first pic use reference


i haven’t done art / realism art in a while but ahh i’m so so happy and proud of the progress i’ve made –in this drawing alone!!!

i’ve only used this one reference image and from the first pic to the second…it took me about 4 hours apparently. christ. my hand hurts. kudos to realism artists out there this shit is tough.

Still a work in progress btw! Gonna draw phil and add colour another time!

PLEASE DON’T save/crop/repost and/or claim as your own… or trace….

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I got a bit carried away, and might have experimented to much with the layers and brushes haha…

So, quick drawing and first fan art for Love-In-Idleness  by bilboo (who is always blessing the Hobbit fandom with wonderfully well written fics). And I used the first pic of this gorgeous photoset as a reference for the pose and costumes :)

Edit : WAAA I forgot the feathers ! I’ll add them when I have time ^^“