first person drawing actually


Congratulations Mamo & UtaPri!  Right in time for UtaPri’s anniversary, bit too late for Mamo’s birthday, but here we go! 

I’ve always liked the duality between Mamo and Tokiya, that gray zone between Seiyuu and Character. Mamo’s the only one during the UtaPri Lives that gets to perform as both himself and Tokiya. And during the 5th Live the difference between him and Tokiya is reflected in his outfit as well. I’ve been wanting to draw Mamo and Tokiya in one picture for a long time now, and fuelled by the 6th live hype, I got the idea a few weeks back. First time drawing a real person more cartoony. Eep.

I actually drew the 6th Live version earlier, before I got this idea. Please check that one out as well.

You may not upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. 

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Tfw he convinces you to wear a two person sweater for a Christmas party, but then just falls asleep on you @ the party

alright and now to continue trying to write this fanfic

Aah, I was going through my screenshot folder on fb and came across this.. so let me tell you about this tragic story(?) :’)

About a year ago, I was drawing out scenes from the first two Drama CDs (like I did with the Spring CD), and I have this ugly habit of making a lot of drawings in the same canvas/file. One night, my computer crashed right when I was saving the file. I’ve experienced this at least 5 times before, so I knew what was going to happen. The file gets corrupted :’) Technically, the information is not lost, but when you open the file, the program can read it correctly and it opens up a horrible black canvas with red noise (looks like a murder scene, I swear to god…). A file in that condition is impossible to recover <I tried A LOT of stuff, but gave up at the end>

I like to take screenshots while working, and I share them in my personal fb (for no particular reason), so this screenshot, taken probably the previous day, is the only visual left of those drawings I lost. This particular drawing was from that part where Licht and Lawless are about to fight -both naked- in the hot springs :‘DD

I can say without a doubt that losing files (or even progress) like that is the most HORRIBLE feeling ever. I was frustrated for weeks, sob.

So what’s the moral of this story? Backup your files, kids. And don’t have a million drawings in the same canvas. Also, Windows sucks. <But I don’t like Apple so I have to stick with Windows lol>. No but srsly, hope this never happens to anyone :'3

Getting in some portrait practice before I go forth and attempt a thing. Might want to do a few more before committing to that series but overall successful I think.


When I get anxious or scared about something I like to draw the feeling so I can understand it.

It doesn’t work all the time but it helps.

*takes break from drawing slightly creepy background characters to draw more slightly creepy background characters*

His name is Callyn, he has a massive baby-face and suffers from amnesia. Also he is a total sweetheart and probably trusts people too easily :’D

I think if I ever decide to create a Patreon account that would be an example of what I’d create more and post with your support.