably. I have trouble thinking of the future. 
27. Dream trip: My three dream destinations are Ireland, Japan, and South Africa - so any of those!
28. Favorite food: CHICKEN in all its glorious forms. Breaded and fried is best
29. Nationality: American
30. Favorite show right now: Just finished the anime I was watching (WHICH WAS REAL GOOD), so not sure, might be Boku No Hero Academia? Not very far in but it’s pretty dang good also. 

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