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Author: teroru

Pairing: Meanie

Genre: romcom, university!au

Rating: PG-13

Length: one shot

Word Count: 6,571

Warnings: none

Description: mingyu has a huge crush on wonwoo and internet is his home. he’s also a klutz so there’s little surprise to see him putting a like on wonwoo’s photo. everything sounds normal and ideal, except the said photo was unedited, completely unfashionable and irrelevant to whatever is going on. oh, and also the photo was the first instagram photo wonwoo posted in the year of 2012.


I know twenty one pilots since 2011, but I didn’t become a fan right after I saw their first photo. I just listened to one of their songs in 2012. I liked them as artists and as people. But that was it.

During 2015, I saw the rise of Blurryface. I was there seeing everything. And in 2015 this band saved my life and then I decided to be part of the Clique officially. 

Now the Blurryface era is ending and no, there is no way I’m not crying. 


Thought I’d make another one of these of me and @0h-sophie seems as thought the last one is from January 2015. First photo: pre-hormones 2012, Second photo: me 1 year and 6 months on testosterone, Sophie 2 years and 2 months on oestrogen, Third photo me 2 years and 10 months on testosterone and Sophie 3 years and 6 months on oestrogen. We continue to grow as a couple and as individuals every year.

I can’t… even… deal!!!  Is this real life!  Was I really that big? Actually I was bigger! This isn’t even me at my heaviest (but not far off)!  The first photo is 1 January 2012 and the second photo was taken 12 December this year!  Almost 4 years difference between these two photos!  It’s been so much hard work over a long period of time but totally and completely worth it!  Anything is possible as long as you don’t give up!  Sometimes I forget how far I have come until I put photos side by side like this!

niyw-niyw submitted: 


-In the first photo my weight was 93kg and it was taken in January 2012.My current weight is 70 kg(18.04.2015)
- I go to the gym 3 days a week,Twice a week workout at home.And cardio 3-4.
-LowCarb Diet(around 70-200g)and more protein.(100-190g)

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.

Ah this first photo. Wow. Haha.

First photo: 2012?? (I think) -110kgs (242lbs)
*just a guess as I didn’t weigh myself until I was about 106kgs a fair while after that photo was taken and I started my journey.
Second photo: Today (4/10/15) -74kgs (163lbs)

Almost the same outfit. The pants are just a different colour of the same style but I owned them both at the same time.
In the first photo I remember literally always wearing tank tops and those pants, never wore shorts, I was too big by that stage, which was depressing as I had always worn shorts in the past. But yeah now most of my wardrobe is too big which is cool to experience as I never thought it would happen to me in a million years that something would be too loose. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I try on something in a clothing store and have to go get it in a size smaller because it’s too big. I remember trying on a size 18 jumper in Kmart once when I was big and I cried because it didn’t fit, not even close. Now I’m a comfortable size 12 (Australian sizing)

They say that losing weight doesn’t make you happier, but I disagree. I’m so much more comfortable and healthy in my new body than I ever was when I was big. I still have a way to go. I have loose skin and extra belly fat that I don’t want and I would like to tone up a little bit, so I’m not stopping here. I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal!! :)


Photographer Zun Lee found the first batch of photos in 2012. The pictures — dusty and discarded though they were — depicted a rich vision of black America as captured by those who lived it. Over the next few years, he kept finding more. Now, they make up a striking Instagram account, @faderesistance, showing in the most beautiful way that black lives matter. 

Ok so, Mario posted this photo on Facebook on November 05, 2012. At first the description was “Devil in the trust, but an angel in the face ;)” and Marco commented:

(In case you don’t already know what “hübsch” means, it means “pretty” :-D)

And after Marco’s comment he edited the description to yours :).
K-Pop Star Krystal Jung Is the Global Face of Keds Spring 2017 Campaign: Exclusive First Look
Billboard has an exclusive reveal of Keds' upcoming Spring 2017 campaign featuring Krystal Jung, the San Francisco–born K-pop star known as a member of f(x) and an in-demand model-actress.

In 2012, Taylor Swift helped pivot Keds from a nostalgic American classic to forward-thinking fashion staple. Now as the brand celebrates its 100th year in 2016, we have the first look at its latest move into the future.

Billboard has an exclusive reveal of the iconic company’s upcoming Spring 2017 campaign featuring Krystal Jung, the San Francisco–born K-pop star known as a member of f(x) and an in-demand model-actress. While already a face of the brand in Korea, the girl group member will expand her reach and also star in the company’s upcoming worldwide campaign.

It’s the latest move for Keds’ mission in recognizing global tastemakers. “It’s my first campaign in the States so it’s really exciting, but I was kind of nervous too,” Jung says on set for the New York photo shoot. “It’s an honor.”

That honor includes being featured alongside the likes forward-thinking fashionistas like Swift, Ciara, Tori Kelly and Girls star Allison Williams, who have all modeled or collaborated with the brand. “I listen to a lot of Ciara, and Taylor Swift has a great fashion sense,” Krystal reflects of her superstar company.

The 22 year old adds she’s a fan of the shoes’ versatility. “I want people to know that people to know that Keds can be chic and cool, at the same time being lovely, girly and feminine, and sporty and playful. And it’s really comfy!”

In addition to the upcoming campaign, Krystal will close 2016 performing concerts with f(x) in Thailand and Japan and, in the latter territory, Krystal and her bandmates will release a new single “Cowboy” on Nov. 2. “It’s really a cowboy-cowgirl sound, if you can imagine,” Krystal says of the upcoming track. “The look is really westernized, but it’s still very dance-y…I feel really sorry for my fans for keeping them waiting for our new album. As our members get all together, we’ll release an album as soon as possible. I want to thank them for all their support and love.”

Check out Keds’ Spring 2017 campaign featuring Krystal Jung.

my name is ruby (i’m the latina babe on the left) and i’ve been doing hrt for 3+ years.
i’ve been to hell and back these past few years, but as you can see here, i’m finally happy, sober, and healthy for the first time since 2012.
this is a photo of me, remedyriot, and my life partner, traptastictasha, taking a few lazy day pics before curling up to romantic night of halo 4.

[A full body shot of two girls, one sitting on the other’s lap, facing each other and embracing and laughing. The girl on the right has straight pink hair tied up and held back with a handkerchief. She’s wearing a sheer tank top and with fuzzy fur at the bottom of it and what appears to be shorts. The girl on the left, is under the other girl’s legs, has shortish blond hair, is also wearing a handerchief around her hair and is wearing a bra and stockings. Both of them are on a bed]


I took the first photo in June 2012 when I was at my highest weight of about 155lbs. I exercised heavily at this time, often pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion and injury, but I was also trapped in a cycle of restrictive and binge eating which made it impossible for me to get in shape. I was tired all the time, and had terrible head, neck, and back pain, and stomach problems. 

The second photo is from June 2014 when I was about 140lbs. In the intervening period, I had been diagnosed with a chronic illness which explained a lot of the symptoms above, and also included a handful of food intolerances. I turned my focus to getting my symptoms under control, and put a hold on the exercise. I developed a healthy eating plan free of the foods which were made me ill, and slowly I developed the ability to eat intuitively, and indulge without binging or restricting.

I now eat according to the FODMAP diet, as prescribed by my doctor, and practice yoga several times a week. The transformation shown above does not simply represent a wight loss of fifteen pounds, but also a triumph over my illness, and a transition from sick and self-hating, to healthy and (mostly) well-balanced. While I’ll always face set-backs, I hope to always move in an overall Upward Trajectory.