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170619 Naver Today’s Music - Summer Songs Recommended By BTS

Jungkook’s recommendation: Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On

“Exciting songs are a must when it comes to summer right? The more you listen to this song, the better your mood will be, it’s great for summer.”

Jungkook’s recommendation: One Ok Rock - We Are

“When you sweat and are tired because of the hot weather, you can find your inner peace by listening to this song. If you turn it on so loud as if your earphones are going to burst, it’ll give you strength no matter how hot and frustrated you feel.”

Jimin’s recommendation: YUI - Good-Bye Days

“It’s a song I have been listening to a lot since I was young. I don’t know since when but I have come to listen to this song whenever I feel good, tired or sad, regardless of the season. I think it’s a good song to enjoy when summer comes too.

Jimin’s recommendation: Sara Bareilles - Love Song

“This song makes your mood better just from listening to it. I want to listen to this song in the summer too.”

V’s recommendation: Chet Baker - Blue Room

“This is a song by my favorite trumpeter Chet Baker. It suits summer nights too. I want to make a song with this kind of mood.”

V’s recommendation: Sigur Ros - All Alright

“I like songs that can be listened to at dawn the most. It’s a good song to listen to when walking on the bridge at dawn in the summer. This is also one of the songs with styles that I want to try composing among my favorite songs.”

J-hope’s recommendation: Jazzyfact - Waste Of Time

“A song that expresses well the feeling of wasting time staying at home in the beautiful summer. Whenever I listen to this song, I want to go out and play.”

J-hope’s recommendation: Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat

“The first song that comes to my mind when talking about summer. Every piece of melody makes me think of the sea. It gives the summer vibe even when listening in other seasons.”

Rap Monster’s recommendation: Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids

“The first song that comes to my mind when talking about summer. It has just the right amount of excitement and relaxation. I want to listening to this song and lie down on the tube, floating on the water. It makes me feel like a ‘super rich kids’ like the title.”

Rap Monster’s recommendation: Peppertones - Ready, Get Set, Go!

“If Frank Ocean’s song is the sea or swimming pool, this song makes me think of the mountain or park. When it’s hot, speeding down on a bike while turning on bluetooth speaker loudly and let the wind embrace my face is just perfect. Such a simple thing like that makes me more excited and enjoy the summer more.”

Suga’s recommendation: DJ DOC - Summer Story

“When I was young, I used to go to the manga store to escape the heat and this song was always turned on there. I think the store owner really liked this song. I always think of this song whenever summer comes.”

Suga’s recommendation: Clon - Kung Dari Shabara

“I once went to Cheongsong Valley with my cousin in the hot summer when I was young. We sang ‘Kung Dari Shabara’ together there. I still remember that time clearly whenever talking about summer now.”

Jin’s recommendation: Julia Michaels - Issues

“I listened to this song for the first time when I went to Billboard Music Awards not long ago. Seeing her welled up with emotions and cried after the performance ended made me feel ‘So that’s emotions’. Her voice’s really beautiful, I hope many people will listen to this when summer comes.”

Jin’s recommendation: Luis Fonsi, Justin Bieber, Daddy Yankee - Despacito

“This song makes you feel like you’re at a festival in South America. A perfect song to dance to alone when you wake up in the morning and take a shower. I get excited for no reason from listening to this song.”

some things the boys accomplished during the blurryface era

•their first #1 album on the Billboard 200
•became the third only rock act to have two singles simultaneously in the top 5 of the Billboard 100 (joining The Beatles and Elvis)
•wrote a single for a feature film
•won their first ever award to be accepted on American Television at the AMA’s 2015 (plus many more to come after that)
•won their first Grammy for Stressed Out
•completed a third world tour
•played 236 shows (blurryface, ers part 1, ers, part 2 and tdc) •played 5 sold out shows in their hometown to finish off the era

feel free to add more if you wish!

170704 Hoseok’s Tweet

사실 원곡 자체가 명곡이다보니 부담이 컸던 작업이었어요. ‘트로피에 내 이름 박고 컴백홈'이라는 가사는 빌보드 뮤직 어워드 수상 후 첫 작업이라 기분 좋게 썼어요.투어 틈틈이 만들었는데 많은 분들이 좋게 들어 주셔서 감사합니다!! #컴백홈 #컴백홉 🎶

Truthfully, seeing that the original song is a legendary song, it was a composition that held quite a big burden. The line ‘Engrave my name on the trophy and come back home,’ was the first composition after we won the Billboard Music Award, so I wrote it with good feelings. Although we made this song in our spare moments during our tour, we are grateful that many people enjoyed listening to [the song]!! #ComeBackHome #ComeBackHope 🎶

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
© Please take credit when taking out

Saw Great Comet yesterday (7-30-17), and I just wanted to share some of my experience with you guys! I was sitting in the rear mezz, which I highly recommend!

*I'mma skip over a lot of the main details just because they’ve already been covered, but I’ll try to include things that were particular to this show/not often talked about.


• There’s a little vignette right before the show starts where Andrey is leaving for war, and it begins with Natasha screaming the most heartbreaking no you’ve ever heard in ur life.
• When Oak came out, there was thunderous applause. Like, it went on for at least a full minute. I was so happy.
• Also, hearing that first accordion note reduced me to tears bc I’m sensitive™.


• So lemme talk about Oak’s voice real quick. Someone noted that it’s this perfect blend between Groban’s smoothness and Malloy’s roughness, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. It’s absolutely beautiful. He’s a beautiful Pierre.
• Also, he plays Pierre with a lot of melancholy. It’s almost as though he’s always on the verge of tears.
• “He’s charming; he has no sex.” While the ladies are skipping around him, Hélène is conducting them, and it’s hilarious.
• “I pity you. I pity me. I pity you.” — Oak sings these lines so gutturally. His agony echoes off the very walls of the Imperial.
• “Pierre” received a long applause as well.


• The moment she belts her first lines, you know exactly what kind of personality Marya D. has, and that’s a tribute to her actress. Srsly.
• During the song, Marya will sometimes act maternally to Sonya, but the moment Natasha comes back into sight, she’ll roughly push Sonya away, and it’s hilarious.
• Natasha’s humming is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s one of the many moments in the musical when you realize how young she is.

“The Private and Intimate Life of the House”

• There were understudies for both Mary and Bolkonsky/Andrey, Courtney Bassett and Ken Clark respectively. They were wonderful. Ken’s performance especially stood out to me.
• “People enjoy me, though…” Before he sang these lines, he held eye contact with a person across from him for, like, five seconds, and it was incredibly funny. (Same goes for him patting his wig and powder flying into the air.)
• The audience interaction in this one is A+. Mary’s suitor and Bolkonsky’s cheap French thing draw huge laughs from the crowd.
• “They are there upon his head.” I’ve seen a few posts where people lament that the audience laughs at this line, but I truly think it’s supposed to be laughed at. Mary is kind of coy when she says it, like she’s laughing at it herself. After that, though, her mood dips, slowly sinking into this utterly palpable reproach.
• The audience was completely silent.
• While she’s singing her final lines, Bolkonsky is slowly making his way back to his chair, and your heart shatters as you watch. He’s clutching his back and using the railing for support. When he finally collapses in his chair, he kinda puts his head in his hands.

“Natasha and the Bolkonskys”

• Towards the beginning of the song, Natasha and Mary hoist chairs over their heads and join a table of people on stage. It’s hilarious. They really milk the awkwardness of the moment.
• “Constrained and strained” is so frickin’ good. When Courtney and Denée sing it, it’s really low and creepy.
• “Says the mean, old man in his underthings” drew huge laughs, especially bc of Bolkonsky’s hand movements. He kept gesturing towards his entire body.

“No One Else”

• Honest to God, I could write essays on how perfect Denée Benton and her performance of this song is. She emotes so beautifully. Her voice, her movements, her facial expressions all come together to create Natasha, a young, lost girl who wants nothing more than to see Andrey again.
• I cried (obviously).
• The blue light is absolutely gorgeous in this song. (The blue light is meant to be the moon.)
• At one point, Andrey shows up, and snow begins to lightly fall on him. He reads one of Natasha’s letters, brings it to his lips tenderly before walking away, and just behind him, almost able to reach him, is Natasha, her face the perfect picture of despair.
Denée Benton.
• The applause after this song was long and well-deserved.

“The Opera”

• Just for the record, songs like this one, “The Duel”, and “The Abduction"—where all of the cast members are out—are absolutely electric. The energy is incredible.
• “The opera, the opera…” Marya D. belts these lines so loudly, lololol.
• On one side, you can spot Heath Saunders as one of the opera goers, and lemme just tell you guys, that long, black coat suits him.
• “Hélène and Dolokhov arm-in-arm…” They aren’t so much arm-in-arm as they are passionately making out on stage. Omg. I love them.
• “Noooo, I’m enjoying myself this evening.” Pierre pumps his fist and smiles this absolutely giddy smile.
• When Marya sees that Natasha is talking to Hèlène, she runs up and pushes Nat behind her.
• To indicate that the “curtain rises,” some of the light bulbs retract. It’s a cool effect.
• I know the literal opera part of the song sounds incredibly weird on the recording, but in person, it’s more hilarious than you’d think. The actors are doing ridiculous things and making animalistic noises, lol.
• When it’s over, the spotlight turns to Natasha and Sonya. Sonya’s asleep, lolololololol.
• Right before Anatole comes in and around the time Natasha begins to “pass into a state of intoxication”, she hallucinates Andrey being injured during the war. The two circle each other around Pierre’s salon, simply gazing into each other’s eyes, and it’s intense.
• Anatole’s entrance is frickin’ ridiculous and amazing all at once.
• You know those measured beats at the beginning of his introduction? During each of those, he sharply turns his head in a new direction, ostensibly to show off his head.
• Also, his walk is literally a swagger.
• Either in this scene or during “Natasha and Anatole”, he caught a lady unaware and kissed her on the cheek. She jumped so badly, lolololol.

“Natasha and Anatole”

• During the intro of the song, Anatole checks himself out in a mirror before posing himself perfectly for the moment Natasha turns around to see him.
• Also, let’s talk about Lucas Steele for a hot minute. He is Anatole Kuragin, from his almost exotic voice to the way he walks. Out of the cast, I’d say that Steele is the one who plays the crowd the best.
• Throughout this number, Anatole and Natasha play the roles of pursuer and the pursued. Natasha tries so hard not to be wrapped under his spell. :(
• When he takes the flower off her head, Natasha makes a perfect :O face. I love Denée Benton.
• “And kiss me on the neck.” He does manage to get this kiss, and it’s really rough-looking.
• “How do you like Moscow?” Lolololololololol.
• For the most part, the two are roving around the stage (mostly bc Natasha is running away from Anatole), but at the end, they sit down next to each other, and it’s played as a really significant moment.

“The Duel”

• “The Duel” is epic live. Holy freakin’ crap.
• The moment Dolokhov, Pierre, and Anatole clink their glasses together, the strobe lights come on and the real party begins. There’s intensely sexual dancing, half-naked people, and glow sticks everywhere.
• Y'all, I saw Marya D., in a skin tight, black costume no less, whip several people with a riding crop with my own two eyes.
• Also, in the very back of the rear mezz, there was, like, a threesome going on.
• The energy during this song was absolutely nuts.
• Sonya’s party outfit is so cute. It’s an almost innocent looking dress, and she’s wearing bright sunglasses.
• The ensemble echoing back “corpulence” is really frickin’ funny.
• Nick Choksi really highlights the psychopathic part of Dolokhov, especially in the “Here’s to the health of married women” sequence. His movements are jubilant but also shark-like. He and Hélène make out for a loooooong time.

“Dust and Ashes”

• Oak’s “Dust and Ashes” is an absolute privilege to hear, and if you have the chance, I would go and listen to it while you can. His voice could have shaken the entire foundation of the theater.
• While he’s singing, the entire cast lines up in the rear mezz to provide backup vocals, and it’s incredibly poignant. (Also, tho, Lucas Steele stood in front of me, and I died.)
• “Don’t let me die while I’m like this…” During these lines, Oak starts crying, and it guts you.
• There was a two minute applause for “Dust and Ashes”, and I was on the verge of crying just bc he was getting such a huge applause.
• Oak is perfect, okay?

“Sunday Morning” / “Charming”

• “Everyone sees a man!” Ingrid delivers this line so well. It got a huge laugh.
• AHHHHHHHHH, now here’s a symbolic moment for you. When Natasha says that she can see a shape in the darkness as she’s looking into the mirror, Pierre is standing up right behind her. Pierre is her future.
• (The moment Nat leaves, he sits back down.)
• Amber Gray can slay me, tbh. “Charming” is everything I could have ever asked for.
• When she walks in, the lights are bright behind her, and her hood is over her head, effectively masking her identity. It’s a really neat moment.
• The lights dim when she takes off her hood.
• Natasha is in her undergarments throughout the song until Hélène gives her her cloak. (Btw, Natasha looks gr8 in said cloak.)
• At some point, Natasha starts mimicking Hélène’s movements, and it’s adorable but also a really nice character touch. Same goes for Hélène snatching Andrey’s necklace off of Nat’s neck and exchanging it for her own pearls.

“The Ball”

• This number was enchanting. I had a hard time focusing on the main stage bc the dancers in the rear mezz. were so mesmerizing in their movements.
• Also, tho, the ensemble dancers mimicked what Anatole and Natasha were dancing at times.
• When Natasha tries to run away from Anatole, he pursues her up the steps and forces their first kisses. She’s surprised at first, but gives into it with abandon a few seconds later. The kiss lasts a very long time.
• At the end of “The Ball”, Natasha and Anatole run through the doors together and then turn to face the audience. They’re holding hands. The lights are bright behind them.


• “Letters” is such a frickin’ jam, y'all.
• When it starts, the cast members spill out of the double doors singing.
• At the beginning of “Letters”, just as Pierre is addressing Andrey, Andrey appears at the top of the stairs. Pierre faces him.
• “I see nothing but the candles in the mirror.” For one of the very few times in the play, Natasha and Pierre face each other.
• The geometric symmetry in the choreography is really wonderful all around. For instance, at one point, Mary, Natasha, and Pierre are all positioned in a triangle, taking turns facing one another.
• Anatole’s love letter was an absolute showstopper. People were whistling, clapping, and screaming when he started holding those really long notes. Holy crap @ Lucas Steele!!!!!

“Sonya and Natasha” / “Sonya Alone”

• “Sonya and Natasha” is intense. I was on the edge of my seat for their fighting.
• “I’m soooooooooooooo happy, and sooooooooooo frightened.” Kill it, Denée!!!! (When she’s singing about her happiness, her arms are extended widely, and when she’s singing about being frightened, she withdraws into herself.)
• “I have no will. My life is his.” During these lines, Natasha is wrapped around an increasingly agonized Sonya.
• “Sonya Alone” is one of the most powerful numbers in the show, and you really don’t recognize it until you see it live.
• The theater is almost completely dark with the exception of a spotlight on Sonya. Throughout the entirety of the song, Natasha is ambling about, tightly clutching Anatole’s letter.
• Sonya never takes her eyes off of Natasha, and your heart can’t help but ache for both of them.
• Ingrid Michaelson is truly a wonderful Sonya—maybe not as sure as Brittain but she definitely doesn’t lack heart.
• On the first “I will protect your name and your heart”, Natasha stumbles on a stair, staggered by the weight of her friend’s words. Then, she walks to the opposite side of the stage, only to be completely stopped by Sonya’s, “I know you’ve forgotten me.”
• For the rest of the song, Natasha is still, her head inclined towards Sonya.

“Preparations” / “Balaga”

• When Pierre greets Anatole at the beginning of this number, it’s almost as though he’s caught Anatole out. Anatole had been trying to sneak past unnoticed.
• Anatole shaves in front of a mirror during “Preparations”, lol. At one point, he turns to the crowd with shaving cream still on his face.
• Dolokhov sings his arguments at Anatole very fiercely during this song, even more so than he does in the recording.
• I looooooooooooove “Balaga”. It’s such a wild performance. Paul Pinto moves with such agility and manic energy. The ensemble hands out the egg shakers during this one.

“The Abduction”

• Anatole singing “WHOOOOA” while swinging his green jacket cleared my skin, watered my crops, and cured my depression.
• The whole theater is absolutely alive with commotion. There’s a dance off between a guy in the rear mezz and a guy on stage that’s frickin’ amazing.
• People are doing backflips.
• Natasha smashes a painting on Balaga’s head.
• Marya and Hélène are making out.
• Pierre is doing a cute jig.
• It’s beautiful, beautiful chaos.
• When Pierre screams his “WHOA” part, everyone collapses on the floor, absolutely exhausted, and then, then, the most wonderful thing happens.
• Pierre giggles.
• “Hee-hee-hee.”
• God, I love Oak.
• “Wait, wait. First we have to sit down.” Anatole made room for himself next to a girl, which was hecking funny, but what was even funnier was that the girl leaned her head on Anatole’s shoulder. The whole theater dissolved in laughter. Anatole held the quiet for a comedically long period before getting up, and when he did, he kissed the girl on the cheek. It was really cute.
• When Marya entered at the end of the song, surrounded by this harsh, red light, there were audible gasps in the audience. People weren’t expecting her, lol.

“In My House”

• She acted her butt out through this entire song. I’m serious.
• Her voice is dangerously quiet until, “YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU. YOU LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU.”
• The tension in the room was palpable.
• Also, all of the yelling you hear on the recording? It’s so much more intense live. It’s fierce enough to make you flinch.
• “Don’t touch me!” At one point when Natasha screamed this, she physically pushed Marya away, and Marya wasn’t angry so much as she was stunned.
• “Natasha’s whole body shook with noiseless, convulsive sobs.” She was literally bent over, grasping the railing like she couldn’t breathe.
• “And she threw herself down on the sofa.” Natasha stands erect with her arms crossed and her head buried in them. The spotlights focus on her, and that’s when Marya softens.
• You can see the fight leave Grace McLean’s body. Her voice is incredibly tender.

“A Call to Pierre” / “Find Anatole”

• Her face is absolutely devastated as she’s talking to Pierre. Like, I still have chills thinking about it.
• Also, Pierre is waking up from a nap at the beginning of this number, lol.
• “I have been… studying.” He glances quickly at the place he had been napping.
• The sheer power in Oak’s voice really comes out in these next songs. Anger and fear simmers behind the way he sings. A+++
• At the beginning of “Find Anatole”, he truly sounds out of breath. His body is fully bent over for a couple of seconds.
• “He can’t be married!” The absolute horror in Denée’s voice nearly slaughters you, tbh.
• When Pierre discovers Anatole and Hélène and gets mad, they start to run away.
• Pierre is livid when he finds Anatole and Hélène. I mean, livid.

“Pierre and Anatole” / “Natasha Very Ill”

• Pierre nearly throttling Anatole is a sight™.
• “Amuse yourself with women like my wife!” The spotlight shines on Hélène as she stands up and bristles indignantly. What an amazing character touch.
• During that long pause before Pierre apologizes to Anatole, Natasha walks right between the two and drinks the arsenic. A few moments later, it begins taking effect, and she starts screaming. It’s a terrible, convincing sound. She runs off stage. Marya and Sonya follow her.
• There was a pause between “Pierre and Anatole” and “Natasha Very Ill” while we all wildly applauded that C#. Holy crap @ Lucas Steele!!!!!!!!!!!!
• “Natasha Very Ill” is sad. Everyone is devastated, especially Sonya and Marya.

“Pierre and Andrey”

• Ken Clark is an amazing Andrey. He has a v. human approach to the prince.
• When Pierre and Andrey are trading insults, there’s a lot of affection between them. It’s really as though the two haven’t seen each other in quite awhile.
• Andrey’s somewhat tender tone continues until he asks Pierre to confirm whether the rumors he had heard were true, and when Pierre replies in the affirmative, that is the very moment when Andrey assumes his colder exterior.
• It frickin’ breaks your heart.
• #PoorAndrey
• “If you wish to be my friend, never speak of that again.” During “If you wish to be my friend,” Andrey’s voice breaks seemingly on the edge of tears, and then it hardens at the end as he jabs a finger in Pierre’s chest. The moment he does so, though, he immediately looks horrified. Did I really just threaten my friend?
• “Well, goodbye” is soft.
• #PoorAndrey
• CRAP. I FORGOT THE WORST PART OF THIS SONG. Behind Andrey and Pierre, Natasha and Sonya are standing in a darkened corner. Whenever Andrey refers to Natasha, she flinches and buries herself into Sonya.
• :(

“Pierre and Natasha” / “The Great Comet of 1812”

• “Pierre and Natasha” broke me.
• At the beginning of the song, Natasha slowly makes her way down the staircase, entirely dependent on the railing to get down. It tears at your heart. You can’t help but remember how lovely and vibrant she had been at the beginning of the play.
• The nightgown she’s in makes her look so small, and with her braided hair, she looks just like a little girl.
• Oak emotes his lyrics so tenderly, so gently in this one. His voice is always on the verge of breaking.
• “She began to cry…” Yeah, no. She sobbed, and you sobbed with her. Her whole body was shaking. She had to hold on to the rail.
• An interesting tidbit: Hélène is sitting right behind Natasha, and she has her head in her hands like she’s reacting to the sadness of this scene, too.
• “All over…” At this point, Natasha is walking back up the staircase, and the theater is absolutely silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Oak says the written line to her back.
• I’ll never forget the way Oak delivered it, and I will never want to either.
• His voice simply broke on “if I were free”.
• Pierre turns away from her, and then she turns towards him, slowly making her way back to him.
• During her last lines, Natasha touches his cheek, and it is sincerely one of the most beautiful moments of this very beautiful play.
• “The Great Comet of 1812” was moving, too.
• The theater very much looked like a beautiful night sky. The comet prop was stunning, too.
• Pierre sat down at the end of the song and gazed reverentially up at the comet.

This play was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and I recommend it with all of my heart and soul. Please, please support it if you can.

(170704) BTS_twt

사실 원곡 자체가 명곡이다보니 부담이 컸던 작업이었어요. ‘트로피에 내 이름 박고 컴백홈'이라는 가사는 빌보드 뮤직 어워드 수상 후 첫 작업이라 기분 좋게 썼어요.투어 틈틈이 만들었는데 많은 분들이 좋게 들어 주셔서 감사합니다!! #컴백홈 #컴백홉 🎶

To be honest, because the original song itself is so iconic it was burdening work. The lyrics, 'Engrave my name on the trophy and come back home’, was the first work I did after winning the Billboard Music Awards so I wrote it happily. I wrote it during the tour when I had time so I’m glad many people like it! #ComeBackHome #ComeBackHope 🎶

trans cr: yen @ bangtan tumblr


Do you have.. feelings for me?

Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Oscar-Nominated 'Moana' Song: 'You Start by Thinking, Don’t Write "Let It Go"'

It’s something that really sets Moana apart from other heroines: She finds herself without running away from her home and culture. In some ways it seems like a bolder choice.

I had a similar thing when I was working on [Miranda’s first Broadway musical] In the Heights. I got a lot of notes from producers, who didn’t end up being involved, being like, “You gotta give Nina stakes! What if she got pregnant at school? What if her boyfriend beat her?”

Oh my God!

Believe me, that’s not the worst of the notes I got. Not from our actual producers, but from people who would see the show in process. And what we were trying to accomplish was so much more subtle, which was, this is a young woman who’s been built up to be the star of her neighborhood all her life, and then she goes to a place where everyone’s the star of their neighborhood. And so she sort of comes home with her tail between her legs. And we fought for that. Even though it was more subtle than a more soap-ish plot line, I can’t tell you how many young Latina and Latino men and women have come up to me saying, “I was the first in my family to go to college, and Nina spoke to me.” Because we reached for the more subtle storyline, the more specific storyline than “some dramatic event happened and I couldn’t hack it.”

[click for the rest of the Moana-heavy interview]

Oscars: Taylor Swift May Shake Off Criticism of New Single — With a Nomination (Exclusive)

By: Scott Feinberg for The Hollywood Reporter
Date: September 7th 2017

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” a song on which the 27-year-old collaborated with Zayn Malik and two others for the film ‘Fifty Shades Darker,’ will receive a full-fledged awards push from Universal.

Taylor Swift, the biggest pop star in the world, has been taking incoming fire since Aug. 24, when she released “Look What You Made Me Do,” the first single from her sixth album, Reputation (due out Nov. 10), with many disapproving of her departure from the upbeat sort of music that made her famous over the past decade. But the 27-year-old, who often gets the last laugh when it comes to disputes in her life — namely, by singing about them — may get the last laugh yet again.

That’s because, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, Universal Pictures, the distributor of Fifty Shades Darker, which was released in February, is laying the groundwork for a full-fledged campaign to bring Swift and three of her collaborators — ex-One Direction singer Zayn Malik, plus writers Jack Antonoff and Sam Dew — a best original song Oscar nomination for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the song that they contributed to that film’s soundtrack.

“Universal is fully supportive of the song’s campaign for awards of merit consideration,” a studio spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, while declining to get into specific plans.

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” was released ahead of the film on Dec. 9, 2016. It debuted at number one on the Digital Songs chart and reached number two in the U.S. on Billboard’s Hot 100, US Adult Top 40 and US Mainstream Top 40 lists. And it was Swift’s 20th song to crack the top 10 on the Hot 100 list, making her just the sixth female music artist ever to achieve that feat.

Lest you question if the venerable Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ music branch would ever bestow its seal of approval on a song featured in a Fifty Shapes of Grey film, I would remind you that “Earned It,” a chamber pop song written by The Weeknd and collaborators for the original Fifty Shades of Grey film in 2015, did indeed receive a best original song Oscar nom. Meanwhile, another song from that film, Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do,” garnered a best original song Golden Globe nomination.

Read the original article here.

Reasons why dnp are the gifts from god

  • Their laughs. When they laugh you think peace has finally come to this stupid world
  • They always thank their fans for everything they’ve gotten since the first day. Its not a fake thanks, it’s a true one and they appreciate every single one uf us even some fans actually harmed them
  • They never fail to show us what a true friendship is and how friends always support each other
  • They teach us all that we should follow our dreams. Because both of them started from the bottom without knowing they are gonna come this far and look at them now. So many awards, a movie, 2 books, a big tour, their own radio show, brits favourite hosts, danandphilshop and so many projects coming in the way
  • Their honesty. They are trying to be honest with everything they do, even if it is so hard sometimes.
  • They have everything that a fan can look up to. They have entertaining videos sure, but they always stand up for the wrong things in this world.
  • They show us that waiting for a best friend is okay bc eventually you get them. Maybe you can’t create a whole world like they did, but you are gonna create your ‘own whole world’
  • They always make us feel better about ourselves. We know staying in bed all day and laughing at memes are not the greatest things you can do but it’s okay bc you are not the only one
  • They always appreciate fan arts. They show us they see and love being an inspiration for people
  • Oh and the best part is , we get to meet amazing people thanks to them. Phandom is so big, maybe you will meet the love of your life or you will find your best friend that you’ve been waiting for them for years and it is gonna be the most fun you’ve ever had.
Taylor Swift Is Not Performing at the VMAs but Is 'Ready to Come Out of Hiding' and May Make an Appearance: Source
“She is very excited to share it with her fans,” a source tells PEOPLE of the upcoming new album from Taylor Swift, who may appear at Sunday’s VMAs

Taylor Swift could be in attendance at Sunday’s 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.

A source close to the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, 27, hints to PEOPLE that she may be hitting up the ceremony in Inglewood, California — where Swift and Zayn Malik are up for the best collaboration award for their song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker).”

“Taylor is very excited about her new album,” says the source. “This has been her life for the past months. She is very excited to share it with her fans. She is also ready to come out of hiding.”

If she does end up attending, the VMAs would be Swift’s first awards show appearance since the CMA Awards in November, where she presented Garth Brooks with the entertainer of the year award.

The music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” — the newly released single off her forthcoming sixth studio album, Reputation — will debut during Sunday’s VMAs.

Swift gave a sneak peek of the video Friday on Good Morning America hours after releasing the song, which is her first solo single in three years.

She and Malik are up against five other nominees in their VMAs category, including one for the song “Feels” by Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harrisfeaturing Pharrell Williams, Big Sean and Katy Perry (who will also host).

Following the release of “Look What You Made Me Do” and its accompanying lyric video, rumors circulated that the country-turned-pop songstress would be taking the stage at Sunday’s awards show. But VMAs executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic set the record straight.

“She has been on the show many times and [has] performed with a new album coming, but not this time,” Ignjatovic told PEOPLE. “I definitely wish she was coming on and performing.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a like how to turn the members on/ get them off in public? Discreetly of course ;) or not so discrete your choice ^~^


~The one spot that gets 2D’s motor running is his neck. Kiss it, bite it, lick it, suck it, hell, even touch it and he becomes a puddle in your arms. So one day, as you’re out with the band, you guys sit down at some restaurant to grab a bite before heading home. You’re sitting next to 2D and start thinking about what you would do when you got home. You thought about snuggling up with 2D to watch an old film but then your mind went to dirtier places. Soon enough, you felt a blush forming on your face.

~You looked up at 2D, who was deep in conversation with Murdoc about god knows what. You tug on his sleeve and say, “I have to tell you a secret.” When he leans down, you kiss his neck roughly. He instantly turns red. Got him. You decided to toy with him a bit more. You leaned your head against his shoulder and put your arm around the back of his chair. You felt 2D tense up but after a few seconds of nothing he relaxed again. You slowly crawled your hand up his back until you reached his neck.

~ 2D froze. He couldn’t do anything or else the band would know what’s up. You snickered and began to lightly rub your fingers around the back of his neck. He shivered and Noodle asked him if he was okay. You looked at him with pretend concern on your face and he glared at you. “I’m fine.” He mumbled and continued to talk to Murdoc. This was going to be fun.


~ Public sex is one of Murdoc’s many kinks. He loves the feeling of almost getting caught, it’s an adrenaline rush. You knew this all too well. You smirked at the thought of teasing him in public, almost everything turned this man on. This time, you’d try to be discrete about it. You were sitting at the end of the table while Murdoc sat next to the wall. He was discussing some upcoming award show with 2D. You decided to make your first move.

~ You “accidentally” knocked over your fork. “Oops!” you said as you bent over picking it up. You took your sweet time coming back up. You could feel the man’s eyes on you. You turned around and sure enough, Murdoc was staring. When he met your eyes, he glared. He knew what you were up to but you wouldn’t give in.

~ Next, you’d need 2D for this one. “Hey, 2D? Could you walk me through the process of writing a song I’m curious.” You leaned forward and crossed your arms right under your chest to make your boobs discretely squeeze together. 2D visibly swallowed, obviously trying really hard not to look at your chest. “Well…” He started off. Murdoc was growling next to you. 2D kept talking and you acted like you were interested. You kept nodding your head and smiling. This went on for a while before Murdoc slammed his hands down on the table and said, “That’s it! Y/N come with me.” He got out of his chair and dragged you to the bathroom. You smirked.


~ Noodle was a rather discrete woman. She wasn’t very public about anything. She was okay with some PDA, like holding your hand or kissing you, but she’d never have sex in public. You had even asked her about it one day and her face got red. You giggled and kissed her.

~ You were out shopping with Noodle one day and something you never would’ve guessed happened. Noodle was trying to find a new dress for an upcoming award show and you were to be her judge. You were seriously judging each dress and seeing if they could make her more angelic than she already is. But when she stepped out in this all black dress that hugged her body in all the right ways, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. Your jaw dropped open as she twirled in front of the mirror. “What do you think?” You had to give yourself a minute to process what she said. “I’m sorry.” You got up and walked over to her.

~ You wrapped your arms around her waist. “You look like a goddess.” You whispered in her ear. You watched as her face grew red. “Your body is so perfect. I’m so lucky to get to hold you like this.” You kissed her shoulder. Noodle took a deep breath. “Go in the changing room.” You looked at her and blinked, “What?” You were very confused. “I need you right now. Go in the changing room.” Noodle kissed you. “As you wish, angel.”


~ Russel was a very simple man. He didn’t have many kinks but the few he did have getting got him hot and bothered. You liked seeing him like that. Only you knew how to push all the right buttons. You were his weakness.

~ While out in public, you purposely wear tighter pants to tease Russ. You can always feel his eyes on you when your back is to him. When you bend over to look at something, he growls a little. He wants to touch you so bad but he knows that you’re in public. If you know for a fact he’s been turned on, you’ll purposely take your time shopping. He tries to be patient with you but you know he’s dying to get you home.

~ “Just a few more minutes, babe!” You walked over to the panties section of the store. You would hold up the sexiest pair you could find and go, “What about these, Russ?” He’d nod at anything you held up. You laughed at him and put the panties back. Then you walked over to the lingerie. “Should I get some?” You asked teasingly. He grabbed you by the waist and growled, “It doesn’t matter what you wear because it’s coming off when we get home.”

[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P4)

(the interview is from 2014)
scan © love_as_hobby
do not repost/screenshot without credit.

Q: You have performed on various stages up till now, is there any stage that is memorable to you? The kind of stage that makes you think “I will never be able to forget this!”.

V: For me it’s my school’s festival. Every year I would just go watch it but now that I stood on that stage, I feel nervous. I thought they wouldn’t know about BTS at school but I was surprised because the cheer was enormous. When I went to the school later, the teachers even knew about BTS. 

Jimin: Yeah. The girls were lining up in front of the classroom. (laughs) 

Jungkook: I envy you! 

Jin: Yah, I’m so jealous~ 

J-hope: I want to go to school just to experience that feeling! (laughs) 

V: The line was really this long (showing with his hands) and I was so happy. I looked at Jimin and grinned at him. 

Jimin: (laughs) 

Suga: I should have debuted when I was still in school! 

V: I was really happy then. 

Jungkook: I have two, one is Incheon Hallyu Concert on my birthday! And the other one is the Tits Trailer

All: (laugh) 

Jimin: Oh the one where our shirts were ripped? 

Jungkook: That one was very memorable. It was a total shock. I was dancing and when I went to the back, someone was taking clothes off. 

Suga: I really thought they ripped shirts out because they were too high. 

All: (laugh) 

Jungkook: W~ow. That thing’s really memorable for me. 

Jin: I have two too, our debut showcase and Incheon Hallyu Concert like Jungkook chose. 

Jungkook: Kya~ (marveling) 

Jin: I went on the stage at the Incheon concert and looked at the audience zone, and there was really a lot of people. Before that I was so nervous when hearing the cheer for other senior groups. I have never stood in front of that many people before. 

J-hope: For me the most memorable stage is actually the debut stage, but Incheon concert is memorable too. I’m so into the mood of that time I almost said “battle of Incheon”. (laughs) 

All: (laugh) 

J-hope: It was the first time for me to perform in front of that many people, so as I went on the stage and came back down, I felt a lot of emotions. There was the dream of “If this many people come to our concert, it would be goose-bumping” and also the promise to myself “I have to work harder”. 

Jimin: I still can’t forget our debut showcase and the time when we received an award at Melon Music Awards and performed there. I really didn’t think we would get the award but after receiving it, I was dumbfounded not knowing if it was real or a dream, and my mood was lifted up. Before going on the stage, we all massaged each other’s shoulders and told ourselves to do well. (laughs) 

Jungkook: I can’t forget Gayo Daejun. 

Rap Monster: Gayo Daejun for me too. And Incheon Hallyu Concert. The stand-by time before going on the Gayo Daejun opening stage felt so long for me that time, because I was too nervous. I thought about many things during that short time. We have come all the way here to stand on this stage… 

All: (agree) 

Rap Monster: I can’t forget that feeling when I looked at the audience from the stage at Incheon Hallyu Concert too. The seats looked so big when we were rehearsing. 

J-hope: Right. I was thinking “Will all these seats be filled up?” 

Rap Monster: And I thought “Can they hear my voice here?” 

Suga: I think we have performed at quite many different places. So to be honest, rather than feeling nervous, I would say I always worry if I make a mistake or not. But there was a time when I was really scared and thrilled about the stage itself. Our debut showcase. That time I was both nervous and thrilled… I can’t forget how I stood waiting backstage. 

Jimin: Uah~ It was goose-bumping. 

Rap Monster: I was too nervous about that stage so I couldn’t remember it well, I only remember us at the waiting room. When we were holding the cake. It went by like a film roll. 

Suga: There will be new ones later after we perform more, but the first stage is always the most memorable. 

Rap Monster: I think so too. I always remember our debut stage. The first is always the most memorable. 

Q: In the time of those diverse experiences, there must be a time when you get stressed right? 

Suga: Even getting stressed is a waste of time for me. 

Jungkook: For me, it’s when things don’t go well. “Why doesn’t this go the way I want?” 

Rap Monster: Agree. When I think “Is this all I can do?”. 

V: (agrees) When things don’t go well. 

Jungkook: I know I have to work harder, I have to practice but sometimes it comes quicker than I thought. Those times are really stressful… 

Jimin: I can’t sleep when I’m stressed. It keeps lingering in my head and won’t go away all day long. The most serious time was when I was criticized a lot for my singing or dancing. My mood was so down I just kept quiet alone. 

J-hope: I get stressed the most when I’m criticized. 

Rap Monster: Right. It’s direct stress.

J-hope: How should I say it… That feeling when there’s a feedback and I’m stuck like “How should I do it?”.

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This is the time of twenty one pilots.

This is a time where, for the first moment in many years, the world has stopped to think. It has stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, these guys have something important to say. And it may come in the form of overplayed songs, or grammy awards, but the recognition is there. There is a brief window of time that we are living in, in which the road to not only fame, but extreme influence is opened.

And I hope, that when this era ends, there will remain a generation of people who found the beginning of purpose in creating what only they understand. I hope those who happened to live during this sliver in history will pass on these lyrics, and these words, whether directly or indirectly. Because the world is turning an ear to our direction.

This is an era. This is a movement. There is a day that we will look back and be able to say, “I was alive during that time. I saw the changing of hearts and minds of thousands of fans. I saw more creation being put into the world. I saw impact.”

Because of this band, the world is beginning to see the inside of the minds that belong to these teenagers. These people who were previously thought to never be understood.

And in another 50 years, there may be another band. But now is Twenty One Pilot’s time. Let’s celebrate that.


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 886

Genre: Implied Smut

Summary:  Bangtan won Top Social Artist and Jungkook tells you how excited he is to celebrate the win

Note: I watched the BBMAs with my friends (It streamed 6AM here where I’m from and I had to go to her house, my dedication did not waver at all) And said friend has a thing for Jungkook (her bias) and parties so here! you! are! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WONDERFUL BOYS! I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD <3

Originally posted by jeon-jungshooks

The music was blaring all throughout the venue you found yourself in. The vast room filled from corner to corner with big names in the American music industry and you tried desperately not to lose any of the boys in the sea of people.  The dress that Namjoon’s personal stylist had thrown on you clung too tightly to your body and to say that you were uncomfortable was an understatement. Of course, you knew that you had to leave an impression, show the western world that Bangtan was just as deserving as anyone else to be here; even though your addition was just a little bit questionable, you didn’t protest. You weren’t important enough to change wardrobes like Vanessa Hudgens and you weren’t ignored enough to change into something more comfortable by the time the awards’ show had finished.

You just had to deal with your situation.

You didn’t mind it at first, but as people began to disperse from the arena, you found Jungkook’s warm hand find rest on the small of your back; surprising you and sending shivers up and down your spine, trying not to shiver visibly.

But that didn’t mean that Jungkook couldn’t feel it.

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On this day in music history: June 1, 1967 - “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, the eighth studio album by The Beatles is released. Produced by George Martin, it is recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Regent Sound Studios in London from December 6, 1966 - April 21, 1967. Following the innovative and successful “Revolver”, The Beatles further push the boundaries of popular music, with the aid of producer Martin, employing the use outside musicians, and various advanced studio techniques to augment their sound. Mid way through the sessions, Paul McCartney comes up with the concept of The Beatles taking on the guise of “Sgt. Pepper” as being an alter ego for themselves, giving them more freedom to be experimental musically and visually. The recording takes over 400 hours of studio time to complete. The albums iconic cover art is designed by artists Peter Blake and Jann Haworth (photographed by Michael Cooper) features The Beatles dressed in military style uniforms backed by a collage of life sized cardboard cutouts of famous people. Original LP pressings come with a custom psychedelic inner sleeve designed and painted by Dutch design collective The Fool (Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger). It is released to unanimous praise, and regarded as one of the most influential albums of all time. “Pepper” is nominated for seven Grammy Awards, winning four including Album Of The Year in 1968. First released on CD in 1987 to coincide with the twentieth anniversary, it is remastered and reissued on CD in 2009. The mono version, regarded by many including The Beatles themselves to be the superior mix, is finally released on CD in 2009. The stereo version is remastered and reissued on 180 gram vinyl in 2012, with the mono version following in 2014. Both vinyl releases replicate the original UK LP packaging. For its fiftieth anniversary, it receives new stereo and 5.1 surround remixes, reconstructing the multi-tracks digitally from the session work tapes stored in the Abbey Road tape archive. As the four track masters were composited from previous submasters, many songs required as many as four tape to tape pre-mixdowns before the final mixes were made. As a result of the multiple bounces, the clarity and presence of many overdubs were diminished, particularly the drum tracks. The new stereo, DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround remixes by Giles Martin, reveal a fuller and more natural balance in stereo, rather than the hard left/right panning of the original stereo mixes. “Pepper” is reissued on May 26, 2017 in three configurations, as a two CD, double vinyl and a four CD + DVD and Blu-ray deluxe edition box set. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” spends fifteen weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, is certified 11x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1993, and is selected for preservation by the National Recording Registry Of The Library Of Congress in 2003.

Earlier this spring, Ryuichi Sakamoto gave an exquisitely intimate concert at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. Surrounded by a small audience in the venue’s opulent Veterans Room, the renowned Japanese composer was positioned in the center of the floor and played through the entirety of async, his first solo album in nearly a decade. Time seemed to stand still as he re-created the album before our eyes, moving from piano and synthesizer to unconventional instruments like a large pane of glass, from which he evoked a mournful wail. Observing this legendary artist perform at such close proximity intensified the feeling of being inside an echo chamber of emotion and ambient sound.

For admirers of Sakamoto’s work, the transfixing power of this performance should come as no surprise. Over the last four decades, he has been captivating audiences with his solo projects, award-winning film scores, and on-screen performances. Many fans have become acquainted with his work through his long-standing relationship with cinema, which began in the eighties, after he had already gained international attention with the pioneering Japanese electronic music group Yellow Magic Orchestra. In 1983, Nagisa Oshima cast him opposite David Bowie in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, a breathtaking tale of forbidden desire set in a World War II prison camp, marking his film debut not only as an actor but as a composer. This experience led to subsequent collaborations with some of the most acclaimed auteurs in the world, such as Brian De Palma, Volker Schlöndorff, Pedro Almodóvar, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Now sixty-five, Sakamoto recovered from a battle with cancer in 2015, allowing him to return to music with full force and exuberance. His new album demonstrates his abiding innovative spirit, blending a wide array of sounds—from natural field recordings to synthesizer experimentation and elegiac organ droning—into a haunting sonic collage. On the heels of its release, Sakamoto and I sat down for a conversation about his immersive creative process and some of the greatest moments in his career.

Sonic Memories: A Conversation with Ryuichi Sakamoto

anonymous asked:

Can you do a famous malec couple au? Please

okay so full credit to @achilleanragnor​ for helping me get started on this because famous was too big a window for me and then this happened

  • okay so magnus is the troy baker of video games
  • honestly like, has there been a well acted game in the last eight years that didn’t feature a magnus bane voice line???
  • (the answer is probably no)
  • he’s had one or two small roles on tv, just on little shows and things but his home is voice acting, because that’s what he loves doing
  • he loves trying on new people, trying out new personalities, new faces
  • he also adores seeing all the production teams do their magic
  • anyway yeah magnus is super famous in the gaming community, been to awards shows, the whole works. nerds faint in his presence. especially at comic con
  • and then there’s alec
  • alec who his parents wanted to go to law school but he started acting in a theatre group instead and found he loved it so much more
  • alec who was at law school when he got the call for an audition for a superhero movie
  • alec who gave up law school when he got that dream call, much to his parents displeasure
  • (izzy and jace were proud as hell though)
  • he’s had a lot of pretty big roles - superhero movies, cult sci-fi, a fantasy show everyone seems to love
  • honestly alec doesn’t think he’s famous, no matter how many people sneak pictures of him on the subway
  • izzy and jace have to remind him of that alone because he’s always like “no, they’re not looking at me, are you crazy?”
  • especially when he’s out with jace, because jace is this crazy good musician and of course they’re looking at you
  • anyway alec got asked to do a little cameo role in a big rpg game and he kind of loved it??? which was a surprise because he really didn’t expect to
  • he goes to visit jace one day and jace is playing it because “dude, it’s your game of course i’m playing the shit out of this just to see what you look like”
  • jace is impressed, but alec ends up in bliss listening to the main character talk, who is played by, you guessed it, magnus bane
  • he doesn’t really think about it much though, and moves on until his agent asks if he liked the game thing
  • because this big epic adventure game is looking for some stage & tv actors to do their newest story
  • and alec reads the brief and damn it’s a good story
  • so he goes for it and he gets it
  • and it’s not until the production staff start talking to him that he realises it’s a full motion capture game
  • which is new but he’s still excited to get going, because it looks like a fun game, and there’s a full gay romance, which is really important for alec
  • he wants to do it right dammit!!!!!
  • anyway he gets to set the first day and surprise surprise, guess who alec’s love interest is?
  • anyway alec spends half his time being in awe of magnus’ amazing talent, and the rest trying to wipe the drool off his chin because the only person that can make the ridiculous motion capture outfits look sexy is magnus bane
  • so they spend the next few months filming this game, with alec falling a little bit more in love every single day
  • until finally they get to the end of the game, and the climax of the love plot, when in the heat of danger they share a passionate first kiss
  • and honestly alec forgets he’s acting until they get to that scene, when the production crew says they can kiss if they want but they don’t need to because the motion capture comes out weird anyway and the outfits will probably make it awkward
  • only just as magnus is about to pull away, alec leans in and kisses him for real
  • so when the game comes out and the two of them play it together on date nights, magnus is all “can you believe out first kiss has been immortalised in a video game?”
  • anyway they go out together and the fans all love them
  • their comic con panel involves so many “what happened on set” things it’s hilarious
  • they’re basically the power couple of video games and it’s beautiful
  • they get to accept a bunch of lgbt awards together and blow up the internet
  • and they all lived happily ever after
  • (including their video game characters)
monsta x as officers



  • the serious officer
  • always has his speeding tickets ready
  • if its your first time driving he’ll get in the car and teach you how to drive
  • fighting for the officer of the month award
  • lets old people off 
  • “damn youngsters!”
  • waits out on the side of the street
  • drinking coffee and waiting for crime
  • he’ll chase you till the ends of the earth
  • everyone will speed right past him just to meet him again


  • sits in his car, either turning up or sleeping 
  • he’ll only arrest people when he wants to
  • watches a car speed right past him, shakes it off
  • tries to give you a speeding ticket, comes back with your number
  • gets tricked a lot
  • will believe your sob story of trying to visit your mother on her death bed which is why you’re speeding with a million dollars
  • god knows why he wasn’t fired 
  • engages a conversation with a criminal on his way to prison


  • is he even …. an officer
  • only got the job to look good 
  • thinks he knows everything 
  • can’t put handcuffs on he doesn’t know how
  • loses the key
  • like wonho: he falls asleep in the car
  • just needed the money
  • surprisingly: people love him despite having never been successful in being able to catch a criminal … 
  • loses his shit during a car chase


  • gives out 60 speeding tickets a day
  • rides on a scooter to look better 
  • if you talk back he triples your fee
  • roams around the streets, trying to catch someone
  • batteling shownu for officer of the month award
  • secretly thinks jooheon’s some sort of criminal in hiding
  • convinced hyungwon is there for reasons unknown instead of being an officer
  • suspicious about everything 
  • believes in The Law


  • for some reason wins officer of the month award
  • surprisingly: pretty good
  • just your average normal officer 
  • despite the fact he lets people off with a warning too much
  • “i’ll let you off with this one warning m’aam”
  • enjoys his job
  • convinced kihyun has some weird obsession with him
  • on duty with wonho most of the time
  • can’t stand him
  • always falls under wonho’s manipulation


  • never goes alone, always on duty with changkyun 
  • if he is alone: he never gets Anything done
  • “wait is that fetty wap? open the door”
  • gets in the passenger seat, just turning up with you instead of doing his job
  • uses his authority for anything
  • “i need to go first in line i’m an officer i have important things to do”
  • also comes back with many numbers 
  • mostly from dudes who invited him to a party
  • never gets out of his uniform 


  • sun glasses: check. uniform: check. opptional police hat: check
  • goes on a national car chase first thing in the morning
  • is signed to all detective work 
  • kihyun’s jealous 
  • wins officer of the 21st century award 
  • shownu is pleased with his work
  • if he isn’t on duty he’s most likely with jooheon, going in strangers cars turning up
  • never absuses his authority 
  • everyone loves this guy 
  • even if he throws you in prison: you still love him

anonymous asked:

You have a lady boner for Cait and you are trying to take away the focus from Sam. Season 3 is his as Cait has had all the award nominations already. Stop being bias!

I’ve received many anon asks based on my previous post that accused me of trying to make Sam look bad by praising Cait. I figured I’d post one ask and tackle this matter.

Why is the focus on Cait’s acting prowess taken as an offensive against Sam? Why is any positive mention of Cait turned into a shade against Sam? Why does everything Cait do have to be associated with Sam? They are acting partners and I’d like to think that one person’s skill set is beneficial to the other. I’d like to think that they draw strength and learn from each other with all the long hours spent together on set.

This is exactly what I was alluding to in my previous post about the internalized patriarchal mindset that many in this fandom have; Cait is only seen as good enough so long as the focus and accolades remain on Sam. I have nothing against Sam, his talent, or charities although I wish he would open his eyes in relation to Shatner & Co and the impact of bullying on his fans.  The “Be Kind” campaign is, whether intentional, or not, makes a mockery of real people who have suffered from the bullying and does not improve his public image. The recent articles on Shatner should have clued him into the fact that bullying in the OL fandom is not an isolated incident; there is a pattern to Shatner & Co’s actions.

Cait is an actress and a damn good one. I say this not because I have a lady boner, I put her on a pedestal, or I think that she is Queen/Saint Cait but because I enjoy her performance. She emotes beautifully and she is the perfect Claire.  I do think she has improved tremendously from the first few episodes in Season 1. Cait’s performance has garnered several nominations, so it is clear that the industry sees her potential. This is not to say that Sam is not talented or deserving awards and nominations. Sam’s time will come. He is a fabulous actor.

Why do we need to diminish Cait’s talent and centrality to the show just to uphold Sam’s? She is an actress in her own right and an articulate individual who seems to be navigating her newfound success rather well (minus the fuckery of late and the whole supposed SO issue). I stand by my opinion that many still associate OL primarily with Sam. It is his charities and health/workout regime that accompanies OL publicity. How often do we hear about Cait’s charity in the publicity circuit? How often is Sam queried about what it’s like to stimulate sex with Cait or to kiss her? How often do journalist ask Sam how Cait smells?

Cait stands in her power. I suggest we think about what that means in light of the need to be overtly protective or apologetic of Sam and the need to resort to demonizing Cait to humanize Sam.


Olga Suvorova is an artist born in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1966. She studied monumental composition at the famous Institute of Fine Arts Repin of St. Petersburg in 1989 and by the 90s she already owned some thirty works for expose. She has been influenced by her parents, Igor and Natalia, two highly praised artists from St. Petersburg. Other influences include artists such as Gustav Klimt, Piero della Francesca, and traditional Russian icons. Olga’s talent was rewarded with a unique exhibition at the Repin Institute in the spring of 1990, and in 1993 she was awarded the first honorary award for her latest work. Generally her landscapes, historical representations and women in garden scenes, often with a cat or other animals, may be more realistic in historical descriptions, but they have a charm inclined towards the impressionism, a disturbing quality that distinguishes it from the many talented artists Young people who come from the Repin Institute. He has recently produced a series of superbly detailed screens that have been widely praised and collected. His works are in collections from all over the world, both in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, as Great Britain, Ireland, China and the USA.