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Boku no Hero Academia Fiction Recommendation Master Post

I have decided my new favorite anime and its fandom deserves some appreciation. Every work I recommend are - in my personal opinion - beautiful and I want everyone to read them. If you see your work up here that’s cause I loved it to the moon and back! I welcome suggestions too!  

♥ - ultimate fav

★ - they do the do

(★) - implied sexual activities

ロ - unfinished

■ - finished

✿ - multi chapters

TodoDeku (Todoroki x Midoriya)

Sumary:  Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.

Summary:  [02:13 AM] todoroki: Are you awake?

Summary:  U.A.’s Heroics Division’s Class A was graduating. Moving on. Never coming back. And Izuku is going to be left behind, solidly trapped in a prison of his own making. There might be a few things that could make it more bearable, though.

Summary:  Todoroki is bad at presents, and worse at confessions.

Summary:  I wrote some silly fluff for Izuku’s birthday. Happy bday, little hero egg!

Summary: Todoroki felt his own breath drop in temperature as the nerves settled in, steam rising with each steady exhale. He continued to stare, as if expecting the same to happen to Midoriya when he caught a whiff of cool mint as the boy spoke, face inches from his. In which Midoriya has a better grasp on the changes happening in Todoroki than Todoroki himself.

Summary: There was no magical moment that played a part in Midoriya’s realization that he liked Todoroki. The thin red string that greeted him every time he looked down at his hand was an obvious factor, yes, but it wasn’t love at first sight either. It sorta just… happened over time.

Summary:  In which Todoroki Shouto is trying to ask Midoriya out and the whole class is in on it.

Summary: The law is clear: whoever correctly answers three riddles will marry the prince, while all who fail are to be executed. The people live in fear as more challengers try and fail, and the throne grows bloodier with every passing year. But a young prince, nameless and in exile from his home, believes there may be more to this brutal challenge than meets the eye. Of course, there’s only one way to find out: ring the gong, and take the trial.

Summary:  It’s been judged safe to send the students of UA home to their families for the first three weeks of summer, much to the relief of everyone whose name isn’t Todoroki Shouto. Luckily, Midoriya has a solution for him, and Midoriya Inko has a lot of love to give.

Note: Part 6 of Send Endeavor to the Shadow Realm series. First part: Spring Cleaning

Summary: Izuku has never been one to curse but the only way to describe himself as his mother hugs him goodbye that morning, is royally fucked.He’s really, truly glad no one in their class has a mind-reading quirk because from the minute his feet touched warm sand, his mind has been screaming in tune to the same famous classical overtures Tenya listens to when they study together. Occasionally, the music pauses just long enough for his brain to point out observations about Shouto that make Izuku want to stick his head under the waves and just breathe in.

Summary:  Note to self: don’t accidentally fall in love with a prince who’s in an arranged marriage keeping your kingdoms from declaring war against each other. Especially when you’re spying on him as his manservant.

Note: Part 1 of the kings & queens of promise series.

Summary: It starts —like all ideas that inevitably lead to one’s downfall do— with something akin to this: Midoriya Izuku. Midoriya Izuku and a five-story house by the beach, completely devoid of any entry-fee –save for the one where Todoroki has to pretend to be Deku’s boyfriend. All-in-all though, not an awful price to pay for the vacation of their dreams, right? Right?

Summary:  It’s Wednesday morning when Izuku’s mother texts him to remind him about his cousin’s wedding coming up the following weekend, and it’s Wednesday evening, when Izuku’s back in his room after classes and has time to call her, that she tells him she can’t go to the wedding with him.

Summary: Todoroki and Midoriya are pro heroes. They’re also dating.These two aspects clash when they’re outed to the entire world as Japan’s first officially gay heroes.

Summary: In his third year at UA, Todoroki Shouto works in a burger place, catches on fire and falls in love. Only two of those things are on purpose. Or…Todoroki Shouto’s exciting adventures in customer service.

Note: First part of the extra-salty/twitter-verse series! The next TodoDeku part of the series: get in loser, we’re going heroing

Summary:  Shouto Todoroki is a cold Pro Hero who never uses his fire side. He refuses to be like his father, Endeavor, but every day it seems like he’s becoming more like him. Shouto meets up with Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless Pro Hero counselor and discovers that his power is his own. Also… he might be falling in love with his counselor. // AU where Deku never received One for All and became a quirk counselor instead!

Summary: Shouto has his first sleepover.

Summary:  In the wake of All Might’s death, Izuku grieves. (Post-Graduation/Future Fic)

Summary: It was a mistake, Shouto thinks, to fall in love with a hero. (Or the one where Todoroki is a Quirkless school nurse and Hero Deku’s longsuffering boyfriend.)

Note: Part 1 of the demolition lovers series.

KiriBaku (Kirishima x Bakugou) 

Summary: … It wasn’t that he was annoyed. Okay, maybe he was a little annoyed, but that was just the lack of sleep talking. Because a certain explosive punk thought it was a good idea to test the flammability of his sheets at 2 in the morning. Every single morning. (In which Bakugou’s quirk wakes Kirishima up, and Kirishima gets way too invested in his bro’s well-being.)

Summary:  The summer training camp of Bakugou’s second year at UA descends upon him with all the untamed fury of- well, himself, honestly.

Summary: "Hey! Wake up you piece of shit! Are you alive?!“ The man winces and scrunches his face in pain but Bakugou continued to hold him in place. Good, he’s alive- Piercing red eyes flutter open and gaze lazily straight at Bakugou’s face and Bakugou feels his heart skip a beat. Oh, Fuck- AKA merman! Kirishima au

Summary: Bakugou sleeping in the common areas like it’s no big deal seems to give everyone else permission to be just as bizarre, and little by little Kirishima starts learning things about his classmates he never knew.  

Summary:  Bakugou Katsuki and Kirishima Eijirou are paired together for a winter survival assignment! It’s inevitable that the two clash, but neither of them could have predicted an accident at the height of their tension. Trapped in the wilderness at the mercy of the environment, how will the two cope with finding help and mending what was broken?

Summary:  Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. AKA God of War! Bakugou au

Summary: “You’re a popsicle biter, you fucking animal,” Bakugou says. “You’re not?” Kirishima says around a mouthful of ice cream. “No,” Bakugou says. “I prefer my teeth unfrozen, thanks.” He wraps his mouth around the popsicle and Kirishima realizes his mistake very, very quickly.

Summary:  Kirishima has always made things easy for Bakugou. But that doesn’t mean that Bakugou’s gotten any better at these things, even after all of these years.

Summary: Bakugou works at a convenience store, flirts like a loser, blows up nineteen aprons, gets a hashtag trending for all the wrong reasons and maybe manages to make a friend. Or…being Bakugou Katsuki is suffering.

Note: Part two of the extra-salty/twitter-verse series

Summary: With phone, money, and keys in his pocket, Kirishima wandered around the city for an age. With his legs on auto-pilot his mind wandered too. To the new movie that peppered the streets in posters and trailers, a new move he wanted to practise for another basketball play, wondering about how the current arcs for his favourite manga would turn out in the next issue of Jump. And, of course, he thought about how many of those things he could see and do with Bakugou.

Summary: Once upon a time a lonely beast lived in a manor deep in the forest. He dreamed of the day his true love appeared to break his curse… When a beauty finally appears in his life, it is not quite as he imagined. For who could have thought a beauty would be more of a beast. Or the beauty and the beast AU nobody asked for but here it is.

Sleepover-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: helloo i was wondering if you could do a sirius x reader where everyone knows they love each other but they don’t admit it & for some reason one day all the marauders are sleeping in the girls dorm (like a sleepover lol) but its v cold and they don’t have enough blankets, sirius and reader have to share and they wake up cuddled up to each other and just fluff?? 

Warnings: none

Requests are always open, hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius and Y/N had been in love since they first laid eyes on each other. The two were attached at the hip and seldom seen apart; in rare cases when they weren’t together, they were utterly miserable. Everyone knew they were in love-well, except them.

“Face it Padfoot, you’re in love with Y/N,” James said, smirking as he watched his best friend shoot daggers at the boy talking to her across the common room. 

“Shut it, no I’m not. She’s my best friend, I have to look out for her,” Sirius replied, clenching his jaw as the boy stepped closer to her.

“We’re her friends too, but you don’t see us getting angry just because some bloke is talking to her, Sirius,” Remus chided.

“I’m not angry,” he snapped.

“No, just jealous,” James chuckled, earning a pillow to the face.

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sometime during third grade one of the older girls spread a rumor that I was a lesbian. I didn’t know what the word meant but my teacher said I’d figure it out someday. 

I quickly realized that that the word lesbian means never been invited to sleepovers or birthday parties. it is the fear that you will try to touch another girl without her permission, just as boys do.

to me the word lesbian is synonymous with a scared little girl with big eyes and an aching heart. she sits silently as all of her friends talk about boys, heart pounding terrified they’ll ask her which one she likes best.

it is watching your first crush slow dance with her boyfriend at the eighth grade dance, wondering how many advil you need to swallow to never wake up again. it is the burn in the chest as you remember your mother explaining “girls do not kiss other girls”.

it is the fear of the locker room in freshman year p.e. it is pretending not to hear the pretty girl say, “I hope there aren’t any lesbians in here. that would be creepy”.

it is the boy in english class saying he only watches lesbian porn but would never vote for gay marriage.

it is hearing your best friend say “i love gay people!” but confessing to you she wouldn’t know how to react to a lesbian, since lesbians probably think about her naked.

but no one ever told me that lesbian means beauty and strength. the beauty of loving a girl for the first time, and the strength of all the other women loving women who came before you. it is being the person you are exactly as you were meant to be. it is flawless, and it is fearless.

—  a reflection on the word “lesbian” // c.m.h

I have this headcanon that Richie is the most irritating sleeper and this fic came from that idea.

~ 1.2k words

Richie Tozier is quite possibly more annoying in his sleep than when he is awake. Unimaginable but true. He mumbles, he drools, he snores, he kicks and shifts and clings. And worst of all, he’s a heavy sleeper so it’s nearly impossible to wake him up and stop him from committing these atrocities.

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We act like a fucking married couple, look at each other with love and devotion, smile like nerds when one of us says something dumb, check each other out, bake together and have little domestics, cause heartaches to other people, we have long heart eyes towards each other and blush every time the other one notices, hug, cuddle, used matching light rings, wear matching outfits, have sleepovers even tho we live in the same house, never get tired of each other, watch series together, wait for the other one to wake up so we can have breakfast at the same time, confort each other, we can’t stand being mad at each other, we never are mad at each other, we’ve lived 6-7 years together yet we still look at each other as if it was the first and the last time we met, we love each other, we do the same crazy shit at laugh at the same crazy shit, we don’t care about personal space, we are weird, we know it, and we love it, we would die for each other, we are the best thing that could have happened to each other, we saved each other’s lives, when we thought there was nothing else that mattered…we love each other………..but -no homo tho-
—  dan and phil every sinGLe BaCkInG ViDEo Can YoU pLs StOp
Unforgettable - Choi Minho (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word Count: 3.1k
Author’s note: Here it is, the part 2 to Unrequited! I highly recommend reading part 1 first so that you’ll understand what’s going on in this installment. Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who read Unrequited and to anyone who’s going to read this - you guys motivate me so much, you have no idea. Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! :) ♡ (The GIF is mine)

You have gotten a little used to waking up to Taemin’s face during the morning because there were some nights that you would have an impromptu sleepover either at your place or his when one or both of you were really drunk and couldn’t get home but that morning, seeing his bare, lightly tanned torso and handsome face, you felt uncomfortable. And also because you were naked, which was completely unlike all the other mornings that you found him lying next to you.

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Imagine Liam and Theo not even dating in the beginning and yet they always end up close to each other when the pack hangs out. Like falling asleep after a fight with one having his head on the other’s shoulders or pressed together on the couch during pack movie nights and at first the pack doesn’t really pay much attention to it but over time it gets more and more, like Liam actively searching out Theo’s proximity or Theo actually offering it to him and them ending up all wrapped around each other when the pack has a sleepover. It’s not like they have so little space but the two simply decided to sleep that close to each other. It takes a peak when Liam wakes up one morning, basically on top of Theo, while the pack watches him in a mixture of amusement and confusion. Imagine this being the key moment for both Liam and Theo to admit there is more between them than just friendship. 

Countries as people at a sleepover

America: Ate all the snacks before anyone else got to them. Probably gets dicks drawn on his face when he’s asleep.

England: Totally regrets going, calls his mom to pick him up at 1am.

France: The one who insists on playing spin the bottle, despite there being no girls at the sleepover.

Russia: Last one asleep. Nobody invited him but he still showed up?

China: Super tired and grumpy. Yells at everyone to go to bed at eight.

Canada: The one nobody really notices but has the scariest answers in truth or dare.

Italy: First asleep. Last awake. Was the only one too scared to watch the scary movie and had to leave the room.

Germany: Responsible one who was begrudgingly convinces to host the party. Keeps reminding everyone to keep it down and not wake up his parents.

Japan: Brought most of the snacks. Only there because he didn’t want to feel excluded.

Romano: Draws dicks on everyone’s faces when they’re asleep.

Prussia: Co-hosted the party but fell asleep super fast. Prank calls people.

Some of Vilde hc if s6 happened
  • Vilde’s trailer would feature Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko and it would actually be made similar to the music video - vilde waking up seeing coppery hair next to her only to find out it is a dream
  • pride at the end of the season - everyone is there, Even with the pansexual flag ofc, eva with bi one
  • Vilde and Magnus on good terms talking it through (Magnus being surprisingly mature about it and maybe even tries to send Vilde helpful articles and such)
  • Vilde comes out to Sana first
  • soft lesbian story but also hot - basically the same combination of soft/hot like Isak and Even
  • also like just the general dynamic of like flowery perfect vilde with the mess of a hair and flannel shirts that is Eva
  • and then we’ve all said that - sharing clothes!!!
  • it would be soft electrizing touches, longing looks, a lot of questioning from vilde side about whether eva feels the same or not (i’m imagining similar to doubting Isak in wlfa here), but then also hot hungry kisses when they finally do make out
  • I saw another hc of someone about how eva and vilde would bond over the mutual loneliness they both felt (eva in the past and vilde now) because Eva totally understands the insecurity and how “the opinions of others mean more than your own” and I feel like in general Eva understands Vilde a lot
  • Vilde would finally go down on Eva and vice versa thus we would get that nice end to the whole Norwegian guys don’t go down on chicks debate
  • Eva being bi realising that she had a low key crush on Ingrid and Noora
  • another hc I saw from i believe it was Faiza is Vilde at some point staying at the Bakkoush household because of her mother and while staying there she would learn about Islam but also about the support of family and what it means to be loved by your family
  • sapphic soundtrack!
  • also if jonas had s5 than I wanted eva and jonas to have an honest conversation sometime near the end of his season where eva would admit to him she might be falling for vilde and he telling her in his very chill way like girl you’re gonna figure it out and i support you no matter what
  • that fic where vilde clumsily speaking to isak about his (her) sexuality and ask dumb questions only to reveal that she’s asking for herself
  • Eva being bisexual would literally make so much narrative sense because we started the show with her break up with jonas and to end up the show with her starting the new relationship would be a nice circle. It would also be a good representation because both relationships would be portrayed as very real and loving ones.

Please feel free to add more

eliasraine  asked:

For the Thing! Ladynoir and Julerose plz.

10 ladynoir headcanons:

  1. chat ‘can dish it for days but can’t take it AT ALL’ noir is one of my favorite things — with the caveat that he can take it if he doesn’t think she means it. when it’s just vaguely dirty jokes and ladybug standing a little too close and being a little more tactile than normal, he can keep up just fine, but if she hits him with kisses and cuddles and that one breathless tone of voice she really can’t fake, he’s done for
  2. basically, chat noir is a slut for affection, and you can’t convince me otherwise
  3. chat rests at some weird between-y place in ladybug’s heart; she thinks he’s a lovable dork whom she’d protect with her life, but also that he’s competent/badass/cool enough that she doesn’t feel the need to, so somehow he misses both her effusive affection and protectiveness and her blatant admiration and awkwardness — she mcfreakin adores him, but displaying that is Hard
  4. until, of course, she learns that he’s a slut for affection, and her impulse control shoots down the relationship awkwardness with a vengeance — long story short, goo noir follows ladybug around for a solid week before she learns that she should stop pushing that button, or chat might Actually Die
  5. things that are a Thing between them:
    -pun battles
    -breaks in patrol that don’t involve talking so much as they involve moodily staring into space together (because their lives are hectic and some parts of the city are so quiet and it’s such a relief, really)
    -they finish each other’s— sandwiches!
    -pop culture knowledge battles
    -if one gets into a new game or band or book series, there’s an 80% chance that the other will turn up to the next patrol with bags under their eyes, muttering bitterly about no sleep and god why did you get me into this i have homework
    -tag + races to make patrol a little less boring
    -FLIRTING oh god the flirting never s t o p s
  6. things that aren’t really a Thing between them, unless there’s good reason for it:
    -cuddles (pre-relationship, anyway)
    -relationship/crush/romance talk
    -Feelings Acknowledgement
    -pep talks, unless it’s an imminent crisis
    -(joking insults get lighter and lighter as time goes on, until they vanish entirely)
    -stopping their duties for fun and games? like sometimes they need to stop and defrag, but they almost never go for food or arcade games or whatever
    -civilian life talk
  7. it takes five separate akuma, two mental breakdowns, and one very fierce declaration on ladybug’s part to get chat to realize that she’ll never intentionally turn her back on him, but he’s gotta tell her what he needs.
  8. each can make the other laugh no matter what state they’re in; they just have to try.
  9. it takes chat a long time to realize it, but right from the start, all it takes to get ladybug to relax is him walking in the door
  10. sleepy bug craves piggyback rides > eager kitty provides > patrol lasts about two hours longer than normal and chat doesn’t stop blushing for a week

10 julerose headcanons:

  1. they’re as close as they are for two very simple reasons: rose can understand juleka no matter what volume she speaks at, and juleka never once implied that rose should grow out of loving pink and princesses
  2. they’re Those Two in the friend group whom everyone assumes got together about five years before the two themselves had any inkling of their own feelings
  3. juleka gets Weirdly protective about her hair; rose can dress her up in anything she likes, but the hair doesn’t change. rose doesn’t really understand — she took a pair of kiddie scissors to her hair on a whim last year after growing it out for five — but she leaves be.
  4. juleka internally likens rose to champagne — bubbly and sweet and elegant and with an inclination towards class and romance. rose calls juleka a black rose, because it’s better than admitting that juleka reminds her of that adorable stuffed kitty she loved when she was five.
  5. juleka is ticklish. rose will hoard this knowledge to her grave like the dragon’s gold it is.
  6. rose sings opera in the shower. this is important because:
    1) rose is a nerd and juleka is endlessly charmed
    2) opera echoes and whenever juleka sleeps over, she wakes up to opera and is faced with the fact that rose is naked in the shower
    3) it lets juleka know how long she needs furiously pretend to be asleep — the opera stops when rose is dressed again and it is safe to wake up
  7. whenever it’s rose sleeping over at juleka’s house, rose insists on sleepover cuddles. juleka (internally) insists that rose in her bed is a torture no one should have to go through.
  8. juleka desperately tries to plan a first kiss that’s romantic enough, but rose gets tired of waiting and kisses her in the back of a gas station
  9. people are convinced that they’ve been in a secret relationship for ages, and after they get together… people go on thinking that. neither of them are much for pda beyond hand-holding and cheek-kisses, and that’s what they were doing anyway.
  10. their relationship is 90% cuddles and 10% giggles — sadly, this is not least because of juleka’s shocking resemblance to a long-gone stuffed animal. she must never know.
Some ExR (and Les Amis) Headcanons for this Barricade Day

-After the whole dying and holding hands thing, E and R are reincarnated about 180 years in the future.

-They meet in a coffee shop, not realizing who the other one is, until they brush hands when they reach to grab their coffees.

-This leads to a teary reunion inside the coffee shop (at this point they’ve stopped caring what the other customers think).

-They’re afraid to leave each other again (because you know, the last time they were forced apart it was because they both died) so the only obvious solution is for them to move in together.

-They eventually find the other members of the Les Amis. Courf was the first one they found. He was definitely covered in glitter (and so were E and R shortly after because we all know Courf definitely hugged them).

- Les Amis meetings become a regular thing (and you know they’re being held in the coffee shop E and R reunited in).

-Les Amis sleepovers

-E and R cuddling on the couch when either one of them gets too stressed (or in general, these two dorks cuddle so much it’s almost disgusting)

-Whoever wakes up first (it differs depending on the day) kisses the other on the forehead then goes and makes a pot of coffee because neither of them can function without it.

-R tells E he loves him first (he’d been wanting since before they died). It happened accidentally when they were arguing over something, but E made sure to immediately reassure R that he felt the same way. Let’s just say they didn’t finish arguing.

-They both had elaborate plans to propose to each other and Jehan gets so excited about it that he accidentally tells them…in front of everyone. They ask each other in front of all of their friends and it’ s so much better than anything they had planned.

-Everyone cries at the ExR wedding. Everyone.

-They end up adopting two children and approximately five dogs and those kids and dogs have the best parents and aunts and uncles that anyone could ever ask for and they all live happily ever after.

Nightmares | Kian Lawley

// anonymous: hiii, could you please do an imagine where it’s your first time staying over night at Kian’s and one of you (idm which one) wakes up after having had a bad dream and the other comforts them and it’s really cute and fluffy thanks!!//

Pairing; Kian Lawley x Reader

Word Count; 858

POV; Third Person

Summary; Your best friend Franny invited you for a sleepover. It was your first time visiting her place and meeting her roommates. You never slept anywhere else but your own home because of a recurring nightmare. Then the expected happens but a very unexpected person comforts you.

AN: I don’t know why I always have the reader and Kian strangers, just go with it… Also, it is currently 3 am while I’m writing this

You were always a very anxious person, especially when meeting new people. It just wasn’t your strong suit, and meeting your best friend’s roommates were no different. You’ve been putting off meeting them for awhile now because this isn’t the first time Franny asked you to meet them. But she already planned the whole thing and was picking you up in an hour. You had to go no matter what and that was eating you up.

You heard a knock at the door and your heart dropped. You rushed to open the door and there stood Franny with a wide grin.

“Hey, you’re early” You began as you checked the time.

“No, I said 7:30” She informs

“Not 8:30?” You questioned as she shook her head.

“C'mon, we gotta go” She exclaimed dragging you to her car. You were quiet the whole ride, you were nervous and Franny could tell by your fidgeting, attempting to contain your heavy breathing, and you constantly clearing your throat to make the tightness disappear. “They’re really excited to meet you” Franny stated breaking you from your thoughts. You just nodded as she pulled into the driveway. That tightness in your throat and the pit in your stomach instantly returned, your hands became very clammy as Franny climbed out of the vehicle. You trailed behind her slowly and as she was about to open the door, it flung open and a tall figure stood in the doorway.

“Franny!” They greeted making you and Franny jump slightly

“You scared me” She replied with a wide smile. He stood against the wall letting you two come in. Franny walked to the living space and you saw four other guys in the room with the other that opened the door trailing behind you. “Well y/n, these are my roommates. That’s Jc, Harrison, Corey, Booby–”

“Bobby!” One of them corrected making her giggle. You had an idea on who everyone was because you watched one of each other their videos the night before.

“And Kian” She continued pointing to the one behind you. You glanced up at him and a grin spread across his face. You returned the gesture and smiled back at him. Your eyes lingered on each other then you set your gaze back on Franny. She gave you a basic tour of the house then someone put in a movie.

The movie ended up being background noise as everyone talked about random things. You got to know everyone, you made something to eat, it was a fun night for you and everyone else. Which surprised you greatly because you were always bad at first impressions. Currently, Corey was telling a drunk story of Jc who asked a homeless man for money.

“Y/n, do you have any drunk stories?” Bobby asked as everyone turned to you

“No, not really” You shrugged

“How about that time when you punched someone when they didn’t wish you happy birthday?” Corey replied with a smile

“You told them?” You questioned nudging Franny who sat beside you.

“Honestly we were considering getting alcohol to experience first hand of the y/n being drunk” Kian joked making everyone laugh.

It was past midnight and the boys stated that the first person to fall asleep would get sharpied. You were so unbearably tired and hoped they didn’t keep their word. You unexpectedly crashed on the couch then everyone slowly went to bed.


You woke up frantically, gasping for air. Your heart beating rapidly in your chest as you cautiously scanned your surroundings. You had a nightmare. But not just any nightmare, the nightmare. The recurring nightmare with the wind, the darkness, and the non-stop screaming. Your breathing became unsteady and your heart felt like it was about to burst from your chest. The disturbing images and the painful screams followed you into the world of the waking. The darkest corners of the room somehow became darker, you constantly felt like something was gonna come out and it terrified you.

“Y/n? What’s wrong?” A voice asked making you jump. The lights were turned on and once your eyes adjusted, you saw Kian sitting beside you with a concerned look. You didn’t manage to let anything out and tears started running down your face. You placed your head in your hands and you sobbed. “It’s over, you’re safe now.” He whispered as he pulled you into an embrace and rubbed patterns on your back. After you calmed down a little more, you pulled away from Kian’s embrace and stared at him with an apologetic look

“I’m sorry” You sniffled looking down at your hands

“Hey,” Kian began wrapping his arms around you “You shouldn’t be embarrassed” He broke the hug for a second and wiped away tears that were left on your cheek, he shot a small grin making you blush. “You need to get some rest” Kian spoke as you tensed up. “Come here,” He says as he leads you to his bedroom. You climbed into bed with Kian’s arms tightly around you, you felt safe. You nuzzled your head in the crook of his neck with your arm wrapped around his torso.

“Goodnight” You smiled

“Goodnight” He replied placing a light kiss on your forehead.

I’m thinking of you all the while

A/n: Based on Season 6 Episode 22. With Damon and Reader instead of Elena. This was requested as part of the prompts list.I hope you enjoy it.

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Weddings are supposed to be happy. You were gathered with people you loved watching two people who were in love promise to stay in love for the rest of forever. There were flowers, and music. Jo and Alaric were so lucky. This was your dream.

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Dating Spencer Hastings would include

-Growing close because you take the same AP and Honors courses

-One day she invited you over to hang out

-This lead to an intense make out session

-You go to everyone of her field hockey games to cheer her on

-She swoops you up into a celebratory kiss whenever the team wins

-Having sleepovers in the barn

-Giggling because her sarcasm is hilarious

-She joins in laughing because your smile is contagious

-“Goodnight Angel”

-She falls asleep laying half way on top of you with her head nuzzled in you neck

-Whoever wakes up first will lightly brush the hair out of the others face

-Always comforting her when her family makes her feel bad

-Holding each other’s hands and looking into each other’s eyes

-Braking into smiles

-“God I love you (y/n)”

-Holding each other for a long time just enjoying the hug

-Not much PDA unless she’s worried for your safety and she just wants to hug and kiss you

-She does everything she can to protect you from A

-Borderline panic attacks whenever A mentions anything to do with you

-You can tell something’s bothering her and convince her to tell you about it

-You aren’t very close to the other girls and you don’t want to pry into their business so you only involve yourself if you think Spencer is in danger

-Enjoying every moment together as if it’s your last

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Drabbles Masterlist


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Playing with Fire 1 // 2 //  😿 (Posted on sideblog >> @weloveyoubangtan)

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Begin Again 😿

Until the Flowers Bloom Again 1 // 2 😿😿😿💛🙌

Sleepover ☁️

First Impressions (Yoonmin)☁️

He’s Shy (Yoonseok) ☁️🙈

Coffee for Two ☁️


Something Special ☁️

He’s Shy (Yoonseok) ☁️🙈


Package Deal ☁️🙈

Troublemaker 1 // 2 // 3 // ? ☁️


First Impressions (Yoonmin)☁️

Soft Side ☁️


Tickets and Taehyungs ☁️

Choose Me 😿☁️🙈

Until Sunrise 😿☁️🙈


Suspicious Kookie ☁️

Alone Time ☁️🙈

Pass Me By ☁️

Someone Special 😿

12.04.2016 Seokjin ☁️

12.30.2016 Taehyung ☁️

02.18.2017 Hoseok ☁️

03.09.2017 Yoongi (Fake Text) ☁️

09.01.2017 Jungkook (Fake Text) ☁️

09.12.2017 Namjoon ☁️

Christmas with Jungkook: Snow Day ☁️

Christmas with Yoongi: Wake Up ☁️🙈

(Last Updated September 12th 2017)

More Hamburr and Platonic Jeffmads headcanons

First part
My partner in crime: @my-dear-hammy

Meanwhile at the Hamburr sleepover:

Hamilton is a cuddler. Burr doesn’t mind. Hamilton also talks in his sleep. Burr thinks it’s cute and kisses Hamilton’s forehead when Hamilton is sleeping.

Hamilton wakes up at one and begins typing something on his computer. Burr drags him back to bed. Hamilton starts muttering about something random and Burr listens and combs through Hamilton’s hair until they’re both asleep.

Burr wakes up at four o'clock when the fire alarm goes off. He was attempting to make pancakes for Burr. The plan didn’t work. Burr would normally be annoyed but fuck it, he thinks it’s cute.

Burr’s beginning to think a lot of things about Hamilton are cute.

He starts doodling Hamilton’s name on his notebook papers. Madison notices, and decides to save the information for a later date.

“So, Hamilton. Heard you moved in with Burr.”
“Yeah, Jefferson. He’s such a good friend!”
“A…good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) friend?”
“Yeah, he actually listens to me.”
“He listens ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to you?”
“Unlike someone.”

Jefferson concludes that Hamilton is the dom.

“Heard Hamilton moved in with you.”
“Yeah, Mads.”
“How’s it been?”
“Well, he barely takes care of himself.”
“Never sleeps.”
“Yeah. Sometimes I have to force him into bed.”
“Yeah. Boss him around a little. Seems to work wonders, you should tell Jefferson. He’d probably appreciate the tip.”
“I will, thanks.”
“Bye, Madison!”

Madison concludes that Burr is the dom.

Kindergarten Boyfriend

Warnings: self loathing, suicide, major character death, angst 

Notes: Set pre Accepting Anxiety. This is a songfic, based on Kindergarten Boyfriend from the musical Heathers. 

Tag list (message me if you want to be on it!): @imin-loveanon, @musicphanpie-b, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon, @yourdailysunshine

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