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BTS reaction when you’re not wearing bra around them

anon: How would bts react to gf relaxing in their shared apartment and not wearing a bra around them

Thank you for your request! Hope you like it ^^

I feel like they would like this a way too much or it is just me


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It’s 2 months when you’re living with Jin. You feel comfortable with him so without hesitation you’re lieing on lawn chair. When Jin come back from practice, he started to lookig for you. He saw you and get a little suprised by the look that he catch.

J: “Y/NNN! Where are youuu???”

“Right here Jinnie!

J:” Babe you don’t believe what Jung— OMG *gif*.. Ba-ba-babeee. W-w-what are you doing? Not-t-t that I don’t like it because I like but-t-t I’m not a pervert!”


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Satisfied Yoongi is satisfied. You already were perfect for him but noow he’s more convinced that a word “perfect” is too weak for you. At this moment he realise that he’ll have this view every day and he congratulate to himself decision of move in with you.

“Oh girl. You are precious. I think that you have to relax more often Y/N because you’re too stressed and I can help you with that” I


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Hobi, Hobi, Hobi. We all know that he’s one of Bts perverts and this look would turn him on and his imagination which he want to come true.

H:“Y/N.  I think we have to baptized this new apartment”

“But Hobi~ I just-”

H: “ No babe. Right now. Come here”


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You were walking without a bra around him even in his dorm (of course if boys weren’t around) and now, when you two are living together, you’re doing it without any concern about boys or any other stuff. Namjoon? He’s fulfilled with mind that you’re only his.

“Ladies, gentelmens and Y/N. Now is my time!”


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First day of living with eachother. You two just finished unpacking yours bags. You were so exhausted and full of sweat on your body. Like you were doing in this kind of situation, you start to taking off your shirt and bra. Jimin didn’t know abt your “habbit” and just freeze and look surprised at you. When his lovely gf where half naked he just stare and starting to accustom to this and loving this “habbit”.

“What you’re doing? Y/N????” *taking off bra* “Ohhh… OOOOHHH. (No in pervert way. JUST SURPRISED JIMIN). Okay. Fine. I’ll just lie with you and thats it”


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Dirty Kim Taehyung- mode on.

He’s madly in love with the most gorgeous and perfect girl in the world. She’s giving him so much happines. Even her name is ideal “Y/N”. After seeing you without bra, walking around not worrying about him, he was sure that you trust him enought and now he want to make next step in your realtionship.

“Y/N. Thank you and come here. I want to show my love to you.”


I couldn’t choose only one gif so I made kind of “gif story what can happen”>

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~You’re Jimin~

He was playing game in his OWN living-room, on his OWN playstation and in his OWN apartment without hyungs always interruptinh him. And yeah.. I forgot. Living with his OWN girlfriend. First ever gf and he know that the last ever. Sure that you are sleeping he was just playing. He hear steps.. and kiss on the cheak.. and cute voice “Hi Jungkookie~”. After that he just come back to playing game because round its not over and golden maknae can’t lose! But then he look at you and saw you without anything on top. And then he saw his chance.

“Girl. I think that we need to come back to bedroom. AND I think that you don’t need rest of this clothes. Same like me.”

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I've thought about a Youtubing AU for Team RWBY actually. Ruby is resident computer nerd and will put a liquid cooler on anything she can. She also knows OBS and other tools extremely well. Weiss is kind of a "Totalbiscuit" style personality, because she's spent so much time with Ruby she knows exactly what all the settings do and how they affect performance and all that and will talk about it at length. Blake is the one who streams at obscene hours of the night/morning and it's usually (1/2)

(2/2) is some chill open world stuff or RPGs, she LOVES the lore and will talk all day about Zelda timelines and similar stuff. Yang has action on lockdown, whether it be Dark Souls or DOOM, she’s down for a bit of carnage with a comedic twist and often drags the rest of them into videos and streams. Ruby’s the editor, she’s kinda like Grump’s Barry, at first she doesn’t show up in stuff but she does ever so slowly later.

Yeah see I think this is really fun. Like I imagine Yang as the console kid. She only plays Xbox/Playstation and goes for more of the AAA titles. She drags the other girls into Call of Duty Let’s Plays and shows off other big games like Dragon Age and Hitman. She’s currently playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and is a lot in love with Aloy. 

Blake is, as you said, the RPG nerd. She streams late at night and sometimes into the morning. She’s quieter than most of the others and likes to just let the games play and occasionally chime in with information or a funny thing here or there. Sometimes Yang will join her and raise a little chaos on the chill streams. Eventually she and Yang start playing WoW together regularly and it becomes their first big series that all the girls eventually join in on. Though Weiss thinks it’s boring and slow and hates it - but that’s part of the fun. 

Weiss is the multiplayer queen. She LOVES owning noobs online and talking shit. Weiss has a really popular Overwatch series where she just plays for a few hours every other day. She’s also really good at Battlefield and any sort of twitch shooter. She’s a sniper in most games and knows all the platforming tricks to get into the best spots. She also loves to teabag and will sometimes play Call of Duty rounds with no gun. Just a knife an infinite sprint.

Ruby is the retro gamer and resident PC nerd. She is a huge fan of older games like Mega Man and the original Zelda games. She loves Nintendo and takes her Switch EVERYWHERE. She’s also big into PC gaming and has the best setup. She is a completionist and, as you said, the resident techie who sets everything up and troubleshoots. Weiss has picked up on enough to help out but Ruby knows her shit.

Yes, I am a fan of this lol. 


Gambit! My FAVORITE X-MAN! I remember back when there was an X-Men Street Fighter game on the old PlayStation, I would play the HECK out of Gambit/Remy LeBeau and Phoenix/Jean Grey! That was a LONG TIME AGO!! AH!
I don’t remember if I have ever drawn him before, but if I did it was forever ago, so I am starting over! I really like his newer hair rather than the hair he had in the 90s lol, That gloriously long rat-tail he had! I really wonder how he hid it when he pulled up his head piece thing. He was my FIRST favorite super hero! He is such a complicated fellow with the BEST ACCENT I HAVE EVER HEARD EVER! The thief with good intentions and a heart of gold, that is the Remy I love!

Tatum better take REALLY GOOD CARE OF HIM!

Bust A Groove was one of the first games on the Playstation One that me and my sisters ever played and we were utterly confused dude to there being no tutorial on how to exactly play it. I didn’t give up and then figured out attacks, dodges, how to actually dance in the game. Best introduction to dance music I. And just weird as shit characters I really still like today. Pander, Robo-Z and Capoeira being my favorites. Wished Ham would have been in Bust a Groove 2. Shorty was awesome. STRIKER was cool as hell.

EXO’s reaction to you saying “I love you” first

instantheartattackicantevenmove said:Could you please make an EXO OT12 reaction to you saying “I love you” the first time, unexpectedly and without warning?

Yes I could! :3 I hope you like it, and I’m sorry for not doing this faster, I’m just super lazy tbvh….. I suck.

Baekhyun: You stand by the couch as he plays his favorite game on his playstation. “I love you.” You spit out casually, looking at the screen.

He feels stunned and turns around, looking confusedly at you. “Really?”

“Yes really.” And then he smirks. Of course. 

Chanyeol: No matter when, no matter where and no matter how, Chanyeol would break down, blushing harder than ever when you randomly say “I love you” to him without warning. 

Chen: He would start laughing, smiling brightly while struggling to say it back because of the food in his mouth. That’s why his “I love you too!” comes out a little muffled. 

D.O: His quiet flustered “oh, oh.” sounds would come out as well as his cheesy smile as he’s almost too shy to look at you. But he manages and says it back, giggling.

Kai: Jongin would smile gently and look you straight in the eyes. “I love you more.” He says smoothly, making you weak in the knees.

Kris: He would be surprised that you said it first and would probably choke on his own spit. Then, if he’s cool enough, he’d say it back or at least say thank you.

Lay: When you quickly say “I love you” as he walks past you, smiling, he’d stop and ask you to repeat. “What did you say??” 

His facial expression would be so innocent and pure, and when you then repeat he’d break down in a giggle.

Luhan: He would try to act really cool and unfazed by your words, but when he wants to say it back, he messes up which reveals his very flustered and nervous feelings.

Sehun: His face would go through a rollercoaster. His face would firstly be surprised and happy. Then, it would turn into a smirk and then after that it turns into a very happy and touched smile. 

Suho: He would also just start giggling, trying to stay put together but failing pretty badly. He then hugs you tightly from feeling flustered and whisper it back.

Tao: Honestly, he would probably start crying. Sorry not sorry. 

Xiumin: He’s the internal type, so even though his insides are freaking out and his heart is about to pop out of his chest, he stays calm and smiles. “I love you too :)”

Hi guys! This is a pic I did as for @Toshinden-Club week challenges, this one is about Ellis, one of the girls of the game. Well, Toshinden one of the games I love most. Why? because it was the first game I had for Playstation, it was the most impressive game I ever saw, the OST is (along the second and the third game) still my favorite of all time, the characters was awsome, the innovative gameplay… but over all because, because I had so good memories of my school years playing with my friends and my brother Francisco. We played everyday, Ellis was one of my favorites to play since she was really fast (and cheap XD) I still can hear her victory speech: “I never give up!”. Sadly looks like Toshinden was forgotten and just a few remember this awesome game (not on PSN :( ) … Funny thing is that this is the first time I draw something related to toshinden XD
I hope you like it.

Dedicado a ti Francisco por todas las horas que compatirmos jugando de crios ;)

PSCS/bamboo/5hours/music: Ellis Theme - Toshinden OST


Spoon Sports’ Speed Shop Type-One

Founded by Tatsuru Ichishima in 2001. Type-One exemplifies an immaculately kept tuner shop/garage. My first exposure to JDM tuning and its culture was when I first played Gran Turismo 2 for the original Playstation. One of my favorite unlockable vehicles from the game was this highly-modified yellow Honda Civic Type R with black rims, tuned by Spoon Sports. I’ve been a fan of their work ever since.

A rant about Pixar's Cars

I am very much aware of the amount of people that label Cars as the worst Pixar film, and to those people, I completely respect your opinion. I guess it might not be for everyone, and I admit that it is one of those franchises where the sequel did not quite live up to the original. However, Cars has always been and still remains my favourite Pixar film, and I want to spread some positivity, especially because I am NOT EVER going to give up on Cars 3. 

I first discovered Cars at the age of about 5 or 6, and at that time was following my brother in a lot, and becoming an utter tomboy. At that point, I loved Cars for its story, and Mater, and the awesome race scenes. My brother and I spent many happy hours playing the video game on our old PlayStation 2. From that point of view, Cars is valuable to me for the memories, the family connection, and the nostalgia. 

But when I grew up, and gradually balanced out my tomboy side and my girly side, and found all manner of wonderful new interests, friendships, opportunities, knowledge, and opinions…I did not suddenly see any huge flaws, any stupid mistakes, or any reason at all that anything was wrong with this film, and I still do not see anything of the sort today. More than that, I now had a further reason to adore this film: it means a lot to me that the filmmakers put so much heart into championing the small, forgotten towns which have a unique quirky beauty that can only really be seen if they are entered into with an open mind. 

The truth is, though my town is not nearly as small as Radiator Springs and has a very different setting, I still recognise the ways of life, the family and the friendships. We even have our own Route 66; my town used to lie right on the main route between London and South West England. The road in question travelled with the landscapes, and existed alongside pretty fields and quirky villages and had its own wonderful character in a beautiful, beautiful setting. Now, the locals still use it - I travel on it every day to get to school. But there are ten times more vehicles travelling between London and Cornwall, and we only see them when the straight, grey, lifeless bypass that replaced us has been closed because of yet another accident. 

So really, what I’m saying is that I have a huge emotional connection to Radiator Springs. Perhaps what’s happened to my town might not be on the same scale - we have a population of over 6000 and plenty of cars to go around - but that doesn’t matter. I recognise the heart of Cars, and if nothing else, that movie is full of heart. It taught me so much as a child, about winning and losing, friendship, and love, and for that reason - and I don’t give a damn if no one agrees, I won’t change - I love it.

BTS when they see your room for the first time

Omg so I really REALLY really don’t like to have people in my room ever since I moved out and started to go to university? It’s just so private and I feel like all the Kpop merch would scare people away ^-^

Anyways, imagine BTS came over to your (parents’/own) house/flat for the first time (as friends or as boyfriends), what would it be like? 

Please enjoy this short reaction well; you are loved very much by both BTS and Al eonnie, who runs missingyoucafe :***

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Jin: “Waaaa you have a playstation? You should have told me, I’d have brought some games along! Would you like to play?”

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Suga: “Wait - is that a poster of Park Jimin over there?” I regret nothing YOONMIN for life

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Rap Monster: “[Looking at an old picture of you and your sister] You guys are so cute, really~ Totally adorable~”

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J-Hope: “[Spots the most cringe-worthy thing you possess] Omg, _______, that’s so cute! Where did you get this from? Let’s take a picture together”

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Jimin: “[Teases you] Why are you so messy, ________? Now I have to rethink proposing to you when we’re older~~~”

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V: “[Doesn’t care about how you live at all anymore as soon as he spots your pet] Can we take him for a walk? Which kind of food does he like the most?”

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Jungkook: “[Shouts from your balcony while you pray that the neighbours won’t call the police] HELLO SEOUL! It’s JEON JEONGGUK speaking!”

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the first time i played a worms game, i’d rented the sega genesis version for the weekend. i knew almost nothing about it and someone had lost the manual, so i couldn’t figure out what to do and ultimately dismissed it as the slowest, shittiest platform shooter in existence

the second time i played a worms game was at a friend’s house, the playstation version, and he actually explained what the fuck was going on and this time it had cute voices and cutscenes and by the end of the day i’d decided it was the best thing ever. it was the biggest change of heart i’ve ever had about a franchise

this post is for the benefit of that worms armageddon blog that followed me today even though i have never posted about worms until just now. you do you, little bud


To be honest, I get skeptical when a guy says he plays video games and he’s not in my school’s video game club. I really do. I also get skeptical when they’re surprised I play video games. My first relationship with guy was because I said I loved video games. Somehow, I was more attractive because I played them but when he broke up with me, me being sexual was a problem. Like he wasn’t ready to have sex with me from the second week were dating. But he was a virgin anyways so that’s his problem.

But even then, some of the other guys that end up being attracted to me because I play games, realize I don’t just play shooters. If you ever look at my Steam, Origin, Xbox, and PlayStation Profiles, I don’t play COD (racists and bs game series anyways), I have Halo but it lost luster for me, and I have zero sports games. Unless it’s Wii sports, fxck any sports game (EA is mediocre in this genre anyways). But when I say they should expand their collection, there’s hesitation. Like sports and guns are cool and all, but f you rolling with me, you gotta play League, Smite, Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed, or any game with campaign that isn’t 2 hours of the same damn level re-skinned.

But to go back to my first point, blerd guys will focus on the fact that you love games and will do everything to date you. But suddenly “you’re too opinionated,” “your too sexual,” “you’re too shy,” “you’re too loud,” blahblahblah. Like you didn’t catch any of that before or were you too stuck on the fact that we share a common interest? Suddenly I go from “not like all the other girls” to “every other girl” status? Suddenly *gasp*, I’m a person with flaws and emotions and not a fxckin toy. Grow the fxck up bruh.

I’m glad I’m bi because at least their are blerd girls that do not cling to this bs like it’s set in stone. We make up the majority of the gaming community and we get sexualized and fetishized the most. I wonder why I’m still an active gamer but then I made friends with this girl in my department and we’re hunting down Dance Dance revolution and some dance mats.

If this was all over the place, I apologize. It’s been bothering me for a while and I hope someone at least understands at least one of my points.

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I just wanna say that I see a lot of people saying that the prequel was not as great as the the first released trilogy and that the upcoming sequel looks bad. I wanna tell them, that this is a matter of taste and memories. I mean, for me Ep1 is the best SW ever because it's the first one I saw at the age of 5 yo, and I had the video game on playstation, and it represents my childhood. And tbh the new trilogy will affect our little brothers and sisters the way each trilogies has affected us [...]

Very true!  Childhood nostalgia plays a huge part in our attachment to these movies, just as it does with favorite books and TV shows from when we’re kids.  When I was a kid, there was only the OT, so that’s nearest and dearest to my heart.  But the people who grew up on the prequels and the Clone Wars often consider them the most special.  And it’s very exciting to think about a whole new generation of kids getting into Star Wars through Rebels and the Force Awakens.  

It’s amazing how this franchise has flourished for nearly 40 years now.  But for it to keep growing, there needs to be new movies, new characters, and most importantly, new fans.  And I’m all for embracing all of that!  Star Wars fandom is huge - there is room for everyone :)

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What was the first video game you ever played? Mine was Spyro Year of the Dragon on the PlayStation One.

I don’t know if it was THE first, but it was definitely ONE of the first: The original Prince of Persia for the MS-DOS.