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I enjoyed bending my reality with drugs so much that at one point I thought “I wonder how it would feel to break it. I am going to break reality.” Then I basically tried to overdose on hallucinogens I guess cuz I ate a half ounce of the most beautiful fat capped shrooms you’ve ever seen and dropped 3 hits of acid while my friends protested and watched in horror. What began about a half an hour later was if not the first, it was def the one of the most intense chemically induced astral projections that mankind has ever experienced. I went traveled through multiple dimensions space and time and met other beings that expected me and was shown the rise and fall of mankinds life on another planet before coming to earth and hiding our history in hopes of keeping history from repeating itself while (according to my friends) sitting still in my recliner smiling with my eyes closed for hours. Everything was good until one of the times that they jokingly checked my pulse and noticed how drastically slower and weaker it was…
—  The first of three times that I’ve died in this lifetime, so far

farewell degrassi tng meme [3/10 friendships]: Jimmy Brooks & Spinner Mason

“Wait a second, you think your parents would adopt me?” “Uh, no. They already have another son. Spinner.”

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Favorite animated film from each of these major animation studios: Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Laika, Illumination, AND Don Bluth. (Also any extra favorites from different things for bonuses.)

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Walt Disney Animation: Oh man, it’s a bit hard to choose because I love so many, but I gotta with Disney film that made me run around shirtless all the time in my Taekwondo class and that has to go to Mulan

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Though Hercules has been growing on me a lot more cause I relate to the character a lot going from a kid getting bullied to a pretty fit guy that most everyone seems to like

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Studio Ghibli: These are just a fountain of quality films but my fav most def is Princess Monoke, it was the first one I saw as a kid and I mustve wore out the VHS tape from how many times re-watched it

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Pixar: While the Majority of the films I love, the one that I HAVE TO WATCH every single time to its end whenever I see a clip of it is easily The Incredibles. For years I was so pissed off that the BS Cars got a sequel and Incredibles got an Xbox game. I can watch this film any time of DAY and its Still “incredible” Def my Fav of all time for Pixar

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DreamWorks Animation: As practitioner of Martial Arts, Kung Fu Panda is my personal fav Dreamworks film. The Action and choreography is just stunning and I love this film and its sequel even more

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Blue Sky Studios: The first Ice Age is movie is literally the only film I like by them so far haha

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Sony Pictures Animation: Pretty much exactly what you said Phil Lord and Chris Miller are geniuses and their comedy really shines with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I also think it’s the first CGI movie to truly understand how to bring exaggerated 2-D movement into 3-D animation.

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Laika: I havent seen Coraline, But  Paranorman was amazing, and made me tear up at the ending 

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Illumination: Despicable Me…since its the only film Ive seen by them, the first one I havent seen the sequel. But I really enjoyed it haha

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Don Bluth film: I really REALLY would put Land before Time but I gotta give it to Secret of Nimh, I was like in love with that film as a kid and watched it SOOOO MANY times

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