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One Direction Concert

This is before they’re going on hiatus. I’m a fan. Zoe’s a fan. So why not? It probably sucks because it’s so late and I’m sleepy but I want to write this first. Enjoy this imagine x

One Direction Concert

You are Louis Tomlinson’s sister. Yes that’s right. THE Louis Tomlinson. One of the member of the famous boyband One Direction.

You are so proud of your brother. Louis asked you to come to the concert and you immediately accept. You rarely got to spend time with him so of course you gladly accepted his offer.

“Hey lads.” You greeted as you see the One Direction members walked in dressed up for the concert.

You know them of course and you guys are quite close but there are no romance going on. You see them as friends and they see you as friends.

“Hey (Y/N).” They greeted back.

“Nervous?” You asked them, trying to make a conversation.

“Yeah. No matter how many times we perform, we still get nervous.” Liam answered and the others nod agreeing with him.

“I think it’s normal. You guys want everything to be perfect so your fans will be proud of you. Just stop worrying and have fun.” You reassured and they thanked you.

“Guys. You’re on.” The person who’s in charge said and they nodded.

“Bye sis. See you later.” Louis kissed your forehead.

“Bye (Y/N).” The lads said and left.

You shouted a ‘good luck’ to them.

You walked to the VIP spot and sat at your chair. You waited for the concert to start.

“Oh my God! It’s (Y/N) Tomlinson! Louis’s sister!” You heard a shriek.

You turn your head and saw one of your favourite youtuber, Zoella aka Zoe Sugg. Along with Caspar Lee, Tanya and Jim, Alfie and also Joe Sugg.

“Hey.” You greeted politely. You stand up from your seat.

“Hi.” Zoe smiled still trying to control herself from fangirling.

“I’m (Y/N). Zoe right?” You asked and she squealed.

“You know me?”

“Yeah. I love your videos! Funny as hell.”

“Thanks.” She grinned. “These are my friends, boyfriend and brother. Tanya, Jim, Caspar, Alfie and Joe.” She said pointing to each of them.

“Oh nice to meet you guys.”

You looked at Joe for a while. He is attractive. There’s just something that makes you attract to him.

You can hear the sound of the concert getting started. You sit at your seat and your new friends do the same.

With your luck, Joe is the one who sat beside you. You can’t help but blush at the thought.

“Hey. I am Joe Sugg.” Joe whispered to you.

“(Y/N) Tomlinson.” You stated simply.

You guys decided not to speak other words.

After a few hours, you got bored. Don’t take it wrong. You love your brother but you have been watching the concert for quite a few times.

You yawned and tried to keep your eyes open.

“Tired?” Joe asked and you nodded. “You could sleep on my shoulder.”

You quietly thanked him and lean your head against his shoulder then fell into a very deep sleep.


“(Y/N) wake up.” Someone shake you and your eyes fluttered opened.

You saw Louis is standing in front of you.

“What?” You asked confused.

“You’ve been laying on this guy’s shoulder for a few hours. Let him live.” Louis joked.

You saw that Joe’s still beside you.

“Oh my God. I’m sorry!” You apologised.

“It’s fine.” Joe shrugged.

“Where are the other people?”

“They are at the meet and greet. They left an hour ago. I tried to wake you up but the guy said just to let you sleep. He said you’re tired.” You blushed.

“Anyway, meet me at the meet and greet place in a few minutes. Bye sis. Thanks mate.”

“Hey sorry for sleeping on your shoulder.”

“It’s fine, really.” Joe chuckled. “I think I lost something.”

You looked at him weirdy. “What?”

“Your number.” You bursted into laughter.

“Smooth.” You teased. “But yeah I’ll give you my number.”

Joe handed you his phone and you add yourself on his contact list.

“Thank you Ms Tomlinson. I’ll be seeing you soon. Bye love.” Joe kissed your cheeks and left. Not before giving you a cheeky wink.

You touched the spot Joe’s kissed.

You had a huge smile on your face.

You couldn’t be happier.

Okay, this needs to be addressed because Little Mix fans keep putting shit into my inbox about this thinking that I’m a 1D fan (which, for the millionth time, I’m not). I keep getting messages about how 1D is ‘falling apart’ and LM is amazing and they got fame on their own and they won the X Factor and blah blah blah. 

Over the past few days, as everyone knows, 1D lost a member. Mixers were having a fucking field day and acting like this was the end for 1d because they’re jealous that they’re more famous than LM. Even after the international fan and celebrity meltdown and the uncertainty, the 1D fandom banded together and this happened at One Direction’s first concert without Zayn:

Why do bitter, nasty mixers keep coming into my inbox with their gleeful shit about 1D as if they’re making an intelligent point? 1D’s fan base is too dedicated and their popularity will not end until every one of those boys calls it quits. One Direction will exist for as long as they want themselves to. When I say this, people think I’m biased and a 1D fan when I’m just stating the facts.

Little Mix could not even win a KCA. They can’t win a fucking kids award! It’s humiliating, the way LM have begged their fans to keep voting and they sent out a video of themselves begging for votes and thinking they were actually in the lead. They look pathetic groveling after an award that 1D has won multiple times. 

Little Mix had to cancel their tour that had 3-4k venues but 1D sold 200k tickets in less than 24 hours even after all that’s gone on over the past two weeks. LM have NEVER done anything worthwhile. There’s no momentum. Yes, they won the X Factor, but so have SO many irrelevant people over the years. People like Steve Brookstien and Sam Bailey have also won X Factor. They’re flops and they’ve disappeared and that would have already happened to LM if it weren’t for Zayn. 

First concert ✔️
And to do it all again tomorrow!
They’re absolute perfection ♡♡♡

This Day in 1D History - February 19


  • **ONE DIRECTION’S FIRST-EVER CONCERT**–first X Factor Live Tour concert – Birmingham, UK


  • Niall tweets Harry making cupcakes for Comic Relief (feat. Harry’s bicep and oh-so-bare forearm *nostalgic sniff*)


  • One Direction attend the BRIT Awards and tie with Arctic Monkeys for most awards of the night, winning British Video (Best Song Ever) and Global Success

August 5, 2014- Metlife Stadium, WWA

so before the concert i wrote harry a letter basically telling him how much he means to me, how much i love him and how much hes helped me and a million other fans in the world and i put that in an envelope with many other bracelets i made for him and the boys. so during happily here at 1:59, you can see a letter or a random blob being thrown near zayns feet in the top right corner, and thats my letter. after like 45 minutes came on little white lies. but between happily and little white lies one of the security guards who was so nice placed the letter so it was leaning against one of the dome lights so it was easier to see it. so fast forward to little white lies. after they sang little white lies the lights went off and thats where most of the concert videos on youtube ended, but this one girl didnt end it there. it showed harry walking over to the side of the catwalk i was which was the front side. then in another video, a girl who was sitting behind me i guess filmed harry receiving my gift which i didnt find til now. i was so in shock with everything that happened that i didnt even know what song he got it at. and i watched a lot of concert videos that random people took of best song ever and the letter is there the whole time whenever he turns around, in his left butt jean pocket along with a hat. and im so happy that i finally found that video after looking for it after forever. i love you harry and even though i don’t know if you even read it, im so happy you noticed me, love you so much

One The Road Tour Again - Sydney (7.02.2015)

Intro - [x]
Through The Dark - [x] [x]
Night Changes - [x] [x]
Liam talk - [x]
Better Than Worlds - [x] [x]
Little Things - [x] [x] [x]
Alive - [x]
Harry talk - [x]
Strong - [x]
Midnight Memories - [x] [x] [x]
Ready to Run - [x]
You and I - [x] [x] [x]
Girl Almighty - [x] [x] [x]
Little White Lies - [x] [x]
Story of my life - [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
Louis talk - [x]
What Makes You Beautiful - [x] [x]
Fireworks - [x]
One Thing - [x]
Diana - [x]
Don’t Forget Where You Belong - [x] [x]
Best Song Ever - [x] [x]

Source: [x] [x] [x]

Concert Report 8/8/15

-FIRST OF ALL that BITCH Liam came out in a half unbuttoned shirt and messed up hair like he had just came back from a steamy SEX SESSION

-second, he claimed to be sick but that bitch LIED he hit all of Zayn’s high notes including BSE and You & I

-Louis Tomlinson is even teenier in person his tank was down to his knees

-Harry got cookies from someone and was very excited about it

-“if you bring a Tupperware container to a one direction show- you will get it back”

-Niall did a jig during Act My Age and everyone LOST THEIR SHIT

-So many rainbows!!! It was great!!!

-Louis and Liam had a water gun fight during Little White Lies which evolved into them pouring entire bottles of water on each other

-Harry pointing out many “muscular men” in the near audience

-I did not appreciate DFWYB until I heard it live tonight those harmonies were sickkk

-Louis giggled and they showed it on the stage and I cried for a thousand yEARS