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This is unethical if ppl can't find things for themselves they should learn how to, it's not hard. Usually if I find something on etsy it stays up for months or years but you posting items makes them go like that. It just becomes a race for those who have the money ready

This may be the most absurd ask I’ve ever gotten. First of all getting shit bought out from under u is the name of the mother fucking game when it comes to vintage shopping of any kind. Secondly I feel absolutely zero ethical dilemma over helping independent sellers. I have gotten so many messages from shops over the years thanking me for finally selling an item they’ve had sitting in inventory forever or for helping them pay their bills. I will not apologize for the thousands of hours I have dedicated to this blog (for nothing other than wetting my insatiable appetite for online shopping/vintage) just because u cant afford to buy everything u want on etsy

I fixed the problem with my amazon lol I made a new acct and figured out some settings, so new version of this post: my 18th birthday and high school graduation are coming up (the first in less than a month and the second in june) and a couple of my friends/mutuals wanted me to link my amazon wishlist, so I’m gonna do that below!

obviously no pressure or anything. 

it’s mostly books, clothes, jewish/gay related things. re: the books - for a lot of them the default version is at a high price, but there is an option under the product listing for a used or alternate version at a much lower price (like under 10 dollars often), do the cheapest one don’t worry about that at all. if you’re going to buy me a book don’t spend 30 dollars on a book you could buy for me used for 3 dollars. 

My queue is so long (like 100+ posts) and my post rate is set so low (like 1 a day) that by the time something finally does get posted it’s been like three months and I’ve forgotten it ever existed and I get a nice surprise from my own blog

You know what I love about my passion for writing & vidding? I can’t stop it.

It can be put off due to any number of reasons…jealousy, flames, insecurity, lack of time or material or ideas…

But the fact of the matter is I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

When I first got the video editing program I have now, I couldn’t figure out, so I put it aside and didn’t vid for SIX MONTHS. Then creativity struck & it was so strong that I forced myself to focus & I got that first vid out.

A few years back I got a HUGE onslaught of OF rly cruel, lengthy flames on my old fanfiction account. They attacked my fanfiction and me personally. It got so bad I literally was just depressed for like a month b/c I felt so wounded. I stopped posting. I stopped writing. I couldn’t take it. What happened then? Some months down the line, I started writing again! A different fandom & I didn’t posted on legit fics again rly until just before I started writing Flash fics, but I still wrote.

Why? B/c I honestly love it SO SO MUCH.

You have that kind of passion for something…you can be knocked down, but you always get back up. It’s inevitable, as long as you want it badly enough.


Soo the past few months I’ve been developing my own set of characters~ I’m still working on the story, and their personalities, but this is the first attempt at what they look like. I posted this in bits and pieces on my instagram too

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Don't be silly, your old posts are great! For months, your new shitposts have been the first thing I look for in the morning.

Oh, I’m talking about my OLD ones. Like, early days when they were still almost exclusively qrowin based. A few are classics, but a lot are less great.


A brand new grimoire page all done! A compass-inspired pendulum board coffee stained on top of a collage of newsprint. Now that this is done, I can continue going through all the asks in my inbox! Sorry for the delay!

Also! Thank you so much for 1000+ followers! It’s honestly amazing how far this blog has gone in a short span of several months and I hope to continue watching it grow. I plan on posting lots more grimoire pages and perhaps if you guys are interested, some process work? Like how one of my pages comes together, from first idea to final piece? Any suggestions as to what you’d like to see more of would be great!



I just finished my sketchbook, and every page is now full. I’m a little sad, I really liked that sketchbook.
But I had a few drawings of @thatsthat24 in there (which I already posted) and then I had these, one inspired by his song Birds and one inspired by Anything, both from Ultimate Storytime. Yes I know one of those 3 is not Thomas’s song, it’s from All Time Low by Jon Bellion. There’s a reason it’s included.
The 2nd and 3rd drawings are my first and last drawings in my sketchbook. The first sketch was a vent from a few months ago when I started in the sketchbook. I was feeling crappy and like nothing would get better and was extremely suicidal. The last one is from today, and I’ve been watching Thomas all the time and I’ve become much happier and confident and self-loving than ever before really.

I’m going to try to keep this post about Thomas relatively short (all of my posts about him are so long eek! He just means so much to me!!) but thank you to @thatsthat24 for just being great, I love you!


Hi! Just making a post to say that updates - of a polished nature - may be a bit sparse over the next few months as I’m working on my comic, Pelican Post! I’m planning to have the first book printed by mid-2017. Until then, I’ll be posting related concept stuff like this every now and then on twitter/tumblr :)

what is a “russ” and why does it seem like the biggest deal in SKAM ( aka vilde ) ?

so if you’ve seen from season 1, you’ve heard about the famous “russebussen”, or how in season 2 you see william and his friends partying in a bus. so you’ve probably been like “wtf is this shit? do norwegians actually obsess over this?”, well the answer is yes and no. but i’ll explain more of that later on in this post.

so to the first thing, what is a russ? well to sum it up shortly a russ is someone who is finishing up their last year of videregående, or as some would call it, high school. 

russefeiringen or russetia will normally last for about a month, starting in april and ending on the 17th of May, the norwegian constitutional day. during this period you will often find severely sleep deprived, hung over 19 year olds. 
but the russ do other things than drink and party; they also dare each other to the most hilarious things like walking around with bread shoes, go on a date in the school cafeteria with a first grader ( they’re 16 don’t worry! ), walk to the shops or around town with skiis on their feet, sit in a trolly and order a happy meal at McDonalds drive through, and so much more. 

but you also need to watch out, because if you are a first grader or a second grader, you can easily end up on the “terrorliste”, meaning that the 3rd years fuck you over like duck taping you to a pole whilst they throw water, flower, egg and all other stuff. you can become kidnapped, where the russ will take you and drive you to a place and then just leave you there, but they mostly leave you at a buss stop and make sure that you have the money to get home again. 

but the russ often have fights among each other, where the “enemy” can be the neighbouring city, the schools that are close to yours or the famous “blå russ vs rød russ” ( i’ll get into the colours in another post ), or the østkanten vs vestkanten ( east and west parts of oslo, the rich kids vs the middle to lower class kids ) 
now during the fights, you will often throw eggs at each other, egging down cars or other russ. the meeting grounds are trashed after the “fight”, but it’s all for a little fun.

now to the russebus and russebil. both extremely popular amongst the russ.

now this is a russebus, they don’t need to look like this, in fact if you google russebusser, you can find a lot of really cool busses. 
but anyways, russebusses normally cost around 1 million norwegian kroners, but normally they can reach up to 4, depending on how much work you’re putting into the bus.  
now people normally save up from the 9th or 10th grade with a group of their friends just so they can get this bus. the busses look amazing, and is a great place to sleep during landsstreff and a lot of room to party in, on the top and lower decks. this is mostly popular in the oslo area, but you can find them all over the country.

now this is a russebil, again really popular choice for the russ. here a smaller group of friends will save up money to buy the car ( or perhaps their parents have one for them to have ) and they decorate the inside and outside, often writing their names on the car. 
now i would say that the cars are more popular, because of the huge price difference. but hey, if you got the money and if you saved up, why not?

now all of this is all fun and all, but the russ also have to be extremely careful not to party too hard, specially with our new fraværsgrense of 10%. and the fact that our exam period is right in the middle of russetia. so whilst you are celebrating that YAY IM DONE WITH SCHOOL, you’re actually not and have to worry about reading with a hangover. the politicians did this in the 70′s in hopes that the russ would party less, well it didn’t work at all.

of course you don’t have to be a russ, but it’s fun and it’s why we go all out, it’s our last celebration before we head of to universities or jobs. so this is the shortest version of what the russetia is and i swear i’ll write up what the different colours means and the different types of russ you can be, but that should be in a post of it’s own

20lb difference face comparison. Honestly a little nervous to post this because I didn’t realize all the weight I’d gained in the winter months until I saw pics of me out with friends and I didn’t like what I saw. Of course, both of these are just selfies, but I feel it’s pretty apparent in the first photo that I’m carrying a lot of water in my face.

I have chubby cheeks no matter what!! But at least they’re a little healthier looking now 😊💕


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