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Let’s start off easy * rolls up sleeves*

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The picture might be blurry but the first thing that caught your attentiont is probably that veiny forearm

When he flexes while cooking asfdghjk 

His veins are just effortlessly showing as if it was normal shit to look that sexy

His manly forearms *nosebleed*

That manliness showcased through them , like : “ Baby girl * grabs your waist*” # you all thought of this # don’t deny me ppl

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Character Analysis: Blue Diamond

I kept trying to make the juxtaposition post between Blue and Yellow Diamond work, but I really needed a foundation before I started comparing their characters. It was turning into a huge section for each character and less like certain aspects of them were being analysed. It never turned out acceptable enough to me, and I was taking longer and longer to write just one post. So I decided to break it down (again) into a character analysis post for each character, and I’ll be following up with their juxtaposition before talking about PD’s shattering.

I want to start with Blue Diamond first, if only because I’ve touched a little on Yellow Diamond before . Blue Diamond is a relatively new character in the show, in that her presence hadn’t been confirmed until Steven’s Dream. Before that, all we had to go on were the Ziggurat and Moon Base murals and Garnet’s story in The Answer.

BD is a very complex character. On the surface, she appears as a victim, a foil to the “harshness” of Yellow Diamond (more on her in the next post). She is a very visible and obvious embodiment of Homeworld’s humanity, that they too have been hurt by the war and the conflict that underlay it. At the same time, though, there is a feeling of guilt about her that reveals she wasn’t totally ignorant of the said conflict going on. Moreover, by her own words, she has not only been dwelling in grief, but also has been searching for answers.

Blue Diamond then, is not a helpless mourner in distress and under duress. She is a capable and intelligent ruler, trying—and failing—to put aside personal pain in order to continue ruling. And that makes her similar to Yellow Diamond in more ways than one. Like their civilisation, she is trying to heal but a focal point of her healing is finding out what really happened the day PD was shattered. The way she deals with her stress and sadness, as well as the way she interacts with the gems around her, reveals a lot about her character. Let’s get to that.

1. BD dances the line between power and helplessness

What is striking about BD is how she looks like the quintessential ruler, a cross between the archetypes of mother goddess and queen. She is altogether very regal and dignified. She speaks deliberately, slowly compared to some of the other dialogue on the show. Combined with her crisp diction, her words always feel weighty. One of my favourite instances is her reply to Yellow Diamond in the Trial. YD almost annoyed asks whether examining Blue’s palanquin is necessary and Blue quietly but firmly says, “Isn’t it?” In that line, it was as if the room collectively held its breath, and even YD paused for a moment.

Blue Diamond possesses all of the attributes that we would normally associate with a leader. Her presence, from her first appearance in The Answer, spoke of someone who literally stood above others. Even while crying or angry she manages to look elegant and composed. Like the classical leader, she is introduced not with her generals but her Sapphire, analogous to leading with wisdom rather than brute force.

This picture of BD reaffirms the concept of a Diamond. In What’s The Use of Feeling (Blue), Yellow Diamond reminds Blue how each gem has a role, and when she gets to BD, she says the needs to be a leader. This is a very telling line, because we begin to understand how the socio-political hierarchy is understood on Homeworld. It isn’t a lie told by the Diamonds to placate lower-ranking gems in society. They themselves fully believe in their role as rulers. They honestly feel that “every gem in her place” is the only way for their civilisation to function properly.

That “truth” becomes a huge limiter of the supposed power that comes from being the unquestioned ruler of an empire. The Diamonds can technically do anything, but they are situated in a particular context, embedded in particular social roles, like any other character in the story. In the rigid social structure of Homeworld, they are expected to lead. So they can do anything, in so much as they do as leaders do. This explains why YD had to drop everything and run after Blue in The Zoo and That Will Be All. Ideally, they can’t just do anything they want because they are fully aware of the huge waves the ripples of their actions will cause around them.

The operative word here “ideal.” One thing to note is that all these rules are enforced by a social structure. That means social roles and expectations do blur and how to act within this structure is largely informal. There probably aren’t written rules that say how far behind a Diamond one should walk, when exactly a Pearl should speak, or how much shoulder-punching is too much shoulder-punching among soldiers.

Much like ours, their society is governed by these informal rules as much as the formal written laws. The Diamonds may have a formal set of responsibilities, but so many other social factors intervene in the way they are perceived. Things like power, class, and even height difference factor into how they are perceived by other gems. This means that a structure in which everyone is supposed to have a place, may not be as easily enforced, especially as gems go higher up the social ladder. Discipline, particularly at the Diamond-level is largely self-enforced.

So it doesn’t mean they don’t break these unspoken rules—we’ve seen them arbitrarily use their power when they’re upset or stressed. It so happens though, that in the show so far, all we’ve seen them feeling is indeed upset and stressed.

The idea that Blue is a powerful, at times unquestioned leader, is countered by how crippled and paralysed she feels in the face of Pink Diamond’s shattering. Blue has so much to offer gem-kind, not only as their leader, but also, as Peridot pointed out in Message Received, someone with abilities that surpass those of any other gem.

Yet she is unable to fulfil her role. In her most vulnerable, while she’s on Earth, she entrusted her safety to only her Pearl. For emphasis, Blue touched down on a Homeworld-hostile planet with no guards, and no Sapphires. The only gem with her was her Pearl. Given my old theory on PD’s shattering, and even the theories floating around now, that whoever shattered PD would’ve had to be close to her, it shows how exposed she is right now.

Blue is a force, but she’s also presented as a character who is flowy, flexible, rounded, and very sad. Were she the same size as the average gem, she would appear weak, not a fighter, and unable to defend herself.

BD seems very much like the archetypal leader, the only Diamond we’ve seen hold court and carry with her the formalities traditionally associated with leaders. But she’s also immobilised by grief. There is a paradox in her looking so willowy and bendable but deeply emphatic and firm about her beliefs, in this case, her search for answers.

In Blue we have a character seemingly transparent, showing everyone her tears and her breakdowns, but at the same time so opaque, as she makes decisions behind closed doors (or closed palanquin, as in The Answer) and has been searching for answers with a resolve YD didn’t even know about.

2. Leadership style

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Do you think Neil has a binder (solely) for Andrew (and him) and one for his Foxes? What's inside the binder(s)? And ohh btw I just simply love your hc about the photos ((and i want more bec i love you and your hcs so much))

thanks bb <3

(neil only got the binders because he can’t cover every spare inch of the walls of their apartments in photos and articles - even he recognises that it would make it look like a serial stalker’s den. yes, andrew’s slightly judgmental expression did help him to reach that conclusion)

anyway, a list of some of the contents of neil’s post-graduation binders:

  • every photograph and article about kevin day neil can get his hands on - and there’s a lot of them. kevin holding trophies, kevin with his teams, kevin and thea in elegant clothes at big events, kevin smiling in a way that starts fake but gets more real as the years pass. kevin, alive. kevin, victorious. kevin with everything that riko tried to take from him. (enough of them that andrew made a dry comment or two about neil at least being predictable in his obsessions) (he’s quietly satisfied by the progression, too)
  • articles on robin, as both a fox and afterwards, concrete proof of neil’s work as a captain and andrew’s…something neil isn’t quite sure of sometimes, still. photos of her standing tall and proud, no trace of the mousey child who was nearly too afraid to be a fox
  • a collection of postcards addressed to them both in renee’s neat hand - pictures of mountain ranges and jungles and forests and deserts and cityscapes, ones that still make neil think about a different kind of travel than the frightened bolt he and his mother did across half the planet all those years ago with that vague kind of longing for something different
  • the entire photographic coverage of allison’s first fashion show (neil was there, which meant andrew was there. unsurprisingly, andrew ‘i wear designer clothes’ minyard found it more interesting than neil ‘the height of fashion is my partner’s oversized hoodie and these jeans that i’ve had for ten years’ josten)
  • a heavy piece of cream card inviting neil and andrew to the wedding of nicholas hemmick and erik klose (they went. neil had never seen nicky happier)
  • a picture of matt and neil hugging on the court after eschewing the more normal post-game handshake, wearing different colours and smiles
  • articles following dan’s career, from her first teams through to the foxes, including photos of her familiarly disapproving and determined and delighted expression on the sidelines or amongst her players
  • a collection of photos taken by various foxes at their ‘reunions’ - matt and dan curled in the same armchair, dan laughing because she’s getting squashed. renee braiding allison’s hair, her face all careful concentration, while allison sits on the floor between her knees drinking wine. aaron and kevin arguing, for old time’s sake. nicky and andrew making drinks while erik watches on in the background. all of them together in one mess, no one looking the right way, someone’s eyes closed, someone laughing a little bit too hard - perfect
  • a singular photo of jean moreau, helmet under his arm as he looks down at jeremy knox, the man he followed through the professional leagues post-college. he’s smiling in it, grey eyes crinkled in the corners. (neil can’t quite explain why he kept it - he doesn’t look at it much. when he does, he remembers)
  • a collection of articles about andrew on the court, from his first year pro all the way through. articles that still call him dangerous, but mean it in relation to the scoring percentages of his opposition. photos of him stretched out in goal, immortalised in brutal determination, beside total strangers calling him talented, even calling him revolutionary because of his style of play
  • more articles about andrew, off of the court - andrew as an icon, flat-faced beside LGBT campaigners for sports, speaking bluntly and truthfully and tactlessly at events as an invited guest. 
  • andrew, whose thesis on the treatment of mentally ill juveniles in the justice system was publicised by a psu student, who stared at everyone who questioned him about it in a way that unmistakably said i meant what i wrote
  • andrew, the survivor, who donates so much of his salary to a variety of causes, who did before anyone knew and who continued after it became public like he didn’t give a fuck because he didn’t
  • photos of the andrew that belong to neil, ones that make andrew curl his lip if neil pins them up - he and his brother standing shoulder to shoulder at the reception of aaron’s wedding, caught on camera by the official photographer in a very rare moment of understanding. him bathed in the light of a sunset on their balcony, all golden. he and neil together wearing red, white and blue in the locker room of a foreign stadium, ready to walk on the court for their country. him on the couch, asleep on his belly with one of the cats curled up in the cup of his lower back
  • (neil doesn’t mean to document his own history, only theirs - it happens by accident. there’s a photo of him beside kevin, medals around both of their necks at a world cup final. a photo him in the audience of an event where andrew is on the stage, photographed looking up from the crowd with a slight smile on his face included in an article on andrew. one from a reunion, taken from behind him and andrew with the sun turning them to silhouettes, including where their hands are curled together between them. a headshot of him from a where are they now-style article on the first ncaa champion fox team, scars on display and stare as bright and challenging as ever - still alive)

So yesterday in Genetics lecture, we learned about something called “incomplete penetrance”.  Basically, it’s when not all individuals with a certain allele display that trait, even if logic says they should.  Normally I don’t share my class notes with the Internet because frankly I doubt anyone wants to see them.  But the example our professor gave us was polydactyly.  Naturally, when he explained this and showed us a picture, my first thought was:

Let me explain why I’m bringing this up.

I just sort of assumed that Ford had six fingers due to an in utero mutation (a spontaneous mutation of an embryo while it’s still developing), because polydactyly, or having additional phalanges, is a dominant trait.  If a child has it, one of their parents does too.  Like inheriting brown vs blue eyes.  But it turns out that polydactyly isn’t that simple.

In order to be a polydactyl, you need at least one copy of the dominant allele (let’s call it “P”; the recessive allele is “p”).  If you have extra fingers you either have two copies (PP) or one copy (Pp).  If you have no copies (pp), you have five fingers on each hand.  However, only about 3/5 of people with either PP or Pp actually have extra phalanges.  Roughly 2/5 of people with PP or Pp have the normal number of fingers.

I promise I have a point.

And here it is: Most of us have been assuming that Stan and Ford are fraternal, rather than identical, twins.  This is not just because of the whole “polydactyly” thing but also because of this: 

Ford has a cleft chin, Stan doesn’t.  Now, my first thought was “okay but Stan could have a cleft chin, it could just be understated for the sake of simplicity, or telling them apart”.  But after a bit of research, I found something out.  A cleft chin is like polydactyly: it’s the dominant trait, but has incomplete penetrance.

The two things that everyone thought meant they weren’t identical have no meaning.  They could still be identical genetically, it was just some weird twist of fate that made them appear to be fraternal.  And if they are identical after all?

Ford isn’t the only anomaly.  

In incomplete penetrance, only a minority of people with a dominant allele do not display the dominant trait.  Stan is a part of that minority.  Ford is weird as hell (that kind of post-axial polydactyly is rare on one hand, let alone two), and from a scientific standpoint, so is Stan.  Not displaying a dominant trait when you have the dominant allele is abnormal.

They’re even more alike than they realize.

No decency II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, stepbrother!jungkook

word count: 10k

The next week Jungkook’s attitude made a turn, letting you relax around him until a night escalated and you got to see a side of him you never thought he would reveal to you.

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Mystic Messenger  Coven AU

my roommate and i have been long-term developing a witch coven au for mystic messenger. this is gonna be a long post so here we go


  • power: mind reading
  • Rika finds out Yoosung is a witch shortly after V reveals his own powers, and he is the first one they recruit into their coven
  • at first, Yoosung cannot control what thoughts he hears
  • on top of that, when Yoosung hears a persons thoughts he is also subject to feeling the emotions that go with them
  • hearing/feeling constant voices, which are mostly negative, causes him to be very jumpy, nervous, or even depressed
  • because he hears thoughts so often, he’s mostly very reserved
  • as his powers grow, he is able to control hearing thoughts as opposed to hearing them sporadically, and he even learns to manipulate thoughts and emotions
  • Yoosungs ability to read thoughts causes him to have a very strong connection to Seven, who is famous for putting up that facade to fool everyone
  • since Yoosung can feel emotions, he senses deep sadness from Seven even though all he does is spew nonsense jokes
  • because of this Yoosung and Seven develop a deeper connection more quickly (not paired romantically, tho!!) 


  • power: fire
  • at first, he can do little things like make little flames to light a candle, or his cigarette
  • he also does not have very good control over his power, there is a chance of him setting something on fire if he’s startled or very angry
  • as his powers grow he starts to gain the ability to manipulate heat in more specific ways, like controlling the heat on the stove top or making the microwave set Jumins food on fire
  • eventually he’s able to create large-scale fires 
  • acts cold and aloof as a way to avoid getting close to people
  • since his power is fire, he views himself as a tool of destruction and something that can only cause damage and pain
  • for that reason he’s really stand-offish in the beginning
  • if you dont get close to anyone you can accidentally set them on fire, right?
  • V helps him understand how to use his fire in a positive way


  • power: telekinesis
  • at first, she can only move small objects
  • as her powers grow she is able to manipulate bones and eventually entire human bodies
  • very shy, but has a tendency to be violent
  • after being ignored for years and years as a child, she found that the only way she could make people pay attention to her was by hurting them
  • so she just…stuck with it
  • if she’s having an argument with someone in the house she’ll do something simple like bend their finger backwards too far
  • she doesnt do it because she likes making people feel pain, she doesnt it because she so desperately wants someone to listen to her
  • and for some reason, people only pay attention when they’re in pain
  • its a bad habit that takes her a long time to get rid of
  • once broke Zen’s toe
  • the whole house has to constantly remind her that she matters and that they will value and listen to her opinion
  • has a habit of levitating when she reads


  • power: vessel
  • essentially, Jumin acts as a vessel for the spirit world
  • he cant control it at first, and spirits, ghosts, or demons can possess him at will, without him having any say in it
  • it is extremely taxing emotionally and physically for him, but of course he pretends it isnt
  • sometimes if a demon possesses him things will get really bad and he’ll wake up with cuts on his body
  • he usually tries to hide it or pretend the cuts were caused by an accident
  • he’s had years of practice having to hide this scary and weird thing from his father, who is the picture of a perfect, normal citizen
  • things are so bad with him that the rest of the coven has to take turns staying awake at night to make sure “Jumin” doesnt kill someone else or himself
  • his power development is very gradual
  • he learns to communicate with nearby spiritual beings
  • he learns to reject certain spirits from entering his body, and learns how to still be partial in control while being possessed
  • the height of his power is being able to summon certain spirits on demand
  • Seven nicknames him the human ouija board


  • power: foresight
  • when the coven first begins, Seven is the most powerful witch
  • he didnt know he was a witch per se, but he knew he had powers and taught himself how to develop them
  • at first he cant control when he will see the future, or how much of it he will see
  • when he joins the coven, he’s already taught himself to look at a specific point in the future, although it takes a lot of work and is very vague and hard to interpret
  • Seven will spend hours and hours each day locked in his room, training himself
  • eventually he learns to manipulate the future
  • this task is very, very difficult for him. it takes almost an entire day of focused and exhausting meditation to change something very insignificant about the future
  • for example, Seven will spend all day locked in his room, straining himself mentally, just so that the next day he can make Yoosung high-five him without even knowing he was going to do it
  • Seven has an intense internal struggle, because of his religious connection to God
  • he looks at his situation, surrounded by witches, even one that is possessed be demons regularly, and wonders if God views him as a demon, too
  • he doesnt know what he is, and sometimes believes that he really is a demon but he still wears his cross and prays the rosary daily, asking for forgiveness
  • he also finds that he has very violent tendencies, he often wants to hurt himself or others, and tries to hurt himself on multiple occasions
  • thats why he trains so much, because believes that training will keep him from being able to hurt others


  • um, seven ate him in the womb and then he comes back and possesses jumin

i have more but i’ll put a cut here! thanks for reading ^^

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So the other day while watching NCT 127 Comeback Showcase, I accidently screen captured this picture of Haechan, Jaehyun, Doyoung and Taeyong during their MV making. It was a normal picture at first, actually I was going to delete it until I, again, accidently zoomed in and saw that someone (the person who was circled) was leaning on Haechan and apparently sleeping (?) on his back.

So I took a moment to investigated, and based on their outfit that day, the ones who wore black shirt like the person beside Haechan and Jaehyun are Yuta and Mark. However, Yuta was wearing a black sleeveless shirt while Mark wore a black T-shirt like in the photo below. Depending on the angle of the photo, I think if that person was Yuta then his arms should have been shown, unlike the person whose shoulders were all covered by his shirt. Also, there was something covering that person’s chin, too. At first I thought it was the chain/ necklace thingy both Mark and Yuta wore but it should be bigger and hanged lower if it was a chain (just like Jaehyun’s chain). It was more like a pulled down mask. So my conclusion? He wore black shirt and had a mask? That person was Mark.

I cannot be 100% sure that it was Mark. Because of course, I wasn’t there with them. I mean it could be someone else, like Johnny or Winwin Idk, but until there are more proofs or something like that, I’m gonna take my chance and believe the person who was leaning on Haechan’s shoulder was Mark.

These are just my personal opinions. Thank you for reading this long ass post. And now I’m gonna go and stop brainwashing myself with anymore Sherlock Holmes. Have a nice day!

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If you find the energy and willingness to do so, I'm super interested in why you don't agree with Dean being a closeted queer person. (Not trying to start anything, I'm genuinely interested.)

Sure! Well, “closeted” is a word that I don’t find particularly fecund in an analysis, or in general, because “being closeted” has meaning in relation to something - like, for instance, you’re closeted to your parents, you’re closeted in your workplace, you’re closeted to everyone outside of the internet, you’re closeted to people you’re not very close to, etc. And sure, you can be closeted to everyone on the planet, but if you exclude people who haven’t told a single soul, there is no such thing as “being in the closet” in an absolute sense. You can come out to one person and you’re not in the closet in relation to them, but still in the closet in relation to everyone else. You can come out to literally everyone you have ever had a conversation with, but technically, unless you’re going around with a t-shirt that says “I’m queer”, you are “in the closet”, as in “not out”, to a person you’re meeting or getting to know for the first time.

This said, I have seen people using that word to mean - if I’ve interpreted it correctly - that Dean is either a) in the closet in relation to everyone; b) closeted to himself, so to speak, as in, he doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge and/or accept that he’s not heterosexual.

I don’t agree with either. Now, I’m gonna put here the disclaimer that this is my interpretation since Dean’s bisexuality/queerness is not stated textually in the show thus we’re talking on a level of signs and attribution of meanings (*insert something smart about semiotics*) and blah blah blah.

Allow me not to be specific with, like, references to lines spoken in the show in this post, maybe when I am done with my thesis and all will get the time to make a thorough analysis with specific references.

Now, do I think that Dean went up to his dad and told him “I like girls and guys lol”? … Nope. At all. (But being closeted in relation to someone doesn’t really mean anything. Being out isn’t an all or nothing thing. You can go to pride parades wearing feathers and still keep it hidden from your dad. There are people who wait for their parents or grandparents to die before publicly coming out or transition. It’s complex.) Do I think Dean went up to Sam or Bobby and told them “I like girls and guys”? I don’t think so, as in, I don’t think he gave them a speech about being bisexual, but I think that both Sam and Bobby have at least a partial sense of Dean’s not-heterosexuality. Has Dean let his queerness known to people outside his family? Sure he has. On the top of my head, I can think of: Ash, Frank, Charlie (all hackers and queer or queer-coded, there is a pattern of association between hacking and queerness, but this is a thought for another day); Crowley was exchanging innuendo with him after 0.2 seconds of meeting and, well, Crowley has gotten to know Dean pretty intimately; and let’s be real there are characters who just looked at him and caught up because of reasons (Gunner Lawless comes to mind, I guess Aaron Bass, pretty sure Max Banes) and people who assumed and used it against him (the Campbells come to mind, no wonder the poor guy built 5739 walls around himself in season 6 and at some point was like “I was busy having sex with women”). It’s also implied that both he and Garth knew what the Purgatory in Miami was and that Dean expected Garth to get the joke, and Garth is another character that knows Dean beyond the façades. And then there’s a constellation of tiny moments that don’t mean anything on their own but in the context of what we know about Dean fit in the picture, like Jenna Nickerson feeling comfortable mentioning the first girl she’d kissed after knowing Dean for a short while.

At this point we’re left with “does Dean know he’s not straight” and, well, at this point it’s obvious but the thing is: Dean takes pride in his being anti-normative. Unlike Sam, he embraces his underclass identity, his not-normal identity. He acknowledges he’s a freak ever since day 1, and while he has heavy issues with the loneliness that comes with it, he uses it as an important brick in the construction of his identity. May I refer you to this conversation I had with @aslightsgoflashing and @f-ckyeahfutbol that touches this very topic.

Now, Dean’s relationship with his sexuality is extremely complex - we need, for instance, to count his experiences with sexual assault into it (I mentioned season 6 before, which also happens to be where he gets assaulted by a man in a sexually charged context, while I believe the other instances of sexual assault on him are carried out by women). Dean lives a life where is body is a) a commodity for the job, b) always at risk of being violated (in multiple ways, from wounds to possession). He’s always walking on a line between protecting his body and weaponizing it (it’s not a coincidence his body has been used as bait so often) and he that goes with sexuality too. He’s vocal in expressing knowledge of obscure kinky sexual practices, talking about how he’ll “try everything once” or whatever (but enjoying wearing pink panties is a secret…).

He builds his identity is a complex, ambiguous, ever-changing relationship with his body and his sexuality, and there’s nothing about him that suggests to me that he lives in a bubble where he doesn’t know he’s queer. Maybe he didn’t always (or ever) had the correct terminology for it or really conceptualized it, but in his twenties the guy knew his Pink Flamingos references (and Sam didn’t).

I think that among the reasons why Dean isn’t throwing himself at Cas’ feet and declaring his undying love for him, the fact that Cas has a dude body is, like, the last one on the list. I mean, I’m not saying he does not perceive men and women differently - he has different ways of relating to men and women due to the overwhelmingly homosocial context he’s lived pretty much his entire life, although he’s clearly developed a less sexist way of relating to women through the years - but his reluctance in opening himself to Cas is not due to some “gay panic” thing. I mean, it would be pretty diminishing to read it as just that.

So… well, these are my two cents on the topic :)


I just realised I’ve never posted any pictures of Chai with her eyes open, which is odd because I think he has the biggest, most alien eyes of any of my geckos! She’s just usually so grumpy to be disturbed that she clamps them shut while she’s out. Afts are normally more calm & chill about being held than leos, but in my experience if they aren’t handled from a young age they take a lot longer to warm up to you, even if unhandled leos are more flighty & fast at first.

I think Chai is finally at the “I don’t hate you, I just find you really, really bothersome” stage, which has taken a while to get to, I think she’s just a particularly grumpy madam.  

Tips on how to feel confident with body hair!

Feeling confident with body hair is something a lot of women want to achieve, but it can be hard, especially if you have thick, dark or long hair. If having body hair isn’t your thing, that’s totally cool, too. But this is for my girls who want to embrace their hair! Here’s just a few tips I thought of, it’s not a lot but feel free to add some more!

1. Try trimming your hair. Whether you don’t want to shave because fuck the patriarchy, or because razors don’t agree with your body, this tip can help. Start out small. If you have longer hair, keep it nice and short. This is an easier way to get used to having visible body hair without fully emerging into the world of having visible body hair, which can be super scary for a lot of women.

2. Look at yourself naked. Seriously, do it. Look at all your fat, your hair, your stretch marks, cellulite, all those things that people call “imperfections”. Get used to just being in your body. Take them clothes off and just exist in your body. The first couple times it might be scary, but after a while you’ll start to realize “hey, this is just my body! And it’s perfectly fine”. Building body confidence in general can really help to give you that boost to go out with your body hair on display and give no fucks.

3. Connect with body posi people who support body hair. Follow blogs, Facebook pages, just surround yourself with positivity for body hair. The more you see pictures of women with body hair or positivity posts for body hair, you’ll start to normalize it in your brain.

4. Have a security blanket. The first step of going out with your body hair visible is just that… going out. Gaining the confidence to walk out your door in that tank top and not changing into a long sleeved shirt before you go is the hardest part. So bring something with you. Bring a cardigan or a change of pants or a hoodie. This gives you the boost of confidence to get out your front door with your body hair and all, knowing that you have a back up plan. And you probably won’t even end up using it! But if you do, remember that it’s okay. Sticking out from society is hard! And there’s always tomorrow and the next day and the rest of the days after that! So don’t worry about it 💕 you did your best and that’s wonderful.

Again, feel free to add any other tips onto this!

How the Bros Get Your Attention

How the bros Get Your Attention. In other words, how they show you that they want attention.

Noctis will drape some part of himself over you. He’ll behave kinda like a pet. If you ignore him to tease him, he’ll climb more onto you. If you’re sitting, he’ll lean against your shoulder, then drape a leg over your lap, then wrap his arms around you, then bury his face into your neck, and if none of that works, he’ll move over and straddle you until you pay attention to him. He’ll let out sighs between each stage, each sigh increasingly louder the longer you ignore him. If you’re standing, you’ll feel the weight of his head plop between your shoulder blades and his arms come around your waist. His voice will vibrate through you while he drowsily tries to convince you to come take a nap with him.

Prompto will ask you to be his model in a lot more pictures than normal. Where he’d normally take a scenic picture, he’ll ask you to come into the shot. There’s also a noticeable increase in the amount of candids he takes of you. He’ll grab your hand to hold while you guys are traveling on foot, not letting go until y’all are in battle or something of the sort. He’ll hum a lot more, humming songs he knows you know to try and encourage you to join with him. At camp, he’ll pass the camera to you first, then you to the rest of the boys. Sometimes Prompto takes a page from Noctis’ book and drapes himself across you (more than normal) once you get into the tent. He’ll octopus around you when y’all turn in, but untangle yourself and make him the little spoon. The sunshine child will be content.

Gladio will flaunt himself at you. He’ll get your attention at random moments (never in battle) and flex his muscles or give you a goofy grin. Don’t be mistaken. He just wants some tenderness – if he wanted sex, the looks he’d be giving you would be a lot heavier with lust and he’d be trying to get you riled up. Nah, he just wants some attention. He’ll try to share his book with you while y’all are on the road, even if you already have your own book. At camp, he’ll take a page from Noct’s book and put his head on your lap and just keep reading. This is his silent way of telling you that he wants you to play in his hair, so please do. In fact, you don’t even really need prompting – your hands just automatically seek out his hair when he settles his head in your lap.

Ignis will be more touchy than usual (not in a sexual way). Where he would normally just give an appreciative nod and a smile, you find him reaching out to rub your arm, too. When he’s driving and you’re in the front seat, even though he prefers the use of his right hand you’ll find it resting on your thigh or perhaps even searching out your hand. He’ll ask you to help him cook dinner (not that you don’t usually help, he just never asks) and it turns out to be your favorite meal. Ignis won’t voice it directly – it’ll all be subtle, but you’ll be able to pick up on the signs. When you all clamber into the tent to get some rest, wrap your arms around him and make him the little spoon, he’ll love it.

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Omg could you do a HC for RFA+Saeran reacting to MC that sucks her thumb in her sleep? Sorry if this is wierd but it seems so cute💙

This is so freaking adorable omg


  • that’s adorable
  • he knew you were cute already but this is too much
  • takes a shitton of pictures
  • really wants to post them 
  • won’t post them if you don’t want him to
  • MC, please he just wants to share the cuteness
  • Hiccup


  • Nyall
  • that’s cute
  • really cute
  • holy shit why are you so cute??
  • takes blurry pics
  • for his eyes only 
  • if he’s ever stressed af he looks at pictures of you 
  • yes this ones too 
  • Yo~


  • Umm
  • surprised at first?
  • is this normal?
  • eventually got used to it
  • thinks it’s weird but cute
  • will watch you for a bit before going to sleep
  • your cuteness is unfair..
  • …Is what Jaehee thought!


  • omg
  • he thought only kids did that but fuck that ok
  • looks at you while you sleep LOLOL can wait
  • when you wake up he’ll remind how cute you are
  • low key wishes he were that cute
  • Know what i’m Sayin?


  • error 606 too cute
  • takes lots of pics
  • will tease the fuck out of you
  • ….Hehe…(omg!)


  • ….why tho?
  • isn’t this what babies do?
  • thinks is sorta cute
  • won’t admit it
  • would tease you a bit about it
  • just a bit tho
Hiding in the Impala Part Two

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: the Reader, the Reader’s ex, Sam, Dean 
Warnings: reference to past abuse, violence, swearing, angst
Word count: 2284
Summary: After the Reader has been taken back to Sam and Dean’s motel, her ex finds them again. However, this time, Sam and Dean notice something off about him, something supernatural. 
A/N: Again, the original idea isn’t mine! This is an adaptation of @writingthingsisdifficult ‘s original work, which is seriously awesome and you all should check it out:)
Tag List: @jessabro101  @deascheck @cwstandsforcaswinchester @fralackles @danandphilforlife112 @rdy4thevoid @disneychic8 @deepbreathssammy @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @evyiione @gallifreyansass @star-arm-and-shield @macymoosesuniverse @rosep16​ @arianacullen2008 @spectaculicious @spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

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Who said “I love you” first

  •  To me they both seem like the type that would take forever to say it, but in the end I think 76 would be the one to.
  • But I also feel like they would both just know how the other felt and never really felt the need to say it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

  • Reaper. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

  • They both do. 76 started it and does it the most.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

  • Reaper, but he wouldn’t give it to him in person tho.  He would just leave them lying around for 76 to find.  After a while it just becomes something so normal that it’s almost a game for them.

Who initiated the first kiss

  • That’s kind of hard tbh
  • I guess 76

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

  • No one. They are both so grumpy that they just have to let the other wake up on their own.  However, after they have had coffee and are more awake 76 is the first to give Reaper a kiss.

Who starts tickle fights

  • Reaper. 76 hates to be tickled, so Reaper just appears behind him and tickles him. 

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

  • No one.  They would just move over to make room if the other wanted to shower.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

  • Both but 76 more.  It’s rare that Reaper would.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

  • Neither really.  They would both be really cocky.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

  • Who ever finds it.  Spiders dont really bother them.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

  • Both.  When they are drunk they can’t keep their hands off of each other.  

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what bts is like while sexting? 😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈 (tbh i bet like half of them are terrible and just say "damn babe" and "&& then wat?" - looking at u kook)

ok so i was a bit confused n didnt want to disappoint u bc i feel like some members would sext pics and some with words so i just went w that, u know, bc yeah ;-;


Can’t talk dirty to save his life. Will send pics instead. I picture him sending you a normal selfie first, with the caption “are you busy?” If you say no then he’ll follow up with another one, one that says “are you alone?” (at this point u know where this is going). When you say you’re alone he sends a shirtless gym selfie that just says “i was at the gym today. do you think my work’s been paying off?” You’ll say yes (he’s Swol why wouldn’t you?) and then, finally, after hyping himself up for 10 minutes, he comes at you with something stupid like “ok… can i see if your work has been paying off too?  😳 😳 😳”


Lowkey a fuckboy. It’s 1 am and he sends you a stupid selfie of him with his tongue out. Caption: “Send something to make me happy.” You send him a meme and he sends back “😒 you’re not funny, send pics” So you send a selfie first, a kinda ugli one with u in your jammies. “i see those stupid emoji pajamas all the time” “then what do you want” “how do i say show me your tits but, like, nicely” (don’t get mad at me i feel like yoongi is a bit crass ;-;) So you send him the pics he wants and at this point I feel like he’d starting telling you things like what he wants to do to you, what he wants to see next. ;-; 


Highkey shy asking for this. Doesn’t even outright ask for nudes. “i want to see you  😩” is a text you get kind of out of nowhere. a bit unaware, you reply with a normal, boring selfie. “you’re so cute >.< i might wanna see a bit more tho >.<” “oh my god hobi you’re asking for nudes” “OK NVM YOU DONT HAVE TO …” (he’s gonna be really coy about it) and he wouldn’t have you send pics without sending some in return, he’s a good egg


Direct. “this is a bit inappropriate and i’m sorry if you’re busy but i’ve been thinking about how great your ass looks lately and i’d like to see it, maybe?”  (in this scenario u have a nice juicy 🍑 ass) 


A tried and true tactic. He sends a pic of his dick and says “now you ;)”


Actually talks dirty. Is filthy. I don’t even want to quote what I think he’d say. he’d start things out talking about your day … “i spent all day thinking about you. when i was in the shower i thought about you. i was laying down but then i started thinking about you. of course thinking wasn’t all that i did,” jesus by the time he’s done you’re going to wish he was there to do what he said he would


Jungkook is … young. He’s going to look up “how to ask girlfriend for nudes” and go off of what he sees. (i looked it up and the first result contains “hey bby send nudes pls k thnx”) but i think eventually he’s going to just be like “i’ll show u mine if you show me urs!!” because he genuinely thinks that’s a good technique. then when you send them he’s like “damn babe  🙊 🙊 😝 u know what to show me now tho  🐱” 

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So I don’t have a lot of followers (9 to be exact, but whatever) but I just wanted to share a story in the hopes that some good will come of it.

This is Sydney. She is currently 4 years old. But unlike most 4-year-olds, she has a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. The dog in the picture is her seizure dog, Lexus. While Sydney pretty much lives a normal life, her life isn’t always as normal as we wish it could be. She can have up to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of seizures every day. There are so many things that could trigger a seizure for her, including bright light, elevated body temperature, certain ingredients in foods, or even if she gets too excited. Her seizures started when she was taking a bath in her first couple months of life. She has been life flighted several times already, and has even come close to death a couple times. Here are two links to videos on her life and the struggle with Dravet that explain it much better than I can. 

I’m making this post because I want to raise awareness for this disease and to ask for one thing. No, it’s not money or anything like that. I ask that you reblog this. Yes, it is a rare disease, but it affects so many people. I know sydney personally and remember when she and her older brother were born. I visit their house often and play with them.

I ask that you reblog this because marijuana would help Sydney and others like her, but it is not legalized in our state, Pennsylvania. Please reblog to raise awareness for this. My hopes are that some people write to state officials to ask to legalize marijuana. Without it, Sydney and her family might be forced to move out of the state, away from their family and friends and the life they built here. But even if you don’t write, I just want others to know, because this can happen to anyone, and Sydney is proof of that.

Thank you, if you do reblog.

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35) things you said that made me feel real Turn-about is fair play homeskillet! 😘

Thank you so much for the prompt! No fluff this time :D

Deep in the night, they find her. They always find her.

She cowers when they tear and gnaw at her; her skin falling off, her resolve diminishing into darkness. A darkness where she can’t even hide. All she can do, all she needs to do is fight. So she struggles, she screams and thrashes around.

Until she finally wakes up.

Panting heavily, her heart racing, pounding, racing, trying to escape her chest. Trying to escape this reality. What is real, she thinks, counting to ten (like she’s learned since she’s been… back) and feeling her breathing return to normal ever so slowly.

Another nightmare.

Scully needs to remember this. Just a nightmare. None of it is real. She repeats these words, mouths them to herself here in the dark, but they feel hollow. There are no pictures, nothing to cling to or be angry at. Just feelings. And Dana Scully has never been good with handling feelings.

“Scully? You awake?” The knock on her door is soft; so soft she would not have heard it had she been asleep.

“I’m awake.” She lets him know, hoping he’ll just stroll in. This is the first time they’ve had adjoining rooms while on a case. Sometimes they’re not even on the same floor or in same building complex. Mulder opens the door and strolls in as if it were the middle of the day and not dead night.

“Can’t sleep?” Scully asks him before he can say anything else; question why she’s awake at this hour. She’s seen herself after her nightmares; the tear-streaked face, the pale complexion. It’s dark here in the room with the only source of light a sputtering street light outside. He’s walking closer to the bed and Scully thinks back to their first case when he let her have his bed while he told her about his sister’s abduction. Right now she hopes he doesn’t want her to return the favor.

“I haven’t been sleeping well.” He pulls up a chair and sits close to her bed, but not too close. She can see him better now; shadows playing on his face, his eyes alert and curious. But she keeps quiet. Scully can tell he wants her to admit the same. She flushes with horror thinking he might have heard her scream out from her nightmare. The first few nights her mother had stayed with her and after her Melissa. Both, with teary, pitiful eyes had told her about her night terrors. What are those dreams about? Her sister had wanted to know. Scully had not told her. Could not tell anyone.

“You could watch some TV?” She offers. “I was about to turn it on myself.”

“Hm.” The chair squeaks as Mulder stretches out his legs, almost touching the bedpost. “Does this happen every night, Scully?” The gentleness in his voice surprises her as much as his question and she startles.

“What do you mean?” Scully wills her voice to be steady, to be strong.

“Scully, come on.” He leans forward, his elbows on his knees. His face is still so far away it seems, yet she feels like he’s invading her personal space.

“I have nightmares from time to time,” she admits, “Everyone has them.”

“Not like this.”

“Well, not everyone has experienced what I have, Mulder.” She doesn’t mean to sound so irritated and she almost apologizes. Almost.

“I know that, Scully,” his voice is so soft, like a caress and she immediately feels the anger subside again, “I just – maybe you should have taken some more time off.”

“No. I want to work. It… it helps.”

“Can I help you, too?”


“Just… can I stay here? Just for tonight? I’ll behave.” Mulder promises with a chuckle.

“What do you mean stay here?”

“In this chair. Just… just in case.”

“Mulder, you need to sleep. You can’t sleep in a chair.”

“Watch me.” Another chuckle. “Please, Scully.” His voice is pleading and she’s glad now that it’s too dark to see his face. She can hear everything she doesn’t want to know in his voice. Her mother told her how much Mulder suffered when she was gone. She’s never seen it; has not seen a difference in him in the daylight. Now, though… now she understands.

“All right,” she settles back down, facing him. “You can stay.” Her voice is barely above a whisper; she can’t speak these words loudly, afraid they might sound like defeat. Mulder’s even, certain breathing is a peaceful lullaby, rocking her back to sleep.

They’re back. Laughing at her in the darkness, their hands reaching for her. Grabbing. Tearing at her arms, scratching her skin.

“Scully, hey, it’s all right.” The voice is above her, somewhere, and she gasps. The hands, though, they’re still there. The darkness keeps its hold on her, tries to drag her down.

“It’s all right, you’re here. You’re here with me. It’s Mulder.”

If only her eyes would open, she thinks, reaching out her hand. Something tender brushes her cheek, then the other one. Warm. Warm and solid.

“Open your eyes, Scully,” the voice is closer, drowns out the darkness and pulls her up, “Look at me. This is real. I’m real.”

“Mulder?” She mumbles, her eyes blinking furiously, waking up.

“Yes, it’s me.” The relief in his voice is palpable and finally her eyes snap fully open. There he is; his face close to hers. So close he’s almost blurry.

“Just a nightmare,” he assures her; the same words she used to calm herself earlier, “You had a nightmare. It was not real. None of it is real.” She can only nod. If she opens her mouth now, even if just to say thank you, the tears will flow. She is not ready. Not ready to let him see him like that.

Without another word, he puts his arms around her tightly, holding her. They’re lying there entwined, touching in places they’ve not dared feel before, breathing in the same air.

“I’ll be here.” He whispers against her mouth and Scully closes her eyes again. This is real, she reminds herself; he is real and I am.

We are real.

Scully sleeps and this time there’s no nightmare.

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Do you have a picture of Molasses? I'm so sorry.

I’m not gonna show you guys the sad mess she is now.

I’m gonna show you what I got to see.

In order.

The Ramsey Pidge and I have a very close relationship. 

Molasses was Richard and Victoria’s first baby, and when I asked, they let me see their shiny new egg.

I dealt with a lot of depression while she was a nestling, and dropped the photo ball pretty hard. (Normally, I take weekly update photos from hatch day on)

Here she was on Weaning Day, at Four weeks old.

Here she is at Seven weeks, showing outstanding potential. ^v^

On the First of February. And you can see her color getting deep and her better laced Big Girl feathers coming in.

Look at those shiny new lace feathers!

This is the last shot I have of her when she was well.

Now, let me introduce you to her Mother.

This is Victoria.

And this is her Father.


Her Grandmother, Nurray.

Remember that hen I told you about whose response to a 5 foot wild snake coming out of the wall into her cage was to PUNCH it in the FACE, STOMP on it, RAKE it with her claws, and BITE the FUCK out of it NONSTOP until I could save it from HER?

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the 4oz badass bitch, Nurray, whose name means Radient Moon in Turkish. ^

And her handsome mate, Metin.

His name in Turkish means Tough. ^v^

Tell me that Victoria is not his smooth, lady-like spittin’ image.

Metin was the best investment I ever made to improve a blood line!

This is Rosequartz (named her before discovering SU XD), Nurray’s Mother and Molasses’ Great Grandmother.

This was my Foundation hen. ^v^

And you can see the attitude in her bold stance! She was no more afraid to kick my ass for messing with her babies than her Daughter was of doing her DAMNEDEST to turn that ratsnake into a belt!

I’ll never forget the day her first baby hatched.

16 Grams. My very first baby COF.

I picked him up, kissed his little head, and cradled him against my cheek…

And oh my God, Rose went huge eyed, came the closest I have ever seen a pigeon come to WAILING, and leaped off her nest to attack me beak and claws first, with her poor mat looking all over the place in utter confusion at the back of the cage like “The fuck just happened?!”

Guys, she saw me lift it to my mouth and then it disappeared. 

She thought I ate it, and was going to MAKE ME FUCKING PAY!!!!

I had to show it to her, pick her up, and set her down on it to convince her that it was still ok.

And every day after that, I had to let her chase me down to bite me until she wore herself out chewing and flung my hand out of HER nest space!

Eventually, she came to realize that I never hurt any of her peeps and always returned them safe and comfy to her. And we developed a bond of trust.

Her husband (who never saw me as anything that even RESEMBLED danger to his peeps) was much more easygoing.

Behold, Rose’s mate Glasgow: the second most Structurally Excellent Cock I have ever encountered!

I fell in love with the COF as a breed the moment I laid eyes on him.

He has is share of mismarks, but his build is damn near perfect! 

He’s SO bold, and SO freindly and chill, and just… WHAT a pigeon! What a breed! I HAD to know more! And the more I learned about them, the deeper in love I fell.

Because of Glasgow, I will ALWAYS raise COFs!

He and his Wife gave me SO many amazing babies!

Guys, this is Glasgow and Rosequartz’s Son, Poorly Made Plush Toy: A fantastic red bar Satinette.

And by Fantastic, I mean the man who started the Classic Old Frill Club declared Plushy to be the best COF he had EVER SEEN produced!

He got his name from the way he used to loaf as a baby. His chill pose was such a disjointed pile of loose limbs that he looked like a haphazard rush job of a plush bird doll. XD

Look at them…

Now look at her.

Can you see them? Their stances? Their attitudes? Their faces? 

I would have loved nothing more than to see her loving life with her new human family. To see, as she grew, who influenced what part of her.

To be able to show her family these pictures of her ancestors and say things like: “She’s her Mama’s spittin’ image!” or “Hah! That’s DEFINITELY Nurray’s Granddaughter!” 

There is nothing worse than having to mourn a living thing that is still alive..

This was cathartic. I’ll treasure this ask when she’s gone.

Thank you.

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Hello! I was wondering how you do the technique combining your traditional sketches with your digital coloring, but keeping the sketch intact, leaving this aesthetically pleasing vibrant look to it. I was just curious

first things first i use Firealpaca for digital art, but i think this works for really anything with a multiply tool! 

SO first you get the picture of your traditional sketch opened up.
lighten the page while keeping the lines good n crispy with whatever your program can do that with if the lighting is wonky:

set the blending to Multiply on that layer

UNDER it, color on a normal layer! 

layers set to ‘overlay’ OVER the sketch layer gives brighter colors, but sometimes too bright so play with opacity until it’s just right. you can do multiple layers of that so things can be different brightnesses. same goes for the base layers under the multiplied layer

hope that helped!! 

Imagine making up with Sonny after an argument

(A/N: Dedicated to all the supportive people on this site. You know who you are and I can’t thank you enough. I hope you enjoy this!) 

WARNING: Mentions of a troubled childhood/Extensive drug use/ Explores impact a troublesome home can have on a person later on in life (I have not experienced this personally so I apologize if you have and feel that this isn’t an accurate representation) 

Imagine making up with Sonny after an argument

Love had always been a nice idea to you. For your whole life, you thought it was a nice idea, whenever anyone talked about it or being in it, you thought it was a nice idea. But you never really believed in it.

How could you?

Throughout out your whole life, you hadn’t ever seen it. No one in your life growing up had been in a stable loving relationship. Your parents were addicts and sure may be way before you were born they were in love but you never saw a glimpse of that. By the time you realized what was going on they hated each other. They couldn’t stand each other and it got to the point where every birthday and every other day for that matter your wish was for the to separate or even better divorce.

And maybe that’s extreme what else could you wish for? For them to stop doing drugs? You knew that wasn’t going to happen.

They were too far gone.

Its safe to say that you had a difficult childhood. Both your parents were addicts and basically teenagers when they had you. They were high school dropouts, unemployed and miserable. The drugs they took, took the pain away and that’s why they couldn’t live without it. Life was too hard for them so they did what they had to do to escape it all.

Escape life with each other.

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