first of all i am SO SORRY

Imagine the look on Owen’s face the first time he meets his first born. Imagine his eyes, imagine them sparkling, imagine them tearing up. Imagine his smile, you know which smile I’m talking about. Imagine it. And then imagine him looking over at Amelia, and falling in love with her all over again. Because she- she gave him this miracle. She gave him fatherhood. Imagine. 

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hi!! i wanted to know what are the sings of emotional abusive parents and what can i do to deal with them. can u tag this as 1872 ??? thank u!!!<3

Hi 1872 :)

First of all, I am so sorry if this is something you’re going through at the moment, lovely. Emotional abuse is never okay, and I really do understand how hard and horrible it can be to go through, especially when it comes from your parents, whom you’re supposed to trust and who are meant to look after you. I promise you that you don’t deserve to be treated in this way at all.

Some signs of emotionally abusive parents can include:

If your parents:

  • Threaten to hurt you
  • Destroy your belonging
  • Have a bad and unpredictable temper
  • Tell you lies or avoid the truth
  • Yell at you for no or minimal reason
  • Purposely humiliate you
  • Call you names or swear at you
  • Criticise you
  • Put down your accomplishments and achievements
  • Blame you for their own abusive behaviour
  • Intimidate you
  • Guilt trip you
  • Are hypersensitive (easily insulted)
  • Control where you go or what you do
  • Limit your access to things e.g. money, the phone, etc.
  • Keep you from seeing your friends

If you:

  • Feel afraid of them
  • Feel uncomfortable around them
  • Avoid certain topics out of fear of angering them
  • Believe you deserve to be hurt or mistreated
  • Feel embarrassed for others to see how they treat you
  • Feel emotionally numb or helpless being around them


If you believe that your parents are emotionally abusing you, the best thing you can do is to try and talk to someone about what’s going on. I know that can seem incredibly daunting and scary, but it is really important to try, sweetheart. Find someone you’re comfortable with and whom you trust, whether that’s a family member, friend, teacher, neighbour, or whoever else, and try to be honest with them about how your parents are treating you. It’s always a good idea to have someone who knows what is happening, so that you can go to them for support and to talk to whenever you need. It’s also important to have someone to go to if things do start to get too bad. If you’re able to stay with other people sometimes that can help too. I know it isn’t the same as being able to get away for good, but being able to have a break can be really beneficial for you. We also have a list of help lines and web counsellors that you can always contact to talk to about what you’re going through and ask for some more advice on what you can do to help the situation. If you’re worried about your safety, or the way that they treat you is too distressing for you to deal with, you can always go to the police too.

Something I also think is important to do is to try and work out the best reaction to the abuse. Sometimes if you try to argue or fight back it can make them more angry and potentially make the abuse worse, so sometimes it can be better for your safety to endure what they say and do without complaining, apologise and ask if there’s anything you can do to fix the situation. Of course you shouldn’t have to put up with this treatment at all, but it is so important to look after your health and safety and make sure you’re not putting yourself in any more danger. If you believe you could talk to your parents about the way they’re treating you and how it affects you without making the situation any worse, then that could be a good idea, or you could write them a letter about it if you don’t think you could do it face to face. Having someone else there for support and to make sure they don’t react too badly if you talk to them could also be a good idea.

Make sure that you take care of yourself too, and regularly do things that you enjoy to lift your spirits! When other people are treating you poorly it’s super important to make sure you’re focusing extra hard on self-care to make up for it! You could engage in a hobby, watch TV or films, read, listen to music, paint or draw, have a bath, go outside, etc.!

I hope that you’re doing okay, darling, and that you’re able to get away from your parents soon! Please remember that we’re always here for you if you ever need anything else!

Keep fighting!

Take care and lots of love,

Dani <3

>:I am so excited to say this to you all. You’re the first to know! I am anxious just thinking about it!

I am going to cosplay as my Sole, wearing the Diamond City baseball uniform, at New York Comic Con this year! This will be my first Fallout-themed cosplay.

Previous years I’ve been both Hei and July from Darker Than BLACK, Steve from Minecraft, and Dinklebot from Destiny. I feel like this one is going to be my best one yet! Especially since I’m going to put a lot of detail into it. PLUS I have the Pip-Boy to go with it! I am just so excited. I already ordered the uniform and hat. Once I get all of it I’ll post pictures.

Sorry for the abrupt little bit of excitement. The littlest things make me happy.

guys, i have an important announcement for the dead anon poets society.

since i’m receiving the hugest amount of poetry imaginable and i’m really having a wonderful, but really hard time administrating it, for a while i’ve decided to “close” the membership admissions. in other words, even if i publish five or more of your poems, it’s not automatic anymore that you’ll become an official member. official members are going to be elected by me even after the first poem or not at all. i am so sorry i have to do this, but i hope you’ll understand. i think things will go back to normal soon enough, but for now this is the best choice. xx

okay everyone, i am so sorry for all the wait i’ve made you went through, but i decided that we’re going to open tonight after much thought !! ( to be honest, i didn’t thought much about it, i just had to talk to my parents as they wanted to take me to who knows where with them ) BUT i need some help– i was thinking in making our first event through chatzy before starting the dash interactions, which will be the famous gathering party, but i was hoping that everyone would be part of it, but considering the different timezones ( plus, it’s night time in here, so i bet it’s kinda late everywhere ) it will be hard. so– should we pretend that the gathering party already happened or should we go straight to the dash interactions ? i can just post what anon sent to everyone in the party in their blog, or we can wait until tomorrow morning to do the chatzy. tell me what you think as i get ready to know who the murderer is ?

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Hey! This is my first question to ask, but do you think Liza will ever warm up to Chane and Claire?

Hi! I am so sorry my answer took so long >.<

I think she will. Liza is going through a metamorphosis right now with regards to her own feelings about her father versus her feelings about “the outside,” like Ennis and Firo. The way she pushes Chane about Claire is probably more about her own uncertainty than about Chane’s relationship. 

She’s feeling doubt about whether all of her needs are really being satisfied by her father–but if Chane has a boyfriend, then she can comfort herself by saying “Well, at least I’m better than her.” 

But at the same time, the changes in Liza make her more sympathetic to Chane. Once her doubts subside, I think she’ll feel more comfortable letting herself be happy for Chane and Claire.

tag yourself i’m flower crown and the not so giving tree

(final fantasy protagonist version here)


THIS IS SO CHEESY I AM SO SORRY OH BOY. Slowly getting through my requests! This one was from @kerbabbles who had the epic idea of Ford singing a power ballad and the first thing that came to my mind was Defying Gravity from Wicked. I like to think Mabel sat him down and showed him all the musicals he missed over 30 years and that one stuck with him because of reasons….  AGAIN SO SORRY FOR THE CHEESE I COULDNT HELP IT



In 4 years you have grown up so much.. more mature, a better singer, better dancer, a better performer, did a musical, have been active in more variety shows, did a first pitch, sang a duet, and now you’re even going to be in a drama, in just a few years you have become a better all-round entertainer. I hope in the coming years you have even more opportunities to show everyone your amazing talents. And like always, thank you for singing. ♡♡♡

I am very well aware that this hurts so much right now. Like, it hurts like hell and I’m speechless for how sorry I am, for him, for them, for us. But in all honesty, @Louis tweeting is nothing we shouldn’t have expected. What’s new about it? He won’t talk, he won’t act, so they’ll make “him” tweet! Isn’t this a painful flashback? 

I assume we’ve been so shocked because we were basing our expectations on yesterday’s events and things seemed to go so well. Probably too well, indeed. I have never expected the birth to go smoothly and I was positively taken aback by the first 32 hours. We knew this is a war and we knew there was no reason to believe it was already over. So, ok, have “Louis” tweet ridiculous and obvious celebration tweets, it’ll be okay as long as the most he has to physically do is going shopping for sunglasses with a bracelet on his wrist.

I do undertsand the sorrow and the hurt and the rage, but, please, let’s stay lucid. This doesn’t make the story any more real, if anything it makes it even faker. All the details we were so sure of before are still 100% there, they’re still completely valid! And not only about Louis not being the father of this child(?), but about Louis intending to stay closeted, too. Please. 

This is sadly a part of the process they/we have to deal with. I do hope they counterattack with something HUGE, though. And that certain people (random, casual people) will be ruined 3 times more than how they’re working to ruin Harry and Louis.

Unexpected Surprise - part 9

So, It was a turbulent week (or two) but finally I present you the first part of a grand finale. :)

There were multiple theories (I can’t possibly link all of them) about this chapter. My favourite would be this one and this one, but you all were right - I am not a monster. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 10  A03

“I am really sorry, Marinette, but I didn’t have a choice…”

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i don’t say: the first time you held my hand, i was grounded to this earth in a beautiful way. like ships had come home in me. like all my dreams about flying.

i don’t say: i am so grateful for the moments you held my hair back or stroked my knuckles or fixed my dress or gave me that little reassuring squeeze or walked me through a panic attack. i am grateful for every night you stayed up late texting me and every tear you brushed away and every pint of shared ice cream. i am grateful for everything.

i don’t say: i owe you sunrises. i owe you laughter. i would fight to protect your happiness with every tooth and fiber and atom of my being. i love you deep.

- r.i.d

I wrote a thing. My first thing.

I sat on this for 3 days because I was afraid to post. Too many brilliant writers around here, and I am definitely out of my comfort zone. Anyway, super awesome @callmeder reviewed it for me - all the thanks! - and I finally decided to put on my big girl panties and post it.

Also - I don’t know how to put this under a cut, so, sorry if it takes up a lot of space on your dash.

*hiding* *I’ll be back later*

My Sassenach

Sam wasn’t particularly looking forward to his day. He’d flown in from London last night for another round of screen tests.  He’d already tested with what felt like hundreds of actresses, although he knew in reality the number was only a few dozen.  Dozens of young women with whom he’d read, acting out the fight by the river, the scene on the horse (he was bloody tired of falling off of that thing) and finally, kissing.

“Don’t fool yourself,” he thought ruefully, “the kissing wasn’t so bad.”

He had actually taken a class in ‘intimate scenes’ back in school, and had plenty of experience with the look, the touch, the slightly opened lips, the kiss, the final, searing gaze. He was good at it, and he knew it. He had kissed plenty, men and women, in the name of work before.  Actors would tell you during interviews that it was awkward, embarrassing, unfortunate work, but he knew them for the liars they were. Kissing was fun, no matter the circumstances, and he relished the job. And to kiss a bevy of beautiful actresses in the name of work? He wasn’t daft enough to complain. The problem here was that Claire was proving to be elusive.  

After landing what appeared to be a dream role – the chance of a lifetime, really, playing the male lead in a rather large undertaking – it all seemed to be going nowhere as the ever diminishing supply of relevant actresses failed to be right for ‘Claire.’ Granted, he was in LA, where they would never, ever run out of actresses, but Claire had specific requirements, and Ron Moore wasn’t going to settle for anyone less than perfect to be his lead. Sam had given up believing that this perfect embodiment of Claire could possibly exist, in LA or London. So, he’d woken up this morning with a bit of a damper on his usually exuberant spirits. Still, needs must, and he worked through his morning routine, exercising, showering, meeting with his agent and manager, catching up with friends for lunch and finally, arriving at the studios for the screen tests.

He’d arrived in plenty of time to meet with the casting director, look over the headshots of the women he was to test with and review his lines, just to be sure. Sam took every aspect of his job seriously; he refused to be unprepared for a test, no matter how many he had to do or how tired he was of doing them. Today’s testing was scheduled to take all afternoon, and he would be working with six new women. He glanced briefly through their bios, but his dampened spirits prevented him from really paying attention. He knew that at the end of the day they probably still wouldn’t have a Claire, and he would be tired, emotionally drained and, if he was being honest with himself, aroused from the close proximity of pliable female flesh, pressed close to him, soft lips at the ready.

It certainly wasn’t the arousal of attraction to a specific individual, but Sam was young, healthy, physically active and most certainly susceptible to the pleasures of the fairer sex. He was also a man of honor, not prone to sleep around just because he could. Oh, sure, he’d had his time playing the field. He was undeniably attractive. Even his genuinely humble nature couldn’t pretend otherwise, and he knew exactly how to use his charms to devastating effect, making nearly any woman he desired putty in his hands. It was just that these dalliances, while physically rewarding, did nothing for his emotional core. He was old enough now to want more from his relationships with women, and found casual hookups far less gratifying than they used to be. So while he knew he could most likely make arrangements to go home with at least one of today’s actresses, he couldn’t bring himself to want that. He sighed deeply, knowing already what that meant: a good, sweaty two-hour workout at the hotel gym later tonight and if that didn’t work, a long, steamy shower where he could release the physical tensions of the day.

It wasn’t that Sam was a prude, or opposed to casual sex. It was just that since his last relationship ended, he was unsatisfied with the idea. He felt restless, as if he were searching for something. He knew that in reality, he was searching for someone. Someone to share this new adventure with. He’d spent a number of years travelling all over Europe and the U.S., working at theaters here and there, and was happy with his nomadic life. But now, who knew? Maybe it was the unrelenting search for the perfect Claire that put him in mind of finding the perfect companion to share what was sure to prove a more stable life in Scotland.

The first test was scheduled to start in ten minutes, and he owed it to the young woman not to begin in this agitated state of mind. He excused himself from the room where he had absentmindedly been chatting with the casting director, a few producers and some other staff. In the bathroom, he splashed his face with cold water and stared at his reflection. “Oh, God,” he practically prayed, “please let us find her today.” And then, “get it together, Heughan.” He took a bracing gulp of whisky from the flask in his jacket pocket and returned to the room.

It was obvious from the moment the first actress opened her mouth that she wasn’t Claire, but Sam gave  100%, helping her get through the test and wishing her well at the end. His mood did not improve. The next few tests were passable, and one seemed almost promising but he didn’t have high hopes for her. He figured he’d see her again in a few days for a second test, and made a mental note to have his manager reschedule his flight back to London.

It was getting on in the afternoon, and he was looking forward to his last screen test, only because that meant he was about an hour away from going back to his hotel. In the restroom, he brushed his teeth for the last time (he was meticulous about oral hygiene when it came to these sorts of things) and reapplied his cherry lip balm, mentally readying himself for another round of fighting, loving and leading the scenes. When he returned to the room, he was informed that the final candidate of the day had phoned to say she was stuck in traffic and would be late. He silently cursed, but put on a brave face, pulled out his phone and settled down to entertain himself on Twitter until the poor soul should arrive. God knew he’d hate to be late to a screen test.

After about 30 minutes, he excused himself and wandered down to the lobby, feeling the need to get out of that room and breathe some fresh air. He was pacing around the lobby like a caged animal when suddenly he felt…odd. Turning around, he saw the most beautiful face. Momentarily flustered, he stared with his mouth slightly agape. The beautiful face coalesced into a full person, and Sam came to the realization that she was speaking. To him. He should do something. He knew that much, but this odd feeling…well, he seemed to be at a loss. He floundered, lost in her face. Suddenly his brain caught hold of words, and then managed to string them into a sentence.

“Hi!” this beautiful vision was saying, “I’m Caitriona. You must be Sam. I recognize you from your headshot. They sent it over with the script and the rest of the paperwork. It’s nice to meet you. I’m so sorry to be late. It’s horrible, I know, but I just couldn’t…”

Sam dimly realized that she was babbling, nervous words pouring out of her mouth in reaction to her anxiety. Ever the gentleman, Sam’s instincts took over and he reached out and took her hand. Not to shake it in greeting, but merely to hold it, comfortingly, his thumb unconsciously caressing the soft skin at her wrist.  He cleared his throat, shook off his confusion and spoke.

“Hello, Caitriona! Yes, I’m Sam. Don’t worry about being late, it happens.”

He still felt unaccountably odd, and covered his own confusion by determinedly soothing this lovely creature. They chatted for a few minutes, and Sam, regaining his composure, was able to deploy his considerable charm to great effect. Before long, Caitriona was smiling and laughing, perfectly at ease. Sam was delighted to see her relax, and spared a moment’s wonder that he should be so…enchanted? Really? Was that really the word? But it was. From the moment he felt her presence in the lobby, he had been unaccountably enchanted with her.

Sam walked her to the room where the Very Important People were waiting and busied himself with his phone while they made introductions and conducted the necessary small talk. Finally, the time had come and the screen test was ready to begin.

The test had an unmistakably rough start. Caitriona was obviously nervous and unsure, and Sam felt the anxiety of it in the pit of his stomach. Why was it so important to him that this woman do well? He didn’t have the answer, but knew without doubt that he must give her everything he had. As they worked through the scenes, Sam saw Caitriona’s confidence grow, until he became aware that she, not he, was subtly leading the scene. He followed where she led, and by the time they were fighting at the river, Sam was lost in the moment. They were positively tearing into each other. Sam had her in a bear hug, she was fighting him off. He saw real anger in her eyes. Was she going to hit him? God, he hoped so! All of his senses were tingling. He felt alight, sizzling with the magnetism in the air. This is what he loved about acting. Getting in deep, putting it all out there and leaving caution behind. Clearly this Caitriona knew her stuff, and didn’t feel the need to hold back. They worked through the lines, repeating a few things at the direction of the producers, relishing the moment.  

Sam was so lost in the joy of it, he hadn’t paid attention to where they were. He knew the scenes and could do them in his sleep. So, it was a bit of a shock to him when he found himself stilled, quiet, projecting longing, love and lust from his beautifully expressive eyes. Caitriona was still, as well, standing close to him, leaning into him, so that he could feel her warmth, smell her heady scent. Her hair was softly brushing his jawline and he could feel her breasts just skimming across his chest. Holy Lord, he could feel her nipples, hard under her dress. Was the woman even wearing a bra? Why was he thinking about this?

“Focus, Sam. You have work to do. Get on with it, now.”

Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. Her breasts pressed up against his chest, and he felt her arch her hips into him. He pulled back just a fraction, enough to gaze into her eyes, dark and bottomless. The electricity was snapping between them and he couldn’t tell if she was acting or if she really wanted to kiss him. Hell, he couldn’t tell if he was acting. All he knew was that he was going to kiss this woman. Caitriona or Claire, it didn’t matter. He needed his mouth on hers, and so, he began. Slowly, gently, just grazing her lips with his own, feeling the softness, the damp, tender willingness of her mouth, open to his. He touched her upper lip with his tongue and she started, grabbing the back of his neck tightly, bringing his mouth more firmly into contact with her own, now opened fully to him.  

They kissed, lost in the dizzy swirl of tongues dancing, sharing breath, swallowing small sounds of pleasure. The kiss reached its crescendo, an intoxicating mix of sweetness and lust until slowly, deliberately, they brought it down, easing the dance, stilling the need, lips hovering once again, just brushing against each other. He could feel her breath, feel her heart pounding in her chest, matching the pounding of his own heart, blood thrumming in his ears. He opened his eyes to find hers already on him. They stared deeply into one another for a long moment, breathing, calming, centering, still pressed firmly together.

Sam’s senses came back in full and he finished the scene, releasing her reluctantly. He could still feel his hands in her hair, her thighs soft against his own hard, muscled legs, the smallness of her waist, the fullness of her breasts and he was off again imagining her long legs curling around his hips…

‘STOP!’ he yelled internally. He didn’t know if he was yelling at himself or her, but he had to get it together. Caitriona was standing still, arms at her sides, breathing deeply, waiting. The room was quiet. Hushed. Electric. It was just a moment too long before one of the producers spoke, thanking Caitriona for her time. Telling her they’d be in touch. Confirming all the information they’d already confirmed. She turned to Sam, thanked him, offered him her hand. He took it automatically, shaking it this time, like the professional he was, wishing her well, saying that he hoped to see her again soon, wondering if she was attached. And then she was leaving. Coat and papers in hand, she was walking out the door. Sam stared after her in disbelief, feeling oddly bereft.

The kiss was still with him as he wrapped up for the day and headed back to the hotel. Still with him at dinner, at the gym, in the shower and undeniably still with him as he tried to focus on his nightly binge of Friday Night Lights. It was pointless to keep trying to watch, so shutting off his show, he opened Google and decided it was time to do some research.

He had no idea who this Caitriona Balfe person was, but of one thing he was sure; she was going to be his Sassenach.

why do we talk about Light so much when Ice is ALMOST AS FUCKED UP


First of all (and yes obviously this has been pointed out a shitton) is that… a giant snapper? a piece of the Shade left over from ages past? What the fuck is Icewarden keeping inside the Fortress of Ends??

“A frigid, unforgiving monument to the archaic past. From out of craggy, inhospitable terrain grow spires of impenetrable ice, covered in hoarfrost. Within these looming towers exist creatures, horrors, treasures, and even the ice flight’s own denizens, trapped forever in unending preservation. And they are being watched…” -

description of the Fortress of Ends

WHAT?? W H A T THE F U C K?? every other flight gets a description of “this is the place where the diety lives and does the thing they do” and then Ice has he’s fucking watching you b i t c h e s 

like even Lightning doesn’t say “the boss is always watching” or anything creepy as shit like that like no

even the ice flight’s own denizens? fuck this shit I’m moving to Arcane before I end up in a block of ice adios motherfuckers

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I don’t know why one of my first reactions to seeing that image was to create a One Of Us manipulation of it: but it was.

So here you go, have one version where Ford is trying to (heart-wrenchingly) convince Stan to join him in order to save his life and another version where Ford is less…nice about it.

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so what does this have to do with larry? what's the fader interview?

I care so fucking little about larry in this moment man

but basically one of the first (print) interviews he did he talked about larry and how uncomfortable it was and a bunch of the same old boring nasty shit

and holy FUCK man. I was pissed bc in my head “he has a new team and a new start and this is what he fucking talks about?” because his whole THING is that now he’s free, and can be himself and whatever.

But it’s all fucking lies he’s not free at ALL. 

And so I publicly on the record apologize for giving him shit because I was fucking wrong. And I am sorry.