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I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

Auston Matthews #17

Requested by  siriuslynore:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do Auston Matthews imagine about being in a relationship with him and it’s based on the song Miles Away by Memphis May Fire? Thank you !:)

*Hiiii!! Thank you so much and I hope you like this one. My sister was once obsessed with Kellin and OMG is Copeland a cutie or not? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! :)*

Word count: 787

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Sitting on his now-too small childhood bed, you watched Auston zip the last of his bags. Moving your eyes, you counted the hockey gear luggage and other packed suitcases scattered on the floor – all ready for his big move to Toronto. He won’t be leaving until the end of the week but you can already feel the sadness slowly starting to envelop you.

As he dropped the duffel bag, he sat beside you on the bed and sighed, “that’s it.”

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Meet the Son- Sidney Crosby

Originally posted by laurastacey

Ok so I think I like how this one turned out, so I really hope you guys like it too! And… I have nothing else to say… So enjoy!

Warning: one inappropriate line about sex

Anon Request: Im so happy you write so much I love your imagines! Can I request one with sid where you have a teenage son from a previous relationship and maybe he meets sid for the first time or something?


              You were super nervous.

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tifa week
 ↳day two // favorite quote

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins #3

Requested by Anon: Could you write a really cute rnh imagine? Like, your a 1st grade teacher and he visits you over lunch but the kids come back early and see you two just hanging out and the kids lightly tease you, cuz well, they are kids. I hope you have a great day :) ❤ 

*This might have taken me a year! I knoooow. I’m sorry but I’m trying to get back permanently.Be warned, though, that the first few things I put up will be crap. I am kinda rusty but I love you guys and I miss you and I love Nuge. Haha Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 783

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You heard the tiny little human’s voice before you even saw him, “oh my gossshhhh,” he squealed excitedly as if he just saw Captain America. Well, looking at the massive guy eating his pizza in front of you, he might as well have seen Captain America.

“You,” your student tiptoed, moving closer to a now-laughing Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, “you’re Connor McDavid’s friend!!” he jumped, “Connor McDavid!!”

Okay, so maybe Connor is Captain America and Ryan is Bucky, pre-Winter Soldier.

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On Marc-Andre Fleury

Marc-Andre Fleury is likely done as a Pittsburgh Penguin. 

I don’t exactly know why, but I feel like writing a little something about what I feel like he has meant to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If your first thought is “Yeah, but Matt Murray’s save percentage is…..” then this post isn’t for you. I’m not saying that Fleury is better than Matt Murray or that the Penguins should keep him instead of Murray. The league has a salary cap and an expansion draft coming up, so keeping the younger and cheaper goalie makes sense.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m happy to see Fleury go. It’s actually quite the opposite. Yes, sports are about winning (and the Penguins are certainly winning these days) so it probably makes logical sense to say “Well, statistically Marc-Andre Fleury is or isn’t something or other” and then dismiss him. It’s easy to mock people who are sad to see him go as sentimental fools who care more about a “nice guy” than winning and then mention Matt Murray’s save percentage again.

This post isn’t about statistics.

This post is about a feeling. Yes, sports are about winning and losing and numbers, but they’re also about how they make us feel. We cheer because of how we feel. We get dejected when a team loses because of how we feel.

I remember the day Marc-Andre Fleury was drafted. I was two years old when Mario Lemieux was drafted and eight years old when Jaromir Jagr was drafted. I grew up watching those players, but I didn’t have the excitement of paying close attention to their entire careers. 

I was 21 when Marc-Andre Fleury was drafted. I remember getting an email from the Penguins’ mailing list that said the team had traded up to pick first overall. I was ecstatic. It was the first thing to really be excited about as a Penguins fan in a while. The Penguins were not good. The “glory days” were gone. Yes, Mario Lemieux was still there, but the team had only 27 wins in the 2002-2003 season. That year they traded away Alexei Kovalev, and Martin Straka had one foot out the door. 

I had watched Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, and Ron Francis lift the Stanley Cup. Now I was watching Rico Fata, Dan Focht, and Kris Beech. It was depressing.

When the Penguins drafted Marc-Andre Fleury, it was the first sign that there might be hope for the future.

And it wasn’t just hope. Marc-Andre Fleury brought consistency. Yes, it sounds weird to use the words “Marc-Andre Fleury” and “consistency” together, but it’s true.

Since Tom Barrasso left the Penguins, I had watched Ron Tugnutt, Johan Hedberg, Jean-Sebastien Aubin, Garth Snow, Sebastien Caron, etc. in the Penguins’ net. Yes, some of those players were quite good and some had some success in Pittsburgh, but none of them were around for long. When Fleury was drafted I knew that the team would finally have a goalie who would be there for a while. 

He was there for over a decade. He won more than any Penguins goalie in history. And yes, a lot of that had to do with the team in front of him, but a lot of it had to do with him too.

There were certainly ups and downs. Yes, he sat on the puck and pushed it into the net with his butt, he slipped and fell running onto the ice, he bobbled the puck a million times behind the net, he “played” against the Philadelphia Flyers in 2012, and he lost his starting job to Tomas Vokoun in the 2013 playoffs.

But he also stopped Alex Ovechkin on a breakaway in 2009 and dove to keep the puck out of the net to win the Penguins the Cup that same year. He made 46 saves in his very first game with the Penguins (and lost). And, just this year, he stepped in for the injured Matt Murray and was vital to eliminating Columbus and Washington.

Marc-Andre Fleury isn’t the greatest goalie in history. But he’s not the worst, either. The people who attack him over-exaggerate his flaws, which causes his supporters to over-exaggerate his strengths. But, again, that’s not what this post is about.

Before Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang, there was Marc-Andre Fleury playing behind Konstantin Koltsov, Matt Murley, and Mike Eastwood. He gave people a reason to believe. Those bright yellow pads were a beacon of hope.

I’m glad he got to play during this playoff run. I’m glad he got to raise the Cup with pride, instead of sheepishly holding it for a few seconds like he did in 2016. I’m glad Pittsburgh got to say goodbye to him at the parade.

And I’ll be cheering for him in Vegas or wherever he goes. Hopefully it’s not Winnipeg.

Secrets *Requested* (Nico Hischier)

@shashefski asked:  Can you do a Nico Hischier one with the #83 “Yes, a date" prompt ? Please and thank you💕

I’m so sorry it took me so long!! I moved into college and then it was NSI and classes started…and I’m a procrastinator by nature. ANYWAY….I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: Nope

Requests: OPEN

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“With our first pick in the 2017 entry draft…” You bit your lip and leaned forward on your couch. It was almost 2am in Naters, not that it was stopping you from streaming the draft, along with basically everyone in town. It was a small town and nobody wanted to miss Nico being drafted. Nico was well-known in the town, a mini celebrity…which came with the territory when he was getting ready to put your town of 8,000 on the map.

Nico was more than just the town golden boy…he was your best friend. As cliche as it was, your mothers had been best friends and the two of you were raised together. He was 13 days older than you and the two of you had never spent more than a day without talking to each other. When he travelled with hockey you often went with his parents and when that wasn’t an option, skype and phone calls kept the two of you close. It was safe to say that your teachers liked it better when you were apart, since together the two of you caused nothing but trouble. Harmless pranks, jokes, and occasionally a few broken things often trailed in your wake.

“…From the Halifax Mooseheads…Nico Hischier.” You stared wide eyed at the screen…and then let out a piercing scream of joy. You threw your bowl of popcorn from your lap, spilling it all over the floor as you did a victory dance. Your best friend, the boy you had known all your life was the number one draft pick for the NHL…the very best league in the world.

“Y/N!!” You heard your mother shout. She appeared at the top of the stairs wrapped in a robe. “It is 2am! You need to watch the volume!! And clean up your mess!”

“MOM! NICO WAS DRAFTED FIRST! THE FIRST PICK OVERALL!!” You yelled, still shaking with excitement.

“HE WAS?!” Her volume matched yours. Nico had spent just as much time at your house as you had at his. Your mother considered him one of her sons and she was constantly bothering you to date him so it would be official. You weren’t averse to that idea…not that anybody…especially Nico would ever find out.

“YES!” The two of you did a victory dance. “I’m going to call him and leave a message so he know’s I was watching.”

“I’m going to call Katja to congratulate her,” Your mom said before disappearing back up the stairs.

You pulled out your phone and called the first person in your contacts. Nico. Or rather AAA Nico. You listened to it ring and then heard his voice tell you to leave a message.

“I know you’re super busy right now with the interviews and everything…BECAUSE YOU WERE THE FIRST OVERALL PICK!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! Call me when you get the chance!!! Love you!” You ended the call and just leaned back in your seat…your best friend was going to be in the NHL.

You were woken up at 8am by your phone ringing. Groggily you picked it up and answered. “Huh?”

“Did I wake you?” The voice of Nico came through.

“NICO?!” You sat straight-up, suddenly wide awake.

He laughed. “That’s been my name all my life. Did I wake you up?”

“I mean yeah, but that doesn’t matter. You know that our friendship trumps everything! How are you feeling?? Overwhelmed?”

“Our friendship trumps everything but the crush you had on Luca when we were eight.”

“Will you never let that go?? It’s a good thing I didn’t go on your failed excursion of a hike…you broke your arm!! And stop avoiding my question! How are you feeling?”

He sighed. “Do you want the honest version or the version I told the reporters?”

“Nico, Babe….always honest.”

“I’m ecstatic. But I’m also super concerned…like…what if they chose wrong? It’s a lot of pressure. People are going to expect so much and I can’t deliver everything.”

“Nico…listen. You are a phenomenal player and that is why they picked you first. They did not choose wrong. It’s ok to feel pressure, just don’t let it crush you…you’re stronger than it. And Nico…screw what people expect. People may expect you to be the number one draft pick, but they also expect you to be a teenager and make mistakes. So just take a breath.”

You heard him audibly inhale. “Thanks. I really needed that.”

“I already knew that. I’m your best friend…I know all things about you.”

He snorted, “I doubt you know everything. I have some secrets.”

“Oh yeah right.” You laughed loudly. “I’ve known you all my life. I know all of your embarrassing secrets…your secret hiding places for stuff…your crushes…everything.”

“I’m telling you,” He insisted. “You don’t know my biggest secret. I’ve kept it since I was 13 and have told nobody. Not even you.”

You let out a fake gasp of shock. “What?? You’ve betrayed our friendship code and kept a secret?”

“It’s true. And want to know something else? I’m not telling you my secret until I see you in person. And before you ask…skype doesn’t count.”

“But when will that be???” You whined.

“Sooner than you may think.” He answered cryptically. “I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to go to sleep…it’s almost 2am here.”

“I’m going to try and go back to sleep. Enjoy things, you only get drafted first once. I love you, Nico.”

“Love you, too.”

Less than 30 minutes later, you were woken up by the sound of your mother rustling through the house. She had two suitcases with her and seemed to be in a big hurry.

“Mom? What’s going on?” You asked.

“Your grandmother fell and broke her hip this morning, so we’re going down to help out around the area. My dad isn’t quite what he used to be and he can’t handle it all.” She rushed through her explanation. “I packed your suitcase, but if you want to get your chargers and things…we need to leave in about 10 minutes to make it to the airport on time.”

Concern for your grandmother plagued your thoughts, but you grabbed your laptop, chargers, and earbuds and once they were all stuffed into your purse headed for the car. Your mother didn’t speak the whole ride, which was very out of character.

Once arrived at the airport your mother zoomed through people and went right through security. As soon as you’d passed she had taken your hand and was leading you towards the tarmac where your flight was boarding; she obviously wasn’t kidding about having to leave immediately to get to the airport on time. After fastening your seat belt you pulled out your earbuds and shuffled your music, it was a six hour flight to Greenland, where your grandmother lived. Four hours later you gave up on your battle against sleep and dozed off, confident your mother would wake you when the plane began its descent.

An unknown amount of time later, you were shaken awake by your mother. “We’re landing.” You fastened your seat belt and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. You blindly followed the exodus of people off the plane, but when you stepped into the terminal you stopped.

“Uh mom…did we take the wrong flight?” You looked out the glass windows to see skyscrapers in the distance. “Because this looks nothing like Greenland.”

Your mother gave a slight smile, “That’s because we’re not in Greenland.”

“Yeah, ok. That’s all well and good…but Grandma is not wherever we are. She’s in Greenland. I thought you were in a giant rush to get to her!”

“Your grandma is fine.”

“What!?” You shouted. “You lied? What the he-” Your rant was cut off as you were picked up and spun around in a circle. “Put me down!” You shouted at your unknown assailant.

“Is that anyway to treat your best friend?” A familiar voice asked.

You whipped your head around. “NICO?!” You threw your arms around him and then pulled back to make sure it was actually him before hugging him again. “What are you doing here?? I thought you were in Chicago!!”

“Idiot. You’re literally in O’Hare right now.” He said. “Our moms and I worked together to plan this.”

“Why?” You had yet to remove your arms from around his waist…but he didn’t seem to be in a huge hurry to move his from being wrapped around you either.

“You’ll find out later. Now we need to go.” Your mom interjected. “An airport terminal isn’t exactly a place for a reunion.” You and Nico followed your mom towards the baggage claim, still holding hands. It wasn’t uncommon for the two of you to be hand in hand as you walked around town or cuddle when you watched movies. It was just an accepted fact in your town.

“Do you have more interviews today?” Nico nodded in response to your question as you sat together in the back of a cab.

“I have three more scheduled for this afternoon. I don’t know how many ways I can answer the same question.” You chuckled lightly. “But after that we have plans.”

“I refuse to do anything with you until you tell me what this secret is.”

“Our plans have to do with the secret.”

You contemplated. “Fine.”

“Wonderful.” The taxi came to a stop in front of the hotel you were apparently staying at. “Be ready by 5pm. I’ll be here to pick you up. Love you.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and then waved as he was whisked off to the location of his interviews.

You were ready and waiting by the door when he knocked 10 minutes before 5. After calling out a quick goodbye to your mom, the two of you headed out to the street. He led you along the sidewalk, still hand in hand, to a small restaurant on the corner.

The pre-set table had a vase with a white lily resting on a checkered table cloth. There were two small tea candles on each side of the vase. “This seems pretty fancy. If you’re trying to apologize for the secret, I’m really not mad at you.”

“I know you’re not mad. We’re here because I decided it was time to make it official and take you on a date.” He said simply.

You blinked owlishly. “Umm…did you say a date?”

Yes. A date.I don’t know how you’ve remained oblivious all these years…but I’m pretty sure I’ve loved you since I was 12.”

“You love me? You want to date me?”


You promptly burst into tears and ran away the table to throw your arms around his neck. “I thought I was the only one who felt that way.”

“Wait,” He leaned his head back so he could look at you. “You’ve felt this way too? And I was the one who got in trouble for keeping a secret?”

“That’s not important!” You brushed it off. “We’re dating now?”

“I’m pretty sure we’ve been dating for years…we just haven’t gave it an official name or actually kissed each other.”

“I am happy to remedy both of those situations.” You whispered. Then, did exactly that…pressing your lips to his.

Let me know if you see any blazing errors!


Request: could I request a Nico Hischier imagine where u used to have a thing with Zach Werenski but he kinda of screwed u over and now you’re with Nico, and super happy, and Zach/new girl sees and is super jealous?

A/N: Honestly, I think this one turned out pretty well. I sort of knew who Zach was because he played for UofM with Larkin…and I only know of Nico because of this year’s draft. (Yay for him! It’s super awesome to be a first round pick, not to mention first overall.) He’s also super cute. Wayy too young for me (LOL) but adorable. Let me know if this is even in the realm of what you were imagining.

Nico was everything you never knew you wanted. Your friends chirped at you relentlessly for months after you got together because he was only 18. But you would just roll your eyes and smile.

At 18 Nico was more than Zach could ever hope to be. For starters, he wasn’t a shitty human who thought it was OK to have a couple girls on the side during the season.

“So you’re admitting it. Seriously what the hell Zach?” You screamed because you knew you would cry if you tried to be calm about the situation.
“I don’t see why it’s such a big deal (Y/N), it was during the season. It’s not like you can always be there. You’re still taking classes.” Zach brushed it off.
“I don’t even know where to start. There is so much wrong with that sentence. It’s a big deal, Zach, because we were together and you still decided to sleep with not one but three other girls.” You shook your head and grabbed your jacket. It was a mistake to ever come here.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He snapped.
“Home. This, whatever this is, it’s over. I’m done. Don’t call me.” With that, you walked out the door and out of Zach Werenski’s life for good.

Three months after your break up, if you could even call it that because how can you break up if one of you didn’t really take the relationship seriously, you took a much-deserved trip to  New York. Where you happened to run into Nico. He’d just been drafted by the Devils and was getting to know the area. With NYC being so close, it was a short trip for him.

Being the first overall draft pick was overwhelming. You could see it on his face during his lunch with Santini. You don’t know why, but you got up and walked over to the table.

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you guys, auston matthews isn’t just the highest drafted latino player in nhl history. he’s the only player of colour to ever go first overall in the draft. there’s such little racial diversity in hockey, and his success is so important.

anonymous asked:

i'm new to hockey. why was the old Habs coach bad?

O H M A N (i’m sorry i’m working on shit so i don’t have time to source these things but:)

  • he told marc-andre fleury he was the worst first overall pick he (therrien) had ever seen
  • he made alex galchenyuk apologise for being abused
  • he made max pacioretty play with a broken foot
  • he leaves his goalies out to dry
  • he blames individual players for the team’s failures
  • he tried to make pk play an entirely different game than what he was used to and good at
  • he wants the players to conform to his vision instead of using the players’ unique skills to form a better team
  • he’s just a dick