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Did my own version of the dregs tattoo. I remember reading somewhere in Six of Crows that Kaz likes brandy which I shared with a bartender friend who as it turns out HATES brandy with a PASSION. Every time she sees a snifter she snarls “screw you Kaz!”, so I made this in her honor. Friendship is a sweet thing (almost as sweet as brandy)

Bartender friend on the keyboard now: This is aCURSED!!! POST!!!


It’s 4am I can’t sleep, so have a mini sketch dump of old Sasuke drawings.

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ok first of all who gave you this talent??? bc damn ive stayed up until like 4am stalking this blog i love it so much lol 💕💕i was wondering if you had the time of you could write a little thing about if BTS were going out with someone who actually did the jobs they had in the Dope Era? I just kinda thought it would be a cool concept welp anyway I love you remember to eat all three meals 💖💖💖

omf all u people who stay up till like the am hours need to sleep,,,,,also this was such a cute idea so!!! here you go!!!

Namjoon x Bellhop 

  • thinks your little uniform is the absolute cutest, gets all smiley when he sees you in it
  • listens and comforts you when you talk about people being rude to you on the job
  • once snuck into the building pretending he lived there, just so you two could ride up in the elevator alone and had there not been a surveillance camera he mumbles that he would have kissed you
  • knows your job can get pretty boring so he sends you samples of music he’s working on
  • made you a playlist called: my elevator love LOL

Yoongi x Military General

  • your job title is so intimidating, but yoongi is so into it,,,,like so so so into it
  • “so you order people around for a living? that’s hot” 
  • wants to know all the military slang and probably tries to use it around bangtan and they’re just like ? and he’s like “did i mention im dating basically a superhero? you think you’re tough jungkook have you seen my significant other?”
  • honestly,,,,yoongi isn’t one to brag about much - but i think he’d really be proud of you 
  • but,,,,,even though he doesn’t show this side of himself a lot,,,,he’d constantly worry that your job might get you hurt in the future
  • once you and him were hanging out with the rest of bangtan and there was a loud noise and all seven of them hid behind you,,,,,,,,yoongi clutching to your arm so hard it nearly went numb 

Taehyung x Detective

  • “can you tell me about the FREAKIEST criminal you’ve ever met?”
  • “did you see something gruesome today?”
  • “can i look at the evidence with you?”
  • it is a,,,,,constant barrage of questions because taehyung thinks your job is the cOOLEST
  • but then he realizes it is a shit ton of paperwork and he’s like,,,,oh,,,,,like he is genuinely upset at this fact and you have to cheer him up with kisses about it
  • once introduced you to bts as the sherlock,,,,,,who solved the mystery to his heart
  • and jungkook was like that was cornier than anything seokjin has ever said in his life
  • late night working on a case and taehyung tries to stay up and keep you company but ends up falling asleep against your shoulder 
  • you have the same coffee orders because being a detective and being an idol = stress = need caffeine 

Jungkook x Police Officer

  • asks if you’ll ever consider joining the k9 unit in the future,,,,,,,you know,,,,,because dogs are great
  • knows work can take a toll on your mood so he’s always trying to make you laugh when you come home 
  • but sometimes he just holds you in his arms, your face buried in his chest
  • just for fun, you let jungkook take the physical exam that police officers have to take and he,,,,passed,,,,,,,,,it
  • you can recite law from memory, which jungkook thinks is amazing he just stares at you in wonder 
  • accidentally handcuffed himself when you told him not to play around with them like ten times
  • falls in love with your hard work and perseverance a little more every day

Jimin x Office Worker

  • stresses that you should eat during your lunch break no matter what, he knows you think chips are a meal but they’re not - they’re really not
  • put a keychain of chimmy on your ID badge
  • knows your bus schedule and gets a lil grumpy if you’re late and you’re like sorry sorry im going im going
  • but then also he runs out of the apartment still in his slippers to give you your keys and kiss you one more time before you go
  • “9 to 5 jobs suck but i want you to know that i love you and you’re doing great!! here is a photo of the sky i took for you because it’s beautiful just like you”
  • gets shy at the christmas party because everyone is like “oh, they talk so much about you!” because you do,,,,you love talking about your adorable boyfriend,,,,

Jin x Doctor

  • the amount of times he’s feigned sickness ,,,,,,,,, just to say “my heart is sick with love for you” is probably in the hundreds by now
  • wore your doctors coat but it was too small in the shoulders
  • got you a picture frame of you two and was like put it on your desk so your patients know you love me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,i already have a photo of us on my desk and he was just like !!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!! 
  • texts you “jungkook has a fever - do you think we should go to the ER?” and you’re like,,,,,,if he gets worse yes but soup and rest can work?????
  • and jin is like wow. my smart doctor significant other. i love you. you are the smartest. and my heart is sick with love for- 
  • you: i know what you’re going to say seokjin and i love you too
  • he knows it’s overused but he’s like “love is the cure for everything. come here and let me kiss all your sadness away” and you can’t even argue with him,,,,because most of the time it works

Hoseok x Race Car Driver 

  • in theory, hoseok thinks your job is so cool and you’re a badass who can handle his wild, energetic self
  • in practice, you are a badass but hoseok is the one who cannot handle race cars
  • all that noise??? the literal chance of getting super hurt???? someone sidesweeping you into oblivion??? no thanks
  • but he knows you love it, and you get a thrill so he’s still the supportive boyfriend
  • who always has 911 on standby during your races even though that’s not necessary LOL 
  • you do both look hot as hell in leather jackets and holding helmets 
  • also, hoseok has the biggest heart eyes watching you fix your car - a little oil on your cheek and being just ,,,,,,, so good with your hands and passionate about something
  • like it makes hoseok happy that you love something like he loves dancing
  • “my love is a race to the finish line and you got first place~”
  • i think couple tattoos are definitely in you and hoseok’s future 

Commander Lexa - 03x05

Two. Months. Left. ARC contest winners + newest teaser!

I can’t believe that in just two months, this book is going to be out. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for you to read it, and there’s so much STUFF happening behind the scenes that I can’t wait to tell you about (Events! Pre-order gorgeousness! And more……..)

But real talk: the contest winners. You’ve been waiting. I’ve been hunkered down and writing, and there were so many entries in all of the categories that I wanted to appreciate and read and watch myself and also share with others to help choose where the little ARCs will go that it took me a bit longer than I’d hoped. So there’s something extra special I’ll be posting on 9/8 that I hope everyone will enjoy, that’s also a hint of things to come. 

And now, here we go:

First place winner of the signed ARC for ART: 

It was a tie. There were so! many! entries in this category, and I loved them all, but the sweetness, the effort and the detail involved in everything about TastyYouth’s entry blew me away.

Since this first category was just flooded with beautiful things, I knew I’d have to get another ARC. And I did. And it’s going to…Sam/Graywarene, for the stunning Tarot cards. You were so on point in the summary of your submission about the characters, and the pieces were made with such consideration–I love everything about them.

Second place: Ayaninja_z! This was one of the first entries I saw, and it was so adorable and dead on I laughed out loud.

Third place, Artscapade. All of the entries were incredible, but this painting stood out for being so haunting and atmospheric and dark. It looks the way (I hope) The Becoming of Noah Shaw feels.

Next, FILM! 

This one had many, many entries too, and they were all so wonderful it felt impossible to choose, but it had to be done so we did it! First place for the film category goes to: 

Jenna Clare. 

Something you probably didn’t know about me-I love to sing. But I can’t write songs/music for shit, so I’m extra in awe of people who can, and do, so beautifully. Not to mention the fact that the art direction and aesthetic was so creative and lovely. 

Second place goes to CrashAgainstMySkin!

YES to those fancasts. YES to that Halsey song. So much time and talent went into this, it was just yes all around. 

Third place in the video category went to another song, this one by the lovely JovvainCanada! But I’m not sure if the link submitted was supposed to be public, so I’m going to leave it up to her about whether she wants to share it. I loved it. It’s splendid. 

Next up, we have the writing category! This one had the second most submissions, and they were all so wonderful I couldn’t have chosen winners if I hadn’t had help! In first place, this poem, which is beautiful and moving and personal, so I’m going to let the writer keep herself anonymous if she chooses:

Only three years ago I had
No idea that only words on a page could make me sad,
Happy, desperate, and so much more at the same time.
Ever since I read the first words, I knew that everytime
I would think about Mara’s story, it would
Still blow my mind like no other story could.
Even after days and months and years have passed,
I can’t let this be just a thing of the past.
And even if I cried because of these books for an entire day,
”Thank you” is the only thing I have to say.
Because when I was only four years old,
And this is a story that I’m still afraid to unfold,
My dearest uncle took my small hand
And wrapped it around his… And on command,
I started moving it back and forth, having
No idea what I was doing.
Now I’m sure you can imagine how my face went white
When I found out what Jude did to Mara that one night.
I was shocked and I hated him with all my heart,
And I thought that if I kept reading, I’d fall apart.
But still, I kept going,
Watching as Mara was still growing,
Still living, still going through things,
Still flying through life as if she had wings.
She slowly became my biggest inspiration and the proof
That I, just like her, can be bulletproof.
Mara’s story is the one that made me realise
That anyone, no matter what they’ve been through, can touch the skies.
And for years and years I’ve dealt
With suicidal thoughts, but when I read about what Noah felt
When he thought that he was gonna die,
All I could do was cry.
Because, for the first time since I can remember,
I knew that someone’s words would be with me forever.
When I read about how he spent his whole life wanting death
But then he wanted to hold his last breath
Just to spend a few more seconds with the girl he loved,
I finally wholeheartedly believed
That maybe, just maybe, there’s something good out there,
Waiting for me. I just have to dare
To live.And I want to thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart
For teaching me lessons like these, that, trust me, are hard
To learn. I wan to thank you for being such a talented writer,
For teaching me how to be a fighter,
For teaching me what true love looks like,
For teaching me that people who are alike
And meant to be together
Will find each other, sooner or later.
I don’t know if these words will touch you as deeply
As yours touched me, but surely,
You will read them and you will know
That there’s one girl out there who just wants to say ”Hello,
You can call yourself
The angel from my bookshelf,
Because when all I wanted to do was quit,
I put my life in your hands and you saved it.”

Second place goes to BetweenthePage! As I said, I love songs and am always so impressed by people who write them well! 

And now, for the random category!

First place: coreypetereed, for this tattoo. 

“The Evolution of Mara Dyer tattoo on the back of my upper arm to honor Noah Shaw. One of my favorite quotes from the trilogy, “You will love him to ruins.” It’s part of my book sleeve :)”

This is commitment. It’s amazing. 

Speaking of commitment–a reader made a dress and SHOES out of the books (!), but I’m having a hard time finding that post! Dear reader, if that was you, please come forward and claim your second place prize!

And third prize goes to: Bookrendezvous!

This was technically submitted under the art category, but it feels like such a unique object that I thought it worked as well as things like dresses and tattoos for this category, too. The construction is just incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. I did not even remotely expect the wave of submissions and was a bit overwhelmed by it all, to be honest, and HAD to make sure I got another ARC because there was just no way four were enough. I wish I could get even more, but on the upside, no matter what, it’s just TWO MORE MONTHS until you get to read the book!

In the meantime, if you saw your entry listed here, here’s what you do to claim your prize: Get in touch via the Ask button, tell me which entry was yours, and let me know your address so it can be mailed to you ASAP! There’s a major hurricane affecting a lot of us, right now, so try to be a bit patient, but my brother in New York is going to be helping to make sure prizes are mailed out to the rightful winners ASAP! 

That’s him, on the right. Meet Josep–I mean, Jeremy. You should follow him on Instagram & Twitter @ JeremyHodkin, but only if you’re interested in MADNESS teasers and exclusive sneak peaks. Only then. 

Once again, thank you guys SO much for entering. I couldn’t do what I do without you.I can’t tell you how inspired I am by your art every single day. 


Soulmate AU where when you find your soulmate, matching tattoos appear on your stomachs. If you’re poly, they’re black until you’ve met everyone in your poly relationship. Imagine both halves of your OT4 are in relationships but neither likes the other half, then they realize that all four of their tattoos match and suddenly their tattoos are in color. Who tells their original partner that “this must be a mistake. I can’t stand those two!” Who tells their original partner “It’s alright, maybe they’re not as bad as we thought.” Who can’t remember/never knew why they didn’t like the others in the first place? Who studies the tattoos for the slightest differences and in the meantime finds out that the others aren’t so bad after all? 

Bonus: it’s an OT5 and the fifth one, who doesn’t even know the other four, is the one who ended up making the tattoos all match in color and now everyone else is mad at them (but not for too long cause it’s gonna get cute)? 

I came in second place

Found out later the person who came in first place for the tattoo costume contest was having a $100 raffle for anyone who voted for him. Some people just can’t play fairly. But thanks to everyone who helped me I got over 300 HONEST NO BRIBING VOTES. Yeay!

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Question: Alright, I am a journalist and really like the idea of getting a pencil tattoo. I don't think it is cliche and really like the idea of it on the side of my index finger. You always seem to dislike finger tattoos, especially as a first one. I have no other tattoos. What is it that makes finger tattoos bad to begin with? Do you like my idea? Where could other placements me? Thank you.

First of all, it’s disrespectful to tattooing traditions. Tattooing has a long history and traditionally, the hands, neck, and face are to be tattooed last. Traditionally, you first tattoo in places easily covered by clothes (chest, back, legs) before working your way down your arms. Eventually, when you’re already covered with tattoos, you get your hands tattooed. In a way, it’s showing that you are truly committed to living the tattooed life.

Secondly, it looks stupid to have bare arms and hand/finger tattoos.

Lastly, and most importantly, having tattoos on your hands limits your job opportunities exponentially. There is no way to cover hand tattoos, especially since wearing gloves is only appropriate in a very tiny percentage of jobs. Any other place on the body (except for the face and neck of course) can be covered by dressing modestly. Getting a tattoo in one of the most visible places possible before you have any idea what living with tattoos is like is a very bad idea, especially for young people. Many, many jobs will see hand tattoos as automatic no-no’s because of how visible they are.

Just because.

I wanted to write some fluff and I did it.
I still feel like this isn´t my best work, maybe also because I´m beyond tired but I still have to go out later. Ugh. (Ugh not because I don´t wanna go out, bbut because I´m always tired. It´s annoying af)

I didn´t want to have time to proof read this, so please be gentle. 

p.s: Roomates going to be up either tomorrow or on sunday but I have to write the party and it´s hard because I´m trying to make it super fluffy and yet somehwo cool.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: fluff, angst

Length: 1463 Words

Originally posted by justaboutsupernatural


Are you Dean Winchester´s ex girlfriend?”
You looked up from your phone and stared at the girl that had just walked over from across the bar to ask you the question you hated most in the world.
She looked vaguely familiar, you had probably met her in a hunter´s bar before, maybe was someone´s daughter.
“That´s what my ID says”, you answered sarcastically and the girl tilted her head: “Seriously?”
You didn´t know what to say to something this stupid so you just made a gesture as if you were shooing a fly away and said: “Please, fuck off!”
The other girl looked pretty offended, but you couldn´t care less and just stared back at your phone, trying to concentrate on the newest case you had found online, but couldn´t.
You cursed that girl for bringing Dean up again and you cursed yourself for caring so much.
Even though you hadn´t seen Dean in months, he kept coming back into your life with dumb little bitches like that girl.
Of course you knew that Dean was some kind of celebrity in the hunter scene and you also knew that back in the days, when you still had been with Dean, you had become known around here too, but you had never imagined that one day people would start referring to you as Dean Winchester´s ex girlfriend.
It was humiliating, to say the least.
Especially since you tried everything to forget that you ever even knew Dean.
Which was hard, considering that you had been together with him for three years.
The breakup, aka the worst day of your life, flashed before your eyes again without you being able to do anything with it.

“You´re not actually doing this, are you?”, he shouted, staring at you angrily, balling his hands into fists at the side of his body.
You stuffed the rest of your stuff into your overloaded suitcase: “Dean, I just don´t see this happening anymore.”
“Why?”, he said, even louder than before and you closed the zipper and looked at him, feeling a little sad too, but you were over it already, had replayed this conversation in your head so many times that it felt like a dream.
“Are you really asking me why I do this?”, you asked, feeling exhausted.
“Of course I do. This is madness”, he gave back and you sighed: “That you don´t know why I have to do this, is part why I have to do this.”
He rolled his eyes: “You´re being ridiculous, just drop that suitcase and we can talk it out.”
“No, we can´t. We can´t because we never talk about anything, you never talk about anything.
Our relationship has gone from something special to something that feels like we´re ex college roommates who decided to live together after college and now have our own lives.
That´s ridiculous, not me.”
It felt right to say it out loud finally, the concern that had been on your mind for weeks now.
He frowned: “You want to talk? That´s what this is all about? That you want to talk?”
“Yes Dean, this is about me wanting to talk. I´m tired of you shutting me out because you feel like it, and I´m done”, you made your way to the door but he grabbed your wrist.
“Fine”, he said and you looked into his eyes, “let´s talk.”
You pulled your hand free and shook your head: “It´s too late, Dean.”

It had been almost two months after that breakup and you were regretting that step terribly.
At first it had felt right, like you were finally getting rid of something that dragged you down, but as the weeks rolled around, you started missing him more than you had thought you would.
You missed him when you were hunting, missed your partner that had always been there, you missed him when you were laughing about something he would have found funny too and you missed him when you went to bed alone every night.
Your glass was now empty, the stupid girl was gone and you pulled out some cash to pay the bartender before heading out into the cold October air.
While you zipped up your jacket, you thought about finding a case in California or anywhere else where it was a little warmer than in Maine.
It wasn´t far to the motel that you had decided to stay in and since you strictly were against drinking and driving you walked the short distance.
You tried thinking about something else, but your last words “It´s too late, Dean”, echoed trough your head.
It was pretty ironic that you had said them in the first place because you had tattooed: “It´s never too late”, on your left rib cage.

You thought about that a lot, about the fact that maybe, if you had given him the chance, he would have turned it around, but then again he probably wouldn´t have.
He wasn´t the kind of guy to change for a girl.
You arrived at the parking lot of the motel and scanned your pockets for the keys before you stopped dead in your tracks, getting the biggest shock of your entire life.
Right in front of you, only a few feet away from your door, stood a sixty-seven Impala and not just some Impala but Deans.
You would have recognized that car anywhere.
Quick, shallow breaths made it hard to focus on what you should do.
You couldn´t drive, not now that you had something to drink, so you would have had to hide out in your room.
Without thinking twice, you hurried towards your door and then again searched for the goddamn keys before you heard a voice behind you that let your blood freeze in your veins:
You didn´t turn around, didn´t need to. You knew who that was, you never knew a voice better than his.
“Dean”, you said and finally turned around, facing him.
He had changed, seemed older, more mature.
It was weird to see him because part of you really wanted to kiss him.
Instead you just stood there in the cold, hugging yourself and feeling like everything was going to explode.
“Are you working a case here?”, he asked you and put his hands in his pockets as if he was freezing too. You knew that this was his nervous-gesture.
“Yeah”, you said and the moment was filled with awkwardness.
“Uhm… Do you wanna come in or something?”, he asked and you knew that this was maybe your last chance to make this right ever.
And before you could think of something else, you nodded and he took a step back so you could slip past him into the motel room.
It was finally warm in here and you pulled off your jacket before standing in the middle of the room like an idiot, feeling like it would be too familiar if you would sit on the bed.
“So…”, you said. “So…”, he said and then smiled a bit, making you smile too.
“Wow, I´ve missed that smile”, he said bluntly and you frowned while keeping to smile.
He held up his hand: “Hey, you remember how you wanted to me to talk more? I practiced. Now I´m telling anyone everything.”
You knew that is was supposed to be a joke, but somehow it reminded you of why you shouldn´t be here and you shook your head:
“Dean, I´m tired. I should leave.”
But he moved in front of the door before you could reach it: “Wait!”
You stood very close to him now and your heart was beating fast because this was everything it wanted.
Just your head told a different story.
“Why?”, you whispered and he closed his eyes for a second, seeming like he had really practiced this for a long time.
“Because I want you back. Because I missed you so bad. Because I made a mistake. Because I know that back then, you had been the one walking away, but I had already left at that point.
Because I´m sorry. Because you belong to me. Because I love you.
Because… Just because.”
This felt silly, like something out of a romance novel and you felt like you should just leave right now, but the problem was that you didn´t want to.
Instead you leaned up and kissed him, just kissed him, plain and simple didn´t say anything, just let the moment speak for itself.
When it was over, your pulse was racing and you still felt like you made a huge mistake, but when he pulled you into a big hug and said: “Oh and because of that of course”, you knew that younger you had been right.
It really never was too late.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place.
—  O.S - Something I should tattoo on myself

Hey tumblr! So yesterday (Friday) I got a new piece of ink!:) when I was younger my grandpa would always take me to watch the planes take off, the old fashioned ones, near our town. So I decided in highlight of those memories I would add this lovely piece of art to my body. And I love it!
Thanks to Ev Jones at First Place Tattoos in New Jersey :)

4/4 Preference: He Finds Your Hidden Tattoo

requested by anon

requests are open // masterlist


You paced the room quietly, waiting for your date to pick you up. You and Luke had gone on a few dates before, but you were always nervous right before. It was just a habit of yours.

The doorbell rang, and you collected yourself before answering it.

“Hey,” You smiled, looking up at Luke. He was a shy boy, but you found it was one of his best qualities. His quiet presence was calming.

Luke took you to the movies, but you didn’t want to be there. Luke had kissed you a few times, but you hadn’t really ever kissed. He had his arm around you, and you rested your head on his shoulder. You found that he kept sneaking glances down at you, and you found you did the same to him. You were tired of sitting and trying to watch the movie, and since you two were sitting in the back of the theatre, you took your chance. You leaned up and kissed his chin, and then looked away, smiling. Luke looked down with a smile, and he kissed you back on the cheek. Soon, after playing a small game of tag with your lips, the two of you kissed.

The theatre was practically empty when you climbed into Luke’s lap. You were wearing high waisted jeans and a black crop top. Luke’s hands rested on your waist, and soon the two of you decided to head to his car. He took your hand and the two of you practically ran down the steps and out of the theatre.

Once you were in his car, you didn’t hesitate to begin kissing again. His hands roamed up and down your back, and you prayed he wouldn’t find the tattoo on your collarbone. It was 5 tally marks— like the symbol for Luke’s band— that you had gotten when you were drunk. You begged that he wouldn’t find it, but it was inevitable. His lips roamed down your neck and hit your collar, and he discovered the ink.

“What’s this?” He asked, pulling your shirt down a little. You froze, trying to think of an explanation.

“It’s a tattoo,” You replied.

“I know that, but why is it the 5 symbol? Does it mean something?” You knew he was hinting at the fact that it was used for his band.

“I got it when I was drunk,” You confessed, “I actually really like your band’s music, and around this time last year I was at a party and a friend of mine, who happens to be a tattoo artist, gave me that when I begged her.” Luke smiled up at you, his blue eyes cheerful.

“I kinda like it,” Luke whispered, planting a kiss on your tattoo. You smiled, relieved that Luke didn’t find the tattoo to be weird.


“I’m home!” Ashton called into your shared apartment.

“Hey babe, I’m in the kitchen!” You called back as you were cooking a meal for you and your boyfriend. You two had just recently moved in together, and you always made dinner. You loved to cook, and you were in culinary school at the time.

“How was your day?” He asked, coming over to hug you.

“It was nice,” You reply, giving Ashton a quick kiss. You turned around and bent down to grab something from the bottom cabinet.

“Babe, what’s that on your back?” Ashton asked. Your eyes widened in realization.

“Its.. uh… well…” You stuttered, “A tattoo…”

“A tattoo? When did you get that?”

You had to come clean. “I got it last week.” You put your hand over the song lyrics that were now written on your lower back.

“Can I read it?” Ashton asked. You nodded, and Ashton walked up and kneeled down to look at them. “We’re never gonna quit it,” He read out loud.

“Chocolate, the 1975,” You reply quietly. Ashton smiled.

“I think it’s cute.”


Michael smiled down at you as you slept next to him. The night before had been a drunk blur, and despite the regret he had for giving himself a splitting headache of a hangover, he didn’t regret the girl he had taken home. From what he could remember, she was an amazing kisser, and an amazing smooth talker. She had his tongue tied in knots when he first saw her, and it took a few drinks for him to loosen up and feel comfortable around her.

Now, as you slept, Michael got a closer look at you. He realized your face was prettier than it was last night. He wanted to see what the rest of you looked like, but he didn’t want to wake you.

Suddenly, you started to stir. Michael didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t want you to leave him when you realized how much better you could have done. He was convinced you were going to leave the minute you saw him, since he thought he was about a 4, and you were definitely a solid 12.

“Where am I?” You asked, looking at Michael groggily. He smiled at you and tried to look his best. “Michael? Is that your name?”

“Yeah,” Michael smiled, “And you’re (Y/N).”

“Yeah,” You replied, “What happened last night? I mean, I know what happened, but I’m not exactly sure how I ended up in your bed.” Michael was silent as he studied you some more. “Do you have a bathroom?”

“Right there,” Michael said, pointing to the door next to him. You climbed out of bed, your pants discarded somewhere on the ground. You were in your underwear and a t shirt that looked like it belonged to Michael.

As you walked to the bathroom, Michael noticed a small black design near your hip.

“What’s that?” He asked, pointing. You pulled your underwear down a bit to reveal your only tattoo.

“It’s a tattoo I got a few years ago,” You replied, “I’m still not sure why, to be honest.”

Michael smiled. With every new minute that came, he was starting to realize you were his dream girl. Random tattoos, great sex, an amazing kisser— how could he not love this?

When you came out of the bathroom, smiling at Michael, he knew it was right.

“You have a playstation? I’m living here forever!”


“Hi, I’m Calum, and I think you’re stunning. Can I buy you a drink?”

One sentence. This one sentence caused you to go home with an unknown guy with great hair, an amazing body, and a pretty sweet car.

After driving to his apartment, this Calum guy had you melting in your tracks. There was just something about him that drew you to him, and you couldn’t explain it. You wanted to do anything for him. He was perfect.

Soon, you two were sitting on his couch, your bodies tangled in wet kisses and roaming hands. Calum pushed your shirt up a bit to reveal the bottom of your ribs. His thumb rubbed over the small tattoo of a crescent moon you had there. It was a tattoo you wanted to get rid of, since you hadn’t intended to get a tattoo in the first place.

“Nice tattoo,” He whispered into your ear as he nibbled lightly, causing shivers to go down your spine.

“Th-thanks,” You stuttered, trying to contain yourself.

“You know, I was thinking about getting one just like it,” He whispered again, “If you think this could be a regular thing. I kinda like you.”