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A Brief Elounor 2.0 Timeline (To Date)

19 January: Official Danielle/Louis break-up announcement in the Sun

20 January: Daisy likes first pic of Eleanor on Instagram; Over the next month, she liked 32 different posts and pictures; Phoebe liked 9

20 January: Eleanor posts a picture to Instagram from the UK

22 January: Eleanor likes video of Gigi posted by Tommy Hilfiger like she was still promoting the brand/show

28 January: Eleanor posts instagram story from a hotel in the UK; Had drinks with uni friends there

29 January: Louis refollows Eleanor on Instagram; Russell, his manager, followed a minute later

30 January: The Sun & Mail write articles reintroducing Eleanor

4 February: James Arthur announces on Twitter he’s friends with Louis and just “hangin out” with him; Update Accounts report Harry was at LAX on his way to London

8 February: The day of the Tommy Hilfiger show; Eleanor didn’t attend, but Max did; Louis was in the studio

9 February: Her own UAs are confused about why she didn’t go to the Tommy show, especially since Max did

12 February: James Arthur starts following an Eleanor UA on Twitter

13 February: Louis on the James Corden show; Harry is papped in London

16 February: Eleanor follows Louis on Instagram and likes his selfie; Louis likes Eleanor’s selfie posted months ago of her in the same brand/design as the shirt Louis was papped in, also on the 16th; James Corden then followed Eleanor on Twitter late that night

19 February: The Sun writes an article “1D Star Louis Tomlinson Rekindles Romance with Ex-Girlfried Eleanor Calder” saying they’d been secretly spending time in LA together and she missed the Tommy Hilfiger show specifically to spend time with Louis. 

What does all of this mean?

The effort that went into reintroducing her to this fandom using the actors in the current promo narrative (James Corden, James Arthur) is profoundly contrived. His own sisters accounts set the stage HOURS after the official break-up announcement of his “relationship” with Danielle. The ink wasn’t dry on the print edition of the Sun before Elounor 2.0 had begun. 

They set the stage for the James Arthur reconciliation, too. Louis included him in an Instagram post on 4 February. Then, a week later, James Arthur’s twitter account happens to follow an Eleanor update account? @God why.  

Louis followed Eleanor on Instagram on 29 January. His new “manager,” Russell, who had been on promo stops with him, followed her a minute later. 

Then, on 6 February, James Corden and Louis announced Louis was coming on the show on 13 February. Then on 16 February, James followed Eleanor on Instagram late at night.. 

Even Harry’s flight out of town his own Update Accounts all knew about was part of this puzzle, too. He left town right as the 2 week window of Eleanor’s absence from social media began. Eleanor uses Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat religiously, including documenting her travel to and from London to other parts of the world. This just happens to be the one time in the last 18 months she hasn’t done that. She was also not included in any social media posts by her own friends in LA, so if she was there, did she spend 2 weeks surgically inserted up Louis’ asshole? That’s sure what they want you to believe!

But not even her own UAs are buying it.

They’ve been building a low level reintroduction campaign on social media with his sister’s accounts. Then, they added the additional layer of Louis’ and Eleanor’s social media account. They got relevant, timely actors currently doing promo with Louis to follow her and one of her update accounts. Harry got out of town in true 2013 style, to attend business with Jeff on another continent. Eleanor went ghost on social media, another 2013-2014 tactic. They set up a series of plausible events if you look at the surface, easy to write an article about without looking wildly false. And when all else fails, they’ll lie. That’s the ball game. 

And this is nothing to say of the actual images involved here beyond the strategy behind it. I’m just going to quote @conscious–ramblings here. 

Imagine splitting up with your long term boyfriend after while you dated he told everyone he wouldn’t marry you, and a year later cheated on you publicly. Imagine him then publicly going out constantly with different girls, spreading it all over social media to everyone you both know. Then imagine he knocks up one of the randoms he’s been out with once and her cousin tells everyone who will listen that he was dating the girl while he dated you. Then while he ignores pregnant girl and won’t talk to anyone about it, he starts dating someone else (who looks a bit like a budget version of you mixed with a budget version of his sister). Then after new girl publicly cheats on *him* he slides back into your DMs the next week.

IMAGINE explaining to your mates you are taking him back, let alone the whole world.

So yes, it’s contrived. Yes, it’s annoying. But it’s pretty transparent, too, so don’t give them the power of reacting emotionally if you can. Mock it. Ridicule it. Call out the bullshit. Shove the facts back down their throat. That’s how we get through this.

This Day in 1D History - June 8


  • “Meee and lee-am” (via Louis’ Twitter :))


  • Up All Night Tour concert – San Diego, USA


  • Niall throw some crazy shapes (lmao) outside the arena 
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Mexico City, Mexico


  • Where We Are Tour concert – London, UK #3 


  •  “One of the very first photos I shot for @onedirection” (via John Urbano’s Insta) <333

Sam at the airport in Capetown. Posted today at around 11:00 am local time.

He is clearly not in the secured departure area so his reason for being at the airport could include pick up or drop off of a visitor or visitors. If it was from today perhaps mum or other family decided on a visit for his bday and to see the exciting and foreign place he and Cait are calling home for the next few more weeks and Sam is picking up? Perhaps friends or family have been visiting and are now departing and Sam is seeing them off? Maybe he is going on a short jaunt for his bday? Sam has for his past few bdays had a habit of spending them solitary surrounded by nature’s beauty in some wild place, so maybe a short flight to a place where he can be alone and hike and climb is the order of the day for what is left of this short birthday weekend?

In short there are many reasons why he might have been at the airport today. He is dressed rather casually, and lightly, for a first class passenger preparing for a long flight, so if he is going anywhere himself, or with Cait, today it is probably not far- perhaps a couple of day jaunt to the game reserves nearer to Johannesburg, or another safari or hiking location- there are many within an hour or two flight time from Capetown- and he has to be back to work soon too I imagine. Also worth noting is that this pic was posted not long after a flight from the UK was scheduled to arrive at Capetown. if Sam was meeting an arriving relative or friend the time was right on.’

How Ben sees it - “This should be us but”..... Part 1

We all know that B/ns been living in the PR house now for 2 years and despite B/n’s recent outing as a room mate D’s PR team have yet to explain his presence properly. Everyone in this fandom has seen posts that show Ben in the bedroom etc, but there doesn’t seem to be as many of his new posts here.  I was looking at @ajw720‘s recent and excellent post X on how Ben and Mia communicate through their social media and thought it’d be fun to put a few posts together AND if you don’t look through their twitter and IG accounts you should as things can often be connected that hint towards a relationship

Ben has now posted ‘this should be us’ comment 3 times.  Usually connected to current or recent bearding.  

The first time was 14 November 2017.  This one was posted during H/dwig and prior to Ben’s visit to Australia.  I’m sure we can all remember the various Thanksgiving PR pics M/a posted at the time with D not in sight and maybe B/n knew about the Xmas stunt of filming Christmas in October.  I believe this is a comment on her job. B/n went to the UK at Christmas and M/a stayed in the USA.  

The second was 15 January 2017. The Obama pic.  D & B/n had performed a few days before in NYC at the Bowie Tribute concerts and Ben as due to go to Kentucky on the 27th Jan after performing at the tribute at the Wiltern LA.  Could she have chosen this road trip?  No she chooses to go stay and do the W/men’s March which also provided the opportunity for a new PR stunt with D and some publicity for her and her friends. 

Ben performs at the Wiltern and goes south to Kentucky without M/a immediately after.

I think she’d declined his offer and we get this tweet. 

He does however try and show some support to his gurl and D for the march despite his feelings.  Note he mentions men can be feminists.

Three days later and in Kentucky Hudson is tweeting again.  I wonder who this is aimed at?

Shortly after M/a responds with a Snap chat and the words Lonely boy 😍🤘😍”

We then get February, Vancouver, the pap snaps and Valentines.  I’m not gonna post about Feb as that deserves one of it’s own (Part 2) which I will post over the next few days.

Finally we get to the third “it could be us but…….” IG posted 5 March 2017.  Now Hudson is in the Far East including the Maldives while M/a has chosen to take part in some heavy bearding duties again including red carpets, the o/cars, F/ud instead of raking up the offer of another fun trip with B/n.  IS THIS BEGINNING TO SOUND FAMILIAR YET?  Read AJWs pos for that analysis X  , M/a responds with a post on contracts.

One final thought.  It does seem that our B/n is a romantic soul who likes nothing better than  a quiet night in with a roaring fire, a bottle of wine, his dog (which D’s allergic to ;) and a pink haired Unicorn.  I wonder who that could possibly be???

So this is how I think B/n sees it and In D’s words “I’ll let that sit with you for a while”.

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Can the Sun stop already?? Now they're saying Taylor and Joe went on a tour of the UK South coast on a Peugeot 3008 some time in the past few months lol I mean they could've done anything but I'm having a hard time believing a couple who's managed to stay secret for 7 months is all of a sudden spilling details to the press themselves or someone from their entourage is ratting them off.

first off, i think it is funny this posted  5 minutes after the web embargo ended at 12:01, see below: 

The lovers had coffee and orange juice  in Nashville, Tennessee — where he is meeting her parents — after flying in on a  private jet.

It was a far cry from the Peugeot they  hired to stay incognito as Joe drove them on  a  tour of Britain’s south coast and his home city, London.

A source said: “Taylor and Joe are desperate to keep their relationship under wraps and by acting like a normal couple they’re managing to achieve it.

“They knew hiring an extravagant car would bring attention. Travelling in a modest Peugeot 3008 wouldn’t turn heads and they’d look like any normal couple.”


i mean. I just dont know if its true or not true but so far the Sun hasnt been proven wrong in the general sense, i am just gonna say that. So at least some of the sources they’ve gotten so far have been legit. Additionally, just imo, if they WERE gonna go on vacation OR drive around london, it is true that they would be less obvious if they were in a normal people SUV not an escalade/range rover or a jaguar. Seems like another pretty specific detail. Like if i was gonna make stuff up for a tabloid i would just be like “oh yeah they headed out of london this winter” with the hopes its true based on probability alone. However listing a specific detail like the make and model could be proven wrong. Altho, to play devils advocate, if it is wrong, it’s not harmful or worth proving wrong, either. 

also, can i point out that at least they were smart enough to notice it was OJ in Joe’s cup. LOL 

Anyway, it might be false but it might not be. 


December 30 is a day that should be celebrated because it’s when these 2 love birds got married. Happy 5th Anniversary!


Mad Max revisited .

 It seems ages ago that I first showed this on my blog  but as I’m in the middle of making a new cutting head for it thought I’d revisit with some new pics and have been testing it out over the summer to allay any fears over the bolt together construction .

 The new head will be the last piece to make and will be a tomahawk type spike , and Ive started work on the sheaths and carry options including so far a modified UK police side handled baton holder and various rustic sheaths from car interiors with copper electrical wiring  to keep with the Mad Max theme .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

The One Direction Larry 5-Day Timeline

So I noticed something rather interesting today, starting with February 1 and the  confirmation from Modest! Management that Harry Styles is no longer their client and on their roster, I discovered an interesting pattern that should be looked at more closely. 

All the major news events pertaining to One Direction, or to be more specific Harry and Louis from September 24th, 2015 to February 1st, 2016 has followed a pattern of being released, brought to our attention, or happening every five days like clockwork. There is only ONE instance in which I didn’t find anything major that happened within this pattern, that being on November 18th, 2015.

Now, it’s important to realize and remember that multiple news stories are released daily that involve this band and each of the members within it. But this timeline just happens to hit all major events that have happened pertaining to these two which has shaped the general image and storyline we are being fed and are supposed to believe to get us to where we currently are today. 

This mainly being that Louis Tomlinson has just had a baby with Briana Jungwirth resulting from a one night stand, but is happily dating actress Danielle Campbell that he met in November 2015, while Harry Styles has left his former management company behind and recently had a fling with Kendall Jenner. Ok, then. 

The timeline is as follows:

Feb 1 - Harry’s Birthday and confirmation that Harry is free from Modest! via Statement

Jan 27 - Dan Wooten’s article is published on stating Harry has left Modest.
Jan 22-  Louis’ baby is born/Confirmation tweet via Louis’ twitter account
Jan 17- Louis/Danielle grocery shopping trip to Bristol Farms.
Jan 12- Alan Ewart “Fly High Buddy” Article is published chronicling Louis often secret and under-appreciated charity work.
Jan 7 - Louis/Danielle ski trip in France, picture of their apparent kiss is tweeted.
Jan 2 - Louis/Danielle go clubbing in London, while Harry and Kendall yacht photos are released.
Dec 28 - Harry and Kendall are spotted in Anguilla, fan photos appear on Twitter.

Dec 23 - Briana “breaks her silence about tough pregnancy without Louis” articles come out and Louis leaves Chicago to head back to the UK.
Dec 18 - Louis seen in Chicago spending time with new girlfriend Danielle Campbell starts.
Dec 13 - X Factor Final Performance…sold in the media as “the start of the break/18 month hiatus”.
Dec 8 - Louis found to have a new girlfriend, and dating Danielle Campbell articles published.
Dec 3 - One Direction appear on The Late Late Show with James Corden. (thanks to @tilltheendstylinson for pointing this one out to me)

Nov 28- Briana seen in paparazzi photos.
Nov 23 -First pic of Louis/Danielle at Bootsy Bellows posted on Twitter by a friend of Danielle’s.
Nov 18 - ????
Nov 13 - Made In The Am album released.
Nov 8 - News of a sex tape with someone looking an awful lot like Briana is discovered/made aware.
Nov 3 - Briana seen in paparazzi photos.

Oct 29 - Louis kicked out of hotel he wasn’t staying in for trashing a room in the UK(Newcastle) article published by Dan Wooten.
Oct 24 - Louis working with Simon on forming a girl band articles released.
Oct 19 - Simon shares parenting advice with Louis articles (in People)
Oct 14 - Harry playing scrabble with model friend of former rumoured girlfriend Nadine Leopold Georgia Fowler on her snapchat. Louis does guest judge’s house spot for Simon in France.
Oct 9 - Perfect announced as 2nd single off of Made In The A.M.
Oct 4 - Louis and Liam “fight” on stage, band hates each other articles start to be published in many major media outlets.

Sept 29 - Louis’ announced as Simon’s guest judge for X Factor.
Sept 24 - First date of the UK and final leg of the OTRA Tour. Briana in London and seen at the showing standing in a noticeable area with Louis sisters. Niall makes “not anymore Simon” comment following the line stating “everybody wants you” on stage during the concert. 

Interesting, no? 

I will not that the 5 day timeline doesn’t hold up if you continue looking back past this date…which is why I strongly believe this was the start of it and away from the pattern we had seen before of Tuesday/Wednesday releases on a 3 week or 21 day cycle. 

I also don’t know if it has anything to do with it but the bears, RBB and SBB who we strongly believe to speak to us and help us out from time to time did a 5 day countdown in October which may have possibly assisted to help establish the pattern or was a clue to make it known, but I’m not fully convinced on that, it just offers a possible explanation for the countdown happening at all.

Regardless, there are no coincidences with this band and these boys. And something that we can pin to a clear and concise pattern for FIVE months isn’t only suspect but very telling as well. This isn’t our first rodeo as fans of One Direction and Louis and Harry, but we’re seeing things now and the big picture is becoming more than clear. We just have to work to connect it all, which we will. 

About the GF leak...

First of all… here’s the “story”. OP was in his fathers house in England where he saw the new Gravity Falls Episode On Disney XD HD. He claims that he uses Sky on demand. OP claims that it aired by accident and he filmed the whole episode himself and asks if anyone would  want him to upload it. Now before I say any thing else, how dare you OP? Why would you post something like this and CLAIM it’s legit. Alex and his team work very hard on this show. Carefully and meticulously producing the hype and for it to be produced too soon by a POSTER ON THE INTERNET. Alex has already done this before just to prove us wrong, to say that you should NEVER believe un-official releases. Now personally I think it’s fake. Although the first image was taken down by copyright…. I’ll just let time know and Alex’s response to this. Until then, see ya in July, when the TRUE release will be aired. And remember…


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The episode…. is confirmed…. (via here and here) but it still doesn’t rest my point. OP should have never posted the pic (though the picture is still questionable) and to all those in UK who saw the post… SHUT YOUR MOUTHS! Remember this post?  Yeah do that. Disney should sue Sky or suspend it temporarily for this huge mistake! So anyaways… stay calm and wait till July. To UK fans NO SPOILER OR LEAKS PLEASE. We SURVIVED A YEAR FOR SEASON 2! WE CAN HANDLE ANOTHER MONTH! GUYS!!! Plus 618 is coming….

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I almost use my brain regularly (hehe) but I'm new at this fandom and I don't know what's going on :$

That’s alright love haha, didn’t mean to offend you or anyone who doesn’t see a pattern (yet). What we’ve seen ever since the hiatus started is that the appearances of the boys seem to be connected. There are times when Louis is spotted daily and other times where he’s not being seen for days or even weeks. During those times we get pap pics and social media actions from one (or more) of the other boys. It happens all the times but this week is like the perfect example. Before Louis went to the uk (and then Ibiza and then uk again) a couple weeks ago he was spotted on the daily, he went to Starbucks and met stalkers almost every single day. Now he’s back in LA for like 4 (or 5? 6?) days and we didn’t get a single pic of him. But funnily enough we suddenly got pap pics of Niall every single day this week. And even Liam posts random stuff about flip flops (?!) out of nowhere. While Harry and Louis are both completely Mia. That might not look suspicious if it was the first time but we’ve seen this very same pattern for months now so make of that what you want 😉

2013 On Tumblr

So throughout the year I have been recording every significant thing that happened on tumblr (to my knowledge, but then again, I am only one person) and since it’s New Year’s Eve I thought I should post it.

Let me just say, 2013 has been a jam-packed year.

  • 1st January: New Year Celebrations.
  • 7th January: Little Baby Ackles is announced.
  • 9th January: People’s Choice Awards.
  • 21st January: The Sherlock Fandom emerges as Arwel Wyn Jones starts to tweet pictures of the set.
  • 22nd January: NTA’s- Colin Morgan wins an award for Merlin and Martin Freeman and Bradley James pull the best disapproving faces when Downton Abbey wins!

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DOL2015 - #5 Labor Day Edition

Droughtlander 2016 Issue 5 - 9/5/16 

In the US and Canada today is Labor Day so I did not labor at work, just at home getting my daughter ready for her first week of 4th grade tomorrow. Please correct me if any of the times or observations are inaccurate.

Our two lovely co-stars have been busy today as well. Cait had her first day of filming and Sam had a day off.

The day for me started by noticing they had both been online together, shocking I know, around 10:30 am UK time (Cait posted on IG and Sam was on twitter). Sam, who is not working today was up early, tweeted at 7:30 am UK time, maybe up with the wifey who did have to film later today and was up to get ready. They were subsequently online together again or within about 30 min of each other -  around 3:30 pm UK time. 

The biggest event this morning was the release of Sam’s Barbour pics!!! Well, all I have to say is OMG!!!! That man! My first reaction was “what the hell is this, it should be illegal”! But upon calming down from shock, I realized Cait is one lucky lady to hang out sort of personally with that man. Also, I echo observations by others on his maturity in the shots and the perfect fit that Barbour is for Sam and vice versa.

It seems Cait’s filming didn’t start till 4:30 or closer to 5pm UK time based on tweets by some fans that saw them on their way to filming.

It was first thought that Sam was on set with her but later the fans said that they didn’t see Sam when filming had finished. Who knows, but, maybe the original information was accurate after all, it seems like it wasn’t just the one fan that saw them and that she had heard from someone Sam was there but later she didn’t see him. 

Never mind, it doesn’t matter, I would like to think that someone did see him as originally reported and that Sam took time to walk the wifey to set and see her off to work, giving her a good bye kiss and wishing her luck. He then went off to run some errands or do other things while she was working, like any other normal couple.

He was seen at the post-office at some point based on a fan that tweeted a lovely picture of him but it is unclear if that was today or not. If today, maybe he went to the post office after dropping off wifey on set :) ;). Maybe he caught up with Graham and others…or maybe that pic with Graham was last night and wifey took the pic.

World Child Cancer liked many of Sam’s Barbour pics today!! Why wouldn’t they, after all, he is practically a patron as well. People raise money for WCC in Sam’s name also and I wouldn’t be surprised if he supports wifey’s work with the charity behind the scenes.

Neither Cait nor Tobias tweeted anything about their first day on set but I am sure it was wonderful. Fans said they talked to Cait after and she was lovely. Just as an observation, Cait and Tobias were/are never online together… just saying.

Shockingly…not… Sam and his friendly co-star with whom he seems to spend quite a lot of time hanging out sort of personally were online together again around 9pm UK time. I guess Cait was home for dinner or maybe he went to pick her up from the set and they are having dinner out…awwww…

Maybe they will even be up late watching the 7PM Andy Murray match at the US Open, Cait followed them today on twitter. We know who else is a big Andy Murray fan! :) ;)

Good day in shipper-land ladies!!


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Cris what did you mean by subtle shout out on the pic that Louis posted? (Totally love how he is the fan for once in a pic). Do you mean he is giving a promo for the show?

No. Peaky Blinders is a UK show that Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy were in. COINCIDENTALLY they are also in Dunkirk with Harry.

Louis previously tweeted this:

on the same day that Harry was first seen in Dunkerque, France to begin work on the movie :)

This Day in 1D History - April 13



  • Lou Teasdale posts on Insta: “Harry and Lux doin some spreadsheets makin some deals”
  • Harry is spotted being spotted in his hotel gym
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Sydney, Australia


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Sheffield, UK 

it’s interesting the fact that despite the 300 pap pics of louis with the baby every outlet from UK and US used the first selfie he posted on IG which was one of the few pics that we had of “daddy and lad” in MARCH (pap pics at CC began after the beginning of March when the first news of the custody dropped)…almost like they had these articles ready since then  and they didnt change the picture to something more recent 

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I've got a friend who lives in Dublin (I'm from the uk) and one of his friends posted a pic of him and her with "Huns😅" What does huns mean (sorry if that sounds thick haha 😂😂)

“hun”, contrary to first impression, is slang for “honey”, usually used to refer fondly to friends (often female) “goin out tonite wit d hunz xx”. See also: stun hun (stunning honey)