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When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round

MP100 Valentines Week 
Day 1; Walk in the park

pairing: terumob

(for mp100 valentine’s week! each of these prompts is going to read as a chapter of the same story, so let’s see if i can actually crank out 8 of them in 8 days hahahaha,,,)

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There’s a common phenomenon in the world where a person discovers a unique subject for the first time and then coincidentally find themselves running into that subject again and again. Psychology refers to it as Baader-Meinhof, less formally “frequency illusion.”

Teruki calls it “psychic magnetism.”

He has an odd way of finding whatever he thinks too long and hard about. All he has to do is start walking and his steps will inevitably begin to follow an invisible, roundabout path to whatever it is that’s so stuck on his mind.

Since science is keen to explain away the paranormal, there very well might be an explanation outside of ESP for this ability of his – selective attention, maybe. Confirmation bias. Synchronicity. A seemingly meaningful but ultimately random series of coincidences, one right after the other. 

Whatever the truth may be, Teruki is familiar enough with his touch of the phenomenon to rightly assume, after a few minutes of aimless strolling, that he’s headed somewhere in particular. A few strides into the park, a few slow glances around, and suddenly his heart skips.

There. And the muddy mental lines fade into definition. It’s with purpose that Teruki steps off the path into soft, springy grass and makes his way towards where Kageyama is sitting quietly on an out-of-the-way bench.

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Results of our first art raffle!

Travelers! Did you miss us? (We missed you.)

Patrons have already seen the two requests that were randomly selected for @disasterscenario‘s first art raffle, and we’re sharing them with all of you today before the second round of results go up for patrons tomorrow! 

Kai Blake requested Chance carrying Mary-Anne! Mary-Anne looks pretty put out but I think we all know she likes it. And damn, wouldn’t you?

Naomi Snelson asked for Nureyev braiding Rita’s hair, so here they are at a rather adult-themed slumber party in their crop tops. In another life, Nureyev probably could have been a master hairdresser instead of a master thief. 

Remember, you too can make requests for the next raffle if you pledge at the $10 level or higher!

Translation for this video

Person 1: “Daniel and Kenneth, have you guys something you have to do before you’re jumping?”
Person 2: “close your eyes”
Kenneth: “I think it’s better to ask the guy who needs to put on his left shoe first and have to throw around his shoe some rounds too.”
Daniel: “Everything starts with the left side. Gloves, socks, leg, shoe. But I also use to sweet talk to my suit.”
Everybody starts asking what he said
person 3: “okay, do we have a doctor in the audience? There is one talking to his suit here!”
Person 1: “Sweet talking to the suit? What in the world?”
Daniel: “Yes. If it’s going to fly far it has to feel good, so then I have to snuggle a bit with it and sweet talking to it.”
person 1: “is it true? What about you, have you seen this Kenneth?”
Kenneth: “He sits there and throws around his shoe a bit, and then he finds his suit and he stands there like “Today will be good””
person 1: “How many suits do you have?”
Daniel: “I have… It depends on. I use to have with me like 3-4 on a trip, but it’s just the one I compete with who get the most sweet talking”
person 4:”Do they have any names?”
Daniel: “No, they don’t really have any names”
person 4: “do you have a favorite suit?”
Daniel: “I use to call them for the first letter of the color they are in. So I had a pretty nice suit this winter who was called S.S, and it worked very well.
person 3: “S.S? I’m just going to take on my S.S suit and fly far!”
Daniel: “But it works! You saw that it worked damn well in Germany.”
Person 2: “Apropos, how often have you sang “I believe I can fly”?”
Daniel: “actually a couple of times”
person 2: “A couple of times, a couple of times, I knew it!”

Where did we go wrong?

What ever happened to having connections with each other, via soul to soul.. Not phone to phone. What ever happened to living life through our own eyes, rather than through a phone screen? What ever happened to loving every race as our own, and not discriminating due physical or spiritual differences? We are one race, the human race. It is truly sad to see us, the people, the most powerful entities on this planet, segregating ourselves due to political, environmental, or whatever beliefs we may have. Difference in opinions is what makes the world go round, as does love. So until the human race can come to peace with the fact that no human will ever see life through another persons eyes and perspective, then we will never be at peace. The first step in fixing a problem, is realizing there is one.

8 A.M.

Sorry we’re not as active right now, kidlets. Grad school’s a bitch. 

Anyway, you make our world go ‘round. Our askbox is always open for you– for prompts, for just saying hello, for when you have the sads and need some lunatic grad students to cheer you up… 

Cas yawns and stretches in the middle of the lecture hall. He’s not really a morning person, but waking up late for registration was what got him stuck in an 8 am Comp 101 class in the first place. At least he can take a nap when he gets home.

There’s still fifteen minutes until class, and the lecture hall is only half full. Most of the students there have travel mugs in front of them. One guy has an actual bowl of cereal that he’s pouring milk into from a thermos. A thud a few seats down the row from Cas draws his attention away from the cereal kid.

It’s Dean. They’ve never spoken, but Cas has caught his name a few times from other people addressing him, plus whenever the professor calls roll. Cas swallows, and looks back at his own travel mug. It’s stupid, that he’s this excited that Dean is sitting closer than normal. Chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

Dean sighs gustily, and Cas looks back up at him in time to see him empty a can of Red Bull into his travel mug. He raises it to his lips, and mutters, “I’m gonna fuckin’ die.”

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