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Um... if DoomFist is all super Scary Darwin like, 'only the strong will survive'. Then what must he think of ultimate survivor Jack Morrison!? The man survived the Omnic war, years of running OverWatch, the explosion (that may or may not have killed Gabe) and running around playing vigilante even now.

He probably sees Jack–along with most of Overwatch–as shining examples of his own philosophy who’ve drawn horribly, frustratingly misguided conclusions from it.

Jack and the rest of the original team fought through the Omnic Crisis.  They WON the Omnic Crisis.  They are the very embodiment of ‘conflict breeds strength.’  They faced the worst the world could throw at them and came out heroes capable of transcending human limits.

I submit to you, in fact, a young Akande who might even have dreamed of having a place on that team.  Of being one of the great modern heroes of the world, of going into the very heart of the monster with them and slaying it and coming out victorious.

But then?  Then they set about rebuilding the world so nobody else would have to fight like they did.  And so did the Overwatch recruits that came after them, both the first round who’d probably fought in the war themselves, and the next generation who’d been kids when it happened, forged in the fires of terror and sacrifice.  He watched these people, the best, brightest and bravest the world had to offer, systematically eradicating the challenges he personally needed in order to thrive.

In this way, I see him as a dark mirror reflection of Pharah.  She’s lived many of the same dreams he has.  She’s been given some of the same opportunities–she’s from a prestigious family, given the opportunity to associate with the world’s best and greatest and be mentored by them–and she drew many of the same conclusions about what she personally needed: to fight, to test herself constantly, to be the absolute best she could be and stand with the world’s greatest warriors and heroes as their equal.

But her mom took the time to show her the value of peace and the sanctity of life, and how every person should have the right to decide how they live.   Instead of believing her dream should be the way of the world at large, she envisioned herself as the bulwark between the world and threats to it.

Akande hung out with people who fed his thirst for conflict and his self-righteousness.  They encouraged him to take that need for conflict in his own heart and believe in it as the right way for everybody.  And that by extension, Overwatch was trying to make the world and the people lived in it into something smaller.  Something that never had to fight for its life.  Something that would never know its own limits because nothing would ever test them.

Akande reminds me of a thing from Tolkien, actually.  That when a great evil falls, the world is diminished.  When Sauron falls, he takes the power of the rings with him, and that includes the power that sustains marvels like Lothlorien and Rivendell.  There’s a lot to be said for a smaller, more peaceful world and the beauties and opportunities that come with it.  But for some people, it doesn’t make up for the losses: the lack of heroes or the chance to become one, because none are needed. The loss of the transcendent challenges presented by an overriding menace, and the perilous, knife-edged beauties that can exist only in a place of extremes.

I think this is absolutely how Akande sees the world.  For him, a man with the talents and drive to rise to every occasion, the need to be challenged and pushed to his limits, all he can see is the deprivation and diminishing.  And, to be charitable toward him, maybe he was marked from a young age by something incredible.  I think the world’s people did achieve something great during the Omnic Crisis and after.  I think collectively they came together in one of those great and noble pushes we see from time to time in history, those moments when it seems like it must be inevitable that humanity will fall into darkness but then instead they rise in a shining hour that leaves us, on the far side of history, awestruck and wondering what it would have been like to be there and see it for ourselves…

And he was 14, 16, 18, brilliant and fierce and full of potential.  And since then, he has spent the rest of his life watching humanity slump back into ordinary days and seeing only their failure to live up.  He knows that greatness is in there, and it frustrates him to watch people fritter it away.

Akande is an extremely smart man.  I don’t think he’s dumb enough to believe he’s something as simple as a hero for wanting to bring war back to the world.  But I think maybe he sees himself as the villain the world needs in order to become something better.  Maybe he even thinks of it as a sacrifice he’s willing to make for the ‘good’ of humanity.

But he’s also arrogant, and clearly obsessively competitive, and has possibly made the mistake of confusing ‘heroism’ with ‘glory.’  At the end of the day, this is all driven by what he wants.  What feels right to him.   We know he hates losing and I have a strong suspicion he absolutely can’t stand the idea of being wrong.

So yeah, I think he probably detests Overwatch and everybody in it for being so much like him and yet coming to an utterly different conclusion about how the world should be.  I think he hates Jack Morrison and the other founding members more than almost anybody (except maybe Winston, who is in his way also a brilliant, overachieving reflection of Akande), because they created it.  And I also think he is still utterly furious at having been defeated and sent to prison.

I think if he ever knowingly gets the chance to kick Jack Morrison’s ass, he’ll go after him with a screaming yet well-calculated fury.  But I think he might feel very smug about the state Jack is in now.  He fell.  His image was broken.  His organization came crashing down around him and he lost everything.  He would probably consider Jack Morrison to be demonstrably on the wrong side of history.

He would be thoroughly unwilling to listen to any warning Jack might give him that they might be more alike than Akande wants to admit, or about what happens when you try to reach too high.

When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round

MP100 Valentines Week 
Day 1; Walk in the park

pairing: terumob

(for mp100 valentine’s week! each of these prompts is going to read as a chapter of the same story, so let’s see if i can actually crank out 8 of them in 8 days hahahaha,,,)

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There’s a common phenomenon in the world where a person discovers a unique subject for the first time and then coincidentally find themselves running into that subject again and again. Psychology refers to it as Baader-Meinhof, less formally “frequency illusion.”

Teruki calls it “psychic magnetism.”

He has an odd way of finding whatever he thinks too long and hard about. All he has to do is start walking and his steps will inevitably begin to follow an invisible, roundabout path to whatever it is that’s so stuck on his mind.

Since science is keen to explain away the paranormal, there very well might be an explanation outside of ESP for this ability of his – selective attention, maybe. Confirmation bias. Synchronicity. A seemingly meaningful but ultimately random series of coincidences, one right after the other. 

Whatever the truth may be, Teruki is familiar enough with his touch of the phenomenon to rightly assume, after a few minutes of aimless strolling, that he’s headed somewhere in particular. A few strides into the park, a few slow glances around, and suddenly his heart skips.

There. And the muddy mental lines fade into definition. It’s with purpose that Teruki steps off the path into soft, springy grass and makes his way towards where Kageyama is sitting quietly on an out-of-the-way bench.

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Zutara Fic Recs

I’ve always wanted to make a rec list so here’s a super short one. I’m only listing fics that I think need more attention and might not be on other lists.


Polar Nights by crystalline talisman, T, +75,000 words, 24 chapters

In order to arrange a treaty for the long standing war between the Water Tribe and Fire Nation, Prince Zuko is sent to the South Pole to arrange a truce by Fire Lord Lu Ten, where he is greeted by subzero temperatures, sea prunes, and quirky customs. This of course, is a cake walk compared to the revelation he’ll be marrying the stubborn spiritual leader, Katara. AU. Zutara.

Inspired by the question, “Why does Katara always have to go to Zuko in an arranged marriage fic?” I thought this fic handled the idea of the struggles Zuko would have in the South Pole and you really root for them to work it out.

Slow Heat by CultOfStrawberry, T, +214,000 words, 39 chapters

The Avatar continues his quest to master the elements and defeat the Fire Lord, with Zuko teaching him Firebending. The heat builds up between everyone as the end of summer approaches… especially Zuko and Katara… :includes Blue Spirit!Painted Lady Zutara and Ninja!Zutara!: Set during Season 2 and 3 of the show, with some canon included, but with some really fun twists.

This story has probably been on a few other lists, but I had to include it. There’s obviously a lot going on in this fic, but it’s a really good one!

Call Me Katto by ShamlessLiar, M, +272,000 words, 45 chapters

The Avatar awakens two years late, when only a token resistance still struggles against the Fire Nation. Katara disguises herself as a boy to follow Sokka into war. Not only must she hide her gender from her comrades, she has to help the Avatar while also dodging the creepy prince who’s taken such an intense interest in her. AU for timing.

I don’t know why this isn’t on more lists, maybe it’s implied that everyone knows about it? IDK, but man. So it’s a mulan inspired fic that’s crazy in all the good ways. I will say, Zuko isn’t my favorite, he just really needs to have his Ba Sing Se transformation scene in the sequel The King’s Pet or The King, which is at +126,000 words and I’m still itching for more. I can’t quite explain the series. Just read them, they’re definitely worth it.


I’m only including fics that were updated last year. While I have others that I love and might not be updated, I figured in a rec list to only go so far back.

Jasmine by Yorushike, T, +287,000 words, 70 chapters

AU, Katara, traveling companion of the Avatar, had always dreamed of the day the war would end, but she had never thought that she would be forced to marry Firelord Zuko, who was said to have killed his own father, for this to happen. Zuko had no other goal than to repent for his sins and bring peace to the world, even if both his allies and enemies feared and hated him.  

This fic is almost finished and at first things are fairly slow, but man, once you delve in and start bingeing things get crazy. The plot is very thought out and I don’t think anything was unintentional. My chest literally hurts during some of the scenes due to Zuko.

Enslaved by sharkflip, T, +109,000 words, 36 chapters

A triumphant war party returns with an exotic slave, a gift for the ruling house. Katara and Zuko AU

My love for this fic knows no bounds. Seriously. Zuko is captured by a water tribe war party. He’s originally a slave but slowly becomes an important member of the tribe. The settings is super realistic in a real world setting. Yes, the author doesn’t update often (she has a real life) but it’s not a forgotten fic. It’s a good fic to reread too.

Cursed Kiss by alwaysZutarian, M, +63,000 words, 10 chapters

Cursed to live with the body of a fearsome beast, Zuko hid from a cruel world that would not hesitate to destroy him, consumed with rage for those who had betrayed him, resigned to a lifetime of solitude. But then a ray of hope came in the form of a beautiful, blue-eyed woman. Could she look beyond his physical appearance and break his curse? Or would he forever remain alone?

As the author mentions in the prologue, this is a take on Beauty and the Beast. I’m SUPER intrigued to see how things play out because 10 chapters in and Zuko is still the dragon. But it’s not weird. And don’t let the M rating scare you, I believe that’s set for future chapters.

One Shot

The Best of Me by Lariren-Shadow, K, +2,000 words

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

I love me some soulmate AU. It doesn’t really go past the soulmate reveal, but it’s still a fun short read.

This burden you bear by cowlicklesschick, T, +7,000 words

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

I will say, I never thought about what Katara went through after the war. Good writing with a nice build up to Zutara.


In the beginning, we hoped to choose this era’s bad boy, the sort who’s raved about by everyone everywhere. You can see all sorts of “rebellious” qualities commonly shared by many of the youth of this era in him: arrogant, temperamental, rash, blunt…. And it’s a super magnified version. His “badness” comes from his unabashed desire and insistence on being his true self. In the end, as fate would have it, we finally managed to get an appointment with him, Huang Zitao.

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Imagine... Valentine’s Day

Word Count: 860

Warnings: Fluff, lots and lots of fluff

A/N: I’m sorry if this is crappy… I’m writing this at like midnight but I had so much inspiration for the valentines day thing so yeah…

You had never been treated to the finer things in life. You grew up with five other siblings and a tight budget. But once you started dating the famous Bruce Wayne that all changed. It was all about luxury and the best and most expensive things. You loved that he wanted to spoil you so much but you also kind of hated it. You were very minimalistic while he was all about big and grand. So for Valentine’s Day you asked him to let you plan the day. It’s not that you wouldn’t like what he had planned, you just knew it would be over the top.

You planned it all out very carefully. You had a small apartment in the city and you told Bruce to come over around six for dinner. You were going to make your famous family recipe of (Favorite Dish). It was your favorite as a child and you hoped Bruce would love it as much as you.

YOu prepped the apartment between the steps of cooking the meal and preparing dessert. You hoped to just cuddle and watch a movie or two, maybe play a video game. Just a normal day in. Once the time for Bruce’s arrival came near you ran to your room to throw on your (Y/F/C) dress and a pair of pumps to match. You did light neutral makeup that subtly enhances your eyes and face. After some jewelry and a spritz of your favorite perfume you were ready to go. And not a moment too soon. A knock came at precisely six o’clock and you smiled at your boyfriend’s punctuality.

You opened the door to reveal your boyfriend holding a stuffed panda with a bouquet of sunset roses. You smiled as you took the gifts from him and greeted him with a kiss. You ushered him into your apartment and told him to make himself comfortable while you put the flowers in water. The flowers were gorgeous and more full than any you’d seen at stores.

“Where did you get these? They’re gorgeous!” You claimed.

“The rose garden. Alfred keeps very good care of it.” Bruce explained.

“He most certainly does.” You murmured before remembering something. “I thought we agreed on no gifts.”

“You did, I just nodded.”


“It’s fine. You know I love to spoil you. There is nothing I’d rather have than a nice evening with you away from everything. This is all the Valentine’s gift I need.” He said wrapping his arms around you.

“You are such a sap and a charmer and I hate that it works so well.” You giggled.
“I’m glad to know I haven’t lost my touch.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed him away. “Come on, let’s eat.”

Dinner went over better than you could have hoped. Bruce praised you the whole time. It took him a while but he eventually convinced you to leave the dishes for the next day. You settled on the couch with some action movie playing (You were so not watching some lame romcom). You were cuddled up to him and you felt that even if the world had exploded at that moment, you would have been happy.

The movie ended and when it was lightly mentioned that you were good at video games (The curse of having four brothers) it sparked a challenge. It started out with cheesy games like Mario Cart and the like before you moved to first person shooters and RPGs.

“I swear to god if you don’t stop that I’m going to blow you to smithereens.” Bruce growled as you took him out for the tenth time that round. You giggled and shot at him again.

“You’d have to catch me first.”

“That’s it!” He exclaimed before tossing the remote and tackling you to the couch and starting an all out tickle war. He was prevailing as you were by far the most ticklish person ever. You had you pinned underneath him and he was leading a relentless attack on your sides. You were flailing and giggling like a mad woman. It wasn’t really your fault, he was tickling you. But no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t overpower him.

You were gasping for breath as you exclaimed “You win! You win! Stop!” Bruce was laughing right along with you, a full carefree laugh that he saved just for these moments. The moments he could forget he’s batman and all the responsibilities and what he’d done and all he’d lost. He forgets it for a moment and is just with you. You were the only one he ever met capable of doing such.

He leaned down and kissed you breathless.

“What was that for?” you asked out of breath once he broke away.

“Because I love you so much and I have no idea how I ever lived without you and I don’t think I ever can again.” He confessed.

“Oh Bruce. I love you too, so much. And I’m glad, cause  you’re stuck with me, for good.” You smiled as you placed a hand on his cheek.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Javid Titanic AU - Part 17

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Davey found it surprisingly easy to kiss Jack on the open deck, barely giving a thought to anyone who might catch them. It was almost midnight so most normal folks were tucked up in bed for the night as it was, and besides, it was fun to be a little impulsive. Jack didn’t seem to have many reservations either, kissing Davey hungrily like they hadn’t been to bed together twice in one evening already. It felt like fire and danger and scandal and Davey could definitely become accustomed to the thrill of it.

When a loud bell rang out above them, cutting through the calm night, Davey’s little daydream was shattered. That fire he’d felt suddenly started to blister and he leap back guiltily. Looking up into the darkness above the ship, Davey expected to see someone angrily pointing at them, alerting another crew member as to what they were doing. Instead he heard something else.

The call was surprisingly clear, shouted into a telephone 15 metres up in the air and travelling through what had been tranquility. Davey was frozen, still in shock from the interruption and confused by the warning, but Jack had a little more sense about him. He hurried to the railings of the ship, climbing up a couple of rungs so he could grab a nearby rope and swing out a little over the side of the boat to get a look at what was happening. What he saw, he could barely believe.

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What to Watch, Scenery Version

Looking for anime to watch where you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery? Here are five of my top picks for some of the most visually stunning shows that I’ve watched. Please keep in mind these are personal opinions, but if you think you’ve got a better selection, feel free to PM me and I’ll add it to the list. 

Let’s start off with Nagi No Asukara. While the beginning is a bit slow, the scenery is breathtaking and unlike any other anime due to the fact that a significant portion of it takes place underwater. Yes, you read that right, the show takes place in the future, or perhaps an alternate reality of current time. Humans live in the seas thanks to a special layer of skin called ena, which sparkles in the light. Not only does this make for an interesting story, but it also includes some visually stunning scenes. 

The next on the list is 5 Centimeters Per Second. This is arguably one of the most beautiful anime of all time. The animation is pristine and on a level entirely on its own. Told in three interconnecting segments, it is a romantic drama about making it through a cold world, only to find the warmth of love. It is definitely a coming of age story about accepting the fact that you are becoming an adult and moving on. The visuals appropriately take cues from the story, beginning with a cold winter and ending with a warm spring. I will only be mentioning one of Makoto Shinkai’s films, although all of his works are visually brilliant and include The Garden of Words, Cross Road, and Your Name.

Classical music fans rejoice! Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, also known in English as “Your Lie in April,” is up next. While you may think that you’ve figured out the reason for the name in the first episode, hold on until the end, where the truth will be revealed. Another love story, this one about a boy who was once referred to as “The Human Metronome,” is longer no longer able to hear the sound of the piano. After years of only playing for his job at a karaoke bar, he comes across a girl in April who plays the violin. I hope you like tissues, because you’re gonna need them. There is so much color not only in visuals, but in the characters themselves. 

Owari No Seraph comes next. The reason I included this one is because not only are the characters intensely complex, but the backgrounds are too. They’re so rich in attention to detail that I felt it only fair to add it to the list. Against the dreary backgrounds, the character’s very pronounced hair colors stands out a lot, giving it a very vivid contrast to what Japan has become. I won’t say much about it, other than that it takes place in the future after a virus mysteriously wipes out most of the adult population at the same time vampires declare themselves the rulers of Japan. 

Last, but most certainly not least, is Zankyou No Terror. To be honest, I don’t think this show gets enough credit. Also known as Terror in Resonance, it’s about two boys who want to get back at Japan for their past. Joined by a girl who suffered at the hands of her mother, the three of them plan to go out with a bang (no pun intended). The visuals are so crystal clear it almost looks as though you’re looking at the real world. When I first turned this on, my parents didn’t believe I was watching an animated show. 

Bonus round! Puella Madoka Magica! Don’t kill me, I know, I’m a horrible person for including this, but it is so bright and colorful compared to the story line. It begins as a very fun show where a dark, mysterious transfer student appears in their lives, then a magical squirrel offers the girls a contract in exchange for becoming a magical girl. Don’t be fooled by the bright colors and beautiful backgrounds, this show will leave you thinking and perhaps questioning of everything in your life. 

Edit! Someone suggested that I add these two so here they are: the first one is Norn9: norn+nonet. Based on the otome game, a nameless girl with a mysterious past is chosen to join the crew of Norn, whose mission is to maintain peace throughout the world. While I have not personally watched it, from what I can tell of the animation it is visually very appealing, with stunning shots of both the sky and land. In typical otome fashion, the story seems to revolve around two girls with a cast of plenty of guys to ship them with. 

The second update I’ll be adding is Amnesia. Also based on the otome game, the story revolves around a girl who wakes up with no memories and has to try to figure out her past along with her new magical, floating friend. The entire show is very colorful, although I personally found it a bit slow for my taste. 

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Headcanons for the RFA, V and Saeran, helping MC de-stress after a super long and tedious project?

A/N: A majority of these were based off of real life experiences and were honestly a lot of fun to write !!

Saeran has not been included due to time constraints. Will be added later.

Jaehee has not been included, and as to why can be explained here  

headcanons // long post // total: 3,363 words, 500-800 per headcanon

Yoosung -

  • He’s visiting your dorm one day after classes end when he finds you on the couch pulling at your hair with a sobby red face and he’s absolutely sHOOK
    • immediately drops the pizza he was carrying and runs to you, tripping on himself as he slides over to you and kneels down next to you
    • You’re always so strong and happy and bubbly why are you crying!!???!?!?
  • Initially a little terrified that you’re frustrated so much and tries to decipher why you’re so upset, but when he hears something about a school project tumble out of your mouth yoosung knows exactly why and tbh he’s almost crying along with you because the project you’re so panicked about is for a class the two of you share
    • Key word almost crying he needs to be superman yoosung strong for his MC he can be a baby later
  • Poor boy’s so frazzled with the sudden pressure that is ‘the due date’ that he’s drawing a blank on how to comfort you
    • So he just does what he knows he’s good at; loving you
  • yoosung, in a desperate attempt to comfort you, plants his palms on either side of your head and hurriedly mushes his lips against yours in an awkward closed-mouth kiss It’s more of a headbutt than a kiss and then pulls you into a hug, proclaiming how absolutely great you are and how much he loves you into the crown of your head, all the while smothering you and rubbing your back in a hopefully comforting manner, like he’s seen in the movies
    • When he feels you wrap your arms around him and a laugh bubble out of you it’s his turn to cry because his heart is fuzzy and the project is taking it’s turn to weigh on his mind but it’s mostly because he dropped the pizza earlier
  • When you both calm down, you reorder some pizza and salvage what you can from the old one, wrap yourselves up in a blanket and binge movies for a bit until you really cant procrastinate any more
    • Being partners with you soothes his nerves a tad because he knows how creative and well-versed you are in the subject.

Zen -

  • He’s walking through the door of your shared apartment, his latest complainant about the newest adjustment to the script on his tongue when he hears you groan from the kitchen, a tell tale sign that you’re either exhausted or super stressed out; immediately he’s rushing over to you
    • His angel ? Upset ? blasphemy, he say.
  • When he walks into the small dining room the first thing that hits his senses is the smell of acrylic paint. You’re on your knees, paint crusted fingers tangled in your hair as you seemed to just openly yell into the table in frustration. His eyes dart up to your easel on the table and he instantly knows why you’re like this
    • It’s a piece for your latest gallery that you’ve been working on for a while. Truth be told it was the first piece in the gallery itself, but you had lost interest and decided to base the other paintings around it. Inherently, you’ve decided to finish it.
      • He’s all for supporting you but if pursuing your dreams is costing you energy and sleep then he will fight you if it means you’ll sleep. Okay maybe he wont fight you, but he would like, fight a bear if he could.
      • Your body is a temple, MC, he would tell you one day while exercising, treat it good and it will shelter you. So corny
  • He’s begun to make his way navigating around the chairs you pushed about to make space, dropping his keys and bag onto the counter as he makes his way over.
    • However, he freezes when he sees you tense up and he swears to whatever being is up there that you are most certainly not good for his health because he jumps about six feet in the air when you whirl around and look at him with such speed and ferocity.
  • Zen sees the red around your eyes and he’s immediately starting to fuss over you but shuts up real quick when you hold your arms open, smock adorned with pre-dried paint and your mouth in a wavering pout. He knew you were just frustrated but, again, your stress is his stress. And then some.
  • Zen has seen you like this before and it practically breaks his heart in two each time because for a split second he feels completely useless; useless that he cant help you and useless that he cant paint it for you. It’s not like he doesnt know nor acknowledge your creative prowess, but gosh he’s just so worried for you that it makes his heart hurt, he knows how you get when criticism gets too rough.
    • He’d also sock anyone in the jaw if someone was rude enough to openly insult your or the painting; some people dont appreciate the time and effort that goes into these things. hyun no we talked about this
  • Engulfs you in the biggest bear hug ASAP, only taking a step back to plant a kiss on your forehead. (frowning will give you creases, MC.) He unwinds your arms from around him and absolutely insists !! that you take a hot bath to relieve your stress, saying that he’ll clean up the mess and give you a nice massage afterwards. Based on personal experience, it’s always good to take a break when things get to stressful.   

Jumin -

  • He knew it - he absolutely knew it
  • When you two had first started dating he suggested that, no, absolutely insisted !! that you let him support the both of  you. And, while that did sound appealing to you at the time, you were young and broke, you couldn’t rely on him for everything, because that’s not how relationships work.
  • Mc, money makes the world go round jujubee n o
  • Jumin was very hesitant at first, but after some convincing you had gotten him to let you join a company owned business so he could still keep an eye on you.
  • So, you had taken up a job as a part-time writer at a company owned news publisher and at first everything had been pretty enjoyable. However, unfortunately for you, about two weeks into your new job, you found out three crucially important things.
    • One; Your ex was a co-worker. Two; Your boss had retired and your ex had succeeded him. Three; your ex held grudges, apparently.
  • You tried to ignore him for a while, your ex, but work began to pile up and so did your late nights in the office. (( sounds familiar ))
    • Jumin was immediately concerned and brought it up at dinner that your schedule was getting erratic and unhealthy, and truth be told you were too tired to actually filter the conversation so you kind of just spilled your guts out to him. And, of course, he was super-duper concerned and super-duper angry.
    • Jumin was now fully behind the idea that you should just stay home 24/7, but even in your tired state you had managed to calm him a bit and tell him that you can live through this- “Jumin, I’ve made it through college so surely I can handle a few sleepless nights. Plus I have such a nice boyfriend to come home to.” (( that last sentence was really the kicker))
  • So he’s kind of not surprised when a week later he comes home and sees you openly crying on the table, laptop open and snack wrappers everywhere. This was the condition you were in when he left for work this morning.. Except more peppy, and there werent as many wrappers. He expected you to crumble soon, as he took a glance at your schedule every now and again, but kept his mouth shut because he wanted to believe in you and you wanted him to believe in you. This did not, in any way, make him any less upset however.
  • Jumin was absolutely furious that this madman had driven you to this point. He was so upset that he could beat the guy to a bloody fucking pulp and not give two fucks but at this point in time he swallowed his rage to comfort you.
  • Dropping his stuff onto the counter he speed walks over to you, dropping to one knee and pulling you into an embrace. You were shaking with frustrated tears and that only added to the fire.
    • He only needed to take a single glance at your laptop to find the reason behind your sobbing complexion; your ex had decided to not only double your workload, but also rob you over your desperately needed vacation and decline any mention of overtime.
    • This fucking wuss.
  • He loops a hand beneath your knees and carries you to the bed, setting you down and urging you to rest while he gets a bath going. Jumin himself isn’t really good with emotions, nor the comforting of emotions, but he does know what to do if he has a good impression on how to do it.
    • After coming back from turning on your bath, he’ll sit on the bed with you and listen to you vent, pulling you close and brushing your hair as you cried and complained. Call him cruel but your voice is so beautiful even if you’re at your lowest. 
    • He tells you this and it still gets you. “Jumin, Im just stressed.” “I know, kitten. Still as beautiful as ever though.” “omg you brownie-hunting jerk”
  • When you’re all recovered and asleep, he calls the company and fires your ex himself. Originally the branch couldn’t due to your ex’s contribution but now that the big man has stepped in– well lets just say your ex wont be working for any company for a long while.

Seven -

  • When he had initially did a background check and found out you were studying to be a geneticist he was so !! amazed !! ? Like- he could never imagine sitting himself and dedicating almost a decade of his life to something that wasnt super important to him. A career is just a career; i mean unless you’re the defender of justice or a super secret special agent then thats another story.
  • Now, while he himself could never do something like that, when you two got together and Saeyoung could see a bit more into your school life, he was absolutely awestruck at how you managed to juggle so much school-crud all at once- and he was even more so when you told him you had been in school the whole time you were involved with the messenger and such.
  • Like- how could such a kind, hard-working person with their life in order dedicate so much time to something else other than their studies!?!?
    • Inherently, you couldn’t. yes, even you the unshakeable 6-0-6 was at the mercy of university.
    • In the eleven days the whole mystic mistake had gone down, you apparently were on break but had a major project to do- and now you were paying the price with so much make-up work.
  • Seven was visiting you at your home one day for a study session, (you aced in biology and related topics, but absolutely sucked at math), a few bags in his hand and some math notes he had taken years ago ( you gotta know math to code (( how did he even find these smh )))
  • But when he hears a sudden yell come from your room he jumps and almost instantly his agent-instincts kick in because - what if a not-so nice person found out your affiliation with him !? Or worse!?
    • Seven throws open the door only to find you in a whirlwind of papers and tears, a stuffed bear mushed to your side, eyes puffy and red with alarm at his sudden entrance.
    • He demands whats going on his heart had settled a little, and rushes over to comfort you, taking care to be ginger in any contact because he can since you’re in such a frail state.
  • When you tell him whats going on he’s absolutely shocked because- what the hell kind of school is this!?!? The real world, saeyoung. Your project never sent in and the servers are down so you cant print out the paper/re-send it, so you’re scrounging every last inch of finished paper you can or a timestamp marking you actually sent it to present to your teacher by tomorrow morning.
  • You begin to blubber and sputter words as you begin to think of the worst, but Lord 7-0-7 defender of justice aint having none of your shit and slaps his hands onto both of your cheeks, declaring that “he will help you!” He’s still pretty shaken about the whole potential kidnapping thing from earlier but he’s swallowing down his concerns and focusing on whats at hand.
  • After about an hour of fruitless searching, Seven suggests you take a nap; and so you do because you’re absolutely exhausted. However, unbeknownst to you, while you’re sleeping, Seven sneaks off to the kitchen and pops open his laptop, cracking his neck a little before he gets to work scouring the school information log-servers for anything that could be of use.
    • And when all else fails he actually goes in and changes your grade. He’d never tell you this, obviously, but you already had full marks so a little tweak on a project wouldnt hurt anyone.
  • When you’re back in the waking world, video game wars are a go, Guess that Amoeba is now inherently a thing, and a little binge-session of just about every comedy on Netflix ensue. 
    • Of course at first it takes him a while to coax you to join him because your initial reaction once you wake is ‘Im running out of time’, but you eventually give in because he said ‘He handled it while you were sleeping”. You were so done with the project that you didn’t even have the will argue at the time, so you took it as a satisfactory answer.

V -

  • Stress? What is stress?Stress isn’t even in your vocabulary when you’re around this boy. Or at least, for you it isnt.
    • Not part of the request but like- this boy could get so wound up trying to do everything under the gosh dang sun and its like “dear im fine its just a bug” or “jihyun sit down i only hit my arm”
    • Later on into the relationship he eventually stopped trying to coddle you; such a sweet sweet boy needs a little bit of spice in his life or its going to get bitter soon
  • Anyhow, you were a professional piano teacher, but in the past few years had taken a break from the domestic scene to finally re-debut as a pianist-singer and maybe pump out an album or two.
    • When Seven had told V your occupation when you first joined the messenger, he was a little awestruck because- he knew who you were?? And you were so blown away by the fact that he actually knew you?!? Like, in your time before becoming a teacher, you had released like- what, two albums- and they weren’t even that popular !!! but he apparently knew who you were and that made you ecstatic!! Was this a match made in heaven or what
    • Lowkey- V’s kinda in the same boat as Jumin - he’s rich and powerful to some extent, so why not just stay home with him? 
    • (“aahh, to be selfish and young again” ← kim jihyun, probably)
      • But you’re always talking to him about how you’re going to become the very best pianist this world had ever seen and it melts his heart over how passionate you are.
      • (he totally brags to all his friends about your shows- showing off the photography of your concert hall such great lighting. tbh it really isnt even bragging. More like- promoting you- as he urges his friends to come and see you, along with various others, play.
  • You’ve been in this line of work for a good majority of your life, since your college years and perhaps your highschool life if you count playing Guren No Yumiya for your friend again and again “professional”. Since you had met V your career and lovelife are going strong, with his pictures never failing to feed the beast in your heart called ‘Muse’.
  • But alas- all diamonds are put through extreme pressure to become beautiful at some point or another. For you inherently that time was now.
  • You love your boyfriend with all your heart; you really do. You’d fight the fucking sun and give him the moon if you could. But things have gotten real stressful lately with his eyesight getting worse. Between that and your amounting research it’s kind of- really.. alot,, stressful. But then- one night when you’re sitting on the couch sipping off wine and chatting about each other’s day, V suddenly pipes up and states: “I’m going to get the eye surgery-” he coughs awkwardly and explains, “I want to see you at the wedding.”
    • He may or may not have shrieked in a manly way as you spit out your wine. You stare at him and urge him to continue after wiping the alcohol from your chin.
    • V says that he had already talked with Jumin about it and that everything would be handled with extreme care.
    • Jumin, bless his heart, and his meticulous care for his best friend, but goshie gosh gosh you’re so filled up with this mixed feeling of stress and elation that - everything just turned out fine and peachy. Maybe its because you’re a little buzzed that everything seems so much bigger. But V, upon seeing your reaction and begins to ask if you’re okay- to which you hurriedly shove your wine glass onto the coffee table and wrap him in a hug
  • For the next few months leading up to the surgery you’re like a nagging nancy on steroids- but instead of negativity you’re absolutely radiating good intentions. (you know how V felt about the surgery and was trying to make it as comfortable as possible)
  • Anyways- for one of the first times in your relationship with V, you are experiencing stress. So much stress. Like- your stress is literally taking physical form through the fingers on your left hand as it hits the keys on your piano a little too harshly, or how the sheet music in your right is beginning to get crumpled form your constant flinching every time you messed up a note.
    • Everything’s been mounting on your shoulders- the appointments, your wedding, your career, the absolute sheer stress of even being a functioning adult in society-
    • You’re trying to practice, but sleep deprivation is killing you and as you mess up during practice for the nth time, you screech a little in frustration and (gently) slam your hands onto the keys.
  • This makes V, who had been listening to you practice as he signed paperwork from his spot on the couch, shoots up and instantly turn towards you and your grand piano.
    • He has to do a ‘double take’ when he hears you sniffle a little bit and just about leaps over the couch to get to you.
  • You’re hunched over the piano now, your crossed arms serving some sort of protection for your face against the pearly white keys. Suddenly you feel reassuring hands on your shoulders and a kiss pressed to the crown of your head. “Lovely dear,” he sits next to you on the long piano stool. “We cant afford another piano.” (Technically you could, but the light sentiment in his voice made you straighten up a bit.)
  • You lean against him, voicing all your concerns about everything under the sun and practically listing off everything he had suspected you to be stressing about. The wedding, the debut, the eye surgery- things of that sort. Things you couldn’t necessarily control.
    • “This stupid song-” “Is perfect. You just need to freshen up a bit before returning to it.”
    • “Ugh- and the wedding is soon-” “And we are the bride and groom- and as the bride and groom we always have the final say before the final seance.”
    • “And your eyes-” “Are fine. I’ve been fine up to this point and an impending needle in my face, that I cant really see, doesn’t exactly faze me.” “That’s a lie and you know it-” “Shush, darling, I’m being comforting.”
  • He wraps you in a hug and presses another kiss to your forehead; muttering reassurances before suggesting you two head to the couch so you can read to him and blow off some steam.
    • Really though, the book was quickly forgotten in favor of simple cuddling and the promise of sleep.
Translation for this video

Person 1: “Daniel and Kenneth, have you guys something you have to do before you’re jumping?”
Person 2: “close your eyes”
Kenneth: “I think it’s better to ask the guy who needs to put on his left shoe first and have to throw around his shoe some rounds too.”
Daniel: “Everything starts with the left side. Gloves, socks, leg, shoe. But I also use to sweet talk to my suit.”
Everybody starts asking what he said
person 3: “okay, do we have a doctor in the audience? There is one talking to his suit here!”
Person 1: “Sweet talking to the suit? What in the world?”
Daniel: “Yes. If it’s going to fly far it has to feel good, so then I have to snuggle a bit with it and sweet talking to it.”
person 1: “is it true? What about you, have you seen this Kenneth?”
Kenneth: “He sits there and throws around his shoe a bit, and then he finds his suit and he stands there like “Today will be good””
person 1: “How many suits do you have?”
Daniel: “I have… It depends on. I use to have with me like 3-4 on a trip, but it’s just the one I compete with who get the most sweet talking”
person 4:”Do they have any names?”
Daniel: “No, they don’t really have any names”
person 4: “do you have a favorite suit?”
Daniel: “I use to call them for the first letter of the color they are in. So I had a pretty nice suit this winter who was called S.S, and it worked very well.
person 3: “S.S? I’m just going to take on my S.S suit and fly far!”
Daniel: “But it works! You saw that it worked damn well in Germany.”
Person 2: “Apropos, how often have you sang “I believe I can fly”?”
Daniel: “actually a couple of times”
person 2: “A couple of times, a couple of times, I knew it!”

Scan - George Harrison and Ravi Shankar… presumably June 1966 (perhaps 1 June, when George attended a performance by Ravi at the Royal Albert Hall, or when they met at a friend’s house in London one evening?)

“I felt strongly that there was a beautiful soul in him, and recognised one quality which I always have valued enormously and which is considered the principal one in our culture - humility. Considering that he was so famous - part of the most popular group in the world ever! - he was nevertheless quite humble, with a childlike quality which he has retained to this day.” - Ravi Shankar on George Harrison, Raga Mala

“Ravi was very friendly and easy to communicate with. By this time The Beatles had met so many people - prime minsters, celebrities, royalty - but I got to a point where I thought, ‘I’d like to meet somebody who could really impress me.’ And that was when I met Ravi. He was the first person who impressed me in a way that was beyond just being a famous celebrity. Ravi was my link into the Vedic world. Ravi plugged me into the whole of reality. I mean, I met Elvis - Elvis impressed me when I was a kid, and impressed me when I met him because of the buzz of meeting Elvis - but you couldn’t later on go round to him and ask, 'Elvis, what’s happening in the universe?’

Ravi came to my house in Esher, and then he had arranged that we should sit in the afternoon for an hour or two, and he showed me how to get started on the sitar. After that he’d arranged for Alla Rakha to come, and they were going to give a little concert, so John and Ringo came, and they played for us for an hour and a half. It was really nice.

The moment we started, the feelings I got were of his patience, compassion and humility. The fact that he could do one of his five-hour concerts, but at the same time he could sit down and teach somebody from scratch the very basics: how to hold the sitar, how to sit in the correct position, how to wear the pick on your finger, how to begin playing. We did that and he started me going on the scales. And he enjoyed it - he wasn’t grudging at all, and he wasn’t flash about it either.

One thing he said was, 'Do you read music?’ I said 'no’, and my heart sank - I thought, 'I probably don’t even deserve to waste his time.’ But he said, 'Good - it will only confuse you anyway.’

It was at that meeting that we arranged for me to go to India, at the next convenient break we both had, to start really learning - and also to enjoy India itself, to experience it. On the way back from The Beatles’ tour in the Philippines in July I stopped in Delhi and bought a good sitar from Rikhi Ram, and it happened that I got a break after we finished our last tour of America, so I went back and stayed in Bombay, and had about a six-week trip in India.” - George Harrison, Raga Mala


Hello this is my very first Fanfiction so i would love some feedback. I made this super Flufftastic and attempted to make it gender neutral as I don’t want to leave anyone out of Phil X Reader

Word Count -1014

Warnings- Its so fluffy im going to die!

I Hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by tinybosstim


After a long day at work all you wanted to do was hang out with your boyfriend Phil and watch anime. As you walk into Phil and Dan’s flat you call out to Phil to let him know that you’re not a murderer but rather just his significant other coming to smother him with hugs and kisses and not a pillow.

“Phil im home and I need to Bitch about my day to someone who will nod sympathetically and let me know that I am right about how much my coworkers suck”.

Hearing no response you’re sure he is most likely in his own world editing a video with headphones on, making the call of a non murderous person useless. As you start the journey up what feels like a million stairs you get to the level where the Living room you start to round the corner to the living room when you almost smash face first into Phil running to go get god knows what from his room.

“Phil”! You say with excitement but also with shock as you were definitely not expecting to have the tall pole of a man you call your boyfriend run face first into you.

“Y/N”! Phil says with as much shock as you had said his name. “What are you doing here so early love”?

Phil had obviously lost track of time seeing that it was 8:30 at night and this was always the time you came for a visit on Thursday nights.

“I came to cuddle and make out with your face to help me forget about the world of idiots that i have to deal with on a daily basis”. You say as you tuck your arms around his sides and force him into a hug as you finally let it sink in how horrible the day really was and that you can finally feel relaxed now that everything was again right in the world being so close to Phil.

“Aww babe, you have to tell me all about it”. Phil says as he kisses the top of your head like a little kid who needs a bit of reassuring. “ Come lets sit on the sofa and talk about it”. Says Phil as he grabs your hand and drags you to the couch.

“Wait, were you not just getting  something from your room before you crashed into me”? You say as you’re being tugged to the couch.

“Oh no”! Phil cries as he drops your hand to cover his mouth with both hands. “Im in the middle of a live stream on YouNow and I was running to my room to show them my new snazzy coat”.

“Phil”! You cry as the realization sets in. “Does that mean that your audience has been able to hear us the whole time”? You can’t help but feel your eyes grow as big as saucers as not a sole but Phil, his family, Dan, your family, and yourself know that you and Phil have been seeing each other. Phil doing that stupidly cute face as his hands still cover his mouth simply nods because you both know that he has made a big mistake.

“What do you think the chances are that they haven’t heard any of this and are still simply waiting for me to return to show them my coat”? Phil says staring at the lap top as if it was the one who betrayed him.

“Slim”. Is the only word that comes out as you feel the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter like mad. Its not like you were embarrassed about dating Phil. On the contrary you wanted to scream it from the roof tops if you could. Once you and Phil had started to go steady you had talked about wanting to keep your life private due to your job, and also the fact that you had seen what the internet could do to relationships that are out in the public.

“Im going to look.” Phil said breaking your train of thought. As you watched Phil return to the view of the live stream audience you hear him laugh nervously and say something stupid like. “Guess I couldn’t find it”. But you both knew it was too late. The comments were freaking out about how they were 99% sure that there was a another voice in the room and that they could have sworn that Phil had called love. There was comment on how some where sure they heard maybe a mention of making out with cuddles. It seemed as though all hell had broken loose. “Well all of a sudden i don’t feel so good and I think im just going to call it an early night. Love you all and see you next time”. And with that his lap top was closed and you both stared at each other searching for the answers in the opposites face. You decided to be the first to speak as you knew Phil was waiting for your response as he wasn’t sure you were going to yell,cry, or laugh.

“I told you that moving your live stream to Thursday would mess up our weekly cuddle session”. You say with a smirk on your face. You knew you could never be mad at Phil and that there was no one to blame solely. This has for sure been a joint effort in making this mess.

“I think we should pretend this didn’t happen, order some food and do our normal Thursday thing and deal with this later”. Phil said rubbing the back of his neck with this hand.

“Okay love”. You say knowing it will make him smile and  it did. The two of you spent the rest of the evening doing exactly that. You didn’t seem to suddenly care that the whole world knew your dirty little secret because it was nice to know that everyone knew Phil was all yours. Even if they didn’t exactly know the who.

8 A.M.

Sorry we’re not as active right now, kidlets. Grad school’s a bitch. 

Anyway, you make our world go ‘round. Our askbox is always open for you– for prompts, for just saying hello, for when you have the sads and need some lunatic grad students to cheer you up… 

Cas yawns and stretches in the middle of the lecture hall. He’s not really a morning person, but waking up late for registration was what got him stuck in an 8 am Comp 101 class in the first place. At least he can take a nap when he gets home.

There’s still fifteen minutes until class, and the lecture hall is only half full. Most of the students there have travel mugs in front of them. One guy has an actual bowl of cereal that he’s pouring milk into from a thermos. A thud a few seats down the row from Cas draws his attention away from the cereal kid.

It’s Dean. They’ve never spoken, but Cas has caught his name a few times from other people addressing him, plus whenever the professor calls roll. Cas swallows, and looks back at his own travel mug. It’s stupid, that he’s this excited that Dean is sitting closer than normal. Chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

Dean sighs gustily, and Cas looks back up at him in time to see him empty a can of Red Bull into his travel mug. He raises it to his lips, and mutters, “I’m gonna fuckin’ die.”

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Theo Raeken

fast car - jonas blue & dakota

You wanted to escape from everyone and everything. That’s why you asked Theo to pick you up from your house to go on a long road trip. He, of course, was down, since it involved being alone with his favorite person in the world. Two hours in and you were asleep on the passenger’s seat, your body facing Theo.

He came to a stop so he can rest himself after that much driving. Looking at you, he remembered when you first met, the day his whole life changed. You were running late for your class and couldn’t do anything but sprint towards the room with your coffee in one hand and your bag on the other. As you rounded the corner you run into something, or rather someone, spilling brown beverage all over the person’s white shirt. They helped you up, telling you it was okay and eventually telling you his name. Theo and you ever since were inseperable, and after 3 years of an amazing friendship, you became a couple.

He couldn’t be any more thankful for that. In all his years upon earth, he’d never met such a beautiful, kind and carefree person as you. You meant the world to him and if you were to get hurt or taken away from him, he’d lose his mind. Only thing is, he still hasn’t told you of all the wrongs he did to your friends and other people. He didn’t want you to find out, because if you did, he’d lose you, and it would be like losing his heart, he couldn’t live without you.

James Barnes' Therapy Socks

Wake up to find that my stupid self-indulgent knitting fic has over 200 notes and my follower count has spiked wtf, clearly you guys want knitting Bucky. So have a pattern (my first ever!) loosely modelled after my own personal sock recipe:

James Barnes’ Therapy Socks


size 10 dpns

worsted weight wool

Yarn needle


lingering sense of disassociation from the real world



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hi, i'm firmly anti-reylo, but with civility i would like to ask you: what scenes in the force awakens convey any romantic feelings between rey and kylo? i would just like to know why you ship it. thank you!

Thank you for asking so kindly! I’m so excited to talk to you. My answer is long so I hope you stick with me. I hope you’ll learn about me as a person, and not just a shipper in the process. My answer is two fold like your question; 1) what’s in the film, 2) why do you ship it. Here we go! 

 I don’t actually think there is a lot in the film to convey equal attraction. What? A reylo just said that? Yupp. I did. Others may disagree. That’s cool. At this point I personally believe the attraction is very one sided on Kylo’s part. Are equal parts attraction necessary to ship a pair? I don’t think so. I think we can all agree there are ships out there that make us think “huh?” because maybe there wasn’t a lot of romantic indicators, but people ship it anyway. I will say at this point I believe Rey has minimal interest in him. In the books she does talk about his looks and she is fascinated by him in a way, but not romance. There are some who I know disagree. That’s fine. This is just my own thought on the matter. A lot of my attraction to the pair goes beyond what we have seen in the film, and I’ll dive into that later. However, there are a few things that Kylo does that shows his interest, and adds to my intense love and fascination for him.

Originally posted by knights-of-kylo-ren

This is your first clue. This is a man who chooses to be covered up, head to toe, all the time. Even in his own chamber he was covered completely. (Personally I think he’s an abuse victim from Snoke and it’s one of the reasons he covers himself up so intensely, that it’s not just him trying to emulate Vader but that’s another story. If it’s the case, the fact that he chooses to show his face to her is even more profound) He’s completely guarded. He has spoken to other prisoners and has never shown his face. One comment from this scavenger, and boom: mask off. The only other person he truly chooses to take his mask off for is his father. His father - and Rey. I see something in that. Others might not, that’s ok. But I do. 

Originally posted by reylo-musings

This. Right here. I have so many feelings attached to this face. He sees the might of her power, her strength and his reaction is this; he is in complete awe of her. And then she kicks his ass. They are true equals, matched on every level. No one else could be properly and equally matched for them both; his strength is equal to hers and vice versa. 

Then theres “Don’t be afraid I feel it too,” and “you need a teacher I can show you the ways of the Force.” Alright, why would Kylo tell his prisoner, his enemy in the war, to not be afraid. And what was she feeling that he felt as well? What was that feeling? We can speculate but we don’t know. SOMETHING is there. Something hasn’t been answered. Something will be explained. And Lordy do I want answers. He never would have said anything like this to Poe, and I’m willing to bet any other prisoner. Then, saying she needs a teacher. They are enemies in the middle of a battle and he’s offering to teach her! Note he doesn’t say the dark side he just says the Force. It seems strange that he would do that, at least to me. His eye contact with her in that moment is incredible. His eyes are once again completely locked on hers. He’s mesmerized. Next, a lot of people argue against the bridal carry as he has just knocked her out to capture her (I mean they are enemies in a war) but I understand this argument against it. I think the bridal carry touched back to what I said before; this man is extremely guarded, angry and bitter. He clearly avoids physical contact. Yet he carries her. He didn’t have to. But he did. Does that make it right? Hard to say. I look more in on the “why” personally, seeing what it says about a character. Why do I do that? It’s the answer to why I truly ship Reylo, that has nothing to do with the films. 

I was a damn English Major and a creative writing minor. My life in terms of shipping is about the characters and character development. The key word for me is development. We have one movie. We’ve just been introduced to these characters. We are all yearning and excited for more. We have no idea where these stories are going to go and it’s breathtaking to speculate, to wonder, to imagine. We have just scraped the tip of the iceberg and there is so much we do not know. I ship a redeemed Kylo Ren (so Ben Solo) with Rey. I want a redemption arch. It’s happened before, I think it’s going to happen again (explaining why is another long answer).  I want to see how they develop together, how they change together, what they learn from each other, how they grow. 

Now you may wonder why so much of my focus has been on Kylo and not Rey. I am very much a feminist, and don’t want you to think in the slightest that I think her feelings and emotions don’t count in this picture, that she’s just a pawn. I don’t believe that at all. But I think a look into my personal history as an English Major will help you understand my more narrowed focus on him, My senior year of college I had to write a masters level thesis. I spent a year of my life researching and studying a character trope I realized I’d been interested in and just naturally drawn to my entire life: the Byronic Hero. 

I could write out my thesis but it was over 50 pages, so let’s not go there. If anyone wants a detailed analysis of the history of the Byronic hero trope and why Kylo Ren is a Byronic Hero let me know and I’d be thrilled to type it out for you. This was my passion and life’s work for a very long time. But here are the basics (not all are required for a character to be considered part of the trope); a Byronic hero has a sense of homelessness or lack of belonging (this could mean he’s a wonderer, or has a rough family history), anguish, general angst and hopelessness, he’s dangerous to a certain extent. Yea, Kylo is very much a Byronic hero. The hero must also be in his own way stronger than the forces of nature. So it takes a hell of a powerful woman to love him. I know that’s Rey. The hero’s lover is stronger, better, kinder, more powerful than him. And today, she has all the power. Because without her, yea he’s a goner. With her strength, power and just general super hero awesomeness he becomes a better person. I think love makes us better people. I don’t see that as an issue because…love is wonderful. Love makes the world and the galaxy go round and it makes us better people. 

I know the Byronic hero is controversial these days. I’m aware it’s not perfect, trust me, but there is a deep, long and fascinating history of a literary trope, which adds to character development and complex plot lines. THAT is what I love. I’m a scholar first and foremost and rightly or wrongly, this has been my study. For that I love them. He’s a Byronic hero, but she’ll be the true hero. Not everyone will agree with me. Some of my best friends hate the archetype. Guess what? That’s ok. I love it. I love reading it, watching it in art forms. That’s just me. It’s a random interest that sparked something scholarly and a life long fascination. You, and any one who reads this, don’t have to agree. And that’s ok! But there is your explanation; this is why I love and ship Reylo. 

So in conclusion; I think there is evidence that Kylo has some romantic interest, but my main reason for loving them actually is more based in my own personal experience as a individual with my own interests and fascinations as a reader, a writer, a literary scholar and a lover of film. My love for them is based in personal fascinations and personal history and in hope for what will come in the future through their story arch, as individuals and together.  It just proves you never know the true reasons that a person ships a couple till you truly get to know them. We are all different. We all have our own reasons for shipping who we ship. 

Thank you! And much love to you <3

I'm a white ally:  What can I do?

This is what you can do.

“A Trip To The Grocery Store” is a short clip from Cracking the Codes by World Trust TV.  The movie is four years old, but thanks to Upworthy, the clip is making the rounds again, and since I only watched it once the first time around and then lost it, I wanted to post it here so I could refer back to it whenever a white person says that I/we talk too much about racism and racism would go away if I/we would stop harping on it all the time.

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Yet More StormPilot fic recs

Even more fic recs!  There’s still so many great fic coming out, and as my friend put it, I’m being a proper Ravenclaw by continuing to catalogue some of the best! (Well, best by my opinion at least).

A few of these are JediStormPilot, a few of these have a side of Jess/Rey.  A number of these are also on the longer side, so I’ve included word counts this time.

Previous fic rec posts:




Healing Through Flight

Summary: “Poe has always wanted to properly meet his hero, Luke Skywalker. He’s also been dying to meet Finn’s friend Rey. He didn’t think these things would be happening at the same time and he certainly didn’t think it would be so awkward.”

Sequel to the wonderful fic Naivety and Stupidity which I recced in my very first post, this one from Poe’s POV. (Also, part 3 is currently coming out!)  This fic also has Jess/Rey, and has Poe dealing with the after effects of his encounter with Kylo Ren

16075 Words in 6 Chapters.

“They hadn’t gotten any word that this would be happening. Damn, Poe wished Finn was there. He would have been ecstatic. As it stood, Poe supplied the excited nature for both of them. He’d seen Rey about once but from the transmissions between Rey and Finn and the stories he had heard, he was more than a little excited to meet the girl himself. He hadn’t even had a chance to properly thank her for bringing Finn back. He definitely needed to do that. And then buy her a drink because that’s what you did when people saved your not-yet-lover-but-eventually-lover.”

Supernova Tonight

Summary: “There’s probably a lot that Finn needs, now he’s conscious again, and probably half of it Poe is never going to be able to figure out, but at least he can tell him the stories.”

This beautifully written fic is probably one of my favorites right now.  Finn dealing with the effects of growing up a storm trooper, Poe dealing with helping him.  It follows Poe’s perspective throughout this, figuring out how not to speak without thinking so as to help Finn as much as possible, things like that.  There’s so many paragraphs I could pull to quote, but here’s a few that made me fall more in love with this fic towards the beginning of it.

It is rated Explicit, as it does have a few smutty scenes, but if that’s not your thing the story is still worth reading as the vast majority is.

9628 Words

“Finn says things, those times when he’s stuck back in the memories that never formed properly, that make Poe want to go out, gear up, get in his X-wing and basically personally kill every First Order bastard and go back again twice over just to be certain.”

“When he’d been young and stupid, he’d bought into the reputation flyers had for love-em-and-leave-‘em, and felt like it was something you had to live by, that it came with the role. His mother had been nothing like that, but since when did kids let parents be their models? He had one night stands round half his squad, and casual arrangements with most of the other half, and then there were all the off-world trips and the bars and the skin-sinks, and it was awesome until the night he was all on his own drinking banthan rum with no one who gave a shit to talk to about his Dad’s passing, and realised it wasn’t….

And now somehow it’s twenty years later, and he’s wound up in the longest relationship of his life – even though it’s barely been half a cycle - with a guy who probably views their interaction as familial, or at least would if he’d not been horribly kidnapped from his actual family and mind-wiped and exploited until any sense of how people might relate normally was stripped from him and…”

summer daze

Summary (and a great quote from the story):”Poe is a rescue pilot, Rey a paramedic.

While surveying a bushfire east of Melbourne Rey spots a man in trouble, and without any hesitation they save him from the fire. Noticing that her friend is checking out their recent rescue, Rey takes it upon herself to make sure Finn stays in their lives.”

This is a modern AU that takes place in Australia.

6340 Words

“Rey. Rey. What is wrong with me? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t gay? Or bi? What am going to do?” He groaned again and Rey rolled her eyes. She leaned back in her chair and took a sip of the red wine, contemplating her answer.
“You’re an idiot.” Poe sat up and stared at her, mouth open.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me! You’re an idiot. Seriously. Just bloody call the bloke. He likes you too.” Rey rolled her eyes again. “Men. Jesus Christ, I’m so glad I’m not interested in men.”“

Square Pegs

Summary: “When Finn asks Poe for Resistance propaganda to read in the hopes of catching up on what they’ve been doing, he doesn’t expect to find a certain calendar full of what could delicately be described as glamour shots of the Resistance’s greatest pilot.”

Finn is trying to find something to do while healing, and wants to learn more about the Resistance.  The above describes it really well.  

6937 Words

“The function of the calendar seems to be all but forgotten as most of each double page is taken up by a photograph. Photographs that could only be described as softly pornographic. Poe straddling the front of his X-Wing with nothing but his helmet protecting his modesty. Poe climbing a maintenance ladder resting against the X-Wing, thigh strategically angled. He may be hidden at the front but everything is on display at the back. Finely defined muscles that shine in the bright starlight, curves instead of lines that disguise the intimate control that Poe has over each and every part of his body. Finn’s eyes are drawn to one curve in particular.”

the beloved body, compass, polestar

“Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.”

Poe is trying to help Finn recover and find a place in the Resistance, while simultaneously trying to figure out how to balance his own feelings for Finn and his devotion to the Resistance.  Also, this has great friendship between Poe and Jessika.

6124 Words

“Finn makes his stomach swoop and his chest constrict and the back of his ears burn hot, but that’s not important in the long view of things. It’s not important when the First Order is still out there, and the Republic is beginning to wither after one key system was shot down out of the sky like it was nothing. Poe’s heard the stories about Alderaan–not from the General, always tight-lipped about her home planet, but his father had spoken late into the night about the fear that rippled through the village seeing a planet burst into an asteroid field, never mind five. The rain had been heavy, and as he spoke, Kes Dameron rubbed at an old blaster scar on his thigh that tended to twinge with the weather and with mentions of friends who had been left under knots of vines on Endor or in the dissipated fires on the surface of imperial star destroyers.”

number 3

Summary: “Whenever Poe thinks he might be about to die (which is approximately three times a week) he always wishes he had the chance to do three things:

1. Have a glass of the Coruscant blush wine that had been drunk by legendary rebel fighters before the Battle of Endor (a childhood dream, okay)
2. Thank the General for everything she’d done
3. Tell a certain jacket stealing, ex-stormtrooper that he’s in love with him

(The list was in the order that the points had been added, not the importance. It was embarrassing how quickly Finn had started to rank number one in importance in Poe’s life.)”

Poe works his way through some of his list.

3358 Words

““Don’t wait until it seems like the end, Dameron. Tell him when you’re safe and breathing easily. I waited. And then Han waited. We were always waiting until one of us was leaving or dying. Eventually that’s the only way you can love each other, when the world is ending. Stop waiting, tell him.””

reach me down

Summary: “Poe Dameron deals with the effects of having someone forcibly root around in their mind without permission. Luckily, he doesn’t have to deal with it alone.”

Can you see a theme in the fics I’m reccing? Poe has a nightmare, Finn and Rey come help.


1292 Words

Cover Boy

Summary: “Poe doesn’t find it funny. Unfortunately, everyone else finds it hilarious.”

Poe discovers he has ended up on the cover of First Order Propaganda: “His face appears under a bold, menacing headline that reads, “Don’t Let The Resistance Seduce You Away!””  He’s not so thrilled about this, especially the way they paint Finn.

2331 Words

“Jess is the only one who hasn’t fled from his sudden temper flare. Her face has softened, looking a little too knowing. He ignores her and scrolls down to the article, which is just as purple and stomach turning as he had suspected it would be, painting him as the sexual lothario who had preyed on a trooper’s weakness and Finn as… no one. As just another trooper, one with higher scores and more promise than most, but likely used and ultimately discarded by the Resistance. As though Finn’s choice means nothing. "They’re turning me into another boogeyman of the Resistance and making Finn seem like nothing special.””

Keep Your Eyes on Me

Summary: “Finn and Rey totally had a Moment (probably), Poe’s life is the hardest, Ben knows all of Mean Girls by heart, and none of them are going to survive Homecoming.”

Modern world high-school AU.  JediStormPilot.  I ADORE the fact that bb-8, instead of a little kid or an animal, is a genderqueer kid named Bibi.

2930 Words.

“"Them.” Finn waved a hand across the study hall room at the cluster in the corner. This being an unsupervised study period, the juniors of Jakku High were variously draped over, sleeping under, and teetering precariously half-on their desks, and engaged in a variety of excitingly not-homework-related pursuits. Finn and Poe had gone for the classic push-two-chairs-together-into-a-loveseat-and-sit-mostly-on-top-of-each-other maneuver, which had been a good idea in Finn’s opinion because Poe was warm and also had very soft, comfy hair. Jessika was sitting in her seat normally like weirdo. Bibi was lying across two desks with their iPod headphones in and a soccer ball balanced on their stomach.

And, in the opposite corner, Rey Kenobi and Ben Organa were slumped in chairs, Ben draped like a maiden on a fainting couch and Rey crouched with her knees pressed up against the desk and the chair wobbling on two legs but never actually in danger of falling. There wasn’t anything as dramatic as a space cleared around the two of them, people weren’t actually hanging back in reverence and awe, but it kind of felt like they should be. There was a glow, an aura, nay, an eminence about that particular corner of the classroom. It housed an angelic being after all, Finn reflected. Angelic in very much the flaming-sword sense, but still. “

In Fits and Starts

Summary: “Poe knows how Finn feels about Rey. But that won’t stop him from holding on as long as he possibly can.”

Poe knows Finn is in love with Rey, but is going to get as much out of his time with Finn as he can.  Then Rey returns.  Angst with a happy ending.

2093 Words

“People always think he wants it hard, fast, impersonal. And he does, he loves it like that. But not every time.

Finn is the only one who holds him in his arms, who pushes into him carefully – like he’s something precious, something to be cherished.

Poe doesn’t know what he’s going to do when it stops.”

But I’m a Stormtrooper!

Summary: “A Resistance pilot and a reformed stormtrooper walk into a bar. Finn’s not sure what the punchline is, but he’s almost certain it’s gonna hurt. (He’s wrong.)”

Seriously, this fic would be worth it for the drink names alone at the bar.

3269 Words

Galactic Dreams (Or lets fly birthday girl)

Summary: “Rey had to admit that she was sorely tempted and it really wasn’t like Luke could possibly sense her from all the way down here. It wasn’t like he could somehow stop her if he possibly did. It wasn’t like he could outrun an x-wing at any rate. Great motivations and suggestions from a supposedly even-headed Jedi in training but Rey had only ever piloted the Millennium Falcon. Opportunity like this didn’t just come flying in every day.

It’s Luke’s birthday and Leia’s idea to surprise Rey with a gift inspires Jess to do something similar.”

While still StormPilot, this fic is primarily Rey/Jess. and is cute fluff where Jess goes to deliver Rey and Luke birthday presents from Leia.  She decides to add her own presents to Rey to the mix.

5684 Words

The Adventures of Ace Dameron

This is an adorable little series, of three short fic so far.  Finn wakes up to a little boy named Ace, who over the course of the stories proceeds to charm the pants off Finn, to the delight of his dad.

Same Old Story with a Different Name

Summary: “Jessika has more important things to do than gossip about Dameron and Finn or daydream about Rey. Pity she’s not getting around to them.”

This fic is from Jessika Pava’s perspective. The pilots gossip about Poe and his relationship with Finn.  It’s also Jess/Rey

2662 Words

“The mood on base changes when Rey returns with Luke Skywalker. They’re not staying long—just giving an update, really—but both are treated like the celebrities they’ve become, Rey’s star shining slightly brighter since she’s younger and cuter and a whole lot newer, although Jessika’s never really let go of her childhood fixation on Skywalker as the galaxy’s greatest hero. Rey stops by the hangar sometimes, where Dameron’s been teaching Finn the basic mechanics of X-wing repair. (“He’d rather be working sanitation,” Snap tells Jessika at lunch one day. “At least, that’s what Dara said. It’s what he’s good at. But I think he likes Poe more than he likes working.”) The three of them have become something of a trio, and though Jessika treasures her friendships with Snap and the rest of Blue Squadron, she can’t help her jealousy—not of Rey, but of the others, the ones who get to occupy her free time. Jessika would be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed Rey, and not just for her heroics. But no one needs to know that.”

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the others, and if you can help me get to over 300 notes (My 3rd one got to 270 notes) through reblogs and likes I will love you all forever!!!

Broken Silence

Originally posted by deautiful-dream

You wandered absently through the empty halls of the mansion. All the dorm room doors were closed and everyone, teachers and students alike, was asleep. A great sense of calmness filled you with each breath. While being a mutant was a constant fight, your mutation of night vision certainly came in handy during your longer nights.

As an insomniac you got the opportunity to see the world in a different light, and not just in the literal way. Once everyone had gone to sleep, it was like you entered a different realm. There’s a very special kind of silence for this time, when even the building itself seems to be snoring quietly. The silence seems part of you and like it will go on forever, seeping in through your skin and settling in your stomach. Sometimes you forget you can talk or that there’s other people in the world. So when you rounded the corner and saw a silhouette of a man sitting under the glow of one of the lamps in the commons, it’s fair to say you were shocked. A lot of people inhabited the school, you couldn’t possible be the only person who had trouble sleeping, but this was the first time you came face to face with this fact.

You weren’t sure whether you should announce yourself and strike up a conversation or keep on you way. Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately as decision making wasn’t one of your top five skills, your choice was soon taken away from you.

“Can’t sleep?” the accented voice sounded from the silhouette.

Hearing the man speak somehow added to your surprise; your eyebrows raised and your eyes widened slightly. His question was followed by the sound of a closing book and him twisting in his chair to look at you. Finding yourself looking eye to eye at Charles, you felt a ghost of a smile play at your lips.

“Insomniatic,” you said simply, walking around the furniture so that you were facing him fully.

He nodded understandingly, before patting the couch cushion closest to him. Taking the hint, you sat down.

“What about you?” You tucked a stray hair behind your ear. “Why are you up so late? Don’t you have an early class?”

“Good book,” Charles smiled, running a hand lovingly along the cover of the book in his lap. “It’s much easier to read at night, when all the students are in bed. More peaceful.”

You chuckled, “That’s for sure.” You paused for a moment before asking, “Would you like to continue on with your reading then? I can go.”

“Oh, no, dear,” he placed a hand on the arm you had resting on the armrest. “Your company is at least as enjoyable as a good book.”

A smile found it’s way to your face, as you felt your cheeks turn red. This wasn’t even close to the first time that Charles had said something like this to you, but you had yet to get used to it.

“In that case,” you reached out a hand towards the one he had on your arm. “How does tea sound?”

While my sitar gently weeps - The Guardian (September 1999)

Ravi Shankar: I met George Harrison for the first time in June 1966, one evening in a friend’s house in London. Although I had heard of the Beatles, I knew only that they were an extremely popular group. Something clicked from the very beginning with George. The other three I met on different occasions through the years, and Ringo especially was always very warm and friendly, but I never really had anything much to do with any of them.

From the moment we met, George was asking questions, and I felt he was genuinely interested in Indian music and religion. He appeared to be a sweet, straightforward young man. I said I had been told he had used the sitar, although I had not heard the song Norwegian Wood. He seemed quite embarrassed, and it transpired that he had only had a few sittings with an Indian chap who was in London to see how the instrument should be held and to learn the basics of playing. Norwegian Wood was supposedly causing so much brouhaha, but when I eventually heard the song I thought it was a strange sound that had been produced on the sitar! As a result, though, young fans of the Beatles everywhere had become fascinated by the instrument.

Then George expressed his desire to learn the sitar from me. I told him that to play sitar is like learning Western classical music on the violin or the cello. It is not merely a matter of learning how to hold the instrument and play a few strokes and chords, after which (with sufficient talent) you can prosper on your own, as is common with the guitar in western pop music. I told him this nicely, getting him to understand the seriousness of Indian music.

I said, “There is more to it than exciting the senses of the listeners with virtuosity and loud crash-bang effects. My goal has always been to take the audience along with me deep inside, as in meditation, to feel the sweet pain of trying to reach out for the supreme, to bring tears to the eyes, and to feel totally peaceful and cleansed.”

Then I asked him if he could give time and total energy to work hard on it. He said he would do his best, and we arranged a date then and there. It was not practical for him to come to my hotel, so he invited me to visit his house in Esher soon afterwards. I went twice within a week or so. Initially I gave him some basic instruction - how to hold the sitar properly, the correct fingering for both the hands, and some exercises. That was all. We fixed it that he would come to India to learn in more depth.

I felt strongly that there was a beautiful soul in him, and recognised one quality which I always have valued enormously and which is considered the principal one in our culture - humility. Considering that he was so famous - part of the most popular group in the world ever! - he was nevertheless quite humble, with a childlike quality that he has retained to this day.

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Malec AU First Meeting #17 ‘Forget’

I wrote this surprisingly fast and now my hand hurts, but I’m still glad I did it. ^^

Fluffy blind date with an important notebook and a chance of more. :-)

Not edited.


Alec groaned internally as he stared down at his coffee. A blind date? Really? God, what had possessed him to agree to that? Okay, that question was easily answered: loneliness mixed with tequila. Not something he’d recommend. He could have stayed sober that night, could have politely refused his sister’s offer and he would be at home, binge watching something on Netflix and trying to drown the boredom of his single-life with orange juice. But no, he was sitting in a small cafe in the farthest corner on the back and was on the verge of being stood up anyway. It was ten minutes past the meeting time and Alec decided to simply finish his coffee in the next five minutes, then look at his phone as he’d just gotten an important text … then leave.

His gaze wandered over to the counter. Maybe he’d get a piece of apple pie before leaving. The barista met his gaze and smiled brightly at him. Alec smiled back in his usual awkward way. Fortunately it didn’t seem to creep her out. Alec was pretty proud of himself to have managed that social interaction and it lifted his mood instantly. He smiled to himself and sipped on his coffee. 

The next moment someone crashed into his life and Alec almost spit out the sip he’d just taken. A young man, about his age came to a skittering halt on the other side of the table Alec was sitting at. He was out of breath and Alec wondered why he hadn’t noticed him right when he must have rushed through the door. The other’s eyes were a vibrant green, his skin was dark and his black hair was a mess made by the wind that was blowing outside. He was wearing several layers of bright colors that he somehow managed to keep from clashing with each other and over his shoulder was the strap of a surprisingly simple, grey shoulder bag, but then Alec noticed that it was covered with countless buttons and patches and it all made sense again. 

A few seconds passed while the newcomer simply stood there, taking deep breaths, his hands put on the table that separated them with his eyes so intently trained on Alec that he couldn’t look away. Alec’s heartbeat quickened because he wasn’t sure if anybody had ever taken such a close look at him. There was no judgement, annoyance, nothing like that. It wasn’t that kind of calm ‘I love you’-look that could be observed in so many romantic movies either. The strangers gaze was filled to the brim with life and his eyes seemed intent and excited at the prospect of meeting somebody new, somebody that didn’t look like the rest of the person they’d mat yesterday because everybody looked different. 

Like a child, Alec thought with a hammering heart in his chest. He’s like a child that witnesses the world for the first time still trying to understand what makes it go round.


If you forget most things in your life, you’ll stumble from one first meeting into the next and sometimes won’t realize when it actually is a real one, but it also is a possibility to welcome the whole world with open arms, like an old friend who you’ve known for ages and whose name you’ve simply … forgotten.


“Have we met before?”

Alec blinked. The guy across from him was still standing up and for a brief moment he wondered if the other could even calm down enough to actually sit somewhere for longer than a heartbeat.

“Uhm, no … I don’t think so?”, he got out, his eyes still as big as saucers because he’d never thought to ever meet someone like that. He had even thought that in a society like theirs people who looked upon the world like him had died out already. Or maybe Alec still couldn’t believe that those eyes were still trained on him. A face-splitting grin accompanied that intense gaze and the stranger pushed himself off the table. He let the shoulder bag slide down to the ground and finally sat down. 

“Great!”, he exclaimed, “I would have hated to forget someone like you.”

“You don’t know me”, Alec said and leaned back a bit. The intensity of the first impact calmed down a bit and his heart wasn’t trying to break out of his chest anymore, though he still kept one hand securely wrapped around his cup of coffee. “Who are you anyway?”

The stranger chuckled softly and suddenly his features turned just as soft. A feeling of warm comfort swept over Alec. He was sure that his hands would have still shaken a bit if he’d been told to hold them up at right that moment. 

“I’m sorry, I tend to … forget those things.” There was a heavy weight to the word 'forget’ on the other’s tongue and Alec wanted to hear that story which sang between the lines. “I’m Magnus, your date.”

“Wow”, Alec said before he could stop himself. When he realized that he’d just said that out loud, he clamped both hands over his mouth and could feel his face turning red. Magnus laughed and his eyes sparkled. How could eyes even sparkle? Alec didn’t know, but Magnus’ eyes could and they did. 

Embarrassment clawed at Alec’s skin, dragged him down. He pressed his eyes shut and wanted to disappear. Why did these things always happen to him?

But then he suddenly felt a warm hand on his. Slowly he opened his eyes again. Magnus had leaned over the table to reach him. Carefully he pried on hand away from Alec’s mouth, green eyes never leaving blue ones. Magnus gently shook his head.

“Don’t look away”, he whispered, “never look away, the world around you will only happen once and we are already cursed to forget most things.”

Alec eyed him skeptically. “There are things I would love to forget”, he muttered, but instantly regretted it when he saw sadness dulling the light of Magnus’ eyes. He wanted to reach out, chase it away. 

“I know”, Magnus whispered with a sad smile that spoke of exhaustion and understanding, “so many people think the same way.” He sat back in his chair and Alec felt like he’d pushed him away. He wanted to reach out once again, but stopped himself before he could actually do it. 

“You don’t?" 

Magnus shook his head in that cute exaggerated way like little children did when their parents asked them - in their opinion - completely obvious questions. It was still cute on him while on everybody else it would have looked ridiculous and arrogant. Then Magnus looked again at Alec wit his head slightly tilted to the right. 

"No, I don’t”, he finally said pursing his lips. Once again there was more to be told, Alec could practically feel the words dancing on his skin, but not being able to catch them, so he didn’t even try and let them fade away. They weren’t his to catch, they were Magnus’ to verbalize. “Or at least, I try my best not to do so.” Magnus chuckled and then the spark in his eyes were back. It spoke of mischief and hushed conversations in the shadows of the world’s attention. 

Alec felt a longing he’d never experienced before, a sense of comfort, a desire to smile and laugh and scream at the same time. Maybe it was happiness. It was so bright and powerful and it was only the beginning. 

“How do you do it? Taking pictures?”

Magnus huffed and Alec found himself laughing. It was so easy that it almost scared him, but he wasn’t scared. He didn’t want to be scared. “No, do you know how much context to have to remember to understand photographs again when you look at them a month later? No, I take notes.” He bent down and pulled a thick notebook out of his shoulder bag. He showed it to Alec, the front covered with random patterns, numbers that didn’t make sense to him, but didn’t had it over. It was the line between Alec and Magnus and something about it felt final, like that line in the sand that you draw as a kid and the sea doesn’t get close enough to wash it away. 

“I always have a pen and a notebook with me. A new one for every week … okay, maybe I have a lot of pens because I can never decide on which color I want to use when I leave the house, but always just one notebook.” Magnus looked at the notebook himself and nodded in agreement with himself. 

“Why one for every week? Why are you so particular about it?”, Alec wanted to know. He leaned forward in his seat, but this time Magnus leaned back. He put the notebook down on the table between them. If Alec would stretch out the fingers of his right hand he could have touched it, but he didn’t. 

Magnus bit his lower lip, picked up the notebook and gently tipped the upper edge against his lips.

“If you give me the chance of a second date after this one’s over”, he said contemplatively, “I’ll tell you.” Then his gaze turned into a silent challenge.

“You know”, he whispered and for a moment his words were Alec’s whole world. “If you don’t forget about it.”

“I won’t.” Alec smiled and felt his own eyes intently trained on Magnus whose face lit up. In the end he had managed to chase away the sadness without reaching over, without touching Magnus. “I promise I won’t forget.”