first pic of 2014


These are the buildings JYPE is using now: the main building (on the left) - headquarters, and JYP training centre (on the right) + 3 other small buildings. 

At the end of 2017 JYPE will be moving to a brand new building in Olympic Park where they’re going to have everything - there will be 1 building instead of 5. The old headquarters (shown in the first pic) were sold in 2014 but JYPE will be using them until the end of this year until they move.


Or in the case of Laz’ab, /STARVE THE BASTARD/

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This guy has the fountain of youth installed in his backyard lol. Pic on the left was taken on Apr 2014 while the right pic was shot around Sept-Oct 2016. That’s 2.5 years in between and yet he doesn’t look a day old in the right pic.

So. I haven’t posted any progress pics in a long time. So here goes. First pic is right after top surgery. June 2014. Second pic is from about 2 weeks ago: Sept 2017. I’ve put in lots of hard work and I have a long way to go. But I can see that I am getting closer. I probably wouldn’t have even posted this if it weren’t for an old Tumblr friend contacting me and reminding me of my progress :) fun fact: I’m about the same weight in both of these pics. 155-160


Towards the end of May in 2014 I met a guy on Tumblr. We started getting close quickly, texting all the time, constantly face timing too. Eventually, in just a few short months we started dating. It was a long distance relationship. Due to financial situations & the distance between us, we weren’t able to see each other. But we didn’t let that stop us. For close to 3 years we were going strong, and although it was difficult at times, we were able to make it through.

Yesterday we finally were able to meet and I can’t even explain how amazing it was! It was only for a few short hours but i was happy with anything at the moment. As corny as it sounds, having this person who i literally fell in love with through a screen being actually there in real life is a feeling I can’t even explain. I cried when I seen him. Cried even harder when I had to go but I know it won’t always be like this.

To those who are in long distance relationships, I understand how hard they can be. It is important to put love before all the doubts, the fears & any other negative thoughts because in the end it will be beyond worth it ❤️

(Left pic, first time we FaceTimed in 2014. Right pic, best day ever, 6/26/17)


Art Comparisons - 2014 (joined tumblr) vs. 2017 (now)

From left (2014) to right (2017):
-First fanart ever made / Recent piece (09/19/14)
-Watercolor Tutu / Red/blue pencil Tutu
-Traditional Fakiru 2014 / Traditional Fakiru 2017
-Most proudest 2014 digital piece / Most Proudest 2017 digital piece
-2014 Most Notes / 2017 Most Notes

Some explanation: I was talking with @therookieking412 about art and the topic of when I started tumblr briefly came up. And now I wanted to post a comparison to see if I improved in 3 years. So basically I’m doing this to boost my confidence lol. I would like to think that I have improved. I could be biased (I am) and choosing only the better ones for 2017, but really, 2014 didn’t have that much.

 I definitely have become much faster at drawing. The Uzura piece took 2 hours apparently. I finished the recent piece in 2 hours also. And I would spend hours on line art and even more on coloring. With that said, I really do think I have made some improvements, whether visible or not. I am proud, and will try to continue to improve.



Springtime has Finally come, and what better way to Celebrate it than making more of these Collection of ‘Autism Awareness’ Drawings that I have been doing since 2014. 

For the First Pic, here are some of the Original Characters that we have made since 2012/13, from the Universe of 'Edward & Roji’, 'Devilbull’, Mr. Stirwin with Plum’s Younger Brother, my co-Production Team, Noodle & Lipstiffie’s Daughters, and a few Special Guests.

As for the Second Pic, I kinda felt like I screwed up on this one, depending on how I placed the Characters, or How big I made them, and now it feels like I’ve put less Official Characters into it than I did with the Original Characters set & my Past Entries.

Hope Y’All Enjoy This, and have a Nice Day!

Ambrollins Appreciation Week
Day 4 - When/why/how did you start shipping them

Ambrollins hug~ aka Seth keeping Dean from the Wyatts and Dean don’t know where to put his hands and Seth’s convenient~  I kinda made a quick remake of that scene/first pic, may or may not make a more finished version.

This is 2014. @stubzs87 had been talking about wrestling and The Shield and I’m like okay, that’s nice… She sent over video clips of them, you know promos or whatnot, and there on the “recommended” area, there was a still of… 

is that a hug? So I had to click that, and yup, it was~ x’3 I thought it was cute. But that was more or less it. Maybe like a couple of weeks later I was like… I wonder if one can find some other pics of them? And I learned their shipping name was Ambrollins and yeah I was kinda lost there. So May 19 2014 I made my first fanart and that kinda is the “official” starting date, even if I had been looking into them earlier. :’) 

So yeah I blame her for getting me into wrestling and The Shield but not really; I found Ambrollins :’) And it’s funny how a pic like that can be the culprit ;)

But they sure are easily shipped, with their magical chemistry ^///^

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