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Happy Holidays, everyone! I drew this picture of Spock for a dear friend, but since it’s Christmas Day, I thought I’d put it up online for everyone else to see. I actually kind of like the idea of Spock being from a Jewish background so I tried to keep this picture more of a general holiday-theme rather than a Christmas theme (yes, I know the pine tree sweater is kind of Christmas-ish but it was easier to draw than my original idea). It’s whatever people prefer, i guess. :)

Anyway, it’s Spock’s first experience seeing snow and he’s pretty fascinated by it all. <3

I need more worried Spock. I need more Spock fussing over Jim like a mom. Spock flat out refusing to allow Jim to go on certain landing missions because it’s dangerous and Jim can pull rank all damn day he’s keeping his precious, illogical ass on this ship if it’s the last thing Spock does. I need more Spock obsessively checking Jim’s lifesign when nobody’s looking when he does go down on missions without his first officer there, and Spock having internal freak outs when Jim’s kidnapped or has a weapon pointed at him. Spock standing over Jim’s biobed after a nasty procedure, or Spock taking care of a paper cut, and Spock frantically calling for Jim when a situation turns sour. I need it so bad because THATS the type of stuff that makes Spock really show his true colors and come face to face with suppressed emotion on Star Trek TOS, and people rarely add it to their art or fiction and that’s a shame, because it’s perfect.

every single day jim makes at least one ship-wide announcement like “goood morning enterprise…[actual things going on on the ship today], and more importantly, I still really love our first officer, Mr. Spock, the smartest most handsome man in the galaxy, i love him with all my heart, he’s one of the best parts of my life and i’m glad to have met him,”

every single day. sometimes you can here the people on the bridge in the background like “Keptin we all get the idea please” “That’s gay as shit. Sir.” “Jim if you don’t stop im going to knock you out” “Captain, this is highly unnecessary”

Jim will stop himself for a second and go “Shhshh I’m making an important announcement, also i’m the captain so i get to decide what’s necessary so shh, anyway as i was saying, I love Spock so much,”

Who Wore It Better: Star Trek Crew Members or These Cats

Captain’s log: We have entered a galaxy where beloved illustrator Jenny Parks has conjured an astonishingly vivid homage to the original Star Trek series with an unexpected twist: a cast of cats. Star Trek Cats is a new take on the iconic characters and scenes, from Kirk in the Captain’s chair to Spock offering his Vulcan wisdom.

The cat-filled scenes leave us with just one question: who wore it better? Set phasers to stun-ning.

Captain James T. Kirk OR this Orange Tabby?

TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. ARR.

“Captain’s Log. Our position, orbiting Psi 2000.”

Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott OR this Scottish Fold?

TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. ARR.

Science Officer and First Officer Spock OR this Oriental Shorthair?

TM & © 2017 CBS Studios Inc. ARR.

“Live long and prosper.”

See the rest on our blog, and in the book Star Trek Cats.


Unpredictable Variables by demonkidpliz

A fold in space and time transports Kirk and Spock’s daughter from the future to the present Stardate. Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock, on the first year of their five year mission, are just getting to know each other as friends. Can their relationship survive the strain and presence of their unexpected guest?

the-little-red-queen  asked:

*humbly approaches McSpirk AU god* Opinions on Captain!Spock, First Officer! McCoy, CMO!Jim?

Y’all are really challenging my creativity with these role reversals. Also check out part 1 and part 2 if you’re interested. 

  • Jim enters the Enterprise as a nurse. It’s his first time actually in space and he’s excited. It’s gorgeous, from his own sleeping quarters Jim’s just in awe when they pass stars, planets, and colorful nebulas. And Captain Spock and his First Officer McCoy are notorious in Starfleet Academy for their work and dedication to the job. Surely, this adventure in space is going to be great.  
  • “I swear to God, Spock, if you try and pull this stunt on me without informing me one more time I am going to report you and your pointy ears to Starfleet…” Jim looks up when Leonar walks into med bay, he’s almost dancing around his Captain to get his attention, but Spock walks, stoic and with purpose, like an unstoppable tank. “Mr. McCoy, I fail to see how me informing you of my every move is relevant,” Spock says simply, walking up to their current CMO for their conference meeting. Leonard stalls as Spock walks into the CMO’s office, muttering “Green blooded, pointy eared, emotionless Elf…” under his breath before he steps into the office as well. Jim frowns. Maybe they’re not as close as he originally thought.
  • He’s been shadowing the CMO for a while, getting better at his job, and frequently diagnosing Leonard with stress symptoms, which he then blatantly ignores because “the only reason to get rid of this headache is to get rid of his Captain” and “if you’d just shove him out of an airlock, I’ll make it look like an accident”. And Jim’s just in complete shock at how much these two seem to dislike each other. This isn’t like the stories at all.
  • Jim’s career as a nurse comes to an abrupt end when the ship’s under attack close to a strange planet. They’ve lost comms with the outside world and the enemy ship seems to attack the Enterprise with something that resembles tentacles, piercing through the Enterprise’s shields and ripping it apart like the wrapping paper of a Christmas present. Jim does his best to pull people back up on his feet. He’s in med, stabbing people with hypos left and right, he’s pressed a small tool to fix internal bleeding against one fallen ensign while he tries to remove glass from someone’s chest with the other. He lets out a relieved sigh when he receives a message that his CMO is on his way back from the Bridge, because that means he’s gonna get some help, right? 
  • Seconds later, the ship’s literally falling apart. The gravity stabilizer is failing on them, which makes Jim’s job significantly harder, and the sounding alarm sends the ensigns able to walk to their evacuation pods. Jim helps the others get to theirs, and he sends them off into space before he climbs out of med bay to find others. “Kirk,” Spock says, and Jim spins around to see his Captain in the hallways. “What are you still doing here?” “I just wanted to make sure everyone got out,” Jim explains, grabbing on to Spock’s arm as the ship turns violently, “where’s McCoy? And the CMO?” “McCoy is evacuating the crew on the upper floors. Our CMO has fallen. You’re the CMO now.” Spock says, grunting a little as he stands up straight. Jim is speechless, but Spock doesn’t give him the time to realize it. “Get to a Kelvin pod. I’ll see you on the ground, Doctor.”
  • When Jim wakes up, everything hurts. And the only reason he’s abruptly awoken is because a hand grabs onto his uniform and drags him out of his escape pod. “Wake up, Kid,” Leonard says, and Jim groans, head pounding, but he’s stumbling to his feet alright. “Where are we?” Jim asks. “Some class M planet. We gotta go find Spock and the others.” Jim nods. “Let me grab my med kit.” “Your pod had a med kit?” “No, I brought one. I’m not an idiot,” Jim says, and Leonard snorts a little. Jim grabs his kit, then stumbles after Leonard.
  • “So why do you hate the Captain so much?” Jim asks. “Excuse me?” Leonard replies, looking confused. “You and Captain Spock are always arguing over everything.” Leonard laughs, an arm sliding around Jim’s shoulder, and Jim feels the warmth of Leonard’s body against his own. It’s not unpleasant. “You can love someone to the moon and back and still disagree with them.” Leonard says, and Jim smiles lightly. “The moon’s not that far, you know.” “Shut up, smartass.” 
  • They find Spock with the rest of the crew, and the moment Spock sees Leonard, that whole rigid attitude of his just drops and he pulls Leonard in such a tight hug. He lets out a relieved sigh, and Leonard wraps an arm around him, too, before going: “Spock, Vulcan strength, buddy.” and Spock lets go of him. Spock even greets Jim with a smile and a brief arm around his shoulder. “I’m glad you got out okay.”
  • The place is abandoned, except for them. Jim spends the initial first few days healing the crew. Scotty’s building a radio tower to try and communicate with the rest of the universe. Others are building shelter, exploring, hunting for food, and Jim loves it. The whole exploring, getting to know new lands, eating strange foods, and he feels a whole lot closer to the crew already. Spock checks up on him frequently, but Jim’s fine. He sits against a tree and watches the improvised sickbay when Spock sits down at his side. “Help is coming,” Spock says, “we received a message today. We are going to be out soon.” “Okay, good.” Jim says, glancing up at Leonard as he sits at Jim’s other side. “Your performance is remarkable for someone with that little experience,” Spock continues, and Jim snorts. “Thanks.” “See, Spock, you gotta ease into these compliments. This sounds more like an insult,” Leonard says. “Excuse me, McCoy, you believe everything I say is an insult.” Spock counters. Jim listens to them bicker for a while, and he mostly just end up laughing at how logic battles emotion. It’s funnier than it should be. Spock catches on, and he’s smiling ever so lightly. “I can love Leonard to the moon and back, that doesn’t make him right.” “Again, the moon’s not that far. It’s the 23th century, keep up,” Jim replies, and Spock makes an insulted sound. Leonard laughs. “Remember Spock, I told you this kid was gonna be one of us.”

Ok but how did the crew react in ST:ID when they were told Pike was captain, Kirk was first officer, and Spock was being transferred?

I’m pretty sure most of them thought it was like their parents were getting a divorce and they were getting a step parent all in one go. So, because of said divorce, I’m fairly sure they would have begun to divvy up who was going with who and prolly drew straws too.

Science department would have been in a tizzy about who got to go with Spock and who had to stay behind to lead the department without him.

Nyota/Communications all in a scramble trying to figure out if she’ll follow Spock to the Bradbury because SOMEBODY other than Bones is needed to keep Jim in line and it sure as hell ain’t gonna be Pike who, lbr here, probably still underestimates just how much trouble Jim can get in when not on a mission.

Bones and M'Benga would have been trying to figure out if M'Benga can transfer to the Bradbury so that they can have someone proficient in Vulcan healing/health/meditation etc. on board (that and Bones doesn’t trust someone who isn’t one of either of them with the life of Jim’s hobgoblin not that he’ll admit it even under the pain of death.) for any emergencies.

Scotty'n'Keenser obviously aren’t leaving the Enterprise but there’s got to be at least a few who are willing to transfer so that Scotty has someone he can trust to look after the ship their Vulcan is on.

Cupcake and Hendorrf are trying to figure out how many security officers they can send without having to get more while discussing which of them will go with.

Command crew? A mess. Chekov and Sulu can’t be separated b/c reasons but one of them has to go with Spock but neither want to leave the Enterprise. Finally Sulu hits the send button on his transfer request.

It’s not until after everything happens and Jim wakes up that it all comes out. When asked, every member of the crew will say the same thing

“Family sticks together.”

If Spock feels emotion and Jim cries, well, the only one who will ever know is the other.