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Title cards designed by Michael DeForge, Steve Wolfhard, Benjamin Anders, and Aleks Sennwald

painted by Benjamin Anders & Joy Ang (Ring of Fire)

Adventure Time returns on Sunday, December 17th with four new episodes premiering back-to-back at 7:00/6:00c on Cartoon Network.

The episodes are also available to view on the CN app now.



written/storyboarded by Somvilay Xayaphone & Seo Kim


RING OF FIRE - 7:15p

written/storyboarded by Steve Wolfhard & Tom Herpich


MARCY & HUNSON - 7:30p

written/storyboarded by Graham Falk & Adam Muto



written/storyboarded by Hanna K Nyström & Aleks Sennwald


I just wanna point out that the metal arm is only up to Seb’s elbow
So the muscle and definition afterwards is Sebastian’s actual arm😐😍😍

Dr. Iplier: this is the fourth time this week you’ve all been rude to our dear, dear ego, Kinkiplier. do you think he likes being suspended from the ceiling against his will?

Kinkiplier, blushing: do not speak for my interests.

Dr. Iplier: i think it’s high time you treated him with respect.

Jim Twins: i mean, we left his pants on this time.