first of all i am SO SORRY

So you guys all know how big a fan I am of the heartbreaking headcanon that Shepard was pregnant when the first Normandy was destroyed, correct?

What if it were like 10x sadder if just a few weeks after that point, Shepard and Kaidan had been planning on going back to Vancouver once their tour was over, and meeting his parents, and on that trip, he wanted to propose to her. And it was also when she was going to tell him about the baby.

So now that I’m overwhelmed with Quinn feelings, I can’t help but think about the first time he said, “my love” to the SW instead of “my lord.”

After all the times he’s addressed her as lord, I imagine that she must have heard it that way the first time. She’d have a reprimand on the tip of her tongue- does he have to be so formal all the time, even in private? Haven’t they been in a relationship long enough to him to loosen up a little bit? But the words die on her tongue because she suddenly realizes what he actually said. In fact, she’s so overwhelmed not only by what he said but also everything it means, that she can’t think of a thing to say.

And then there’s Quinn whose heart is in his throat from even that fraction of hesitation. He’s said it before but only in his head or only when he was absolutely sure she wouldn’t hear him. Then he says it to her at last and he’s met with silence and he doubts. He worries that he’s misstepped.

He’s just about to rush out an apology when she kisses him and all his doubts dissolve away.


I apologize times infinity for not being online or updating the last few weeks :’( I am SO sorry if I worried some of you. I’ve been trying to find a second to update you all on what’s going on and this is literally the first time I’ve had more than two minutes of free time to do anything other than basic needs since I can’t even remember when lol. I think my new job is killing me. It really got to the point where even my mom had to ask me if I was ok and feeling alright because I would literally come home after work, eat something quick, and fall asleep and basically repeat the cycle, even more on weekends (I’ve had to bring home work just about every single weekend the last few weeks) I was that exhausted.

One of my would-have-been-coworkers quit a few days after I started and they had a huge project that had to be done by the end of August so the rest of us were dividing up the workload while also training me and trying to do our actual duties and it was a mess. On top of that, the taxes for the business returns were extended to September 15th and, because of the project, all of that was on hold and now we’re scrambling to get the extension met in time :( So I’m looking at next to no time to be on tumblr or FF till after the 15th :(

One bright side though, I’ve managed to get enough done during the week (even if it meant getting like 3 hours of sleep a night) where I have most of Saturday (tomorrow, the 5th) to myself so I can still go to the NY Renaissance Faire like I planned :)

One day off before the really long haul I guess.

I just wanted to put this out there that I’m alive and I am SO sorry if I worried you guys. 

I may not get a chance to resume posting or be back on tumblr till after the 15th (hopefully no more than a few days after that) but I WILL resume posting before September ends if it kills me.

And I’ll still be at the NY Ren Faire tomorrow (the 5th) for anyone that might be there. I’ll be wearing my purple&white Icon T-shirt (Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On) so if you see me definitely say hi! (Though you may want to warn me if you’re not a hugger, I’m a hugger and I’m a little off from lack of sleep so I may get a bit too excited and bear hug people if you see me lol).

There’s just a little less than two more weeks to the deadline and then the stress for the year should be finished for the most part and settled down, but I wanted to just say I’m sorry if I worried anyone and I will be back very, very soon and answering asks, PMs, and reblogging anything I missed and redoing my posting schedule for the chapters I missed, I promise!

I love you all and I’m so sorry for the delay and lack of presence, but I’m ok (and my dad is, thankfully, doing ok as well), if a bit exhausted, and I’ll be back soon!

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Hey! How does clicking the links help? I do it everytime, so just curious haha

Hi! First of all thank you so so so much :)

Every month I get a little cash or store credit for the number of clicks/traffic I bring to the store. That’s it.

I always try to be respectful of my followers’ dashboards and I only post clothes twice a day. Still, I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Again, thanks :)

I be at work like:

Thank you for calling (Haha Nope) Tech Support I am hood-skoop can I have your case #? 

 Customer: uh yeah I have an issue. 

Sorry,to hear that sir. Can I have your case number? 

Customer: So what I am trying to do is, fuck up everything. Your product isn’t working. 

Sir, I would like to help you. But first I need a case number. 

Customer: Yeah, I am not going to give you that. Instead, I am going to ramble on and on about how I fucked up my internal network and it’s all your fault. Oh and I am going chew food in your ear very loudly. 

 *Slams my keyboard into my face*

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I agree with you about Jake and Amy having sex being natural. In the real world (with the exception of some areas) it's pretty typical. My concern is that the speediness of it all will be a problem for the writers. I would be crushed if they just drop Jake and Amy's arc after this. But idk, my "first ship" had sex in season 1 and had a generally healthy/interesting relationship for the 7 following seasons. So it's possible for this relationship to stay appealing. P.S. sorry for typos; on mobile.

I see what you mean, but I also am really positive that this won’t happen. It might be naive of me, but I can honestly say that I really do trust the guts of these showrunners. Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t and won’t ever be just about Jake and Amy (which I’m sure we’re all happy for), but I don’t think that their relationship will be forgotten as a storyline possibility after they get together-together.

Actually, I remember reading an interview with Andy and Melissa right before the Season 2 Finale, and Andy says that he’s not allowed to give away any Jake and Amy spoilers because, in his words, “that’s all we have”. Jokes aside, they know that Jake and Amy are probably the biggest thing on the show, so I think they’ll always be super careful with them, and thus we have nothing to worry about.

But, you know, I can be wrong ;)

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Hi, it's the girl who sent the anon before:)) First of all, thanks for responding!♥ I want to ask you something else: which Pevensie sibling do you like the most and which the least? (I think the first one is kinda obvious xD My favourite is Edmund and of course I love Skandar Keynes -me and Skandar are bday twins lol-) Sorry for being annoying af:(♥

My pleasure! You are the furthest thing from being annoying, so no need to apologise, I love getting messages! ♥

To answer your question, I agree, I think my favourite is very obvious! 😉 Edmund wasn’t always my favourite, though. When I first read Narnia when I was about seven, I was too young to really understand Edmund’s arc of redemption. Plus, I had only read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and although Edmund’s growth is alluded to at the end of that book, it doesn’t really become evident until you read further into the series. Having read the whole series and looked at it through a more mature lens, though, how could I love any character more than Edmund? Skandar has mentioned it a few times in interviews, but his character really is the most interesting of them all; he grows and changes the most and he’s skilled, clever and talented – honestly, what’s not to love?

Least favourite is hard because I love them all, but if I had to choose, I’d probably pick Peter, mainly because I feel he’s the least developed out of all of them, in that we don’t learn all that much about him. I hope no one gets me wrong, I love Peter, I don’t hate him by any means, but I don’t feel that he’s as dynamic as the other three who grow and change quite a bit. Part of the reason for that is that he appears in the least number of novels, only three, as opposed to Edmund and Lucy who appear in five, but even his appearances in those three do little to really show his growth and development.

Thanks for the great question and the lovely message from before! xx

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Okay so i recently followed you and all of your things are really interesting and admirable BUT THEN AGAIN i am new here and i'd really like to understand this more... Where can i like... Start from the beginning bc i am so confused but i really want to be part of it, i mean as in the ones who follow and really like it. Sorry for troubling you, have a nice day😸

Well here’s the fanfiction: And here was the very first thing I ever drew for this au: If you have anymore questions or confused about something feel free to ask you’re not bothering me at all.

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Hasana, I am so, SO deeply sorry to disturb you. I know this isn't FNAF related, but I really need some advice from someone. I was just told my parents are getting divorced, and I don't know what to do. My dad just left, and I don't know what to do. You by no means have to answer this, but I just needed to get this off of my chest. Thank you. </3

Hey darling

I know parents getting divorced really sucks (my parents got divorced when I was 12) 

But… Look dear, first of all there’s really nothing you can do because this issue doesn’t involve you. It’s between your parents and your parents alone. It’s not your fault, and you’re not responsible. 

What you CAN do is think about this: 

If your parents are getting divorced, is because their marriage doesn’t work anymore and they’re unhappy. Some people just can’t be together anymore, and forcing to continue a relation is unhealthy and emotionally/mentally exhausting.

So divorce isn’t a problem. Divorce is the SOLUTION to a problem. 

Both your parents are gonna be better once they’re apart. 

Now remember that they might be divorcing each other, but they’re NOT divorcing you (If they’re good parents both of them, which I hope they are). 

Your dad might physically leave, but (hopefully) he will stay in touch with you and you’ll be able to visit him and spend time with him. Plus he has an economic obligation with you if you’re underage. 

So… it really isn’t something nice, and you might feel like your family is crumbling to the ground, and you’ll never be a family anymore… But try to keep in mind that this is for the best, for your parents. And if your parents are good, you’ll be good. 

Just hang in there, it’s tough, but you gotta stay strong. And I hope things will get better for you and your parents. I know they did for me. 

Best wishes dear, I hope I helped even though I don’t have the right answer. I’m talking out of personal experience…

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hi, i'm so sorry if this is stupid but i'm really new to flightrising!!! i think your hatchery pairs are absolutely beautiful, and i really like them! but i'm a little confused on how "reserving" babies from them work and what the rates for them are. if you could explain this to me i'd be so happy! i'm so sorry i'm so clueless about this site i'm so new but i really am enjoying my time!!! all of your dragons are breathtaking! <3 thank you so much for your time!

I’m glad you like my dragons!

First up, I don’t do reserves in my hatchery. You may have seen that be a thing at other hatcheries, but it’s not available at mine. That said, what people usually mean by reserves is that you express that you want to buy a hatchling from a pair next time the pair hatches, and you usually pay in advance to ‘reserve’ this hatchling.

Otherwise (& what you would do in my hatchery) you can usually put yourself on a pinglist for a pair (so you get a ping when the pair hatches hatchlings) or ask for a hold on an existing hatchling (for a couple days - just in case you need extra time to get money or free up some space).

My hatchery prices vary widely depending on which pair it is, what else is up on the market, etc. In general most of my hatchlings are at least 30k+. I hope that answered your question but if not, please feel free to follow up. (:


Hey guys. I’m sorry but I deleted the post I made about Suga and the younger vs older girl thing. It appears that some were misunderstanding the situation and calling Yoongi gross :( So to fix all the misunderstandings and to prevent any more from happening, I deleted the post and am writing this text to clear things up. First of all, I’m sorry for not being clear about the definiton of the words. The terms “연하” and “연상” didn’t have direct translations in English so I changed it with words with similar meanings which is why I chose to use “younger girls” and “older girls”. They are the literal meanings but when used it is used when describing lovers or ideal types. So if you like 연하 aka younger girls, it means you prefer younger girls AS IN THE RANGE ALLOWED TO DATE. For example, let’s say you’re 22. If you say you like 연하(younger girls) than that means you prefer to date 20 or 21 year olds NOT students. Besides, this DOES NOT mean you only like younger girls. It’s just a preference like ideal types. Also, when Yoongi said that he preferred younger girls, it was not serious. He didn’t mean it. It was just a sort of fan service to the fan to make her happy. I didn’t know that some people would actually take the context seriously and think of Yoongi in a bad way. I apologize for not being clear about the definitons and for not explaining that he wasn’t serious. I’m sorry for making some of you misunderstand so please read this and clear things up. If any of you are still confused, please message me and I will do my best to explain whatever you didn’t get. I would appreciate it if you reblogged it whether or not you know what this situation is about just to make sure every misunderstanding is cleared.

Hello everybody!
Well, first of all I am sorry for dissappearing long time ago, but I am back “officially”.

I guess you deserve an explanation, so… here I go.

Some years ago I moved to TSR and I didn’t want it to be as “me” going there so I used another name. I am so original I took the name of the DJ I was listening that day hahaha, so yes, I was behind “Alesso”. Plenty of you already knew it, I guess it was kind of obvious, some even messaged me and I denied, so sorry for that.

For those who wonder why I decided to come back as myself… well, let’s say I missed being “me”, I missed all your comments, I trully loved them, made me so happy to see when you all liked my stuff, and those who didn’t I tried to fix thingies so they were perfect for you all (I lied, those who didn’t, I did voodoo to you so hope you all are burning or something XD).

Well, there’s nothing much to say, just hope you don’t hate me much…

I will give you this purty hair (as Anto) soon, I am polishing last details :3

PS: Thank Leah for requesting the hair

fun fact: i used to be really obsessed with egyptian mythology and i loved anubis so much it was almost creepy


i just love the idea of a chill jackal dude wrapping charms in yo mummy bandages v carefully like “pat pat. boop ur nose. i love u random dead person. even though nobody else did. i do.”

also what if osiris hits on him

wouldn’t that be great

“[insert doggy style joke here]”

“first of all yr married and second of all i am yr intern what is wrong with you”

“also i am not so sure about the whole wooden dick thing”

and then set is in the corner like “OOOOOOOH SICK BURN”

i feel like i need to send out a formal handwritten apology to all kemetics for this post but at the same time i am not sorry at all

help me please!!

sorry this is annoying but i just checked my academic email and my advisor notified me (last minute–class is in 3 days) that i need to sign up for a mandatory photography class as a film major. I am literally broke from buying all my dorm stuff and supplies for other classes (spent about $1,000 total) and I have no extra money left to buy the materials for this class which are probably needed on the first day in order to do homework. 

I added the items to my amazon wishlist and I need them as soon as possible, if you can’t purchase anything from my wishlist, here is my paypal and I am looking to raise just about $150! 

Please help, a $1 or $5 or any amount is good enough and means a lot. Please boost this!

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Hey babe can you please do a Harry one where like kinda an add on to the last blurb you posted but like when Harry brings you home after the accident and he's really protective and worried about you and like his family and the boys come round and like he's really worried about you and stuff haha I really want that side of Harry in a blurb/one shot xx please lovely!!

I am so sorry this took forever to post, my lovely. I’m working from the bottom of my requests and upwards, so it’s taken some time to get them all up and posted. Read this first. xxx

“Careful, love.”

His hands held your hips as he helped you up from the front passenger seat of his black range rover. Just two days after waking up from your small coma, your doctor had explained how you were ready to head back home to recover in the comforts of your own home, with your husband by your side and tending to your every need. With a nod from the doctor, and as soon as the discharge papers were signed, Harry was instantly taken under taking care of you.

Being your husband, he found it in his mind that he needed to take care of you until you were feeling 100% better and your ribs were feeling secure. His promise being made in your vows when he stated that he’d ‘be there for you whenever you needed him. Whenever you were sick. Whenever you needed someone to hug, or a shoulder to cry on. Whenever you were in pain, and in need of help’. He promised. And he wasn’t going to forget that.

“Harry, I’m okay. I can walk myself,” you whisped, curling your fingers around his wrists, his hands still resting on your hips as he helped you take steps away from the car so he could close the door. “Harry, love, I know you’re trying to help but I need to learn to do things on my own for the next few weeks.”

He shook his head, and pressed a kiss to your temple. “I promised the doctor I’d take good care of you. What kind of husband would I be if I wasn’t there to help you in your time of need?” He fished around in his pocket, reaching for the house keys and hooking the keyring around his finger. “Now, I can hear our bed calling your name. It’s missed you,” Harry chuckled, adjusting the shoulder bag on his shoulder, containing a couple of magazines and Harry’s laptop that he’d offered for you during the two days of being awake; just to keep you occupied in the hospital room.

“Oh trust me, I’ve missed our bed as well. As much as I’m glad they made me feel better, the hospital beds are awfully uncomfortable,” you whined, dropping your head to his shoulder, and inhaling his Tom Ford sent. “I’ve also missed having a cuddle with my favourite person on this planet,” you smiled, pressing a kiss to his jaw.

A muffled groan left your lips when he helped you walk up the steps to the front door, your body hunching over and your ribs clenching. 

“Harry, fuck.”

“Sorry, beautiful. We’re nearly up the top. Then we can rest. I’ve got the F.R.I.E.N.D.S box set back from Gem, so we can get all comfy cosy and have a relaxing evening in,” Harry smiled, as he slowed his pace walking up the steps, his eyes flickering over to you as you stood at the top and let out a sigh of relief. “Okay, now? Maybe, we’ll leave the upstairs till you’re feeling up to walking. We can just have a snuggle on the downstairs sofa, yeah?”

And with a nod, he smiled to himself and helped you inside.

* *

Waking up the next morning was a struggle. Harry was snuggled between you and sofa back, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he snored softly in your ear. You loved cuddling with him; how could you hate it? He was your husband, so you couldn’t hate being cuddled into his arms, with him snoring lightly into your ear. His breath was warm against your skin and you smiled distressingly as you tried to shuffle, your ribs aching and bruised.

“Harry? Wake up,” you mumbled, almost knowing it was impossible because he was a heavy sleeper. He wouldn’t wake up if a bang occurred through the house. He couldn’t even wake up to the sound of the doorbell ringing, acting as though the shrill noise wasn’t even sounding; but that was back when you were friends.. “Harry, baby. Please. My ribs.”

At the sound of your disgruntled moan, one of his eyes opened slowly. His face puckered as the light entered his green orbs, and a soft laugh left your lips. 

“You’re cuddling a little too hard, baby. I need some space for the ribs to heal,” you stated, turning your head to look at him. His eyes wide and pupils dilated as the sun filtered through the glossy and sleep-deprived residue left over behind his eyelids. “I’m sorry. I know you’ve missed having cuddles with your missus.”

“I have. I have indeed.”

Of course he missed cuddling with you. Sleeping alone in the bed upstairs was torture, when all his mind could wander to was you in an empty hospital room, with no company and nothing to do. He wanted to be there, cuddling you close, kissing you and holding your hand. Letting you know everything was going to be okay. But he couldn’t, and that killed him. All he wanted was to be by your side, whether you knew he was there or not. He just wanted to be close to you, and tell you everything would be okay.

“How about I run my very beautiful missus a bath, to relax in, whilst I make her the best breakfast in the world?” Harry wondered, hitching a leg over your thighs and tucing his foot beneath your leg and the cushion beneath you. “I thinj she could use a bath. She smells.”

“Gee, thanks. What a loving husband I have.”

“I’m kidding, beautiful. But, I think I should run you one to relax in. Does that sound okay?” He wondered.

“That sounds perfect, H.”

* *

A knock sounded around the house, a tap on the oak wood front door, causing Harry to drop the spoon he had in his hand. He hoped it was just the mailman dropping off a parcel for him, or for the neighbours, but he had a funny feeling it was the boys. Or at least one of them. Coming by to check up on how you were. And as much as he loved having the boys over, he wished they’d have waited a week or two before coming by to visit.

As he neared the front door, he could see a familiar body standing in the side window, a bear tucked under his arm with a box of chocolates in his hand. A familiar laugh bellowed around the small porchway, and a hushed whisper followed after. Harry pushed the door handle down, a forced smile on his lips as the three boy and Sophia came into view. 

“Harry, mate! How you doing? How’s the missus?” Louis asked, as he watched Harry emerge from the doorway. “Jesus, you look knackered. Were you up all night? Is she okay?” A smile left Harry’s lips as the four people stood on the front step walked into the house, hugs and a soft kiss being given by Sophia were given to Harry as they walked past him. 

“She’s okay, yeah. She came home yesterday, and zonked out before we even finished the first episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, bless her,” Harry stated, taking the bear and the chocolates from Louis. “She’s in the bath right now. I’ll go up and help her in a second, I need to finish these pancakes,” Harry stated, walking past Niall who was chomping away on the strawberries from the box settled on the counter. 

“I can go up and get her, mate,” Louis suggested, as Harry turned to him. A soft grin on his lips. “Honestly, it’s no bother. I’ve not seen my good ole’ best mate in a while,” he chuckled, giving Harry a genuine and worried look.

“That would be much appreciated, Lou. Thanks, mate. Please though, please be careful. She’s still in a whole load of pain. I need to get her medication out of her bag,” Harry flustered, running a hand through his hair. “Can someone get them for me? They’re in the front pocket of her shoulder bag,” Harry muttered, his back turned to everyone, oblivious to Louis walking out, followed by Sophia.

* *

You cracked an eye open when you heard a knock on the bathroom door, your head turning to the white wood blocking the bedroom from the bathroom. You could smell the strong aroma of pancakes, and you could only imagine Harry flustering around the kitchen and panicking before he knocked on the bathroom door. Your forearms were braced on the bathtub sides, your upper body hidden beneath the bubbles as they tickled at your jawline. 

“Is breakfast done already, H? I’ll be finished in a moment. I’m loving this warm bath,” you called out, watching as the door handle pushed down and the wooden door edging open slightly.

“Hi, love. Harry’s fluttering around the kitchen, asked me to come help you,” you heard Louis’ Yorkshire-accentuated voice come from the gap. His head soon poking through the doorway. “Hi, how you feeling? You okay? You ready to come down and see everyone?” Louis wondered, stepping cautiously into the brightly lit bathroom, and sitting on the toilet beside the bath. 

You felt most comfortable with Louis. Being the second closest with him, you’d taken it upon yourself to feel comfortable in how you were with him, and you were glad Harry understood that the reason you were so close was because you’d formed a bond that only you and Louis could experience. He always liked to tease Harry, calling you his ‘second wife’ and pretending to nick you for the day to take you out. But, Harry didn’t mind. You married him. He knew you were just best friends, and he had no problem sharing you with him.

“Hi. There’s my second husband. How’ve you been? I’ve been good. Obviously, the ribs are still sore, but I’m alright,” you giggled, resting your head back against the back of the tub, right where the curve was set. He nodded softly, and watched as you tried to hoist yourself up, the fact that you were soon to be exposing your naked self not bothering either one of you. “Can you, uhm, can you help me?”

“Of course, my love. C’mere, you. Let’s get you out and down with your dear husband, Harry. He’s flustered down there. He’s a worry-guts,” he chuckled, standing up from the toilet and reaching for the white fluffy towel hanging on the back of the door. “I promise I won’t look. I’m not that bad, I promise,” he laughed, holding the towel under his arm as he hunched over the tub and held you up by your underarms.

“At the moment, I really don’t care. I just want to get out, and be comfy. Who else is downstairs? Is Soph here? I haven’t seen her in ages. I need some details upon hers and Liam’s trip away,” you grinned, as you stood flat footed in the bath, the water sloshing and dripping down your body.

“I don’t think they got up to anything. Liam said they had a few relaxing days by the pool, a couple of nights out and then the rest were spent at the beach,” Louis laughed, holding your hand as you stepped out the bathtub and onto the fuzzy black rug laid by the bath. “We’re all down there. Niall, Liam and Soph, and obviously, your husband. Are you alright changing or do you need him? I feel I shouldn’t get that personal with you,” Louis smiled softly, wrapping the towel around your body and removing his hands when you took a hold of it. As you adjusted the towel around your body, Louis hunched over the bath to pull the plug from the plug hole, the water gurgling down the drain.

“I think I’ll be okay on my own. I need to do things myself.”

“You sure?” Louis wondered.

“I’m sure. Go and calm Harry down. Tell him I’ll be okay. I’m fine. Just, I’ll dress comfy and come down and we can all have like, a movie day or whatever,” you smiled, following Louis out the bathroom and flicking the light off. “Thank you, Tommo.”

You’re welcome, my second missus.” And with a wink, he was out the door, and running down the stairs to inform your husband that you were capable of doing your personal business yourself.

i’m sorry

but this needs to be said. y’all need to stop with the “i’m __ (insert number) and i have never kissed anyone”. call me cliche or old-fashioned but your first time (first kiss, first sex, etc), you want to wait for the right person and the right time to come along. i am tired of hearing “i’m so embarrassed because my friends have done it and i haven’t”, so?? like you need to stop comparing yourself to your friends. you are not your friends and you will never be, just like they are not you, and they will never be you. ask yourself, would you want to jump off a cliff if your friend does it? be patient, when it happens, it happens. 

Chapter 450 reactions.

As requested by Axkkx :)

Makarov: …The first master killed my mother.

Mavis: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!

Makarov: No it’s fine, just a bit of a shock; these things happen.

Mavis: Oh yes, being afflicted with a conflicted curse that takes the life of things around you just because you care, happens every day!

Makarov: First master I’m trying to be on your side.

Mavis: Don’t be on my side! I am a horrible, horrible person…

Makarov: No you’re not, so please don’t start crying!

Mirajane: Apart from all the sadness, this was so cute! Zeref and Mavis kissed!

Laxus: Yeah and she died right after it, that’s not exactly something that seems good to ship

Mirajane: Lalala I can’t hear you over the sound of my new OTP!

Laxus: You’re impossible.

Mirajane: I don’t care they’re adorable!

Laxus: Does the guy even deserve to get a kiss though? I mean, he goes around killing everything.

Erza: It’s not as if he wants to Laxus, he’s cursed; it’s not something he can help.

Laxus: Look I’m just a little mad about Tenrou Island okay?

Erza: Oh, when he would’ve killed Elfman and Evergreen?

Laxus: Yeah, if I see that guy I’m gonna giving a beating he’ll never forget.

Natsu: No way Laxus! I’m gonna beat him so hard he won’t remember anything from the past 400 years!

Laxus: As if you could.

Natsu: Want me to prove it?!

Erza: That’s enough!



Gray: He created the Etherious… E.N.D. … and started creating his very own country, that guy was some sort of genius.

Lucy: Yes, though take a look at when he says he wants to see his brother again, but changes it and says he wants to destroy him…

Gray: That’s interesting, must be a side effect of the curse…

Lucy: True, we might need to be wary of Master Mavis…

Natsu: Did that big cry-baby say he had a brother?! That’s news to me!



Gray: Why am I suddenly getting chills?

Lucy: I don’t know…

Hello my dear friends and followers. Yummo here with my very first follow forever. I thought of making one when I reached 1k followers but I couldn’t so here I am after 16 months and 10k followers with my first ff. I reached 10k on 19th August which was my birthday :D I discovered Kpop in December 2013 and made this blog in March 2014 so I could see my babies more and fangirl over them. This place is my home now, I’ve made so many friends I never thought I would ever have. It was really hard to run this blog, being a full time working mom of a very active 2 years old, it wasn’t easy but you guys have been with me all this time, giving me strength and supporting me. Thank you so much for appreciating my work and guiding me with help. I never knew what photoshop was before this blog but I learned how to edit and so many of you helped me. It means a lot to me. It means the world to me when you guys like my edits and complimets me. Thank you for giving me a chance to fangirl with you guys over our boys (exo). Thank you so much.  OMG I’m talking too much so I’m gonna end it here.

Dear followers : thank you so much for following me and liking my not-so-cool blog. You guys make my day :)

Dear blogs I follow : Every single blog i follow is amazing. Thank you for making my dash beautiful with all your posts, edits, graphics and funny posts :) Thank you for being my inspiration. All of you are my favorites ^^

Dear friends : I’m so sorry, I haven’t talked to many of you  in ages but I really love you all. I try my best to talk but life is busy. Thank you for being my friend and being amazing ^^ ily all ♥

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anonymous asked:

To the anon who wished for you to get "aids": are you fucking kidding me? AIDS is a serious illness that first, needs to capitalized, and second, should NEVER be used lightly. I've had 6 people in my life suffer, and 3 of them die, from the illness and it physically sickens me to see someone using it as an insult. You need to stop, you're not funny, it's not cool. That's similar to saying "I hope you get cancer." Please do educate yourself and be considerate of both grammar and feelings. Thanks.

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