first one in 6 months

[ beat you up and beat you down ! ]

– one day they’ll say the throne was made for me.

[ a guzma fanmix with a rock-influenced sound ]


( content warnings: cursing and mentions of violence throughout, alcohol mentions in track 8 )

{1. come on, come on - jet | {2. little cream soda - the white stripes | {3. uncontainable - set it off | {4. breaking the model - new medicine | {5. throne - bring me the horizon | {6. underdog - you me at six | {7. the young & the hopeless - good charlotte | {8. forever stuck in our youth - set it off | {9. i need the world - down with webster | {10. breathe, desperately - from indian lakes

Do You Think the Universe Fights For Souls to Be Together?

“It wasn’t love at first sight exactly, but it was familiarity. Something like, oh hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.” -Unknown.

Paring: Jacob/Embry/Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Song(s) to Listen To: This imagine was inspired by the song I Can’t Fall in Love Without You by Zara Larrson.

A/N: I hope you enjoy! Requests are open for imagines, ships, etc. 

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Jake wrapped his arms around my waist and I leaned back into his chest. He kissed the top of my head and laughed at a joke one of the guys made.

Jake was an amazing boyfriend, ever since he had imprinted 6 months ago. He respected my space, never made me wait. He was best friends with my mother and watched baseball with my father every Sunday. He never pushed me to do anything I didn’t want.

My friends were jealous, even the ones who had boyfriends. The pack always teased us about being so “lovey-dovey”. I had gained Emily and Kim as best friends, as well as friends in the rest of the pack.

Everything was perfect.

Everything looked perfect.

I glanced over at my actual best friend in the entire world. The one I grew up making mud-pies with. My first kiss when we were 9. The one who broke the boys nose who broke my heart at 16. The only person I could talk to on the phone hours on end and never run out of things to say.

Embry met my glance and smiled the same smile I had been in love with since I was 6. 

But fate had different plans and I fucking hated fate.

I hated the world for making Jake imprint on me and not Embry.

I hated the world for making Jake perfect and not letting me be some sort of ok with breaking his heart.

I hated the world for making me be in love with Embry without a damn thing in return.

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- the one who gets everything ready

- like money check new gifs check new video check even though there’s still one month left

- part of the comeback team who tweets, post, etc. about the comeback


- the one who thank jyp first before anything else

- cause it only took 6 months for them to comeback


- once they’ve heard about the comeback 

- *gif*


- the one who’s ready to save thousand pictures and watch thousand videos until late night

- they do not sleep

- GOT7 before anything else probably spazz before doing homeworks and stuff


- they are the ones who starts dancing and shouting because “COMEBACK”

- probably jumping and shouting and clapping at the same time because “COMEBACK”

- throws a party because “COMEBACK”


- the bitch-im-ready one 

- because they’ve already moved on on HARD CARRY

- possibly the rich kids


- the am-i-ready-for-another-comeback-?

- but also even-though-im-not-ready-i-need-to-be-ready

- the one who can’t moved on on HARD CARRY

- probably the fan who have 1 month to save up for another purchase of album and tickets and everything in between 


- the -i-need-an-oxygen-right-now

- probably crying right now

- and still will cry tomorrow morning 


- the one who’ve managed to save up

- they are the frugal ones

- because they need money for the next comeback


Disclaimer: I don’t wanna offend anyone, this is just for fun. Actually all of the above is basically me. Kekeke… *dissing myself*

And I know I’ve used these gifs too many times so please bear with me. I’m gonna have new gifs because of COMEBACK. Anyway, I’m actually excited for the new songs and choreography and music video and shows and new things GOT7 will showcase in the future. Let’s support and love them all the way and in every way Ahgases!


This is Zev. When I was looking for a dog, my former coworker worked at a shelter, so of course I went there. She knew the dog I had come to see, and although she agreed that dog was a good boy, she wanted me to meet this one first. He had been at the shelter for 6 months. She brought him into the room, and he immediately laid down and turned his back on me, huddling against the door. He shook. He turned his head just barely to take treats from my hand, then immediately back to the door. I honestly didn’t think I was up to the task. So I said no, I’d really rather meet with the dog I had come to see. I was sharing a house with my sister, and her dog, Apple, is very selective about other dogs. Apple did not like the dog I had come for. At all. So, on a whim, I had them bring out Zev. They started playing. But I still didn’t think I could handle his fear. So I said no. I went home. But I couldn’t get this dog out of my head. So when I got up the next morning, I decided that was it. He was coming home. We had to carry him to the car. He wouldn’t get within ten feet of it. He shook when we looked at him. When I took him for a walk, he tried to hide in a drainage culvert when the school bus let out. But slowly, he started relaxing. He’ll always be a fearful dog. But now we run agility. He goes to day care three times a week. He’s the best friend I could have asked for. Because I gave a terrified dog a chance.


Obligatory screenspam post!

When I started playing ~1.5 years ago, I didn’t know much about leggies (ofc) and how they’re done, yet when I was discussing their looks, I said “heck, why not make Eternity instead of the two separate swords”, was told that you gotta craft two full leggies for that, and that in fact Eternity is the most expensive weapon. Then I said “oh” and shut up about it. Fast forward to these days, add the reason why I initially went for Twilight (to share the skins with a buddy), somehow I ended up with the exact legendary that I was jokingly considering getting back in early days.

Eolla gets the sword itself, and my salad that I barely ever spoke about (and played too.. oTL) gets the Sunrise skin, since I made her with this plan in mind, I’ll work on the skins to possibly match better. But I like the outfit version too. Warrior skills are awesome with Sunrise! So energetic and sharp. When it comes to drawing the sword out, Eolla wins this one though! I’m so proud of that first screenie.

That’s it, my ~6 months long journey is over tonight. I got the only legendary I really wanted, now it’s time to restore my wallet/material storage and dedicate to smaller tasks. Thanks again everyone involved in the process! I still remember your kindness. <3

When you feel like it’s impossible to get along with someone, just remember that Sunggyu couldn’t stand Woohyun before Infinite debuted. Now they are pretty much married.

anonymous asked:

Is it better to leave a job even though you haven't gotten another lined up yet or is it better to find one first? I've been working this job (my first one) for just under 6 months, but taking time off (which I did for the last week) just isn't helping with my burnout. My parents would be pissed if I quit and didn't find another job but I'm worried I'll explode if I don't get a gap period to de-stress from the current one before looking again.


I drew Sana in a very similar pose to see how much progress I made in the past few weeks, bc I drew A LOT after not drawing at all for almost 6 months. The first one is from April 22nd, the second one from today (May 28th). Practice does indeed get you somewhere 😁

I still want to get muuuch better at drawing fabric and eventually do more illustration type drawings. But for now I’m quite happy ☺

Laid off to give my work to foreman's girlfriend and waste three years of my life? Cool enjoy the OHS fines!

So a month ago our shop foreman got his girlfriend hired into the parts department, which was separate from his department. She started complaining she was bored and didn’t have enough work. Out of the 7 people in my department, five of them stood around talking all day, one was management busy doing daily paperwork and lastly was myself who was kept so busy doing four other people’s positions after they were laid off. I hardly had time in a day to take my own lunch break to keep up with my daily duties. Anyways.

She started complaining to management that she wasn’t busy enough in a day and wanted more work. Management never once asked me if there were any duties I could pass on to keep her busy, which I would’ve gladly handed some over. A week after she was hired I was sat down and given a layoff notice for “not enough work” and economic slowdown. I’d been there for three years and the manager had Told me only two weeks prior to the new hire that I would get to enroll in my apprenticeship this month. He obviously had no intention of actually following through on my apprenticeship, which now three years worth of practical hours were wasted. They were going to shove all of my duties onto the new girl, also forgetting I was the only certified forklift operator in the building and had to unload freight trucks all day in between other duties.

So the day after my layoff takes effect, I call into occupational health and safety and call in every single infraction that I saw over the course of my employment and really drove home the point of now they don’t have a forklift operator which is a huge fine in itself. Also reported mechanics smoking less than a foot from a dirty oil disposal tank, mechanics without appropriate drivers license driving class 1 vehicles outside of the lot, improper storage of dangerous and hazardous materials, improper use of grinding and cutting equipment without appropriate safety equipment, employees climbing and scaling racking in the warehouse, uncertified employees fork lifting other employees on the forks of the forklift without harnesses or man-basket, no safety procedure for evacuation of building or muster points and lastly letting people who’ve been stripped of drivers licence for medical reasons drive company vehicles off the lot and drive heavy equipment in the compound. I was also able to provide photographic and video proof of most of these incidents.

OHS called me back after reviewing the information and informed me that they had passed on some of the infractions (driving ones) to RCMP to review and that both the documented drivers and well as the company would receive charges for these. As a result of my report the business operations are suspended until further notice to give them time to get everyone certified and licensed appropriately and are facing some very heavy fines.

There are twelve mechanic bays and one alone down for a day makes the business loose $5000/day. That’s $60,000/ day losses in revenue for just the shop and about $20,000/day for parts department. $80k losses a day in revenue plus upwards of $100K in fines and certifications costs.

BONUS: the manager was fudging the employment application numbers to make it seem like there wasn’t enough certified locals to employ so that he could bring in people from his home country- England. I also called the provincial and federal immigration and employment offices and reported what he was doing. Currently we would get upwards of 100 journeyman resumes a week for the last year and he brought two Englishman over in the last 6 months who were first year apprentices. No one Currently employed faces deportation but the company as a whole will have importation of labour freeze for up to ten years and also faces major fines for falsifying information that led to importing workers.


Posting all my Lavellan cosplay makeups cause I did most of them before I had a tumblr. Even though June vallaslin is my favorite, I’ve never really quite gotten it right with makeup. Mythal vallaslin is my favorite to do with makeup. Dirthamen were the ones I did first, and that was like 6 months ago, I need to try them again. The sparkly blue Mythal vallaslin with purple glitter dots was for Halloween so that was more generic elf-looking than particularly Dalish-looking. Green Mythal vallaslin in the forest I wore to the Ren Faire twice and only made ONE new Dragon Age friend! Boo!