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nine fucking lollipops

Summary: Phil hates sweets, but for some reason he keeps finding himself at the same exact candy shop. And it’s not because of the boy that works there. Definitely not. 

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: none

The first time it happened, it was Chris’ fault:

Treading through the streets of London right after it had rained was not what Phil wanted to do with his morning. He wanted to be at home, in his lounge, reading some lame tweets or looking at meaningless Tumblr posts. He did not want to be headed to some stupid candy shop at ten in the morning on a Saturday.

He blames this entire endeavour on Chris; mostly because he was the one who asked Phil to go buy him candy in the first place, but also because it’s somehow always Chris’ fault. He wouldn’t even tell Phil why he wanted exactly nine fucking lollipops. The only explanation Chris had given was because he “needed them” and that he was “too busy” to get them himself. So, Phil, being the good friend he was had given in to Chris’ incessant begging and offered to go get the candy for him.

So here he was, on a Saturday morning right after a downpour, standing in front of a quaint little candy shop that was too far a walk for his liking.

Phil didn’t even like candy. In fact, he hated everything about it. He especially hated the really sweet kinds of candy, like gummies, or caramel, or any hard-candies, or practically anything that wasn’t milk chocolate. Milk chocolate was the only exception.

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Requested: No.

Kind of winging it. Enjoy.


A shaky breath was soon released from my body as we awaited for the tattoo artist to return. My body was shaking with nerves and nothing was seeming to calm me down. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before, even after claiming for years that I always really wanted one.

It’s just always been something that I’ve procrastinated upon and held back - always seeming to make up an extremely lame excuse as to why I couldn’t get a tattoo any time soon but really, I was just nervous.

But here I am, standing directly in the center of a tattoo parlor with a pounding heart and shaky hands. The only reason I actually had the guts to drive down and be here right now was because Justin practically begged me to come and get one.

I disagreed at first but it wasn’t long before he was sending me his famous smirk and offering me a deal I was willing to accept. If I got a tattoo, he would get one as well. Or rather - another tattoo. He’s already gotten many before, so I don’t really understand why it made me feel better that he was recieving one wih me. But it did.

So thats how I got stuck, being a nervous wreck in the middle of a well decorated Tattoo parlor.

“Relax baby. Don’t be nervous.” Justin assured from the tattoo chair besides me.

In an unconvincing gasp of a high pitched voice, I managed to squeak. “What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Justin only looked down on me as if I were a child who had missed the obvious point, “For one, you’ve sighed around 15 times. You keep tapping your foot on the ground and when your nervous your voice gets higher.” He pointed out.

Damn, why must my boyfriend know me so well.

I sighed, soon shutting my mouth with wide eyes when he threw me a pointed stare. Make that 16 sighs.

Finally Justin fell acomb to defeat - finally realising that maybe I was a little more nervous then he anticipated me to be. “Babe, It dosen’t hurt that much.” He sympathetically granted me a lopsided smile.

Though only two words seem to stick in my head, “That much?! ” I exclaimed.

Justin blew a sigh of his own. “Yes Y/N. I’m not going to go ahead and start ranting about how painless this is and that it dosen’t hurt at all because then I would just be lying.”

Well that’s a great thing to say to a person who’s just about to get a tattoo, already fearing for there potential life ahead. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but still - really Justin? Thanks for the pep talk.

Mental eyeroll.

Though he continued. “But its nothing you can’t handle. Believe me. I wouldn’t force you to do anything I didn’t think you couldn’t handle.” He assured. At the sweet words, I smiled at boyfriend, nodding my head.

Thats when the tattoo artist returned from wherever he had gone, a few items in hand. One being what looked like a cloth and the other being a gauze roll.

I pointed towards the roll. “What’s that for?” I asked.

The bulky tattoo artist who was seemingly sheeted in tattoos himself, flicked his eyes towards me and grinned sweetly. “Gotta wrap it up in something when we’re done. Its stops the blood from seeping into your shirt.” He explained.

My eyes shot towards Justins in a split second, feeling my heart sink further into my chest “BLOOD ?!”

Justin’s face fell amused, and he let out a strangled chuckle. Yeah, well, I was going to strangle him. “Relax baby girl.” He smiled

The tattoo artist laughed heartedly and seeped his eyes over to Justin’s, a finger extended to point back at me. “First time?”

Justin sighed. “You have no idea.” I pouted and he smirked at my expression.

The man laughed and made his way over to my seat, where he then proceeded to place the items in hand on a metal table besides him. The table extended out to a bulky looking machine, I presumed to be the tattoo gun and at the sight of the monstrous looking device, I gulped.

My eyes subconsciously trailed over to glare at Justin, realising that a woman who I assumed to be another tattoo artist had approached him and began asking questions about the tattoo he wanted to get. Thankfully, Justin and I had already discussed this topic.

“So, what can I do for you today?” The artist asked in a deep southern accent.

I slid a hand in my pocket, pulling out the sketch I had drawn and handed it over to the man.

His eyes flickered over it a few times, nodding in appreciation at the work. I did take an art class or two. Okay thats a lie, I’m an art major. “Does it have a meaning?” He asked.

“There isn’t too much meaning to it, but it represents him,” I pointed towards Justin. “And nobility.”

“Nobility?” He nodded. “I like it.” The tattoo artist smiled. “Wheres it going?”

“Just below my left collar bone.” I answered

He smiled. “Alright, you don’t have any problems with needles or anything?” He asked.

“….I don’t think so.” I hesitated.

“Alright, well if the pain gets too harsh to handle, just tell me and we can take a break.”

Thats when the flicker of the tattoo needle sounded, a light buzzing sound filling my ears as I watched the man pull the needle nearer and nearer to my skin until finally, it made contact with the thin layer of flesh by the bone.

I hissed, squinting my eyes as the man continued on with the tattoo. I’ll admit, it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated it to be but It definitely was no walk in the park either.

Slowly but surely, managing to do so without moving my shoulder to much, I looked over at Justin who was just starting on his tattoo as well.

The artist wiped the last bit of blood off with the folded up cloth as he finished up the tattoo, turning off the machine. I sighed in relief noticing that the session had come to an end and opened my eyes which were glossy with tears.

With the back of my hand, I managed to wipe away the tears scattered across my eyes quick enough before the man could notice and thats when I heard him say. “Alright sweetheart, all done. Take a look.”

I slowly but surely shifted my neck to crease down at my newly tattooed skin by my collarbone. And at the peice of ink scorned permanently across my chest, I quealed. It was amazing, just how I imagined it. I smiled, looking over to the artist who was admiring the masterpiece he had created on my chest.

“Its amazing! Thank you!” I exclaimed.

“No problem. Wasn’t too bad, was it?” He asked.

With the squint of my eyes, I shrugged. “It hurt, but not as much as I was expecting it too.”

He smiled, nodding his head. “Would you do it again?” He asked.

Would I? “Yeah. I mean, I love tats. I’ve just always been too afraid to come and catually get one. But now that I’ve done it and I know that its not as bad, yeah. Definitely.” I smiled.

“Good. Lot of people get turned off after there first tat.”

“Well, not me.” I laughed.

“Good to know.” His eyes shifted over to Justin, “Well, looks like your boyfriend’s done.”

I followed the man’s eyes over to where Justin sat, also looking down on his freshly completed tattoo. A smile adorned my face in admiration of my boyfriend, just as the tattoo artist began wrapping up my tattoo, which may I say sat quite awkwardly, considering the position it was in. But soon enough, we had paid for the tattoo’s and left the parlor.

The next morning

Justin and I stood around our friends, smiling as they all eagerly watched and waited. We haven’t really taken our bandages off since we received our tattoo’s so this was really a surprise for everyone. All our friends were here. Ryan, Chaz, Hailey, Kendall, Maejor, my best friend Avery, Justin and I’s parents, even Justin’s manager - Scooter.

“Ready?” We both smiled.

Everyone nodded.

Justin and I shot each other a quick glance before slowly beginning to remove our own bandages off, finally revealing our settled tattoos. My smile fell so wide at the look of my own, and I was quick to jot over and glance at Justin’s. It was perfect and I don’t think we could have chosen better tattoo’s. Everyone stared in awe, wowing at the final result.

“They look so good!” Maejor yelled.

“They do look really good sweetie.” Pattie smiled.

“Thanks. I really like them.” Justin replied. “What about you?”

Looking down at our tattoo’s once more, I grinned wide. “I love them.”

They were perfect.

Fit for a king and a queen.


Ereri CanonWeek | Day 1: First Impressions

levi stood there in the midst of his recent kill, feet upon the titan corpse that already began to disintegrate, glancing down at the trio of young kids that seemed to have been frozen with… what was it? fear? shock? awe? he didn’t know. and he honestly couldn’t care less.

but when his eyes caught the gaze from a pair of carribean blues, he could not help but stare at the boy that stared right back with just as much intensity.

the boy with the messy brown hair, chocolate locks that looked fluffy and soft to the touch, skin that had been kissed by the sun, yet at the moment, was covered with burns and scars that looked wrong. and it was those eyes that made him burn with curiosity, shades of green and blue that intertwine beautifully with flecks of glistening light.

already he knew that this boy was special. someone precious. someone to cherish. and already he knew that he must be the one to protect him.

eren looked up dazedly at what was probably a dream come true. stranding right before him, was humanity’s strongest.

with dark hair falling into those shocking grey eyes, stance unwavering and demanding attention, the boy was completely entranced by the hero he always admired.

already he knew that this man is someone he would, without hesitation, follow and love for the rest of his life.

Boku no Hero Academia

Bakugou x Sero



Sero Hanta. Sticky tape. Scrawny but strong shithead.

That’s how Bakugou remembers him. He remembers perfectly well the way Sero caught up so easily several times.

He is aware his own weight would mean he’d throw someone down the floor if he fell on them. But the way Sero caught him each time Bakugou would throw himself into the air chasing after point bands…

Let’s just say it left an impression on the blonde boy.

And he’s curious.

Wants to find out what is it that intrigues him exactly.

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unlikely-kryptonite  asked:

Could you please do namjin???

THE PARENT SHIP OH MY GOD thank you, bless your soul !!! ♡

who cooks normally?:
jin, obviously. sometimes when jin has a long span for patience and attention, he would teach namjoon. and even though namjoon clumsily messes things up, jin cant help but smile at the younger man’s determination bec hes so cuuuute look at him biting his lower lip while trying to cut his fing-what!

how often do they fight?:
they fight sometimes about very trivial things but then it’ll be ok in just a flash. like when jin is very irritable at the moment and namjoon just cant seem to stop talking about something, the older would tell him to shut up and namjoon would provoke him by saying “make me.” and then it instantly went sexual. joonie always knows the solutions to jin’s mood swings.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:
theyve been at this game for far too long so its like nothing when theyre away from each other but its not like they dont miss each other, they do. its just that it doesnt matter if theyre not together, distance aint shit. and they can always find time to update one another whats happening around them. [read: if the boys are starving because ramen is nowhere near jin-hyung’s cooking]

nicknames for each other?:
namjoon calls jin his princess. although its for a girl, jin finds it sweet that namjoon wants him to feel that way, even calling him that and doing things he thought he didn’t deserve. joonie doesnt mind if hes jin’s prince or servant or horse, as long as jin’s his ‘princess’, nothing else matters that much.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:
who needs dinner outside when i can have your cooking every night?” joon argued when jin insisted that they should eat out tonight, he feel like hes a little kid when it comes to jin spoiling him with every good thing in the world.

who steals the covers at night?:
equal. just because they occupy the smallest portion in the bed, their limbs tangled, jin’s head on namjoon’s chest. “this is it.” joon thought before getting lulled to sleep, “this is everything i needed in my life, all right here. in my arms.”

what would they get each other for gifts?:
material things are not really a part of their gift-giving ceremonies. they focused on what is essential, like spending time together. so that’s what they do. they take a day-off, a break, just for the two of them. driving wherever. “it’s okay. as long as were together.” jin said while interlacing his fingers with his soulmate.

who remembers things?:
both of them remember things because jin is organized with their events and namjoon, well namjoon just have good memorization skillz [thats so lame im so sorry]

who cusses more?:
namjoon does, but he wouldnt dare cuss in front of jin. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:
jin always worries about namjoon and his carelessness. joon tries to be more careful each day just so jin can worry less. whenever he gets hurt though, jin is always there to soothe the pain. better than any pain reliever.

who kissed who first?:
jin did, jin always wanted to kiss namjoon. so when joon was sleeping, jin snuck into his bedroom and left a kiss on joon’s right temple. and probably on his cheek too. 

who made the first move?:
they were both drunk, or maybe namjoon was the only one. thats why he has the audacity to confess. you know what they say about alcohol, it’s liquid courage. joon told jin how beautiful, attractive, alluring, sexy, /insert all complimenting adjectives here/ jin is. 

jin replied with blush-tinted cheeks “and you’re drunk.” 

namjoon countered almost immediately, “yess. youre right… i am drunk… but jin-ah, /hiccups/ tomorrow i’ll be sober…. and you, you will still be so beautiful.” 

jin blushes into a deeper shade, “s-shut up, go to sleep already.”

who started the relationship?:
both of them wanted to date each other, so when they tried to confess, they kind of blurted out “let’s go on a date” in chorus. they laughed because they got the one-word message.

thank you for asking! ❁ i cant believe i used this prompt here! this will be my last one and aAhh i just want to say that i love namjin so much !!! 

BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE! (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: She’s so cute he needs to literally lie down, also Jimin might’ve just bulldozed him into the ground while she was looking, but that’s beside the point.

Origianl Scan: ©

The first time he saw her it felt like he’d been bulldozed and run straight into the ground. Quite literally too. But Jeon Jeongguk is going to assume he deserved that. He really shouldn’t have been checking out the cheerleaders in the middle of football practice.

“Oh my god he’s dead!” He can hear Tae’s voice in the distance panicking and the soft thump that follows is probably him dropping their water all over the muddy ground.

The collective groans and screeches of horror confirm that.

I really need to pick better times for my wandering eye…

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Mac n’ cheese, a Klance fic

Hi peeps, I’m pretty new to tumblr, so no one will probably read this. But this is my first go at fan fiction. It’s kinda lame, but I hope you guys like it! (If you have any constructive criticism, it’s appreciated) 

Keith woke up to a loud crash. He sat up quickly, wondering if it was a dream. The realness of the crash was confirmed when another one came from downstairs. This is when he noticed Lance wasn’t there. Normally he would be in bed, right next to Keith. Resting on his arm and drooling. (He always denied this every time Keith told him about it.) he would have definitely slept through any crash, however loud. No doubt Lance was the cause of this incident, whatever it was.

Keith checked the clock beside his bed. It was 3 in the morning. What was Lance doing at 3AM? Keith wondered. He groaned and swing his legs from under the duvet. He stumbled to his dresser in the dark and pulled a shirt on.

With caution, he made his way to the kitchen, where the light was on.

“Whaa…” Keith couldn’t form any world about the situation at hand. The kitchen was an absolute disaster! An orange substance was splattered on the cabinets, over cooked pasta was all over the floor, a pot was turned on its side, and flour covered just about every surface. And there was Lance. He was pathetically lying on the floor, grossly sobbing. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, which was alright with Keith. But there was flour all over his body and the weird orange substance was clumping his hair together. Honestly, this boy needed to get his shit together.

“Lance, what happened?” Keith asked.

Lance covered his face with his hands and wailed. “DON’T LOOK AT ME!”

“Ok, my eyes are closed,” Keith said, keeping his eyes open. “What the hell happened?”

Lance got up from the floor and sat on the counter. “I wanted mac n’ cheese.”


“I have no clue. I just woke up at midnight, and started craving mac n’ cheese. You know I suck at cooking, so I tried to wake you up so we could make mac n’ cheese together, but you didn’t wake up! I just couldn’t get the thought of mac n’ cheese out of my mind!”

“First of all, Lance, we don’t have any mac n’ cheese. How the hell did this happen?”

“I know we don’t!” Lance cried, throwing his hands in the air. “I learned that the hard way! I looked in the cupboard, and there wasn’t any. So I made a very stupid decision…”

“You always make stupid decisions,” Keith stated. “How bad could this one be?”

“I tried to make mac n’ cheese from scratch.” Lance hung his head in shame, and like the terrible boyfriend Keith is, he started to laugh.

“That,” he said in between giggles, “is the worst decision you’ve ever made!”

“I know,” Lance groaned. “How quit laughing and help clean this place up.”

Keith smirked. “Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up. And in the morning we’ll go the the store and get all the mac n’ cheese we can find. How does that sound?”

Lance jumped off the counter and bearhugged Keith, covering him in flour. “I love you, Keith. You know that, right?”

Keith nodded. “Yes. And I love you too. But get off me, I just cleaned this shirt.”

Model!Bitty (1/?)

part two

Jack Laurent Zimmermann couldn’t speak.

It wasn’t because his mother had dragged him to another one of her management meetings. It wasn’t because she was trying to force him to socialise with the models. It wasn’t even because she’d made him make a speech he’d been completely unprepared for in front of the entire modelling agency and he’d entirely screwed it over.

It was all to do with the small southern boy standing in front of him, wrapped up in a navy suit that must have been tailored just for him, his blond hair swept back and his brown eyes warm and sweet like freshly melted chocolate.

“Mister… Zimmermann?” he tilted his head, the smile that danced on his lips amused, “Your eyes are open but it seems you’ve fallen asleep.”

Jack thrusted out a hand suddenly, internally kicking himself for the momentarily startled look on the model’s face, “Jack. Call me Jack. You’re, uh… Mr. Bittle, aren’t you?” He said the name as though he hadn’t read it a million times, printed neatly under his model shots. Eric Bittle.

“Bitty, please,” Eric took Jack’s hand and shook it, his grin widening and showing off perfect white teeth, “That’s what my friends call me.”

“Friends?” Jack blurted, the word tumbling over his lips before he could stop himself. He was being awkward as all Hell, but before he could even start to correct himself, Bitty had taken over.

“Friends,” he said, tilting his head with a mischievous look in his eyes, “You know. The people you like and form relationships with. You do… have friends, don’t you, Mr. Zimmermann?”

Jack almost had to take a while to think of an answer – he’d just noticed the tiniest sprinkling of freckles over Bittle’s face like fairies themselves had placed them there and he was suddenly not sure if it was possible that someone as beautiful as Eric Bittle could actually exist. Much less that he’d actually take an interest in the socially awkward, blocky Jack L Zimmermann. “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask them.”

It’s a ridiculously lame answer, but Eric laughed anyway, a bubbly giggle that Jack was pretty sure was the sound that golden sunlight would make if you could hear it, “Y’know, you’re so different in real life than you are to those magazine interviews. Obviously this isn’t the first time I’ve been to one of these meetings, and I know it’s not the first time for you, either, but I’ve never had the guts to come over and introduce myself. I always saw you as… well…” Eric bit his lip, his eyes squinting as he thought of the right words, “Distant? Kind of… threatening, almost? You seem so deep and mysterious.”

“I’ve been told I have ‘modes’,” Jack shrugged, his mind absolutely spinning. Bitty reads my interviews? Bitty has been working up the courage to talk to me?!  “Like some kind of… modelling robot.”

“Lord, that’s a bit dark!” Bittle grinned lopsidedly, “Y’don’t seem like a robot to me. Not anymore, anyway, after that speech you gave today. Never thought y’all would be the type to get all nervous up on stage. Thought you’d be used to it by now, what with y’all being the biggest name in modelling from here to Georgia.”

“Oh,” Jack felt all of his insides freeze over. Great. The only reason Bittle had decided to talk to him was that Jack had been so desperately awkward in front of the entire modelling agency that Bitty had decided he must secretly be softer than the terrifying modelling beast he had thought Jack was. “Uh, well… that’s embarrassing,” Jack grinned helplessly, slapping a palm over one eye, “It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“Oh, gracious, no! I didn’t mean to offend you Mr. Zimmer- Jack,” Eric looked horrified, his eyes wide, “It wasn’t that bad at all! Lord knows it was better than I could have done, I’m an absolute mess under pressure. I thought it was kinda sweet, actually. Showed a side to the real Jack Zimmermann. Made me feel less nervous about stayin’ over tonight.”

What?” Jack spat out, his insides tightening even further in his abdomen, “You’re… staying over?”

“Didn’t Mrs. Z let you know?” Eric put a hand to his chest, “Oh, Lord! She assured me you were fine with it! Gracious, I told her you wouldn’t appreciate my intruding on y’all’s life for a night, I should have just got a hotel.”

“No,” Jack almost – almost – reached out a hand to put on Eric’s shoulder. As it was he stepped forward, a hand outstretched, “It’s fine, Eric. Really. I just… wasn’t expecting it.” He should have smiled or something, but he was lost in the way Bittle was looking up at him, all concerned and – woah, they’d really never been this close. His lips were bitten but they still looked soft and he wished so badly he could have stepped a little closer to him and ducked his head, stealing a chaste kiss. A shiver ran down Jack’s spine.

“Lord, are you sure?” Bitty asked, his eyebrows raised in concern, “I really don’t wanna intrude. It’s not too late for me to book a room, please don’t feel pressured. I know what it’s like when you just really wanna spend some time on your own without some chatty boy sucking up all your spare moments-”

“I wouldn’t mind if you did,” Jack interrupted softly. His words were only quiet but Bitty stopped talking right away (and was it just his imagination or did Eric’s breath hitch slightly?), “You seem really sweet. You’re always the life of every meeting and I’ve always been trying to talk to you but you’re always talking to other people and I never wanted to interrupt, especially since they’re other models – your co-workers and your friends, and I’m just…” Jack trailed off, the end of his sentence dissolving into silence. His throat was dry and he had to swallow. Had Eric stepped closer or had Jack been leaning in? He wasn’t sure. His heart was pounding and his lips were tingling with a fierce kind of longing.

“I…” Eric breathed, his lips just parted slightly and so inviting, “I, um… Well, I’m glad… I talked to you then. I’ll, um… see you tonight.”

He took a step back from Jack, and Jack felt realisation hit him like a truck – I must have made him feel so uncomfortable standing so close like that. Oh God, tonight is going to be so awkward. “Yeah. Okay.”

“Okay,” Eric flashed him a shy kind of smile and looked down at his feet, “Okay. I’ll see you later tonight then. I better, uh…” he threw a thumb over his shoulder, “I’ve got other people to catch up with.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jack smiled. “See you tonight,” he added as Eric turned away, “Bye, Bitty.”

requests are open!

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think about what if war didn't happen? Like imagine if Harry grew up surrounded by all the love and attention he'll ever need. Imagine wolf star getting together and adopting these kids and Peter marrying a girl from hogwarts and all of the marauders have children that get to grow up super close. Imagine everyone's faces when marauders 2.0 came into school as first years ready to give Fred and George a run for their money

I spend so much time think about that. Like Harry would always be surrounded by his parents who love the hell out of him. Maybe he would have s little sister some years later. And though Sirius is the “official” godfather(meaning the ministry are bigots who would not let werewolves near kids and all that shit), it’s Moony who is his favourite. Wolfstar would always take him on weekends and spend so much time at Jily’s place. Even Regulus being part of that big family(he is the godfather of Jily’s second child). And Peter getting married to Mary. Peter and his family being invited at all the reunions because that man is THE LIFE of the party. No-one dances single ladies like him. No-one! He could give Beyonce a run for her money. And then Wolfstar adopting Teddy, who is bloody great. He is the first of the next-gen to go at Hogwarts. Hufflepuff. He is THE PRANKSTER. When Minerva sent an owl to wolfstar after his first big prank, Sirius sent him a howler congratulating him. “CONGRATULATIONS MY SON!!! YOU MAKE ME SO BLOODY PROUD!” Remus sent him a howler as well. “PLEASE DO NOT TAKE WHATEVER DAD TOLD YOU AS ENCOURAGEMENT. YOU WILL BE GROUNDED. And please, flooding the toilets is pretty lame. You should have flooded the whole floor.”

James Sirius being so in awe of Teddy. He tries to imitate him but starngely, Harry and Ginny’s howlers are never like wolfstar’s one. He is always grounded and they even recommend punishment to McGonagall. “YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN. JUST WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Oh! And professor McGonagall, I would recommend cleaning the toilets with a toothbrush without magic as a suitable punishment. But please suit yourself.”  He always had a little crush on the older boy. But they get together only after Hogwarts. Teddy is working with REg in the magical tattoo parlour. Jamie’s got a thousand tattoos before he could get the nerve to ask him out. ofc teddy says yes. Albus was sorted into Slytherin. Where he meets Scorpius. He hates him so much at first because the git is so bloody hot and smug. Then they are in detention together and the next thing you know is that they were kissing their faces off. Lily Luna however was THE GREATEST prankster ever. Not even the Marauders nor Fred and George could have been as good as she was. There were bets on how many pranks she could pull without being given detention. Because she had that uncanning ability of always finding out. Harry and Ginny could not decide whether to be worried or impressed that their second-year daughter managed to convince all the house-elves to put laxatives in the feast.


Rami’s eyes were fixated on you. He loved watching you move. So effortlessly like it didn’t take anything from you, like you did this on a daily basic.

And in some way it was truth. You were currently working on a new play so you basically spend whole days in theater. Rami didn’t mind though. As long as he was able to work with you he was happy. And any fight with director or working till late hours could change it. 

He could see how much theater means to you. How much acting means to you. You were a young actress who just started her career but your building and understanding the character you were playing could put in shame lots of experienced ones. You helped him built his own.

Rami remembered the day you walked into the rehearsal room. He as a main protagonist had to be there earlier than anyone, on ungodly hour 6 a.m., so the only thing that could help him was a good coffee from the shop nearby. He was tired and frustrated because he couldn’t entirely understand his character. He remembered when you walked in. Out of breath, in too big sweater, huge headphones that still blasted music beacuse you had forgotten to turn it off and the biggest smile he had ever seen. You were like a boost of energy he needed and there was no coffee in the world that could give it to him. And you only just walked in. After the director introduced you and said that you are going play one of the most important female roles in the play Rami couldn’t be happier. And he was suprised by that because back then he didn’t know you at all.

But right know he did. He knew that the song he accidentialy had heard the first day was your ‘’song of the day’’, he knew that you were obsessed with making playlists and always made lame excuses to yourself to buy more books, he knew you loved the same type of coffee he did only sweeter so he never failed to buy you one on his way to theater while you never failed to buy him his favourite cake. It was your small morning ritual.

Right now he sat waiting for his turn to join you and couldn’t keep his eyes of you. Small smile curved his lips. You just finished your number and with a laugh stopped being your character. You looked at the people who surrounded you, clapped and congratulated them a wonderful job. You looked at him and gave a playful bow laughing once again.

‘Malek your turn!’ Rami was snapped out of his trance while hearing director’s voice. He stood up quickly knocking his chair backwards. He looked at it but his head turned into your direction upon hearing your laughter. He blushed slightly and joined you in the middle of the room.

You smiled this small smile of yours where you slightly bite your lip and he knew it’s going to be a good day.

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throwin’ shady advice at the signs lol

ARIES: ok you’re rly amazin and shit but you are not EVERYTHING!!! stop acting as if every little thing (like being first in line to get free donuts or getting smthn lame like that) is going to change the world—you don’t always have to be first to or for everything! slow the HELL down and take ur sweet ass time and maybe you’ll be able to yield the results you want and quit complaining all the time lolz. also, stop misinterpreting people’s behavior as an incentive to start shit with u because tbh no one has time for that ok lol

TAURUS: i’ll give it to ya, you’re right like 90% of the time, but you ain’t right ALL the time. learn how to apologize when then time is right, and try not to be so closed off to other people’s opinions—not everyone is as “””perfect””” as you. all friendships/relationships requires givin’ and takin’, so loosen up and stop being so damn stubborn all the time!!! the only time you will grow out of your immaturity is when you admit and accept what you’ve done as wrong and learn from it!! and also, stop feelin’ sorry for urself all the time—i know everyone has insecurities but u don’t have to amplify them by bashing on urself lol

GEMINI: you’re rly funny and all but jesus christ STOP TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF ALL THE FRICKIN’ TIME!!! i get you have issues and stories that you wanna share and all, but that shit gets old real fast when you bring up the same exact topic 3523124 times. and pls respect your friends’ new love interests and stop flirting with everyone; you may have the looks and charm, but at the end of the day your fleeting personality is gon’ hurt you more than help you lmao. 

CANCER: ur so sweet and amazing, u know? what?? oh no, someone pointed out your wrongdoings—what are you gonna do? oh ya, play the victim card on them like you always do right? NO!!! if someone criticizes you or makes you unhappy, you find a JUSTIFIED way of solving it instead of asking for self-pity from your peers with the intention of turning them against your opponent—that is playin’ low and dirty! stop acting like other people are the only ones making mistakes, bc you’re not a perfect person either. figure out what you want before you foolishly jump into something you’ll regret—others should not be held responsible for your lack of judgment 

LEO: stop following all of these trends and set trends for yourself!!! you are an amazin individual, so why do you have to keep stickin to what the crowd does? you were born with a great brain of your own, so use it instead of letting other people make decisions for you!!! and pls, calm down with that ego of yours—no one cares about that new (but really tacky) dress you bought last weekend. btw, if u wanna really help others, do it with a genuine intention instead of expecting or anticipating for something back bc that makes you a lame friend rofl

VIRGO: ok like taureans, you’re right like 90% of the time, but shit, when people point out that you’re wrong, you take it so far up da ass. calm the fuk down. it’s ok to be wrong, just take it as it is and move on—you don’t need to take out 20 fuckin books and shit and try to logic with other people. and jesus, stop being so freaking nit picky—no one is perfect, and you obviously aren’t either, so why don’t u check urself first before u wreck yourself lmao!! 

LIBRA: you’re so freaking hilarious and fun to be around but i don’t even know when a good time to talk to u would be bc you have the randomest and most arbitrary mood swings so like lmao?? one second u be like rainbows and sunshine, next second you act like u got shat on. and also, stop being so dramatic about your problems and broadcasting it to da world like everyone is obligated to care about u lmao. also, not everyone wants to start a debate with ur ass so can you stop with the attitude pls and thanks lol

SCORPIO: jfc you’re so sexy and charismatic, i can’t take my eyes off of you—wait did u just say u wanna fuck??? woaaahh!!! slow down breh. yes, you’re amazing and i am def interested but u also gotta realize that not EVERYONE out there is as passionate as you, and thus, they don’t move at the same pace or see things the way you do. also, quit bein’ so manipulative—literally everything you say has a subliminal/underlying meaning to it to benefit ur ass in some sort of way, and when people find out no one is gonna wanna be around you anymore rofl

SAGITTARIUS: ok so ya i admit ur musically talented and rly good at sports but that does NOT give you any reason to look down on your peers and act as if they are are tryna steal your spotlight!! also, i know u really wanna pursue ur love interest and all, but you don’t have to rush and potentially ruin ur chance by sending underdeveloped and plain awkward/crude text messages; everything takes time breh, so just slow down and go with da flow instead of dragging everyone along with ur ass

CAPRICORN: the world does not revolve around you, so stop acting as if everyone is obligated to cater to your needs. you may think ur perceptive as the best because you are smart and tactful or wuteva, but you can’t expect everyone else to have the same mindset as you. learn how to be more appreciative towards the small things people do for you—not every good deed has to be a big one!!! also, stop holding grudges that last for like 3000 years lmao—you deserve to be happy so drop the unnecessary crap and live for urself

AQUARIUS: ur actually a really good and inspirational leader and all, but you gotta stop acting like ur opinion is the only one that matters lmao. a democracy is a lot of people want, so quit tryna make ur peers submiss under some totalitarian shit. you’re very smart and you have a quick and responsive mind, but some times it’s better to slow down and weigh out the pros and cons before u decide on some thing or what to say because ur actions highkey make u look like an inconsiderate asshole some times lmao 

PISCES: yo you’re like one of the sweetest and most sympathetic people i know out there but you seriously need to pick ur lazy ass up and do some work lmao. shit doesn’t come for free, so if ur daydreaming about a nice house with ur hot ass boothang then u better hurry ur ass up and contribute to the team breh!! also, u can also be rly rude and inconsiderate towards other people’s feelings so think before you say something bc your words could have serious impact on other people rofl


Hello again  (◡‿◡✿) Time for another follow forever, my third one! I recently hit 3'000 followers actually I clamorously missed it because I was sleeping and woke up with 3'020 lol YEEEE I gained like 500+ followers during the last month and I followed a lot of brand new awesome blogs that’s why I really felt like thanking you all. First of all all the people who sticked with me since the beginning, who always supported me and watched me grow, and then the people I met during the past (almost) two years :) 

So here’s a selection of those awesome human beings and their extraordinary blogs which everyone should seriously follow! PS if your name is not on this list (probably because I’m lame and I forgot you or because your url changed and I didn’t take track of it) or if I mispelled something you should contact me right away without even thinking about it! I’m always here to answer!

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#94: what HE misses about YOU when he's away.

Mark: He misses having you there with him, by his side, listening to all of his problems and all of his concerns. Everything he kept inside, he told to you. “The phone’s not enough,” he says quietly into the receiver. “I know,” you say, automatically knowing he was upset, “But it’ll do for now, Mark.” He sighs heavily. “Just want you here instead,” he says, “Just miss you. A lot.” 

Jr: He misses teasing you because you’d just tease him right back. He needed someone who could keep up with him, and that was you. “Ah, the boys are being boring,” he says one night. You giggle. “I’m sure they’re just fine,” you say, “I’m pretty sure they’re also just sick of your lame jokes.” He laughs for the first time in a while. He could always laugh with you… “Yeah, yeah. I’m just sick of not being with you.”

JB: He misses your touch. Holding your hand, whenever you’d move hair out of his face for him, cuddling… anything where your skin would be against his.. He needed you, and being away this long was killing him. “I miss you,” he texts you, grunting as he gets into bed. “Miss you, more,” you reply back and he sighs, running his fingers through his hair. “Liar,” he texts, “You couldn’t possibly miss me as much as I miss you right now.”

Jackson: He misses waking up next to you and everything about it: your messy hair, the droopy eyes, and even your godawful morning breath. Opening his eyes in the morning, he’s half expecting to see you, but he doesn’t. Sighing, he picks up his phone to video call you, praying that you’d answer. And you do. “Babe,” he says, a smile on his face as he sees your messy hair, droopy eyes, and can practically smell your breath from here. “Wish I was there,” he whispers.

BamBam: He misses laughing with you because my God, you guys would laugh at EVERYTHING together. You thought the littlest things were funny, brightening up his day, and his life. But somehow, when you weren’t around, things weren’t as funny anymore. “You’ll be home soon,” you reassure him, and you laugh, seeing something on TV. “And that’s what I miss the most,” he says, chuckling himself.

Youngjae: He just misses you — every little thing about you: your smile, your touch, the way you’d poke his cheeks when he smiled.. he missed everything and wanted — needed — you there with him, but you couldn’t, and that’s what killed him most. “I miss you,” he says into the phone, barely able to keep his voice steady. “Youngjae..” you start, not knowing what to say to keep him from tearing himself apart. But you couldn’t think of anything because you truly felt the same way. “I love you,” you say.  

Yugyeom: He misses your love, the love you’d shower him with, like your little kisses and the way you’d bring him food when he felt sad. He needed the loving from you, especially on tough days like today. “I miss you a lot,” he says, smiling into the phone, just happy to hear your voice. “I miss you, too,” you start. “But I love you more than I miss you,” he adds, “And that’s enough to say I’ll be home soon.”  

Kiss Me (Like You Mean It)

Kiss Me ( Like You Mean It ) - Jeon Jungkook                                                           !! GET WELL SOON JEON JUNGKOOK !! 

    You rushed over the minute you got the phone call from Jimin. Is this boy serious? You chewed on your bottom lip nervously as you quickened your pace. It was getting dark and you didn’t exactly want him to feel lonely. The moment you arrived, you jabbed at the doorbell hurriedly, sniffling with worry. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous but …

“Hmm..?” A sleepy voice greets you and the door slowly creaks open. You spot the tuft of raven haired and have to restrain from flinging your arms around him. “Jungkook!” you exclaim, and his eyes immediately widened, “y/n ??”.

He pulls the door open wide. He’s standing there in an oversized black tee and army shorts. He also has a flower patterened blanket wrapped around him as he sneezes. You bite back a grin.

You walk in – knowing this place like the back of your hand – and immediately interlaced your fingers with his. “Are you okay?”. Jungkook smiles – more like smirks – and raises an eyebrow, “You worried?”. You have to try and not whack him over the head. God, of course I am - “Yah! You had me scared, okay?”. You look away, a blush spreading over your cheeks quickly. “Are you okay?” You repeat, dropping your hands to your side.

In an instant, he grabs your hands once again, grinning at you as he presses your palms to his cheeks. His skin is too feverish, too hot. But still, he smiles like there’s nothing bothering him at all. “I’m okay now that you’re here,”.

At that, your cheeks flare a bright red and you start to wonder who has the higher temperature here in this room.

  “Have you taken your medication?” You ask, settling down beside him after slotting in the CD mnto the DVD player. Jungkook had insisted watching Captain America : Civil War because apparently :

( “It’s Iron Man, y/n!” Jungkook says for about the fourth time as he trudges to the living room with a box of popcorn.

Iron man VS Captain America!” )

He sounded so much like a little boy that you just had to give in. But as you glanced at your boyfriend, sneezing and rubbing his red nose cutely you knew that you would’ve agreed anyways. “Yeah, Jin – hyung made sure I took it right before they all left,” Jungkook replies. He scoots closer  on the couch, until your shoulders were pressed together, and you could smell the scent of his mint shampoo.

Just as the movie starts playing, he extends one arm and puts it over your shoulder at the same time causing the blanket to cover the both of you. If you thought it was cold then, it was definitely warm now. You were glad he had dimmed the lights, because if not he would have definitely seen the blush creeping across your cheeks. He turns to face you, teasing smile tugging at his lips as he tilts his head in question, “Hmm… y/n, are you okay?”

You allow yourself to be pulled in closer, melting in his arms as he laughs. You put the popcorn aside, knowing that he shouldn’t be taking such things when he was sick, and exchanged it with a

bowl of chicken soup you had made before coming over. He says he can do it himself but you know he slightly enjoys it when you feed it to him.

You watched as Iron Man was currently talking to the other avengers who were – so call – ‘locked up’ due to helping Captain America get away and scrunched your nose in distaste.

“He’s such an asshole,” You mutter without thinking.

“What?” Jungkook says, blinking rapidly at the TV screen. “Iron Man… I mean, they’re his friends, Kookie, how could he just do that?”. You quickly clamped a hand over your mouth just as the words left your mouth, but you wearn’t gonna deny it. Iron Man was an asshole in this movie. “He’s not,” Jungkook protests, adamant. He pulls his arm away from you and folds his arms tightly across his chest. “Ah, Kook, I’m sorry but…” You trail off, watching as he puffs his cheeks out and sulks. “And if you were sorry, you wouldn’t say he’s an asshole, y/n,”.

“Yeah, but if he wasn’t an asshole then he wouldn’t do that to his friends. He thinks that whatever he does is right but it’s like not?? -”

Jungkook lets out a cough then, and you halt, reaching to pat his back comforingly. You try not to smile at the way he sniffles, clutching at the blanket tightly as he does so. He flinches a little at your touch, but he doesn’t move away either. “Jungkookie…” You plead, curling your fingers around his forearm. His eyes dart to look at you then back at the screen and he swallows. You sigh, knowing he would sulk about this for quite awhile.

It would’ve been worse if you insulted Gdragon, but you liked him just as much as Jungkook did anyways.

“Yah, I’m sorry…” You try again, and he makes a face. It’s an improvement though, as his earlier stiffened posture relaxes. “Hey, I’m sorry okay? I really am…” You say gently, softly this time and he finally turns to face you. Jungkook’s lips tug up into a smile and you don’t miss the way his eyes glint. Your heart hammers against your chest, nervousness running down your spine like a sudden electric shock, “Wh – what?” You stammer ungracefully. “I don’t think a simple sorry would be enough, would it?” His eyes draw to your lips and you yelp, pulling away. “Wha- then what?” You squawk, and internally you hit yourself in the head for giving in so quickly.

“Kiss me,” He states, leaning in till his nose nudged yours, “Please? I’m always the one kissing you first,” He half – whines and you feel your whole face go a bright red at that. If you died of a heart attack, you’re suing Jeon Jungkook. “But you’re sick,” You point out lamely. “Tsk,” He sighs, smile small on his lips, “I guess you’re right,”. He leans back, but you can tell that the both of you are no longer focused on the movie – even though Captain America was currently punching Iron Man like his life depended on it which it kind of did.

It takes you a while, but the words itch at your throat and you don’t hesitate to hold them back. “But…” You start slowly, and he turns to face you. You take in his features, his nose is red and blotchy from all the sneezing and rubbing, and his lips are a little paler than before. He’s still handsome, dammit. “But?” He asks questioningly, tilting his head just the slightest, a knowing grin working it’s way up his lips.

“I don’t really mind,” You finish, leaning in until your lips were pressed against his. He smiles against the kiss, and you pull away, breath stuttering.

“If I get sick, it’s your fault,” You accuse jokingly, and the both of you burst out in laughter. He nods, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear, “If you get sick y/n, I’ll take care of you.”.

Was responding to an anon on a reblog, and then...

It got lengthy.  So I decided to make this its own thing.  

@richonnefics was asked the following:

Hi! Do you know of any fics where Michonne does know about Jessie & she questions Rick about it and that later after Jessick is over and Richonne happens, if Michonne and Rick were so attracted to each other in the first place, why did he feel the need to date Jessie at all? I know it’s kind of specific or something similar. TY 

1. “Date” is a very specific word.  I’d hardly call a half-assed makeout in a garage dating, but…I’m sorry, I know I sound like I’m hating, but calling it dating or saying she was his girlfriend is just so absurd to me, I just can’t.

2. In addition to circumstances (of the fucked up, life survival variety that provided major distraction), Michonne just wasn’t ready/hadn’t come to the conclusion to make that leap.  It’s insane–they’re both in love with each other, so there theoretically isn’t anything to be afraid of.  Or at the very least, not rejection.  It is apparent time and time again how much Rick cares about Michonne, her happiness, how he notices her (in a man notices a woman in a sexual way kind of way), but she is, at times, oblivious.  

The scene where Michonne is lamenting at Deanna’s party–I bet you dollars to donuts (lol, what does that saying mean?) that she saw Rick checking out ol’ blondie, and there she was, wearing a dress, putting on her dancing shoes, and Rick had a wandering eye.  So she thinks too much time has passed; she’s lost.  And because she does fear emotional rejection, she doesn’t comment on it.  That being said, when Abe comes sniffing around, she shuts him down.  But he was drinking, so she gives him a pass.  He asks her what she’s done, and she says she put on that dress and the one guy she wanted to notice didn’t fucking notice omg.  Abe tells her to try again. He was probably onto something…

I always thought that, that scene where Rick is all, “We’ve barely had time to catch our breath,” and Michonne looks at him like, “Orly?”  I always, always, ALWAYS assumed that look was specifically reserved for whateverthefuck was going on with him and Jessie.

What’s most interesting, however, is how Rick keeps the distance between his family and the Alexandrians–it’s still “us and them,” and this includes Jessie and her whack ass family.  In “Strangers,” Rick takes Carl aside and has the following exchange:

Rick: Now… I need you to hear what I’m about to say.
Carl: Okay.
Rick: You are not safe. No matter how many people are around or how clear the area looks, no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you are not safe. It only takes one second. One second and it’s over. Never let your guard down, ever. I want you to promise me.
Carl: I promise.

Now…Rick is saying this to his son–a kid.  He basically lies to Jessie about how he would keep her safe.  He doesn’t tell her the truth; he doesn’t have her go train.  He keeps her in a box; he keeps up the wall.  He may fancy her, but it is still very much us vs. them.  He takes the time to teach Ron, but only because Ron insists, and Carl attempts to accommodate him (big mistake).  Also, just dumb in general–you kill the boy’s father and you think he won’t attempt to avenge his death?  That’s like, every revenge movie ever, no matter how shitty the deceased was.  Vendetta–it’s a powerful thing.  But yeah, he tells Jessie pretty lies, keeping her separated from reality.  This totally harkens to the idea that he was using her for nostalgia purposes to what he’d lost with Lori.

And I’ll tell you what–rewatching the first season right now, and that relationship was not full of sunshine and rainbows.  He said she was cruel, and doubted if he loved his family or not, and expressed that very thought in front of their son before school.  He didn’t talk enough, and when he did, it was always the wrong thing.  She was constantly irritated with him, nitpicking…so perhaps Rick was trying to re-imagine what normal would have been like.

And even then, he only knew that woman for two weeks.  It was a fantasy [and a lame one at that]; life in a bubble.  But…I’ll forgive Rick for that transgression.  I’ll forgive it.

3. I have a brief thing that sort of meets the requirements of the anon.  This got way longer than I thought, though…

First of all, I want to thank my squish for making the beautiful edit above for me /huggles. Isn’t she talented? She also fixed my blog c:

Yes I was previously wushupanda-tao but I’ve switched to compoxing because clever right?

I’m lame T-T

Anyways, this last year has been a rollercoaster ride, and I mean one of those whiplash, nauseating ones but this blog has always been my little ray of light and I finally reached 100 followers ;~;

So yeah, as it is the end of this year, I want to make a follow forever for those blogs and people that have kept me here and sane, even if I’ve never talked to these people or only once in a while, just their blogs in general make me happy.

Okay so, blogs in bold are them senpais/faves and those in italics are friends. I know it’s small but it’s only my first and I’ve been here for a while and these are still my faves.

Happy New Year, babies! I love you all and keep being awesome okay?

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p.s. all of you whom I’ve never spoken to are awesome. You all are I just don’t have the guts to talk to you peoples but your blogs are all awesome okay ;~;