first openly gay senator

Day 18 of the Clinton Presidency

Everyone is too excited about the upcoming Education Secretary vote to sleep. Denise Juneau has citizens so excited, both for her incredible credentials and the prospect of the first openly gay and first American Indian cabinet member, that Senators of both parties have had their phone lines jammed with supportive phone calls. The Capitol Switchboard has been overloaded with calls in the past weeks due to the extraordinary slate of nominees the administration has lined up.

At the White House, President HRC is hosting an all-night all-issue teach-in and chardonnay party to celebrate. Even some Republicans showed up, and now Al Franken and Ted Cruz are bonding as they supervise the marshmallow roasting, having discovered a mutual affection for blackened marshmallows. A human s’more chain has formed across the Rose Garden, since the Secret Service is very picky about where open flames are permitted on the grounds. Cory Booker is taking his turn at the all-night teach-in and everyone is learning how to play “Born to Run” on the recorder, helpfully provided by the newly-established Bipartisan Commission on Music in Schools. Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton are joining in on harmonica and sax, respectively.
BREAKING: Senate confirms first openly gay Army Secretary
Eric Fanning was confirmed unanimously.

On Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Eric Fanning as the United States Secretary of the Army, making him the first openly LGBT person ever to be the head of a U.S. military service.

Fanning was confirmed unanimously on a voice vote. He previously filled a number of senior positions in the Department of Defense, including acting undersecretary of the Army, special assistant to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and undersecretary of the Air Force.

Huge, huge moment.