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i feel grown up with you in your car

Summary: She looked at him, and she thought of the months he’d spent in that other dimension, terrible and painful and lonely, his quick return to fight AIDA, and the months he’d spent back there. The same months she’d been in space. They’d all gotten out, her and the rest of the team with his help, and he’d immediately jumped in to another one of their battles. Which brought them here, to probably the first minute he’d had to breathe in way too long.

He’d been to hell and back, twice, and she could finally see the exhaustion.

“When was the last time you slept?”

Post-season 4. After spending months in space prison, Daisy and the rest of the team break out (with Robbie’s help, but with admittedly no explanation by me). Takes place after a fight to restore Shield’s reputation and dismantle any remaining confusion left behind by AIDA and the rest of the LMDs. The team finally gets a break, and Daisy worries about Robbie. (It’s just fluff, guys; it’s just fluff. I have no excuse.)

She found him in the first place she looked, not that there were that many places she thought he would go.

The driver’s seat was reclined slightly, his body relaxed against it like he wished he could sink into it. His head was tilted back, his eyes closed, and still, one of his hands rested on the steering wheel. Like he was itching to drive, just because he missed the feeling of it.

She had a vision of him, all those months ago, reaching across the gear shift to open the passenger door, telling her to get in. That was the first time she’d ever ridden in the Charger.

This time, she didn’t wait for an invitation.

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My fic, “Redshift” has been updated, finally!

So I have this Pokemon fic I started a couple of years ago, but only posted 2 chapters and then got stuck early into chapter 3.

…until the inspiration to work on the fic finally came back to me this month, yay! I had to write chapter 4 first and then work my way backwards writing chapter 3 (as a friend suggested I do). 

Chapter 3 is posted, and I just need to correct chapter 4 before posting it.

The plot of the story itself takes place 4 years after Pokemon Platinum version and features Mars coming back to Sinnoh to solve the mystery of where Cyrus was taken and to find him there. 

The latest chapter features Mars attempting to break Charon out of prison and a lot of action. Charon was fun to write, and he may just have a big part in chapter 4 (which is mostly dialogue).

Without further ado, here is the link (it’s on FFnet for now since that was the only site I thought to put it on two years ago, but if anybody wants, I can post it elsewhere, too):

That is the link to the page for chapter 1.

Happy reading, and sorry for the self-plug.

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker (part 1/?)

1. Is this the real life? Am I really doing this again? Yes, yes I am. Because I apparently hate myself, but I want you guys to be entertained, so there’s that.
2. Fifty Shades Darker… darker than what? Christian’s idea of what it means to be a decent human being? Oh wait, he has no idea what that is.
3. “E.L.James is currently working on the sequel to Fifty Shades Darker and a new romantic thriller with a supernatural twist”. So, seeing as Grey is being published this month, will we find out that Christian is actually a merman and his abusive tendencies are actually a result of water withdrawal?
4. Oh yes, I forgot that they broke up at the end of the first book. Can you imagine if she left it at that (with a few small alterations)? Ana breaking up with Christian, with a resting bitch face, telling him to go shove it and riding off into the sunset? Ah, dreams…
5. “I have survived Day Three Post-Christian” - Ana is counting the days after the break-up as if a natural disaster has occurred and the world is facing a post apocalyptic nightmare.
6. “I can afford a car, a nice, new car” - Who the fuck is able to afford a car, let alone a new car, after just being hired fresh out of college, in their first job ever??? Hey, maybe this is the supernatural twist mentioned before!
7. Bella Ana sits and stares blankly at the wall *cue montage of a room spinning while months pass by*; oh wait, wrong book.
8. This book is 373 pages. I’m on page 4.
9. Ana got roses from Christian. She doesn’t throw them away or chop them up. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty disappointed in you, Ana.
10. “I have become […] a ravaged, war-torn land where nothing grows and the horizons are bleak” - oh, for fuck’s sake, get over yourself. You broke up with him. The world isn’t ending. This isn’t Armageddon.
11. Ana seems to be a beacon/magnet for douchebags. Her boss is “hovering, asking personal questions”. I smell harassment as a plot device. Because why have a female character whose development isn’t centered around sexualization. Ludicrous.
12. Ana just got an e-mail from Christian, where he offers to take her to Jose’s (Jose who forced himself on her in the last book, that Jose) gallery opening, because, oh how sweet of him, she doesn’t have a car. How nice of him, how selfless. Never mind that she broke up with him and all that. That’s just water under the bridge. It would be so so wrong of him to abandon her in her time of need. Heaven forbid she made an independent decision.
13. Ana to Christian: “I cannot be with someone who takes pleasure in inflicting pain on me, someone who can’t love me” - this is for everyone saying that “Christian wasn’t abusing Ana, you’re all insane”. Also, turns out that Ana can be capable of at least a semblance of rational thoughts. Who would have guessed?
14. “the masochist in me” - oh lord, there’s another one. Not only do I have to stand her subconscious, her inner goddess, now there’s a masochist too?
15. Christian to Ana: “What time shall I collect you?”. Let me say that again: COLLECT you. The words they choose speak wonders for someone’s character. Christian, stop being a dick, Ana is not a collectible. 
16. “his birth mom, the crack whore” - I dare you to say this out loud without cracking up.
17. “Drinks with the boss, is that a good idea?” - Only if wrestling a 10 feet alligator sounds like a good idea, Ana. 
18. “Oh no” - oh no, here are the oh noes, again. And the oh my-es, and the wows. Jesus save me.
19. The first thing he asks her is when she last ate. I’m sorry, he doesn’t ask. He demands. Fuck you, Christian.
20. “That really is none of your concern” - slow clap for Ana.
21. “Why does he always make me feel like an errant child” - because he is a deeply disturbed individual.
22. Oh god, mythological references. Why. I mean…why.
23. “Desire pools dark and deadly in my groin” *snort*
24. For two people that are broken-up/no longer in a relationship, there’s a lot of PDA and eye-fucking going on. I’m not judging, I’m just asking what the whole point of the whole “break-up” was. Oh, was it to try for a semblance of a plot? Oh okay. Cool.
25. “Jose is just a friend” - oh, stop justifying yourself. You’re “broken-up”, remember? Ugh. 
26. How To Be A Douche 101: start talking about something serious, hinting at a reconciliation, then stop all of a sudden, saying that you’ll resume the conversation at a later time. Christian passes this course with flying colours.
27. I have counted 5 holy cows in the span of a couple of pages.
28. “In his own way, he does care about me” - How To Delude Yourself Into Thinking Your Ex-Boyfriend Cares About You 101. - Ana passes with flying colours.
29. Just my two cents: if you take pictures of someone, then display them publicly, doesn’t the person in the photos need to give some sort of consent? Otherwise it’s illegal and creepy?
30. “talk about non-sequitur” - oh look, more words thrown into the story to make the readers feel like idiots. Especially because it could have been avoided. I hate pretentiousness.
31. OH. OOOOH. ANA SLAYS IT: “it’s very confusing being with you. You don’t want me to defy you, but then you like my smart mouth. You want obedience, except when you don’t, so you can punish me”. Another slow clap for Ana.
32. “Jose […] never hit me” - Ana, I never thought I’d be proud of you. Miracles do happen, praise the heavens.
33. “No. Go. Now. Say good bye”. Well, fuck you too, Christian. Who talks like that? Dude. Chill. 
34. And Ana does as he says. *facepalm* Of course she does.
35. This was just the first chapter. What the fuck.
36. Help.

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey masterpost

Phalloplasty - Supplies

On April 25th, 2016 I had stage 1 RFF phalloplasty with Dr. Chen in San Francisco. This post will go over the supplies I brought and break it into categories based on what I did and didn’t use, what I needed to buy, and what I didn’t use until I’d gone home. You may need different supplies depending on who your surgeon is, what kind of technique they’re using, what your donor site is, and based on your own personal comfort. I ordered the majority of what I needed online, some of the supplies was given to me by my electrologist, and some was given to me by a friend who’d undergone phalloplasty two months prior. I thought I’d make this list of supplies to help guide others preparing for their operations. For more information on the operation itself you can look through my “phalloplasty” tag and for posts specifically about my surgery you can look through my “gendercube phalloplasty” tag.

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Fic Submission: Ready

Written by: stydiafan89

Description: The 5 times Stiles wasn’t ready for Lydia Martin, and the one time he was.

Author’s Note: omg long time no write! My life has been crazy lately, but I’ve been working on this fic since summer and it’s kind of been my baby hahahha well I hope you guys like it (sorry it totally doesn’t fill a prompt just thought I’d send it in for fun). Also, I’m considering doing some oneshots of unseen moments that occurred in between the set time periods in this fic. Okay enjoy!!

From @stydia-xo: Um long time no publish hahaha I apologize, I’ve been majorly slacking lately. Enjoy this story everyone. It’s lengthy, but totally worth the read. MAJOR. FEELS. 

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