first online community


Tag ten ppl that you want to get to know better!
I was tagged by @bubbybot TYSM for the tag! I love doing these memes :>

Name/Nickname: Dash! I lov nicknames honestly gimme all the friendly nicknames

Favorite Colors: PURPLE if it isnt obvious enough lol :> everything must be purpl

Last Song I Listened To: ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandits?? Its catchy okay i like the beat

Favorite TV Shows: Transformers Prime, Transformers Animated, Steven Universe

First Fandom: Transformers, but the ones that got me to first join online communities was Warrior Cats and MLP go figure

Books That I’m Currently Reading: I,,have to read The Fault In Our Stars for school RIP. In my free time im mainly reading a bunch of different comic books like MTMTE, Lost Light, exRID, and some other not-transformers ones too lol

Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: Um I cant stand the taste of mint so the absolute Worst is biting into some sweet like a cookie or fudge and finding out its a chocolate-mint something or other that HAS MINT in it. I feel betrayed everytime.

Favorite Place: My room (it has my art desk so obv), this specific lake we go to during the summer, and beaches too. I just love to travel!

I tag @conjunx, @azureaeronaut, @endurae, @irlsolusprime, @ibukiukyo, @katdakat, @lordlegatron, @nightsick, @1d1osyncrasy, @dapperestdorito, @seekerbabe (you dont have to do it if u dont want to!)