first person in the family to go to college

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I just love Rory O'Malley so much because he’s such a gentle, soft person and he was the first person to be nice to Josh Groban in college and he used to perform musicals in his basement and he’s really excited to start a family and he loves asking people about their lives and he’s so genuinely happy for his college friends without being jealous at all because he’s really happy with what he’s doing and he was so good in Book of Mormon they made him his own character but he totally denies that and he just decided he was going to live with Josh Gad (who was totally bragging about having his own room) and I just love him so much, he’s so sweet

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Which Korrasami fanfic (fanfics) would you recomend me?

It depends on what you like anon… I’m going to recommend a variety of fics and hopefully you’ll find one that you’re interested in. Also the fics I’m going to recommend aren’t super well known(as in around 10K hits or less). The list is in alphabetical order of the author’s names.

Blood Red by deeperinmyhead
A Legend of Korra modern day (dark) AU set in a small town. Korra returns to her hometown after being away for three years. The nightmares from the past still haunt her along with the side-effects of her Blood Bending and some lost memories. She meets Asami, a woman she’s having an unexplainable attraction to. Together, they go through a lot of pain as Korra is haunted by the past - killer with a personal vendetta.

Comforts of Home by Emirael
Single Mom AU/Modern AU - Sweet and family-centered. Korra is new in this part of the city, and she’s not particularly interested in romance at this point in her life. But then her son makes a friend, and, well, what kind of mother would she be if she didn’t meet the friend’s mom at some point?

The College of the Holy and Undivided Elements by Fuhadeza
Korra is overwhelmed by the first formal dinner she goes to at university. Cambridge AU!

Brittle Wires by golari
It became clear very quickly that Asami Sato was a bit of legend at Future Industries. You weren’t surprised, exactly, but it was funny how much she actually fit the word. The exaggerated—because they had to be—stories about her that floated throughout the cafeteria. The way everyone would immediately snap to attention in her presence. The way she could command a room, even if she was only breezing through it. To your co-workers, Asami Sato was an enigma not to be decoded, just viewed from a distance. But Asami Sato was not the reason you had come to work at Future Industries. Against all odds, Future Industries had not only decided to give you a grant straight out of university, but they let you hand pick a team to make your dream a reality.

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by Gummy
Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers. Strip Club AU with Korrasami.

Just a party by Iterdei
Asami and Korra are drunk at a party and Korra might be a little protective over Asami.

Blizzard by n1nastill
During the Biannual Winter Games, snowboarder Korra became captivated by a certain United Republic athlete, the renowned Asami Sato.

Black Blizzard by theinvisiblekunst
In the early 1930s, severe drought struck the Great Plains. Unanchored soil picked up by the prairie winds would turn in to massive clouds of dust, covering everything in it’s path. It became known as The Dust Bowl, the worst man-made ecological disaster in human history. Asami Sato, on her way to Chicago for business purposes, is delayed in a small Dust Bowl town when a duster rolls in. She comes to care for the townspeople she meets, especially the blue-eyed farmhand who helps her when she’s injured. Unfortunately, in the small town of Republic City, Oklahoma, where Asami finds herself, residents and visitors alike will be witness to the worst storm yet, known as Black Sunday.

Mecha Tempest by Vxnatori
I guess you could call it a borderlands au crossover thing. Korra, a seasoned bounty hunter ends up in over her head after meeting a hot mechanic in Three Horns.

Camp Amon by ziraseal
Welcome to your new life, free of the evil and sickly homosexual spirit within.

I have now realized that these are all AU’s, lol. If you wanted fics that are cannon compliant I can recommend some, but I tend to read AU’s.

So, we all know that Magnus Bane is a dad™, so imagine with me if you will :
• Alec and Magnus met in college, they shared a dorm, later when Magnus moved out and he got his first apartment, Alec did too, cause by then he was like a permanent fixture in Magnus’ life, his rock and his constant

• so Magnus wants a kid, he really really wants to be a dad. He spent his life thinking he will start a family when he finds the perfect person but after a string of failed relationships he is done

• he decides to just go and adopt a kid and make his own family and so he goes to the adoption agency, obviously the person there tells him it is much more difficult for a single parent but they will try

• now one day, a person from the agency comes for a surprise visit and automatically assumes that Alec is Magnus’ bf and Magnus is his nervousness doesn’t even bother correcting

• but from that Magnus does have a very bright idea, what if they got married, he could totally get a baby!!!

• so he proposes to Magnus, Alec initially resists but how can he say no to Magnus, so he agrees on the condition their friends know the truth of course

• so they get married, nothing changes for the most part, they already lived together, its just now Magnus can kiss Alec is front of people whenever he wants and Alec cant resist

• then one day watching Alec Magnus realises that the perfect person for him was right there all along?? And he is like crazy in love with his Alec?? and how will he ever tell the truth??

• so Magnus stays silent, happy to be fake married, there are many more surprise visits until one day Magnus gets a call that there is a new born baby girl, his baby girl waiting for him

• so he rushes to Alec’s school (he is totally a teacher..) and he gathers him in a bruising kiss and then they go off to meet their new daughter!!!

• anyways they toally settle in their domestic life and Magnus is just so in love with Alec, watching him with the baby and stuff

• until one day Alec says that he is leaving, he got a new house and everything and now Magnus has a kid and they can get divorced and everything so he is leaving

• and Magnus is like why?? He is internally screaming cause he needs Alec, their baby needs Alec, Alec is the kids daddy too and just why now??? He is so scared and worried and tired and just in love and he is hurting

• the night before he is supposed to leave, Alec decides to just sit down and tell Magnus the truth, that he is leaving cause he know that if he doesn’t leave now he will never leave and he doesn’t want Magnus to be trapped in a loveless marriage

• and Magnus is like ??? Are you crazy?? So they kiss and make up and their daughter has two amazing dads and they later on go on to adopt another kid and have this beautiful family and they live happily.

Letters [Part 1]

Pairing: Peter X Reader:
Warnings: Probably Language, Angst
A/N: Don’t hate me :)



Was sending a letter cheesy? You thought to yourself as you sat in front of the notepad and pen on your desk.

Maybe it was. But you were always better at writing out your feelings, anyway. And you were leaving for college tomorrow, so you had to tell him. If you just let him go without him knowing that you were in love with him, you’d never forgive yourself.

You held on to a tiny bit of hope that maybe Peter loved you too.

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Thieves in the Night (Connor Murphy x Reader) 

Thieves / A Call in the Dark / Whisper

Prompt:  Person A and B are teenagers who are best friends and both secretly love each other. One day Person B runs away from home (because of an abusive/neglective family) and turns up on Person A’s doorstep. Person A’s parents call Person B’s parents and they turn up to take Person B back home. Person A and B decide to run away together.

Warnings: dumb parents, swearing, maybe even heights?

A/N: yo so this is the first part and therefore it might seem a bit bland! i still hope u like it thank uuuu!!

There are certain things that happen throughout your life, which were already set by a higher force, that sort of controls everbody’s life. Go to college, find a boy or girl, get married, have children and then, you’re allowed to die. Yet at some points, there are things, which you are not prepared for. And you were definitely not prepared for this one night with Connor.

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“I live with the mindset that I’m married to photographs. I got divorced 20 years ago. It was my first love, whom I met in high school. That person was always studying; even after marrying me, she taught seniors in high school as a tutor. I guess that’s why she didn’t live with a person like me and left. After she left for the U.S. to study, I raised two children on my own. While I felt that family was important, she was someone who thought much bigger. She always said things like, ‘Graduating college, earning money and giving back the scholarship I got, and going on a trip around the world is my dream.’ She went away like that, and I heard that she graduated college at 61.”

“저는 사진하고 결혼했다는 마음으로 살아요. 20년 전에 이혼을 했어요. 고등학생때 처음 만난 첫사랑이었어요. 그사람 참 공부벌레였지. 나랑 결혼하고 나서도 가정교사로 고3 아이들을 가르칠 정도였으니까. 그래서 나 같은 사람이랑 안 살고 떠났나 봐요. 그 사람 미국 가서 공부하겠다고 떠난 뒤로 자식 둘을 혼자 키웠어요. 저는 가정이 중요했지만 그 여자는 무대가 넓은 사람이었던 거지. 늘 ‘대학 나오는 것, 돈 벌어서 장학금 환불하는 것, 세계일주가 꿈’이라고 했었어요. 그렇게 가서는 육십 하나에 대학을 졸업했다고 하더라고.”


Warnings: Really, incredibly sad at the beginning, fluff at the end.

WC: 1898

Pairing: Reader x LMM

Prompt: “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

“Did I stutter?”

These will be used in this series, not necessarily this chapter

A/N: This is my very first LMM fic, so please don’t be too harsh on the critiques.


It was an average day in Manhattan. You wake up to your alarm blaring, only to press snooze and catch more restful minutes of sleep.

You knew it was a bad habit, especially because it made you late for work every morning when you were younger. You didn’t worry about being late this time, because if you were, at least you had someone to take over your shift. But you didn’t stop. After oversleeping for about 30 more minutes, you finally kicked off the covers and groggily made your way to your kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee.

You were itching for a fix of the sweet energy that caffeine gave you. Lord knows you can’t function without it. Many of your cast mates and co-workers know this and some of them usually pick up a coffee for you before you get to the theater. After all, playing Eliza in the show Hamilton was hard enough. Doing it right after you wake up… a lot harder.

Your mother always told you how coffee was bad for you, and how it increased your risks of heart attacks and how it stained your teeth. You remember how you promised her that you wouldn’t drink too much coffee when you were in college.

It didn’t last long.

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Summary: You and TJ are soulmates but you have to hide it

TJ Hammond x Reader

Soulmate au: Soulmates name is written on your wrist

Originally posted by sierrarose2232

When you were younger you had no idea who your soulmate was. Everyday you would look down at the name written on your wrist, Thomas James Hammond. You always thought that sounded like a fancy name.

You dreamed of fairy tale castles, a handsome prince, a knight in shining armour to whisk you away. That wasn’t what you got.

After meeting your soulmate, your dream was to become a reporter. You had managed to get a summer internship at a local news agents and you were shadowing one of the head reporters on all her articles, most of which were covering the upcoming elections.

That was when you realised who your soulmate was. Bud Hammond was running for office, and his son Thomas James or ‘TJ’ was your soulmate.

You didn’t tell anyone, what would they say? What would you say? You had no clue what to do with the fact that your soulmate was most probably the next president’s son. You figured that, in time, the universe would bring the two of you together. If not, you always knew where to find him.

After your internship they offered you a part time job which you eagerly accepted, though you were young you began to establish a name for yourself. In fact, you were doing so well you decided not to go to college and focus on your already growing career.

Two years into your job as an established journalist you got a knock on the door, it was two men in pristine suits who told you that you were needed at the White House.

It was a very nerve wracking experience considering neither of them answered your questions and you weren’t allowed to bring anything to record your visit or tell anyone where you were going.

When you arrived they escorted you through the White House and into a large office where in front of you was more security guards and behind a desk was President Bud Hammond. “Please sit,” he gestured to the chair in front of the desk.

Hesitantly you took a seat and President Hammond dismissed the bodyguards who reluctantly left. “Is it true?” he asked.

“Is..what true?” you asked unsure.

“Let me see your wrist,” he half asked, half demanded. Soulmate marks were a very personal matter but you didn’t want to piss off the president so you showed him your mark, the name of his son on your wrist.

He sighed, “Listen, Y/N. I’m sure you’re a very nice person but we don’t want this getting out.”

“Don’t want what getting out?” you asked, very confused as to what was happening.

“You and my son are soulmates. But my son is a smart boy, destined for great things. No offence to you but you’re from a small town, you don’t come from a rich family and you didn’t go to college. That’s not the image we’re trying to sell of the first family. Plus, with your budding career as a journalist we have to take in the possibility that you could use this against us as blackmail for information that should not be released to the public.”

“What information are you not releasing to the public,” you asked quickly, your journalistic instincts taking over.

“None of your business,” he narrowed his eyes.

You sighed, “Why are you keeping us apart. We’re soulmates, surely that’s illegal.”

“If you’ve met and formed a bond, just because I know doesn’t mean I have a legal obligation to bring you together. TJ has no idea who you are or that you’re here, and it’ll stay that way.”

“I’ll have you know that you should trust me. I’ve known about TJ for the past three years and I haven’t said anything, I wouldn’t in the future either,” you told him, keeping up a glaring eye contact. “But thanks for the vote of confidence.”

You stood up, “I’ll be going home now. Please don’t send anymore men in suits to my door.”

You did as you were told, you never told anyone TJ was your soulmate. Not even after his family left the White House, not when you became one of the most well known journalists and you could have used it as something to get you higher. You didn’t because you didn’t want to, didn’t need to.

Just as you always thought, the universe has a plan and you and TJ were definitely destined to meet. You were out at a bar enjoying a promotion, your friends were drunk out of their mind at the table whilst you sat at the bar sipping on a scotch.

“A shot, please,” you heard a male voice next to you, you turned to you right and saw none other than TJ Hammond. Your soulmate was less than a meter away from you and you were frozen solid.

Unfortunately, he noticed your staring. He gave you a quick, fake smile and downed his shot, “You recognise me, huh?”

You nodded, unable to speak.

“I don’t get a lot of this anymore but you look pretty star struck,” he chuckled, “You want a photo or something.”

You shook your head, “Y-you’re TJ. TJ Hammond.”

He nodded slowly, “Yes that’s me.”

“TJ Hammond.”


“As in Thomas James Hammond.”

“This is getting creepy.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you blurted out and he froze. “I’m your soulmate.”

TJ reached over and grabbed your wrist and pulled back the sleeve, sure enough his name was on there, just as your name was on his. “Oh my god,” he breathed. “Why didn’t you find me sooner? Clearly you knew who I was.”

You shrugged, “I didn’t want to force that on you, I figured we’d meet eventually. Plus your dad kind of threatened me not to.”

TJ clenched his jaw, “Of course,” he huffed out air through his nose then looked at you. Really looked at you.  He took in the colour of your eyes, your hair, the curve of your face and the light smile that played on your face.

“We have a lot of time to catch up on,” he grinned.

You smiled widely at him, “Yes we do,” you agreed.

“This place blows, I’ll show you a place cooler than here,” he said, taking your hand and pulling you from the bar. He paused when he got to the door and you crashed into him, “Aren’t those your friends?” he asked, pointing to the booth with your friends in it.

You shrugged, “They’ll live without me for one night, I just found my soulmate,” you smiled and a large smile spread across TJ’s face. It had been only a few minutes but he already could feel himself falling in love with you.


A/N- It’s a bit short I know but I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think of it, requests are open xx

Little Fox

Don’t overwhelm him. Don’t come off to strong.

Nicky repeated this in his head over and over again to help distract his nerves. He was excited but nervous as hell. Taking in a child was more nerve-racking than he expected.

He wasn’t having second thoughts. He knew Erik and him are very capable of caring for a child and raising them right. He was just wondering if the kid would even like them. 

Alarik Muller. They didn’t know much about the kid other than he is 10 years old and his last home was abusive towards him. In the picture that was in his file showed that he was around 4′8 tall, light brown hair, and forest green eyes. He was quite the looker, but his photo displayed a boy with dull eyes with no smile lines on his face. The picture broke Nicky’s heart. When Erik saw how he reacted to the photo he knew that Nicky already made up his mind to give this child a home.

Now they’re here at the adoption agency meeting Alarik for the first time. They wouldn’t be able to officially adopt him until the agency saw that the couple were fit to raise him. Because of what happened in his old home they were going to be extremely careful to who this little boy goes with. It made it a little harder on them but they knew they would pass any challenges or tests the agency threw at them.

Just when they got done talking to the social worker reminding them that this will be a supervised visit, the door to the room creaks open slowly. The noise made Nicky’s heart stop. This was it. He was finally meeting the boy in the picture. Nicky quickly reached for Erik’s hand for a sense of comfort and to ground him to not make any sudden movements to startle Alarik.

Erik gave a gentle squeeze to Nicky’s hand and slowly got up to greet the member of agency and the small boy hiding behind him.

“Hello, I am Erik Klose and this is my husband Nicky. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

The Alarik looked up at the man and then back to Erik and nodded back. It seemed like he wouldn’t be talking to them verbally anytime soon. But that was alright because Nicky was an expert on talking and would talk for the both of them.

Nicky got up after giving himself a little mental pep talk. He didn’t want to make a bad expression on the member and social worker but he needed to reassure himself that he can do this.

“Hi I’m Nicky! I can’t believe you’re finally here! How are you?” The enthusiastic tone made the child flinch back. He stared at Nicky wide eyed like he couldn’t believe that a smile could be that wide.

Alarik surprise everyone in the room when he squeaked out a small hi. The sound warmed Nicky heart because he didn’t think he would get a response back after he barely acknowledged Erik’s hello.

“So is there any restrictions on where we can or can’t go with Alarik?” Thank god Erik was there because Nicky can’t think straight and just wants to coddle Alarik.

“You have an hour and a half to go somewhere nearby but a member of the agency with be with you the whole time.” 

Nicky wanted to roll his eyes because this would be the third time they stressed the who supervised part of the visit. They weren’t just going to be run off with the boy. 

“Great! We were thinking of getting some ice cream and going to a nearby park. Is that fine with you, Alarik?” 

Alarik’s eyes lit up at the word ice cream. He eagerly nodded and looked at the door and then back at them as if to tell them, “lets go now.” It was adorable to the couple.

Nicky grabbed Erik’s hand and quietly lead the group to the doors so that they could get out of the building to the cars. Sadly, Alarik couldn’t drive with them. They would have to wait to meet them at the nearby ice cream parlor. 

The drive was only five minutes but it seemed like forever to the couple. They wanted to be able to spend the whole time with Alarik. It was a good thing that there was a park down the street so that they would walk and not have to separate again.

When Alarik exited the car he walked hesitantly to the Erik and Nicky. He stopped short of them and they didn’t say anything. Erik just smiled at him and opened the door so that they could quickly order.

Alarik walked up to the display and looked in awed of all the flavors they had. It was like he was given a treat in his life. Nicky was going to make sure he changed that. 

“Alarik, feel free to get whatever flavor and cone you want. After we get our ice cream we will be walking to the park though,” Erik informed the distracted boy.

Erik ended up getting chocolate, Nicky got bubble gum, and Alarik picked cookies and cream. With their ice cream in hands they headed to the park. Erik and Nicky walked hand in hand again with Alarik in front of them leading the way. Erik had a small smile on his face because of the small jump in Alarik step and Nicky was ecstatic because he felt like they were a real family already.

When they reached the park the couple let Alarik go whoever he wanted. Since it was empty he picked the swings. It was a bit difficult for him to try to eat and swing at the same time. He gave a small pout when he realized this. When Nicky offered to push him Alarik eyed him up and down until he deemed that he wasn’t threat. 

“Nicky, love, don’t push him to high,” but the small covered up giggles coming out of Alarik were too distracting. He did his best not to touch Alarik for too long since the first few pushes he saw how tense the small child’s back had been. Nicky made a mental note to ask from now on. He learned that hard way from Andrew and didn’t want their hopefully future kid to hate him for touching him.

After awhile Nicky stopped pushing and sat with Erik watching Alarik swing with a small smile on his face. Nicky quickly took out his phone and took a picture because he wanted to remember their first meeting with him. Erik kissed Nicky’s temple and told him it was about time they try and chat and get to know Alarik.

When Alarik hopped off the swing Nicky nearly had a heart attack. Erik just laughed because his love was being overdramatic as usual. When Alarik sit opposite of them they noticed the tension in the boys shoulders.

“Alarik, we want to get to know you but if you’re too uncomfortable with that then we could tell you about us instead.” The boy nodded and kept quiet. They took it for his response that he rather them go first.

Erik took the lead and began talking about how he played sports growing up, his accepting family, and his job. Erik talked about it all with a huge smile on his face because he’s grown up in a life that was good to him and wanted to spread that to Alarik. He expressed how he’s never dealt with smaller children so it’ll be a learning experience for him. Erik ended his rant with how he wanted to get a dog in the near future and avoided looking at Nicky when he said this. 

Alarik had nodded along soaking up all of what Erik said like a sponge. He especially looked excited when he heard the part about the dog. Great, Nicky thought, now he would have to go along with the idea. 

When Alarik turned to Nicky is when he figured it was now his turn. Nicky began saying how his life didn’t start off great. He told him that his life didn’t get better until he met Erik and his cousins. Nicky didn’t go to into depth on the situation since he was still a boy, but he told him that his family wasn’t very accepting of who he was. When he met Erik was when he finally began to realize there was nothing wrong with him and began to love himself again. Then there was a situation back in the states that made him go back to take care of his cousins. He told him very little on the cousin because he didn’t want to give their personal information away without asking them first. Nicky did however tell Alarik about some of his time in college being a fox and what it meant to him and for those players.

Alarik seemed so interested on his time being a fox but still kept quiet. He gave little nods here and there though to show he was listening. By the end of Nicky’s talk he looked as if he was just about to ask a question when the agency and social workers approached them cutting off their conversation letting them know that it was time to go.

Alarik looked down biting his lip with a look of regret in his eyes. When he went with the workers he gave a slight way to the couple. Erik waved goodbye as well and held Nicky close next to him.

Just as Alarik was turning away he heard Nicky loudly call out, “We will see you soon little fox.”

The boys face was still stoic but his eyes gave him away. The light in them was the most gorgeous thing the couple have ever seen.

That night Nicky expressed how he felt like a piece of him was missing. Erik promised him though that Alarik will be apart of their family soon and he will never have to feel like that again. Nicky could only hope that this was true because he was sure he could love that little boy like his own.

A note on TA’ing and teaching

Long, pretty rambling rant that I might end up deleting but here are some of my reflections as the school year winds down and my undergraduate career as a TA closes and students are starting to pile outside the door…

When I was in middle and high school, I loved science, especially biology and physics. I would stay up late into the night reading about new topics in the fields and going to the library to check out books by authors like Brian Greene and Michael Shermer. In the beginning of high school, I was really interested in evolutionary biology and particle physics (two fairly different fields, I know).

In high school, I had a bio professor and a physics professor who made me believe that I would never be a good scientist. In fact, the bio teacher actively stopped me from being allowed to take certain bio classes because she didn’t think I could handle it. For my first two years of undergrad, I avoided taking any biology classes because this teacher basically told me I would never be good at it. Nearly three years of my life, I thought I would never go into science research because these professors, whether on purpose or not, told me I would never be successful in the fields. I ended up spending almost three years pursuing something I was good at but wasn’t as interested in because I didn’t believe I would be good at what I really wanted to do.

Teachers: Y'all are awesome and deserve higher wages than you make. But also, PLEASE do not tell your students that they aren’t cut out for certain fields. Don’t discourage them from pursuing something they find fascinating. Be aware that your words, actions, and behaviors towards students really do impact them. And also be aware that people start from different places. Not all students come from the same backgrounds. Some may struggle at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean they can never be good at it. When I was TA'ing for an intro class, this was something that I was extremely sensitive to because I knew how it felt to be told that I’m too far behind everyone else to ever make it in the field, that I should study something else, or that my performance in one intro level class is indicative of my abilities to do well in the field as a whole.

There’s a reason why the achievement gap exists and disproportionately affects low income and racial minority students. Many of them come from homes where their parents didn’t go to college or live in single parent homes where their one parent works all day. Whether due to income, historical disenfranchisement, disability, or any other combination of reasons, many of them attend poor school districts with little funding and/or unqualified instructors. Even though this isn’t directly applicable to my situation, as I was fortunate enough to attend a school outside of my school district, these students are the ones constantly told, whether by teachers, by administrators, or even by politicians that their education isn’t worth it, that they shouldn’t be able to pursue a certain field because of their background. It’s a way of keeping these students, and, by extension, their families, in poverty. These students are less likely to be able to go to college because they aren’t as prepared and therefore less likely to be competitive in the job market.

As a TA, and as someone who loves teaching and wanting to inspire the next generation of scientists, I strongly caution against speaking behind students’ backs in condescending ways like “This person will never be good at computer science…they don’t even know what a function is.” I’m guilty of this when I first started TA'ing, but I have grown to be more wary of my actions both in front of students and behind them.

I can’t imagine where I would be right now if it weren’t for the teachers and professors who did support my goals and were willing to talk to me, guide me, tell me my dreams were valid and achievable. And even with those two professors, I was still incredibly fortunate. Not everyone has the opportunity to interact with the amazing instructors I have throughout their entire education. So thank you to all my fantastic professors, teachers, instructors, and TA’s, and to anyone who is considering doing this in the future: know that how you talk to your students truly does affect their view of themselves and their abilities. Don’t take the job lightly. You have the power to decide whether you’re going to inspire a generation of students or keep them in a cycle of poverty (obviously these are two extremes but you get the point).

Soulmate: Steve Rogers- Christmas

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Your holidays don’t always go well, with not a great family, but you always have the Bartons.  

No warnings, mild fluff

Enjoy you all, a little late, but that’s because of the holidays.

You stepped out of your house, even though it was cold and your skirt, though a sweet flared fifties thing, gave little to no warmth.  You clutched the fake leather of your trench coat tighter, and fought back a tear or two.  Holidays were not your thing.  Never were, really.  If there wasn’t drama of some sort brewing, and everyone was somehow getting along through a divine miracle, they would be angrily agreeing about politics.  They didn’t realize how yelling, even in excitement, even in righteousness, could make your breath come quickly until you were almost choking on air.  

It made you weirdly sad, underneath a sense of happiness, that your cousin had found his soulmate.  He was younger than you, and idealistic and sweet, just like you used to be.  But the world didn’t actively beat if out of him like it did to you, and now he met a guy, his soulmate actually, with big eyes and a smile like fresh copy paper.  You were jealous of your cousin finding love, jealous that he was still happy, jealous he could sit around the table at holidays and not feel so ill when people yelled.

You soulmark was on the bottom line of your ribcage, written in some combination of cursive and print, with subtle and small loops.  ‘Can I help you, miss, you’re shivering?’ You used to love when the weather went cold, it meant there was a chance you could meet your soulmate.  Now you didn’t want to find the person you’d share your life with, necessarily; you just wanted to find yourself.  

You walked down the lane, surrounded by yellowing trees, already half-naked from the loss of leaves.  Looking up, you saw a tall man, in a nice sweater with some collared thing underneath.  His hands were in his pockets, his body tense.  You shivered a little.  He must be from the Bartons’.  

The Bartons always had a lot of people over for Christmas, always.  They seemed to adopt every person they could find without a family and ordered them to report at two hundred hours to a nice house in west New Hampshire.  You guessed this year they found this blonde man with muscles and invited him to come by.  Bartons never let anyone be alone on the holidays.  Five years ago, when you started college, you decided you couldn’t go home, couldn’t face the family and the yelling, you decided to call Clint’s cell number, which he gave you on the first day of high school, in case you got into trouble, ever.

“Mr. Barton?  I mean, Clint, sir, yes, ah,” you said, sitting outside your dorm, almost shaking with nerves.

“Y/N?” Clint said, on the other line, sounding like he was breathing rather heavily.

“Is this a bad time?” You asked.

“Nah, no, it’s all good.  What’s up, kiddo?” Clint replied, and you swore you heard the sounds of fists hitting bodies and a man yelling.

“I’ll be quick.  I told the family that I didn’t want to come home this year, studying and all.”

There was a pause, “We always got another place setting for you.  I know the family isn’t always great, so you’re welcome to come with us.”

You breathed out, so happy and grateful all at once, “Clint, thank you, thank you,” you started.

“I can get you in an hour or two, right?  Still at college?”

“Yeah, I am-”

“Be there then, let’s say in,” he stopped, and you heard him yell out, “Nat! Think we’ll be done in forty?”

“If you actually get off the phone!” She yelled back.

“Be there in an hour and a half,” Clint said, and hung up the call.

You smiled at your phone for a while, softly, and then ran to your dorm to pack a bag, the building mostly empty.  Clint came by in some sleek, black car, with a red-headed woman you’d seen a couple of times.  You settled in the back, smiling like an idiot.

“Ready to go, Y/N?” Clint asked.

“Let’s have a nice Christmas,” Natasha, the redhead, grins at you.  

You nodded at the man when you caught his eye.  

“Can I help you, miss, you’re shivering?” The man asked you.

You looked up at him, almost in shock, and shuttered out, “A little, but,” you reached up, forgetting any false sense of modesty you might have had, and start taking off your shirt, getting it stuck on you shoulders and head as you tried to show him your soulmark, almost to prove the fact you might be his, “god damn.”  You swore, then blushed.  “I’m so sorry, I,” you worked your shirt off so it was just on your arms.

You looked at him, shivering in the cold.  He was stunned by your display, it seemed, not moving at all.  You breathed in, pushing out your ribcage.  His eyes at first trailed across your breasts, then to your soulmark, his blue eyes widening.  Your blush deepened, if that was possible.

Then, the man reached down and pulled his jean from his hiking boot, rolled up the denim to show his calf, which had printed on the inside, in your scrawled handwriting, ‘A little, but, god damn.’

You smiled at him, and he smiled at you, before you started shivering again.  You tried to work your shirt on, then ripped one of the seams.  

The man gestured to you, helping you get the ripped garment back on, which now exposed most of a collarbone and your arm.  “Whoops,” you said, simply.  The man worked off his sweater and put it over you, it fell down to your mid thighs.  

“You want to come in with me?  Do you know the Bartons?  I could get you something… Warmer, and better sized.” The man asked.

“They adopt me once in a while, my family isn’t a model of relationships,” you admitted, starting to walk up to the house.  

You both entered, and there was Mrs. Barton and her daughter, fencing with candy canes.  You laughed out loud, and they looked around at you.

“Y/N! So wonderful to see you!” Mrs. Barton said.  “Clint!  We found that stray from next door again!”  

Suddenly, Clint was there, with a bunch more people, all in sweaters and soft smiles: a man with a goatee, who you knew as Tony Stark the billionaire, a man with hunched shoulders and curly hair, Natasha (beautiful as always), a tall god you had seen before on television, Clint’s son, and a man whose skin was red.  

“Steve, I see you brought in our favorite neighbor,” Clint laughed.

Steve, you thought, that was his name.

“She’s-” Steve paused, smiling at you, “she’s my soulmate.”  

Everyone’s faces turned towards you and Steve, surprise evident.

“Merry Christmas, I guess.” You laughed.

Natasha was the first to speak, mostly to Mrs. Barton, a little smirk on her face, “They’re standing under the mistletoe.  And you said it was tacky.”

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Modern!AU where Shirayuki is studying for exams in pjs/Obi's clothes ( :') ) and disheveled hair and I guess he's just,,,enchanted

It’s not odd for Doc to skip dinner.

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I think it's interesting but I don't personally agree with the headcanon Victor is Jewish most since he so happily eats pork and for a close Jewish family I know, it's a huge thing to them not eating pork

i’m going to respectfully disagree.  my family has jewish roots, i grew up in a jewish community, my first serious long-term relationship was with a russian jewish boy, and most of my close friends in college were jewish.  while members of my family and some friends keep kosher, there are a lot of approaches to what Being Jewish means in the twenty-first century, and for many of my friends, eating pork is totally okay.  victor strikes me as the kind of individual who is very open to different cultures and lifestyles and would probably adhere to more reform/liberal judaism principles. 

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How about a college au where asexual!derek is crushing on stiles, who has a reputation of sleeping around and because of that derek doesn't take a chance because why would someone who loves sex so much want to date a guy who doesn't want it? of course we all know stiles ships derek/happiness and would have no problem if all he got was his own hand.

Okay, this was a little out of my comfort zone because I’ve never written an asexual character before and I didn’t want to stuff it up. Hopefully you like it, nonny. *ducks and hides*

Derek couldn’t exactly remember when he first realized he had a crush on Stiles, the loud, funny, cute, smartass, fiercely loyal idiot who lived across the hall from him. As a matter of fact, he distinctly remembered hating him when they first met. To be fair, the first time they’d met had been on the day they’d both moved into the dorms and there was a lot of stress going on from Derek’s end. Stiles being loud and pulling some kind of prank in the common room just made things worse.

But then Stiles had sat with Derek when he’d gotten homesick, telling him stories of his own hometown and his father and then moving on to making him laugh and he’d realized that the brash, loud part of Stiles was just one part of him. They’d become friends, maybe a bit grudgingly at first, and then he became one of Derek’s best friends.

He knew it was pointless having a crush on Stiles. There were always girls and guys coming and going from his room, Stiles often talked about the types of things he liked sexually and the things he wanted to try. Derek just wasn’t into that. All he wanted was to hold Stiles’s hand and spend time with him and cuddle. He liked being the little spoon and imagined that Stiles would be an absolutely amazing big spoon. So he tried to ignore his crush, knowing that nothing could ever possibly come from it.

“What’re your plans this weekend?” Stiles asked, lounging on Derek’s bed and throwing the stuffed wolf Laura had sent along with him to college.

“Nothing. I just want to veg.” Derek told him. Truthfully, all he wanted for the weekend was to cuddle someone and zone out. He’d love for that to be with Stiles but knew that was out of the question.

“You should go on a date.” Stiles told him, as though Derek had actually said what he wished he could be doing. Derek gave him a flat look. Stiles had been the first person outside of his family that he’d told about his asexuality and had been really understanding. He was also the person Derek went to when people lashed out at him for not wanting to have sex with them. Even though word had spread about his sexuality so it wasn’t ever a surprise to people he went on dates with, every single relationship he’d had so far had ended when whoever he was with wanted sex. It was like they thought they could be the one to make him want to have sex, or they thought that he’d want it simply based on the way he looked and it was really insulting.

“We’ve talked about this. I’m just not going to date until we’re out of school. Maybe that way people will finally understand and respect the fact that I don’t want a sexual relationship.” He’d made the decision and was going to stick to it.

“But… but I know you want a relationship. Those assholes you’ve dated shouldn’t ruin it for anybody else you wants to date you.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, a blush spread over his face. Derek felt his heart beating a mile a minute. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but it sounded like Stiles was someone who wanted to date him.

“Well… well maybe one of these people… maybe there’d be an exception if he… I mean if they asked.” He said shyly, hoping against hope that he was right, that Stiles was actually interested in him.

“Okay. Well… what I should have said was that… you should go on a date with me this weekend.” Stiles rushed out, burying his face in the stuffed wolf. “And before you say anything, I just need you to know that I would never pressure you for sex, or expect it at all. I have hands and a toy chest that would make you blush, I am good on that front, believe me. But… I like spending time with you and sometimes… sometimes all I wanna do is be close to you.” He told him. Derek felt a grin spread over his face.

“Sometimes… sometimes all I wanna do is be close to you too.” Derek admitted, earning him a huge grin in return and then Stiles throwing himself at him and snuggling into his chest.

“So… is that a yes?” He asked and Derek nodded, tugging him closer and leaning his head against his.

“That’s a yes.”

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Hello there! Could you share some modern au Marco headcanons? (Preferably college ones too please!) Thank you!

  • Marco is the oldest of four kids, and is therefore a very caring, protective person. He’s the mom/dad friend of the group by default, as it’s just engrained in his DNA to always take head counts and make sure everyone’s happy and taken care of. He’s also the first in his family to do everything (to go to school, to drive a car, to graduate, to go away to college, etc.)
  • He does get pretty homesick during the first few months of college, because he’s super close with his family. And they miss him so much, and aren’t afraid to let him know that (not in a bad way, of course, they’re happy for him. But they just miss him a lot!) 
  • He’s a peacemaker, and knows how to resolve almost any conflict. That’s one reason people tell him he should be an RA. And that’s part of why he does apply and become an RA for his junior year of college (but junior year only. It was fun, but he’d rather live with friends senior year!)
  • He is the best RA you could imagine. He puts his heart and soul into making door decorations for his residents, even though he knows they won’t really care. He’s so easy to talk to and is always there for his kids when they need him. But he knows how to be strict when conflicts do occur, and he’s quick to help the situation desist. 
  • Marco majors in Secondary Education and either English or History (I go back and forth, so take your pick!) 
  • You can always count on him to have something to say about the state of education in the world, and how he plans to help fix it in the small ways he can. 

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No Skills

Words: 2502

Pairing: Usnavi x Reader

Warnings: mention of self harmUsnavi being an absolute DORK

The first thing you heard upon waking up was the radio, playing old boleros as always, it was a comforting sound, it was the sound of home. The morning sunlight was just beginning to shine through your curtains and you stretched, a monstrous yawn accompanying the sound of your joints popping.

The clock beside your bed read 5:17 and you swung your legs out from the comfort of your blanket and hopped out of bed. A delicious smell drew you into your small kitchen and you smiled, seeing your mom at the stove.

Buenos dias mamá.” You greeted, wiping the sleep from your eyes. She turned to look at you, a smile on her tanned face.

Buenos dias mi bebé.” She chirped, stepping away from the stove to plant a kiss to your forehead.

“Ah mamá,” you complained.  “I’m not a bebé anymore, I start my second year of college in two months.”

“Maybe so, but you’ll always be mi bebé.” You saw the familiar look of hurt on your mother’s face at the mention of college and your heart sank. It wasn’t that she wasn’t proud of you, she was the proudest mother in the world according to her, you were making it out the the barrio, making a better life for yourself. You were going to be the first person in your family to go to college, and you managed to get a full ride, it didn’t cost you and your mom anything.

But while you were away at college, things with your mom got bad. Ever since your dad died three years ago she hadn’t been all there. You noticed the scars on her wrists no matter how she tried to hide them and you were scared, terrified that while you were away at college there wouldn’t be anyone around to keep her from going too far.

“Well, I’m going to run to the bodega and grab a cup of café, do you want one?” You offered and she shook her head. After changing into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, you grabbed your wallet and kissed your mom on the cheek before stepping outside.

A smile spread across you face as the familiarity of the barrio hit you. You had only been home a few days and hadn’t had a chance to see anyone or anything. The barrio might not have been the nicest place, but it was your home and you loved every inch of it.

As you walked to the bodega, your neighbors were quick to notice you.

Mira! Nuestra estrella is home!”

El genialidad del barrio!”

“(Y/N)! We’re muy orgulloso!”

You smiled and waved at your neighbors, flattered by their kinds words, though feeling a bit guilty.

Mira! Is that who I think it is?” A familiar voice called out and you whipped around, heart swelling as you saw the elderly woman sitting on her stoop.

Abuela!” You exclaimed, practically sprinting to the woman and engulfing her in a hug. She laughed, happily wrapping her arms around you.

“How’s college mi estrella pequeña?” Abuela Claudia asked as you took a seat on the stoop next to her, holding her hands.

“Ah, es muy difícil.” You confessed. “Pero me encanta. There’s so much for me to learn and so many different people.”

Estoy tan orgulloso de ti.” She praised, smiling brightly at you. “I always knew you would do great things (Y/N).”

“I owe some of it to you Abuela, you would always make sure I did my homework no matter how much I wanted to play.” You said with a laugh, remembering the times she would would all but force you to finish your schoolwork no matter how much you wanted to go play with the neighborhood kids. “Speaking of which, how’s Nina? I was muy decepciando I couldn’t make it to her graduation.”

Nina had invited you of course, but it happened to fall right in the middle of finals week and no matter how desperately you wanted to make it to your friends graduation it was impossible for you to get away.

“She’s muy nervioso, pero tambíen muy emocionados.” 

“That can’t be helped I suppose, I remember how nervous I was.” You recalled.

“I think talking to you would help ease some of her fears.” Abuela suggested and you nodded, the feeling of guilt resurfacing. 

“Of course, I can’t wait to see everyone.”

Ya sabes, Usnavi has missed you.” Abuela commented slyly and you felt your cheeks warm at the mention of him.

No me burlan.” You pleaded and she laughed.

“I’m not teasing you, it’s the truth mija.” She said, uncharacteristically serious and you looked down. You weren’t the most subtle when it came to your crush on the owner of the bodega. Pretty much everyone in the barrio knew about it and teased you mercilessly.

“Well I should go Abuela, mi mamá is making huevos rancheros, I was just supposed to be coming get café.” You said, placing a kiss on both of the elderly womans cheeks and standing up.

“Come visit mija.” 

“Of course.” Seeing Abuela helped lift some of the weight off of you shoulders, but made the guilt your were carrying in your gut heavier.

“Well look at who’s back in the barrio!” A masculine voice exclaimed as you walked through the doors of the bodega. Before you had time to process, a pair of arms were wrapped around your waist and you were being spun around.

“Benny!” You cried happily, recognizing your long-time friend. He spun you around a few more times, the two of you laughing.

“You definitely don’t look any smarter.” He teased after setting you down and you hit his arm.

“And you look as dumb as the day I left.” You shot back.

“What am I? Hígado picado?” Usnavi asked, walking up to the two of you. Your heart skipped a beat at the sight of him, it had been almost a year since you had seen him after all.

“Of course not Usnavi.” You said, wrapping your arms around him, missing the look Benny shot his friend. He always smelled like a mixture of coffee and cologne and it practically intoxicated you. “I’ve missed you, and your café.”

“Well let me get you a cup, on the house.” He offered, pulling back, refusing to look you in the eyes and a slight flush on his cheeks. It wasn’t that hot outside yet, weird.

“So how’s college Ms. Genius.” Benny asked, throwing his arm around your shoulders as you followed Usnavi to the counter.

“It’s not easy, but the thrill of learning new things every day is amazing.” You gushed, and it was true. Every day was like a new adventure. From a young age you loved learning, you were practically a sponge, absorbing everything your teachers would tell you. You loved college, but your mom wasn’t stable. No one knew, but you were considering not going back in the fall.

“Don’t forget us when you’re rich and successful.” Benny said causing you to roll your eyes.

“When I need a personal chauffeur I’ll get in touch with you.” You joked and he lightly pushed you in response.

“One cafe con leche.” Usnavi interjected, holding out a steaming cup of coffee. 

Gracias.” You thanked, grabbing the cup and simply inhaling the scent. The first sip burned your tongue, but it was worth it. You forgot how delicious Usnavi’s coffee was, nothing out west could compare.

“(Y/N)!” Another voice shouted and you whipped around, barely having time to put down your cup of hot coffee before you were engulfed in another hug.

“Hello to you too Sonny.” You laughed.

“You look even more beautiful than the day you left.” He complimented and you rolled your eyes.

“Laying it on a little think Sonny.” Benny said, punching his shoulder.

“You’re late Sonny.” Usnavi reprimanded, shooting a glare at his cousin.

“Chillax man!”

“You should come to the club tonight (Y/N)!” Benny suggested. “Maybe if you come we can finally drag Usnavi out.”


“Maybe another time, I kind of just want to chill ya know, spend some time with my mom.” 

“How is she?” Usnavi asked, concern lacing his voice and you forced a smile. Everyone knew your dad’s death was hard on your mom, they just didn’t know how hard. She wasn’t a very social person so she didn’t get out much, only taking trips to the store and going to work.

“She’s okay, better now that I’m home. Thanks for asking.” You said, smiling at him and he ducked his head, still not meeting your eyes. Okay. “Speaking of, I should probably head home, she made breakfast this morning.”

“Um!” Usnavi shouted as you turned to walk out. You turned and quirked an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue, noticing Sonny and Benny snickering out of the corner of your eye.

“Yes?” You prompted, taking another sip of coffee. Heavenly.

Que tengas un gran día!” He rushed out before returning to his spot behind the counter.

“You too!” You replied happily, albeit confused. As you walked out, you heard Benny and Sonny howling with laughter.

“Man, you still aint got no skills!”

“Shut up!”

You spent the day with your mom, talking about everything under the sun, excluding you leaving again in two months of course.

“So you saw Usnavi?” She asked and you groaned.

“Ah, not you too mamá!” You complained, leaning back on the couch and covering your face.

Que? He’s a nice boy, always asks about you when I go to the bodega.” She said offhandedly as you blushed a hundred shades of red.

“We’re just friends.” You stressed. “He’s nice to everyone.”

“But not everyone gets their café for free.” She pointed out and you stammered, not having a defense for that. You never really noticed before, but thinking back you couldn’t think of a single instance where you actually paid for your coffee. 

“I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything.” 

“Whatever you say.” Your mom conceded, standing up and stretching. You made it a point not to look at her arms as the sleeves of her shirt rolled up. “Well why don’t you run to the bodega and pick up some frijoles for dinner.”

“Subtle mamá.” You said sarcastically but standing and grabbing your wallet.

Te amo.” She said, placing a kiss on your forehead. 

“I love you too mamá.” You replied, a storm of mixed emotions going through you as you left your apartment. It was dark outside already so you were left to your thoughts as you walked to the bodega.

You didn’t know what to do.

“Ah, (Y/N)!” Usnavi exclaimed as you walked in, straightening his posture. The sudden intrusion of your thoughts caused you to jump. “Lo siento! I shouldn’t have shouted.”

“No, I should be paying more attention.” You said, wincing when you realized how melancholic you sounded.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, picking up on your mood and you sighed.

“No lo sé.” You confessed, walking up to the counter and jumping up to take a seat on it. Back when you were in high school it was where you spent most of you time. When you weren’t in school or at your part-time job, you would be found at the bodega, doing your homework or just chatting with Usnavi.

“Is it your mom?” You smiled wryly, of course he would guess the source of the problem on the first try.

“I’m thinking about not going back to college in the fall.” You admitted, hearing it out loud even worse than you could imagine.

Por qué?” Usnavi questioned, leaning against the counter.

“I’m scared to leave her alone.” You confessed. “She has cuts on her wrist, more than when I left and any time I even mention leaving in the fall she gets this look in her eyes. I don’t want to drop out, but if it’s college or my mom I’m going to choose her.”

Nothing was said for a few minutes, your words hanging in the air.

“Do you think she’ll be happy if you stay home?” Usnavi finally asked, moving from behind the counter to stand in front of you.

“I mean, I think so.” You responded, playing with your thumbs instead of looking at the man in front of you.

“I don’t think she will.” He said, causing your head to shoot up. “She’s proud of you, we all are. I think if you drop out of college because of her it will only make her feel worse.”

“I don’t know what else to do Usnavi.” The tears were flowing before you could stop them, the helplessness that you had been feeling since you got home finally catching up to you.

“I’ll keep an eye on her for you.” He offered quickly, taking a hesitant step towards you. “Make sure things aren’t getting bad, and if they are I’ll call you.”

“You would do that for?” You asked, wiping the tears from you eyes.

“I would do anything for you.” He replied automatically and his eyes widened in panic when he realized what he said. “I-I mean, I just, I care a lot about you and I want you to be happy so the least I could do is, ay dios mio, Benny always teases me for not having any skills but I didn’t think he was right. I-

“Usnavi.” You said, interrupting his babbling. He nervously fidgeted with his hat, taking it off and flattening his hair before putting it back on, unable to look you in the eyes. “Bésame

You don’t know where it came from, you were shocked at yourself. Usnavi froze, processing what you said before taking another step towards you. Sitting on the counter made it so your faces were at the same height and he was only inches away. He was nervous, unsure, you could see it on his face.

“What?” He questioned, wanting to make sure he heard you right. The blush on your face was practically neon.

Bésame.” You said again, lower this time, barely above a whisper, but he heard. His face slowly inched closer to yours until you could feel his breath on your face. 

When his lips finally pressed against yours every nerve wire in your brain short circuited. The only thing going through your mind was how he tasted like coffee and you weren’t surprised. His hands gently cupped your face so softly, as if you were some fragile thing that would break if he was too rough.

You don’t know how long the two of you stayed like that before you broke apart, the both of you sporting similar flushed cheeks.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” He admitted, a mopey smile on his face and your heart fluttered.

“Me too.” You said, grabbing his hand and linking your fingers together, resting your forehead against his shoulder and he stroked your hair lovingly.

“And Benny said I didn’t have skills.” He huffed.

Imagine being best friends with Sonny since you were kids

(A/N:Continuation of this will be coming on Thursday. Dedicated to the Anon who sent the Sonny request yesterday. That part two will be your request but I combined it with another idea I had to make it a two parter. Your particular request will be the part two coming out on Thursday.  I hope you all enjoy this!)

Imagine being best friends with Sonny since you were kids

There are two reasons why the average New Yorker would know or be familiar with the Reagan family and or the name. The first one and the most prevalent, is that they are the city’s most famous cop families which contained the current and past police commissioner not to mention now  a DA, two detectives and an officer. If you asked any average New Yorker on the street, that’s what they would tell you. However, if said New Yorker was from Great Kills, Staten Island when they heard the name Reagan, the cop factor would be their second thought.

The first thought?


The family that run the cute bakery on Hillside Terrace that everybody loves to go to?

That’s them.

Your Mother, Mary, opened the Bakery after her Father, your Grandfather Christopher, passed away and left her inheritance. Grandpa Chris was an entrepreneur himself so you knew he probably would have been happy with what she did the money, though you could only assume as you never actually met him.

When she opened the bakery, your Mother already had three kids. Your older brothers, Danny and Joe and your older sister, Erin. Before getting pregnant with Danny she was a waitress at another bakery which had since closed down by the time she opened her own. When she got pregnant with Danny and then the rest of them, she took year an eight year hiatus from work. She waited until Joe went to school before getting back into work and therefore opening the bakery.

You have feeling that she thought that she would be stopping at three children. She was wrong, clearly.

It had a slow start but it soon hit a stride and it was only going up. It was two years in and hitting it’s then all time high when your mother found out she was pregnant with Jamie and then two years after that she became pregnant with you. Though this time around because she was so dedicated and loved what she did. She worked all the way through her pregnancies and only took a month off for each of us.  Because business was so good that she could hire an assistant manger to take over.

You loved the bakery for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was your home away from home. It’s where you’d go everyday after school, to do your homework and spend time with your mother, which was the second reason. You loved, spending time with her. She was and still is the most amazing woman you have ever met. In later years you even worked their as a waitress. It was your neighbourhood social hub and it was where everyone went to socialise. It’s the staple of your childhood, its where you had almost every childhood birthday party.

The main reason and not to mention the biggest for you is that its where you met your childhood and current best friend; Sonny Carisi.

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Alright so let’s have a talk about racist Arab caricatures featuring: The cast of Aladdin.

Here’s the main characters, y’know the ones meant to be liked and supported and stuff in the film (I’m not counting Genie bc his form changes so much and he’s… a Robin Williams stand up act put to a blue ghosty figure and I don’t feel like counting him proves anything):

They look pretty good. Aladdin and Jasmine both have a nice tan color to their skin, Aladdin’s eyes are pretty round but Jasmine and the Sultan have more almond/oval shapes. They have bigger noses than you’d see on Rapunzel or Cinderella. They’re very attractive - I don’t mean I’m calling the Sultan hot or something, I mean he looks like an appealing, likeable character. Negative stereotypes that the characters actually portray aside, just visually they look like good, likeable, acceptable Arab characters.

Now let’s look at the villains

These are the characters the viewers aren’t supposed to like. The Bad Guys who do Bad Things. You’re supposed to watch the film and actively hope something Bad happens to them.

See a difference?

Let’s look at some of the other villains (the last one isn’t really a bad guy but he’s meant to be comedic and shady so). Minor movie characters, TV show characters, etc.

Starting to see a trend? There are some distinct features just about all of them have, and ALL of them are 1) very distinctly Arab 2) made to look ugly, exaggerated, and unappealing. Mozenrath, the second one of that last group, does look more attractive than the others, but he still has the same features lots of the others have: Big lips, narrow eyes, curly black hair and/or a turban, an exaggeratedly large nose. The only thing he’s really lacking is ridiculous facial hair.

Like, imagine how different Aladdin would’ve been treated by people who watched it if he had looked more like Mozenrath, or more like Jafar? Imagine if the bad guys had looked like Aladdin or Jasmine, how would people have reacted?

These traits aren’t *evil* traits, they’re exaggerated Arab traits. And they’re meant to portray the bad guys as evil.

Arab people all over the country protested this movie when it was being released. Not only was there a call to boycott it, not only was there a call to change the lyrics of some of the songs because of their nasty stereotypes (which, thankfully, Disney at least listened to that kind of), Arabs tried to stop the movie from being released entirely. All of the villains are Arab caricatures.

Arab people, Arab adults (including my father, who grew up in an entirely Arabic speaking immigrant household and was the first person in his family to go to college), continue to talk even today about the harmful stereotypes in this film. Keep an eye out for stuff like this, it’s so prevalent and so bad.

I have so many thoughts about Kent Parson and William Poindexter basically being the same person except completely different. Dex and Kent are so much alike when you think about it. The repressed emotions. The forced heterosexuality (Dex to his family, Kent to literally everyone). The inability to form genuine relationships with other people. The voice inside their heads that say no one really wants to be their friend, they’re just using them (Kent for his money/fame, Dex for his handyman skills or something like that). The channeling of their bottled up emotions into their hockey because it’s the only way they know how to cope. The insurmountable pressure they have weighing down their shoulders (Kent as the youngest captain in NHL history and Dex as the first person in his family to go to college). The way they wear their emotions on their sleeves, but only the ones that won’t make them seem weak and vulnerable. Don’t even get me started on their mutual attraction to kind-hearted, soft-spoken boys.