first ones are always lame right

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☕️ = shade someone

I’m terrible at shading people because I always feel 130% guilty after I do it and it makes me anxious. But here you go: I can’t believe that someone with a url that stars w/ “v” and ends with “simmer” hasn’t made the first move to take our friendship to the Next Level™

(idek if that counts as shade, I’m honestly too lame to do it right) 

🔥 = vent

oooooooohhhhhkaaaay this is me venting about me- under the cut

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2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 45

2. Favorite color when you were younger, and now? :

I absolutely ADORED pink. My room was painted pink, my clothes were pink, my bedsheets were pink. Now I still love it but don’t wear it, as I can’t pull it off at all.

4. Are you in love right now? :

Nope. It’s for the better really, I always screw up that stuff.

5. In your opinion, is love at first sight real?

My hopeless romantic side says yes, but my logical side says no.
I suppose yes, but rarely!

6. Are you an optimist, realist, opportunist, or pessimist?

A realist and pessimist. I tend to be logical about things but can lean toward the negative side.

7. First kiss details? (If you haven’t been kissed, reply how and if you would like to be.)

Haven’t had one yet (yeah, I’m lame).
If I was, I guess I’d like it to be gentle and quick. I’m not super comfortable with being kissed, so an intense kiss would be out of the question.

45. What’s your style?

I live and dress for comfort. If I have a choice between sweats and jeans, you can bet your ass I’m gonna pick the comfy sweats. I like my comfort zone.