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“I Thought I Was Alone”

The true beauty of poets and story tellers, is that they have the courage to speak of their life experiences, which have left others nearly catatonic. You are truly blessed with a Beautiful gift, Mike. Thank you, as always. <3

I will not sniffle, I will not sniffle, I will not…damn.  :’)  WOW!  Thank you dear friend.  This unexpected gift truly warmed my heart.  To the best of my knowledge this was the first poem I ever wrote, and looking back I’m still slightly amazed/amused that it didn’t rhyme.  I mean, who saw that one coming?  May your day, and everyone’s be filled with love.  

No clock ticks louder than that of a passed situation in time.
Whether a moment you missed grabbing,
Or a conversation you wished had ended earlier.
Or gone longer.
My ticking clock is you.
It’s every minute of every day,
But especially the end.

The arms of the clock race wildly,
Just like my heart did
As I tried to dull my jagged thoughts into softened words.
I wanted nothing more than to protect you from the pain that was already stabbing me from the inside out.
That’s not true.
I wanted you more.
Second place isn’t always a winner.

Now there are two clocks in my mind
One is stuck in that moment.
And one is trying too hard to make up for it.
It’s beating like a thousand hummingbirds’ wings.
It’s beating faster than I can keep up with.
It’s beating everything out of me.

Everything but the sadness.
But the anger.
The doubt and confusion.
These swim through my veins, poisoning my blood.
They laugh at the concept of time;
No, they are here to stay.

The clocks drag me back to that day.
To that hour.
To that minute.
To that second.
To that heart-beat.
To that tear.
To everything I wish I’d said,
But didn’t have time to.

They take me back to every tear you didn’t shed.
To the relief in your eyes.
To the soft, consistent pacing of your breath.
To how you thought it was okay to hold my hand while you broke my heart.
To how you “didn’t know where to start.”
To my realizing you should have said it two months ago.
To how you hugged me,
And you didn’t feel like you were falling apart.
To how you hugged me,
And you didn’t feel like you knew I was falling asleep.

The clock on my phone says 4:35 AM.
The clock at that moment says it’s a minute to the end.
The clock inside me says it’s time to cry.

I miss you so much.
But this…
This is “how I’ve been doing lately.”
I wonder if you’re glad you asked.
I know it’s not the response you were hoping for,
But hey, you’re no stranger to that.
I wonder if you expected me to say I was fine.
Or if you wanted that.

This is the first poem my girlfriend Lyric ever Wrote for me.
I thought I’d post it; it still makes me cry.
Sometimes, it’s difficult, but at end of the day, I know she loves me, and I love her.
She supports me in every way imaginable.
She encourages me to write, and to be the very best I can be, and makes me feel as though I am the most important person in her life.
She is my other half; her laughter is contagious, her heart is pure gold, and her loyalty is beyond comparison to anyone I’ve ever been involved with romantically.
We’ve had one hell of a journey between the two of us, and as many times as we’ve sworn one another off, we’ve always managed to find our way back to one another’s hearts.
I love her.
And when I struggle, I know I’m not struggling alone. God sent me an angel to watch over me; a soulmate to ride through this life with, a best friend to be myself with, a muse from which I can stream my inspiration behind my words.
I’m lucky.
I can’t take that for granted.
I made that mistake once before, unfortunately;
we both did; but never again.
We are two back alley kids with similarly bad backgrounds, stemming from from different corners of the states; but from within our broken hearts, the beauty of our love grows stronger, tougher; we are brought together by our shared experiences, our similar viewpoints, the strength of our connection; the tenacity of the bond we hold between us; nothing in this world can tear us apart;
for as long as we have each other, we are utterly unstoppable.


“From the very start, that first moment we talked, I battled and fought, to give you my heart, together we shine, you had to see the signs, but I was running out of time, so I started acting out of line. Fighting for you to break free, free from all your misery, pushed you away from me, I was too blind to see, that it just wasn’t meant to be. So I tried to forget it all, you weren’t ready to catch my fall, I put up my walls, waiting for a call. But days turned into months, not a single spoken word, so I talked to other girls, never feeling what I had with her, emotions so raw and pure, trusting yet so unsure, when I thought it was over, she reached for my shoulder, it was good to hold her, so we started over. it’s a month later, and you worry about the haters, haters are gonna hate, people are gonna discriminate, but they can’t stop fate. Dont bite at the bait, they won’t have any drama to create. From this day on I swear, I will help you conquer all your fears, when your sad I’ll wipe your tears, when you feel alone I’ll be your home, and when you can’t look in the mirror I’ll be right here. When your scared I’ll be your covers, when your lonely I’ll be your lover, I’ll heat you up when your cold, and I’ll be your backbone when your tryin not to fold. If your hungry I’ll cook you bacon and eggs. when you feel like you have to walk thru hell, I’ll be your legs. I’ll nurse you back to health when your sick, and when your world goes dark, ill keep that spark like my name was bic. I’ll write you stupid poems to cheer you up and when you thirst for inspiration, I’ll refill your cup. When you can’t see any positivity, I’ll be your eyes. when you just want to disappear, I’ll be your disguise. Im not perfect and I will make mistakes, but I will man up and do my best to change for both our sakes. This is my vow to you right now, my promise as your friend and anything else that we choose to pursue, that from this day forward, I won’t ever tell you any lies, I won’t ever take anybody else’s side, and I won’t ever ever tell you goodbye.”

—  “A Ballad For My Baby”

my first poem ever to be published: toive (eng: a wish)

I wrote it for my literature portfolio and later translated it into English. The original poem is on the left and the italiced lines are the ones that made it to the final version of the translated poem.

((pretty please do not steal or remove my capition))

You were everything he was supposed to be. I used to look into swarms of pedestrians and only see people who were not him. But now, as we’re just standing here in the middle of the sidewalk outside my building, with red brake lights flashing around us, everyone is rushing, spreading outwards; meanwhile we’re just here together, still, waiting for something neither of us can name and all I can do is study your eyes and the way the light from the streetlamp beside us twists and turns within the river that is your iris and the tiny strands of your hair entangled in your eyelashes and the small freckle under your eyelid…

I stand here and I don’t see someone else, I see you. And I hope, god do I hope, that maybe you see me too.
—  The First Poem I Ever Wrote About You, 5/12/16, 9:35 PM
The first poem I ever wrote

I was 12, year 7 in high school and we had to write a poem for English class. We were reading a book where the girl had to write a poem starting with ‘In the silence of the night’.
This is what I came up with. It was the moment I feel in love with writing so I really cherish it, even if it is very depressive (:

In the silence of the night
I cry in the dark
for I am scared of the day
for once again my life will be just out of my reach

The tears I wept
fall on my sheets
for the mask is going on again
my life has never started
and my life will never end

My first ever poem.

I wrote my first ever poem when i was about 8.

It got published in a book and i’ve been trying to find it all morning with no luck.

When i find it, i’ll post it. For now, here it is. (I’ve remembered it word for word ever since).


Fears fears fears, always in the way

Each and every day

Fears fears fears, are what you’ve got to lose

Easier said than done, if you’re in my shoes

Fears fear fears, this poems rather clever

But there’s no need to worry.

For nothing lasts forever.

I think 8 year old Jack had it spot on.